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    Modulos ODOO 9 timer left

    Requerimos un modulo de administración para seguros de diferentes RAMOS. Se requiere optimizar los módulos existentes ya en ODOO 13 ver y crear un componente especial para esta función. En el modulo de administración de póliza deberá contar con lo siguiente: Datos Póliza: • Realizar una cotización de una póliza. (Poder crea...

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    Your task is to take a list of viewport resolutions and to open a browser, set these resolutions and create a fullpage screenshot of each resolution. You need to implement for: - chrome desktop tasks: - open the given url in browser with the given resolution (e.g. 360x640) - create a full page screenshot of the browsers view - Filename contains the url + resolution. e.g. for 360x640 on [log ind ...

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    Advanced experience with System Administration with Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat) · Advanced of experience with Networking and troubleshooting (TCP/IP, DNS, routing, switching, firewalls, LAN/WAN, traceroute, iperf, dig, cURL or related). Experience managing full application stacks from the OS up through custom applications · Knowledge of AWS and Cloud Computing concepts · Go...

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    1. Update An update of the Bridge theme should be done. Currently, we cannot access the widgets properly, the support wrote us, that it should ok again after an update. The theme update file will be provided by chat. 2. We would like to have a sitelinks searchbox included in the google search result: [log ind for at se URL] To my knowledge, only the search term string in our website search must b...

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    TCP SOCKET Udløbet left

    Overview: Understand TCP socket programing by implementing a simplified FTP server that works with the Windows built-in FTP client. You must create your own TCP sockets, and cannot use any existing FTP library. You may use Python, Java, or C++/C as the programming language. Instructions: FTP [1] is a TCP based file transfer application. FTP has two TCP connections [2]: the control connection to tr...

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    Necesitamos el desarrollo de una extranet para una empresa de mudanzas dentro de un VPN desarrollado en PHP (pueden proponer frameworks), MysSQL, front se puede usar bootstrap, manejo experto en sockets. Coloco arbol de navegación para conocer su presupuesto y posible tiempo de entrega: REQUERIMIENTOS *VENTAS* Generar folios. Registro de clientes Nombre del asesor de ventas Sucursal Fe...

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    I have a SAP RFC defined and looking for a developer who can provide me php or java code to call the rfc and help me deploy. Its simple RFC with 6 parameters. I can share more details on project award. I am looking for someone who has done this before.

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    Traffic Signal Company required a AutoCAD drafter to develop RFC designs of five (5) number intersections in line with sketched conceptual traffic signal designs, that will be provided by the Design Engineer. The maximum timeline to complete the project is 30 days. The designs include the following:- 1. SG Sheet:- It includes the placement of traffic signal cabinet, poles, equipments, pull bo...

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    Introduction Information management and tracking becomes more difficult as the number of things to track increases. For most users, the number of web pages that they wish to keep track of is quite large and, if they had to remember to check everything manually, it's easy to forget a webpage or two when you're tired or busy. Enter syndication, a mechanism by which a website can publish su...

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    Introduction Information management and tracking becomes more difficult as the number of things to track increases. For most users, the number of web pages that they wish to keep track of is quite large and, if they had to remember to check everything manually, it's easy to forget a webpage or two when you're tired or busy. Enter syndication, a mechanism by which a website can publish su...

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    Hi Team I am looking for a expert who have expertise in providing SAP Finance functional specifications to SAP ABAP team. Should knowledge of RFC. Working as techno function SAP Finance experts

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    We need a Cisco specialist who will help us to setup RFC 1918 network on our Cisco Linksys SRW2024 switch. We will provide access to the web UI of the switch.

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    Hello, I need to do an RFC2544 test as in the example attached. However I do not have the hardware equipment nor any paid software tools. This project involves the following: 1- If we could do similar tests using iPERF from a laptop and the list of commands we should input. And estimate how long the whole process would take. 2- Make a mockup report template that we could generate using iPerf, th...

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    Busco diseñador de pagina web para ecommerce, con experiencia, rfc y con entusiasmo.

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    Requiremens: Implement for Socks5 proxy to connectback, if it loses connection or if it getting task/program terminates. Help setting up Socks5 with user+pass authentication, My project currently need some editing in "Socks5 Client source and Socks5 Server source". The code should be able to handle clients in the tens if not hundred of thousand. (With decent hardware). 1.a Implementati...

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    Necesito un programador que diseñe un plugin, para multivendedor en woocomerce, que permita agregar si una persona es física o moral, y en base a eso si tiene RFC permita generar y calcula un % de IVA, y a fin de mes, hacer una sumatoria de lo que se vendió, para caculcar si el Israel baja.

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    Hola Freelancers, Se requiere un módulo que permita realizar descargas masivas de facturas del portal del SAT, utilizando el WebService que este proporciona y haciendo uso de Javascript puro. Se trata de desarrollar un módulo que sea fácilmente incorporado a una página web que fue creada utilizando NodeJS; por lo tanto, el módulo se deberá desarrollar u...

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    Packet tracer model Udløbet left

    First of all, you need to have the last version of Cisco Packet Tracer. You will find attached the product model The address plan will not be imposed on you. Comply with RFC 1819 The services that are expected on LAN1 are : MAIL WEB1 DNS AAA (WIFI + SSH user) DHCP Syslog TFTP CME (Call Manager Express) HSRP NAT The services that are expected on LAN2 are : FTP DNS AAA (WIFI + SSH user) CME HSRP ...

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    Portal empleados Udløbet left

    Desarrollo de portal de empleados, nominas, debe incluir: -Almacenamiento de recibos de nomina clasificado por RFC/empleado -Descarga de recibos o envío a correo elegido -Acceso por usuario/contraseña -Firma electrónica de conformidad con recibo nomina. -Reportes de recibos firmados y no firmados. **********************************************************************

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    We are developing a QtWebEngine browser . However, QtWebEngine does not support socks5 proxies with authentication (login-password) and DNS are leaking from it. It is necessary to solve these problems. Details: QtWebEngine for some reason cannot use authentication in socks5 (RFC 1929) (despite the fact that it supports the protocol itself). QtWebEngine does not want (in some cases) to resolve d...

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    Install a Custom Read Table RFC Follow the steps below to use the included custom read-table RFC to bypass limitations with the default RFC_READ_TABLE. 1. Use the RFC_READ_TABLE function as a template for the new function: Select transaction code SE37 and the SDTX Function Group and copy RFC_READ_TABLE to a new function group or your working function group. In this example, RFC_READ_TABLE is copie...

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    I am looking to make an email verification system (Software as a service) Features: admin panel to control everything such as: user management, passwords, counts of verification etc .. user dashboard. account creation - user accounts to use the system api with key app integrations reports - for user and admin alerts examples of how to use api and libraries Verfications: Syntax verification ...

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    We are developing a QtWebEngine browser . However, QtWebEngine does not support socks5 proxies with authentication (login-password) and DNS are leaking from it. It is necessary to solve these problems. Details: QtWebEngine for some reason cannot use authentication in socks5 (RFC 1929) (despite the fact that it supports the protocol itself). QtWebEngine does not want (in some cases) to resolve d...

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    1. Installation of SAP ECC system with HANA Database on VMware. 2. Setup connection profile parameters, gateway settings to communicate with external system via RFC Protocols.

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    WLAN PROJECT Udløbet left

    Theoretical model You will need to do some background research to examine how other authors have developed throughput models. The following two papers are a good start: 1. XIAO Yang, IEEE 802.11n: Enhancements for higher throughput in wireless LANs. IEEE Wireless Communications , Dec 2005, pg 82-91. 2. XIA0 Yang, ROSDAHL Jon, Throughput and Delay Limits of IEEE 802.11. IEEE Communications Let...

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    For this task you need to implement (in Java) the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) as specified in RFC 1350 (I will send the link.). You will submit source code for a client and server application that 'speak' the TFTP protocol. You will built your protocol on top of UDP.

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    Project Description: We need a voip Android mobile dialer like iTel dialer, TP Smart Dialer and that has about 5 screens. (Messages; Recent; Contacts; keypad; About; Settings Invite to Use; Privacy). The app should integrate with iTelswitch. The main functions of the app will include: 1. Making & Receiving VoIP Calls Over 3G, WiFi, GPRS 2. Should not kill the battery of the mobile device ...

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    We require the cost estimate for the above mentioned subject. 1) Two SAP RFC Functions will be provided to you to fetch data for sales orders and the production complete. The data to be dumped in respective tables of ms sql. 2) FortiClient to set VPN 3) SAP Webservices access link to fetch data, User name, Password. ZSDR2 - for sales order data http://_ - - - - - - url ZPRODUCTION - for pr...

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    Laravel error Udløbet left

    Hello , I have the following error, ** Only provider who handle this error before** Fix must via LARAVEL /home/usdrayquick/public_html/vendor/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/lib/classes/Swift/Mime/Headers/[log ind for at se URL] } } /** * Get the string value of the body in this Header. * * This is not necessarily RFC 2822 compliant since folding white space will ...

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    Photography Logo Udløbet left

    I need a logo for my social network via photography pages. I am known as RFC Photography.

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    Command line based FTP program supporting ipv4 + ipv6 Written in C/C++ preferably Supports SSL/TLS connections (Future proof to include TLS v1.3 spec) Supports RFC 959/2389/5797/2228/2428/3659/4217 Multi threading capable Able to modify several settings "on the fly" via "console commands" Full specification list and test environments will be provided as required. Please contact...

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    I need a software for WINDOWS, simple and easy to use, it must have the next things: - DATABASE in PhP that could be available to check everywhere or throught a web navigator, and it should have this attributes: {Product name, Category, Existence (and show in wich subsidiary is), SKU, Product TAX number(Mexico), Cost, Price, Profit, Provider Name and Expiration Day} - Print tickets with termal pr...

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    General: -- Will be paid once shown works on my server. Can build local at first. -- Communicate & Understand English proficiently -- Prefer Eastern time zone for discussions -- Need discussion chat sessions -- Consistent Updates via chat -- Meet online at agreed times -- Need completed in couple days -- Will provide data I have (scripts/livecode stacks/server access thru FTP) Need Livecode ...

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    Hello, We have a new SIP provider uses RFC 3261, Proxy-to-User Authentication We need assistance setting up outbound calls. See documentation attached. Thank you

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    I have working Java code to stream BufferedImage files created on runtime as h264 stream. I can play the created video stream on Vlc player but it does not play on my player. The reason is that video stream is not encoded with rfc specifications. I need this code to be fixed by adding compliance to rfc specifications. Also I need a free tool which proves that the created stream complies with rfc s...

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    SAP CPI Consultant Udløbet left

    • Deep technical expertise in SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI/HCI) • Strong Hands on experience in developing custom Interfaces with SAP Cloud platform Integration (HCI) along with configuring standard content for Cloud Solutions ( ARIBA, Concur, Salesforce(SFDC) etc.) • Good working knowledge working with most of the standard adapters (FILE, RFC, IDOC, JDBC, SOAP, REST, SFTP, J...

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    I require a python script that includes the ability to submit content in memory (eg a string) via LPR (as specified in RFC1179) on port 515 to a print queue hosted at a specific IP address. Deliverable should include error and status checking and should permit all required parameters to be passed to a procedure that does the LPR sending. This is a fairly simple project that will feed into a large...

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    Hola, necesito un programa sencillo para extraer datos de múltiples archivos XML a la vez, indicando la ubicación de cada archivo y extrayendo del archivo ciertos datos, ejemplo: total, RFC, etc, para poder exportar todo a una hoja de excel, donde vengan todos los datos solicitados, así como la ubicación de cada archivo en una carpeta principal.

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    I have a project in PHP regarding material management with sync of SAP via RFC . my total project running in a wamp 2.4 server, now i want to move to Xampp .But the connection between xampp and SAP i can't do. looking for a person we do my requirement

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    I need a java program that signs JWS objects with RSA / EC algorithms(256) according to RFC 7515 as well as Json web encryption/decryption per RFC [log ind for at se URL] program will use Nimbus Jose JWT library and bountyCastle it is proven can do the task. [further details and documents with requirement will be provided]

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    Hello, We recently buy a 10GB/s. On this server we are able to do Iperf test and the result show that we can reach 6Gb/s so no problem with the NIC. The problem is we cant reach more than 10Mo/s from HTTP download or FTP download . We (Linux systems administrators) have done everything to find the problem but we find nothing. We are looking for a REAL linux EXPERT to do this job. You will be...

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    You are in charge in designing the network for a medium size business.  The business is located in a single building with three floors.  The first floor has 250 PCs, the second floor has 120 PCs, and the third floor has 120 PCs.  In addition each floor will need to support the same number of VOIP phones as the number of PCs on the floor, along with at least 50 printers.  The VO...

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    Szkolenie ABAP Udløbet left


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    I need assistance to configure our SAP system to allow function module BBP_VENDOR_GETLIST to be called via RFC. I am trying to download a list of all vendors to Microsoft LogicApp. I'm passing a SAP XML file via postman to LogicApp SAP connector, but it fails with the following error. I think this is a problem with the SAP FM configuration, as I am able to get BAPI_FLCUST_GETLIST to work and ...

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    New start-up, Fire Engineering Consultants, looking for a logo creating. I have in mind a circular logo with the company initials, simple and classic. Interested possibly designs around a crown or fire. Company initials are 'RFC' and I'm looking for simple grey white design but open to ideas. Colour RAL 7073

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    You have analyze the traffic in the given trace using Wireshark tool and answers below questions. 1. Is the IRC protocol (application-level) protocol used in any connection in this trace? If so, please identify following information a. IP address of the server b. IP address(es) of clients that successfully established connections with the server (2 Points) c. You can find the IRC protocol at [...

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    Here are the specifications: 1) Use RabbitMQ to retrieve run parameters from our server 2) Execute iperf client test (TCP & UDP) on a scheduled based on parameters 3) Send results to our server via RabbitMQ Start your bid with "RabbitMQ and iperf" please. If not, you will not be considered.

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    About us: We need an Android app to turn on Multipath TCP capabilities for smartphones. This will allow Android phones to roam across multiple WiFi and LTE networks without dropping connections. What we're looking for: An experienced Android developer to work on an app that provides Multipath TCP capabilities for Android mobile phones consistent with MPTCP RFC 6824. Apple has incorporate...

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    I need a graphic designer to draw a logo of the Barrett shield (see attached file) with a banner below it that reads, "Virtus et Probitas". (I don't want the rest of the attached picture, just the shield with the offset red and white bars plus the banner.) Above the shield, it should read "Barrett-Webb RFC". The logo will be used on the side of caps, backs of tee shirts a...

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    I have a client and server container that can communicate with each other and can run iperf tests between them. I am trying to implement TRex within the client and server containers to generate network traffic and analyze them. I need help implementing TRex into the Docker containers and run the test.

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