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    1. The project should be developed in GO language 2. The application input is list of words and/or regular expressions + file to search in 3. File can be of type 3.1 *.txt, *.rtf, *.xml, *.html 3.2 Any MS office - word, excel, power point (note that word and power point can include text and images) 3.3 PDF 3.4 Any image (images can contains text, need to use OCR to convert the image to a text format) 4. The output of the execution is which of the words are found in the file or whether the rex expression is found in the file 5. an approach that can be used is to use a library to convert the input file into text and run the search on a simple text example: Input is two words and one regular expression (the reg exp describe purchase order number) separated b...

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    excel API work 6 dage left

    I have an excel file that pulls information from Yahoo finance with the click of a button. Something in their programming has changed and my sheet no longer pulls the information. I need it fixed.

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    I need some help in one thing that I am working on. This is a financial case that I need to calculate several things on Excel and pull out some data from Yahoo Finance. Please read the attached requirements CAREFULLY. The company that I am analyzing is General Electric. I need it done in 6hrs, which is more than enough if you have financial knowledge and skils

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    java/python virtual machine reporting tool, web based version. need to build java virtual/bot machine for hotmail, gmail, yahoo notspamming process. for more details please find the attachment.

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    This is going to be our "Corporate Flyer Promo. So we need a printable 300 dpi, 8x.5x11 inches, in print size, and then the 72 dpi version for posting on sites. We are AmericaFir...businesses or just for gun - Patriot TV Video Sharing - Patriot Crowdfunding for Conservative causes - Marketplace - Buy and sell items from other Patriots - Create Events for any type of event. Invite friends, upload photos, videos, descriptions. - Create & Organize Photo Albums - News Blogs - Create Business Pages - Create Groups - Promote our Android Mobile Apps (Social Network App, Patriot Messenger App) We don't sell your information. We protect your rights to privacy and free speech. I'm looking for an artist who is good at creating layers and backgrounds, appropriate icons an...

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    I need to complete my existing site (online store for Romanian producers and farmers) + Phone -Android App / iOS... Modification of existing site ( ) and software ( ) If the manufacturer chooses the option - all year, this means that the product is available all the time for a year. - See the online store of this seller (here buyers can click to go directly to the online shop page of the manufacturer, where it has all the products, displayed by category, but also a description of the business / company). - Contact this seller now (messages only, via Messenger no video call, no audio call). - Implementation of online payment system similar with this site like design of the orders online: .

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    You need to be an expert on both Rea...tiny project. 【Task 1】Play a local .mp3 file in project folder【10 USD】 The following package is installed in the project. Please fix (sound related) errors and make Sound work. 【Task 2】Play 2 MP3 Files in Sequence【10 USD】 The <Dialog> component has a <FlatList> Component which renders 2 <Sentence> components. The <Sentence> components should be invisible in the beginning. When a <Dialog> component did mount, playing the 1st mp3, then playing the 2nd mp3. the <Sentence> component (that contains the mp3 file name) become visible at the same time when its mp3 playing. Please see attachments to understand better. You will have to work remotely on my computer via TeamViewer. No negotiation.

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    Trophy icon Music Promotion 5 dage left

    Are you willing to prove your efficacy for an emerging artist? we need adept music promotion -- s...adept music promotion -- someone who understands ROI and can get music to real listeners and SYNC deals. we are not interested in paid streams or anything like that (wasted money and time on 5er). if interested in mutual ROI listen to "" music and let us know your ideas - we are looking for a trustworthy promoter. if you have any questions pls email spaceofaday AT yahoo. we will not turn over account info and need to see concrete efficacy "up front" - so make a small offer of $10 to prove yourself! increased offers will not be entertained. This is an opportunity for a long term partnership. Thanks PS these are only a few of our

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    ...actualmente es un tablero SAAS que solo tiene una funcion conecta whatsapp multi dispositivos y envia mensajes masivos de todo tipo mediante la libreria Baileys - Typescript/Javascript WhatsApp Web API en un que ya funciona hasta en hosting compartidos pero no tiene el chat en tiempo real o vista de los mensajes se busca crear: un chat multi agente omnicanal social (whatsapp ya integrado, fb messenger, mensajes directo de instagram, telegram) donde existan muchos agentes y atiendan distintos departamentos como ventas, marketing, soporte tecnico y solo permita ver esos mensajes al usuario deese departamento y como tickets con cola de espera gestor de clientes proyectos cotizaciones y muchas herramientas de crm ejemplos de sitios similares https://respond

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    ...manejo de proyectos, tablero de tareas se utilizara una plantilla con casi el 90% de las pantallas realizadas para acelerar el proyecto agregar todo el entorno de membresia y convertirla en una plataforma como , , o similares ya funciona whatsapp multi agentes pero como una apl;icacion unica para un cliente se quiere escalar a SAAS Se integraran otros canales como messenger, telegram, instagram Indispensable que hable español El proyecto se llevara a fases se proyecta que el proyecto c en un mes y medio maximo a 2 meses presupuesto alto se pagara bien por el proyecto Indispensable que hable español Muy ordenado y disciplinado Entregas semanales de avances Categoría: Programación y Tecnología Subcategoría: Programación Web &iqu...

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    Validator 4 dage left

    who can make me a python or exe yahoo number checker and it should be fast. Checker will check the number is linked with Yahoo or not, Yahoo linked number should be saved on a text file ... i need many numbers checkers like Hotmail , aol etc. Need a expert guy

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    The issue is in our websites Contact Us Form, when someone fills out the form we don't see the senders address, the websites email address is support at , so we I check the email in cpanel web mail, it will show From: support at to support at I don't see the senders name and address, it ONLY works when I send mail to support at using yahoo or gmail, then will the senders name and email show up, but not when sending mail thru the websites Contact Us form. I am not expert so don't ask technical questions about codes, pathway etc,,,see attachment Contact Us form of website to get an idea what I mean. I need this fix without guess work. Both site have this problem price $30 non negotiable

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    I have a project where I call google api for search results but it only returns me 100 records. I am looking for more than 100 records and also the ability to gather data by last published dates, year, month, week. Records should return URLs. Also looking to replicate sarch on Bing, Yahoo and potentially create a new webcrawler for better data.

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    I have a project where I call google api for search results but it only returns me 100 records. I am looking for more than 100 records and also the ability to gather data by last published dates, year, month, week. Records should return URLs. Also looking to replicate sarch on Bing, Yahoo and potentially create a new webcrawler for better data.

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    Yesterday, we agreed via Facebook messenger that you will revamp the website Work on SEO, setup shop channel(currently has Facebook, Instagram, google, eBay). List on Amazon and do any other thing necessary to make sure you get sales . You stated that you can do all this for $500 . Payment is half at the beginning of work and half when you are done. Also, You have daily work from 7am to 4pm your time. So You can only work on my store at 5pm to 10pm my time. You will be doing it on daily basis. SEO alot may take alot of time to complete as You need to scan good keywords to use and combine my NuSkin merchandise in my Shopify. I will provide you anything to help the work be successful as longer that I am able to upon your request.

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    ...and access token using the 3-leg authentication and authentication module. 2. Use accesstoken to get a list of contacts or friends and send a message. # This logic should work on facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp and tiktok. Used to apply for advertising recommendations through social media. reference link Facebook :~:text=How%20can%20I%20find%20someone's,on%20this%20social%20media%20platform. Linkedin Send

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    ...desarrolladores completos en laravel 8 y nede js es un proyecto ya creado que se busca seguir escalando se espera logra el proyecto en un tiempo record de 30 dias Porfavor si no habla español nativo o fluido no haga una propuesta El proyecto sera un crm a medida sobre la base actual Ejemplos: Experiencia deseable Incorporar bandeja de mensajes de fb messenger Integracion de mensajes directos instagram Integraciones de mensajes y envio masivo telegram Experiencia en chats multi agentes capaz de filtrar mensajes a ciertos usuarios y limitar accesos a los mensajes que atiende otros usuarios Creacion de chatbot locales y poder integrar bot de dialogflow y dialogflow audio, por api de manera dinamica capaz de poder integrar un chat bot a un canal de comunicacion

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    It's a set of models of the fantasy characters - 5 models together. They all will have a detailed description and a reference photo of the real person doing a cosplay for them. Sor the models should reflect the character and actual person features at the same time Example of the character: Tiefling sorcerer, lawful evil Has an enchanted raven skeleton messenger named Marrow Pose: Would probably be holding a goblet or Marrow (or both), looking haughty. All should be done in one style for example There will be more details

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    We need an application that allows us to print on the web directly and frontally from lan printers with ticket size with cut detector and auto size adjustment. The application must work on android and must allow multiple printers. We have a model application for the requirements

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    We need an application that allows us to print on the web directly and frontally from lan printers with ticket size with cut detector and auto size adjustment. The application must work on android and must allow multiple printers. We have a model application for the requirements

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    ...of the application. For example, a configuration might only activate the player module of the app, while another configuration only activates the detector module, while a third configuration might activate both. The app is programmed in such a way that the detector and the player can work together even if they are in two different hardware devices. In this case, they communicate using bluetooth or web sockets. Attached subsections illustrate these different configurations. Modes : 1.2.1 Player + Detector Mode 1.2.2 Player + Remote Detector Mode via Websocket 1.2.3 Player + Remote Detector Mode via BlueTooth 1.2.4 Player Only Mode 1.2.5 Detector Only Mode Architecture The android app shall be modular and use as much as possible standard libra...

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    ...credentials). 2)User can take photo /or can also select from galary of phone - uploads image from by Calling a Rest API - 4)Above will result in calling Rest API Response with 2 fields class and details shown to user Let me also precise on below . ---------------------------- 1)App Users should have clue what happend to Image ,Like any progress bar when uploading , and the button should be invisible unless its gets successfully uploaded . 2)User also should be able to take photo and upload 4)APP should have some kind of tabs ,like about us contact ,may be dummy but lets have it . 5)There should be a file which should take care of all hard coded titles shown on apps for example "App name" ,One change and every where should be reflected Localization als...

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    Trophy icon Logo For a Company 8 dage left

    We are a luxury development company based in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Our new brand will be called ECO-HABITAT and will be used for energy-efficient and eco-friendly investments. We are looking for a logo ...Caicos Islands. Our new brand will be called ECO-HABITAT and will be used for energy-efficient and eco-friendly investments. We are looking for a logo to reflect “eco-friendliness” using colors that can be found within The Turks and Caicos Islands. REQUIREMENTS: The logo should be more minimal, and less complex. Modern. serious and subtle. luxury. Preferred Design Ideas: Woodmark like Facebook and yahoo logo. Pictoral mark like CNBC and Apple logo. Letter Form like Macdoland's Logo. Or Calligraphy logo like cocacola logo. Colors we like: #1170bf #60d2bf ...

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    if possible i prefer to have this done in python and Abell to work on android ...

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    The project details have already been discussed over messenger. :)

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    We are looking for a dedicated senior SEO expert. Who can bring organic traffic on truelymarry and not boat traffic. who can help us rank our site at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. I will pay $120 per month to the person who brings high-quality organic traffic to our website.

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    A E-learning website is used for pay and booking the courses, the website have two main issues that need to be solved: 1- the conformation emails are not working with some email providers like outlook and yahoo, i could see from the sender email that the email have been send, but the email is not reaching the customer destination. 2- After getting the payment from and the invoice, there is no action happened, it should been booked in the website, and the wallet also not working as if there is enough balance or some of the amount it should detected from the wallet and after that, it should get the remaining from the payment gateway

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    ...month mastermind for women who want to authentically innovate... with a profitable, freeing offer. --> $100k profit --> 10 hrs per week --> Doing what gives you life but what's it all about? --> Slide 4: Authentic Business Innovation Component #1 - Strategic Execution Component #2 - Identity Evolution *As seen in logos somewhere (Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Disrupt, Thrive Global, Medium, Yahoo Finance)* Slide 5: Component #1 - Strategic Execution Authentic business offering innovation Organic attraction marketing Selling with soul Pricing Psychology Profitability Systems Tech, course & program innovation Delegation Client Fulfillment - Helping people change their lives Slide: Component #2 - Identity Evolution Who you are has to rise to the results...

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    Hi Mohsen A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I found you from your proposal in this project as I need to hire some dev. We can discuss more if you avaialble to do this project.

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    Human full body video/3D record + removing background On streaming record video of a human Identify human body in video Background Subtraction (remove what it’s not the human body) and set background invisible Now we have a video of a human without background We can place this video in AR to see the people in my environment Say me what is possible based on your experience and meaning.

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    Sending 500 E-mails. (Your Task) We will provide the (1) e-mail list (2) Email Subject (3) Message You must use your existing e-mail accounts at any one of the following. Gmail, Outlook Mail, Yahoo Mail,.....

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    We are looking to create an Omnichannel Messaging Platform which will include all social media platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Video calls, Twitter DM, Slack, Calendly, Zoom, etc. Should also include a web messenger embed so the client can download their Java plugin and install on their website or application. A ticketing system is also required. An email SMTP client should be also connected on the platform so customers can email us and show in the same screen. All accounts should be sandboxed so we can add the required parameters and activate the social media, email or video call accounts. A string should be created for all customers so when they contact us again, it should show their last connect, issue, resolution, etc. details if the email or phone number matches their...

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    Bonjour, Je veux vendre mes produits Herbalife, j'ai déjà créé ma présentation et m...Herbalife, j'ai déjà créé ma présentation et mes outils pour vendre aux clients. Mais, je voudrais un moyen de contacter les gens et de leur vendre mon produit pour 2 types de clients différents via Messenger sur Facebook. Cela pourrait être dans un seul message, ou peut être plus intelligent dans plusieurs messages comme 1 prendre contact, 1 présenter intelligemment le contenu et ainsi de suite avec différentes façons de répondre à leurs objections. Pour être bref, je veux obtenir des messages pour vendre le produit Herbalife pour 2 types de clients : Clie...

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    Hello, I want to sell my products Herbalife, I have created already my presentation and tools to sell to the clients. But, I would like a way to contact people and sell them my product for 2 types of different clients via Messenger on Facebook. It could be in one message, or may be smarter in several messages like 1 take contact, 1 introduce smartly the content and so on with different ways to reply to them on their objections. To be brief, I want to get messages to sell product herbalife for 2 types of clients : Clients VIP and Distributor. Via Messenger on Facebook I remain available Thanks

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    I need to make a simple automator workflow to work with skype opened in (All-in-one messenger): - check dialogue, copy participants ids - copy all messages - save to txt file

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    I need to detect some smart contracts with solidity please bid with top skill for detect 500USD per week

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    Given Information: We have two on ramp meters, and one-off ramp for specific freeway section as shown below, the freeway has 4 lanes This freeway section has an occasional delay last for 30 minutes The traffic data for this freeway section ...minutes (Normal traffic) b. Second 30 minutes (Congestion traffic) c. Third 30 minutes (Normal traffic) 2. The optimal algorithm should reduce the network avg delay and avoiding the vehicle queue at each on-ramp. The base case avg delay is 20 3. Build detectors on the upstream and downstream of the freeway mainlines for each lane. 4. Build a detector/s on each on-ramp at stop line (demand detector, and queue detectors. 5. Should we include the off-ramp detector or not? Please give your opinion and explain it. Please write ex...

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    ...customization using Xcode. And I have 2! So after you do the first one, if things work out well, I will have you do the Instant Messenger App that I also bought for this Timeline app This following link is to where I purchased the script at incase you wish to see how it is written ( It includes: - IOS Swift Full Source Code. - Doc files for both Android and IOS You will need Xcode 13 for IOS The app has already been created and uploaded but has some issues. In fact I have 2 apps, 1 for the Timeline and one for the Messenger app. The main priority now is the Main Timeline app for the social network. So I already have an App Developer account

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    Using EXCEL VBA to auto download Yahoo Finance Historical Data (e.g. "TESLA", Time Period : Jan 01, 2019 - May 06, 2022, Frequency : Daily) as follows,

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    I need a program that can import stock data from Yahoo Finance for 1500 stocks on daily basis. The program should enable to download stock data in max 15 mins into Excel.

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    I need Powermta Config setting to send ONLY to Yahoo, aol, Hotmail and Gmail and discard other domains. Our main goal is send emails in directly in inbox , that's why we need right settling config. We already know how to config powermta but we need expert advise and improve inbox delivery. If can land email in inbox not in junk box we highly appreciate your knowledge Test system (with Powermta installed) will be provided to the selected to test the config. Please bid only if you have done this before.

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    I have documents here that need to be translated from Valencian or Catalan to English. The documents are confidential. So I cannot post it publicly. If you reply, and your profile shows you can handle the job, I will request a quote from you in the messenger and I will also send the documents. Thank you.

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    I want to sell invisible braces online which are also called as orthodontic teeth aligners through my orthodontic practice.

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    Hi Vinita S., I need assistance with Ai model. The model is about malicious website detector. Could you please confirm if you are available.

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    Hi Sean Jacob F., I need assistance with Ai model. The model is about malicious websites detector. Could you please confirm if you are available.

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    Hi Ehsanollah B., I need assistance with Ai model. The model is about malicious websites detector. Could you please confirm if you are available.

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    hi, I need assistance with Ai model. The model is about malicious websites detector. Could you please confirm if you are available.

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    My Site identity is not available next to my favicon. If I add my site identity in customizer it shows next to my Website logo. It is not invisible. Can you fix this? I'm guessing it html or so. Look forward to hearing from you!

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