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    ...a quick web scraper that reads a list of domains from a mysql database than crawls those sites saving all html data into another table of the database. I have two mysql tables create table websites ( domain_name varchar(255), parse_type int(32), last_parsed datetime, domain_id bigint not null auto_increment, primary key(domain_id)

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    ...previous bar (value) Return DateTime + Currency-Symbol + “MACD Trend” IF RSI was <= 30 in the previous bar and is now >30 Return DateTime + Currency-Symbol + “RSI Trend” IF MACD is True and (RSI is > 30 and <40) Return DateTime + Currency-Symbol + “BINGO” IF MACD is True and RSI >=40 Return <...

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    ColumnName | DataType | DateTime |datetime Currency | varchar(50) CurrentValue |decimal(18,9) PreviousValue | decimal(18,9) Change | decimal(18,8) There is not Identity or any restriction. Now I need someone to create a store procedure for insert Command Paramters are a) @Currency b) @CurrentValue Step1: Check for that Currency Previous

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . Update two existing xslt documents to identify elements with name containing DateTime and modify the elements text.

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    ...`user_id` INT UNSIGNED AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, `email` VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL UNIQUE KEY, `password` varchar(60) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `created` DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00' ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ; -- -- Table structure for table `categories` --

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    Project MySQL Udløbet left to be developed using SQL. Project Specification You are required to design and implement a web based application which records and updates information stored in a MySQL Database. At a minium the application should (i) take information from the screen and insert it into a DB using the “Insert Into” command, (ii) Select Info from a DB and display

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    ...point and appearing on next point) Is possible to do it? If is not possible, then, put number of position on each point (1, 2, 3, 4, 5….) and on click on each point, show datetime and link to position 6. When you touch any menu element, menu remains outspread. I preffer to compact menu after choose an option. 7. Now, you can see the menu on bottom

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    I need a DLL created in either VB...API at an free website to use if necessary to use the DLL. The project should incorporate: Sub New(timePeriod As Integer) Function GetData(startTime As DateTime, Optional endTime as DateTime = 9999999999) (Gets data starting from the exact time specified and formats it into the time period specified in New())

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    19 bud embed url for a given dashboard and the user - Get total number of dashboards and shares in a given site - Get all dashboards views for a given site within a given datetime duration Notes - We will provide a test environment with Tableau Server setup and licenses. The freelancer must understand the Tableau API documentation. Preferred

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    ...point and appearing on next point) Is possible to do it? If is not possible, then, put number of position on each point (1, 2, 3, 4, 5….) and on click on each point, show datetime and link to position 6. When you touch any menu element, menu remains outspread. I preffer to compact menu after choose an option. 7. Now, you can see the menu on bottom

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    ...point and appearing on next point) Is possible to do it? If is not possible, then, put number of position on each point (1, 2, 3, 4, 5….) and on click on each point, show datetime and link to position 6. When you touch any menu element, menu remains outspread. I preffer to compact menu after choose an option. 7. Now, you can see the menu on bottom

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    ...script (php or this script will visit following url, and scrape news and image galleries, then save in mysql database required fields for news : * title * detail * news image (download and save in a local folder) * datetime required field for image galleries: * title * image (download and save in a local folder) 1. http://sportekspres

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    Hi this is an easy one. I have a file that uses this code $result = mysqli_query($con," SELECT T, D FROM alldata ORDER BY DateTime DESC LIMIT 1 " ); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)){ $T = $row['T']; $D = $row['D']; to get from my local server as part of the website template im using. I

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    I need a basic Ionic App to login with JWT authentication. User credentials are stored in a MySQL/MariaDB Database. This database also contains a lot of weatherdata. The idea is that I develop the display of the data myself. But I need a jumpstart with authentication and the display of one datafield (actual temperature) in the app. Database tables:

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    I am having a big database with entries of a player count and a datetime (see [log ind for at se URL]) - based on these values, I am drawing a chart ([log ind for at se URL]). I now need a "future drawing" for the chart, which is predicting the potential player count based on the next hours. The prediction should be made by considering the values of the same time frame

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    ...-android-apps-javascript - Login/Register page (App user management) User register/login via API. - Splash page with logo. - Search form - Autocomplete fields (API), DateTime Pickers, Form Validation, POST request (API). - Search Results - Display as per above tutorial - Product Details - Basic info. - Payment Options - Tab panel, POST request

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    ...__unicode__(self): return '%s' % ([log ind for at se URL]) class Coordinate([log ind for at se URL]): geom = [log ind for at se URL](srid=4326) objects = [log ind for at se URL]() datetime = [log ind for at se URL]() gpsdevice = [log ind for at se URL](Gpsdevice, on_delete=[log ind for at se URL]) time = [log ind for at se URL]() gps_...

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    ...the bank account info where to pay. There is no need to have any overview how many bookings are already on a single day, or any limit, just two dropdowns with datetime start and datetime end. Depending on the selection the first part of the price will be calculated. The price will vary with the amount of hours, will give the exact numbers soon, but

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    ... varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL, `platform` varchar(64) NOT NULL, `total` int(64) NOT NULL, `visits` int(64) NOT NULL, `unique_visitors` int(64) NOT NULL, `date` datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00', ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; In this table is stared data that comes from a .csv file. The .csv fila has only 5 columns:

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    I have a datetime field in the example format 2017-11-05 09:48:57.000 2017-11-06 14:54:16.000 I need a sql server query that takes the datetime field and outputs the as the following example format 11/5/2017 9:48:00 AM 11/6/2017 2:54:16 PM notes: * this is for microsoft sql server 2014 * the output should have no leading zero's in

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    WebGL Globe Model Udløbet left

    ...selected airports. 1 way repeat for single journey. Back and forth between the two destinations. 5) Extra points if lighting matches time of day and can be set using a DateTime. (Lighting could be similar to this example [log ind for at se URL]) We are seeking a great visual here. You must be able to demonstrate some artistic flair using the technologies

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    Easy python project, sort an array of datetime objects/stamps # write code for the following # 1. combine times and names into 1 2 dimensional array (note: names[0] matches times[0], etc) # 2. sort the array based on the datetime stamps, oldest first (2017-10-03 21:02:27+00:00) # 3. print the oldest datetime stamp, along with the corresponding name

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    Steem Python Work Udløbet left

    ...the date time is past for the post in question entered at 1. The reason for this is that vote will be coming in for this post and I need all of the posts up to the cut off datetime, votes after 3. once all voters have been collected I need to payout sent to each voter, there are 2 fields to be added for payment, amount and memo, memo is the post

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Need experts yii framwork developer.. Small changes in datetime picker when clicking radio button and it must insert into database..and display into events. Budget inr 800. Work to be completed by today.

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    I have got an MS Excel 2016 Workbook with 2 spreadsheets. i) Spreadsheet 1 (SS1) contains 3 columns and about 200 rows. This can just about be called a lookup spreadsheet. The columns are:- ID: a variable alphanumeric string, should be unique Firstname: a text column that contains a name Surname: a text column that contains a person's surname

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    ...table with order ids that needs to be marked as completed. The table will have four columns: ID: the order id Status: the status of the record (initially, set to pending) Datetime: the date/time of creation/modification Error: if script fails, here is the description of the problem The script shall check this table for entries with status pending

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    I already have a php page. You need to code the css to fix a datetime picker and add functionality to display result in the page. Input is application no. and dob. Its very urgent.

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    ...webservice I will provide. - Place a start flag - Create an animated polyline over the imagery from the data pulled from the webservice. The data of interest is lat, longt, datetime. Make this polyline animated over the map for and speed it up so it is played back to the user within 60 seconds. - Place a finish line - Automate the camera to follow

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    ...example: [log ind for at se URL] Structure of data request objects: BaseRequest { long? RegionId; DateTime? BeginTime; DateTime? EndTime; } In website I need to get the data for period of the current year (2017) like this: RegionId = 1, value 27 RegionId = 2, value 1729 RegionId =

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    Crear Data para crear base de datos, tablas dentro de un file syste...decir tener parte del disco y crear la base de datos y guardarla en archivos binarios Las tablas soportan los siguiente Columnas Tipos Int Float Bool Char (n) Datetime Nullable Default value Auto incrementable (int) Operaciones en la tabla Crear/ Eliminar tabla

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    This script must to change my datetime from my SQL. I don't want all to have same datetime. For example: I will select on script datetime between the date of 2017-10-10 20:22:37 and 2017-10-18 14-18-15 this script must to do changes aleatory. All my entry must to have another new datetime... aleatory don't forget ! I have two thousand entryes.

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    ...imports from selenium import webdriver from [log ind for at se URL] import Options from [log ind for at se URL] import By from [log ind for at se URL] import WebDriverWait from [log ind for at se URL] import expected_conditions as EC from [log ind for at se URL] import NoSuchElementException import datetime, hashlib, requests

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    PHP script needed Udløbet left

    ...405:12 AM Output XML would be <JackpotWins> <JackpotWin> <Slotid>13</Slotid> <Level>6</Level> <Amount>$895.45</Amount> <DateTime>11/20/2014 3:01:23 PM</DateTime> </JackpotWin> </JackpotWins> This example shows only one win, however the script needs to be dynamic ...

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    Cookie Muncher II Udløbet left

    ...number, ‘project name’, datetime, “url” Phase 1 – Sprint 2 Cookie Extract The second process is to extract the cookie information for each url in the result textfile from the Spider process. It should be command line called passing in the textfile. The output should be a comma delimited text file:- Line Number, datetime, “url&rd...

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    ...specified port (conf for the app can be stored in /etc) and send the images to the server. The server will receive the image, store it a database blob along with source IP and datetime stamp. The client will always compare the current captured image with the previous captured image, if image did not change, then there is no activity on the workstation

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    5 bud values from an excel sheet, the Column holds a double value that is the representation of a datetime value, we are trying to convert that value to a datetime value using the following function: DateTime dt = [log ind for at se URL](d); the "d" is representing the double value mentioned above. when you open the excel file on the excel apl...

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    Build a Website Udløbet left

    Hi, I need to build a website to manage my data. Just simply Add row, Edit data of each row. The index used) Each row would have button to Edit or Delete data. I'd prefer a modal to show up when I click "Edit" with fields are set values with the data from MySQL. Some of the data are in DATETIME format, so I need somebody who are good at it

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    ...7.1), MySQL database, only one page with bootstrap 3 table. Using some framework is welcome, but no necessary. User login, add task, edit task, delete task. Database table proposal: tasks, collaboratives (there will be multiselect), users: Table task_tasks ( `tasks_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `tasks_create_date` datetime NOT NULL

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    ...modifications then saved to remote SQL Server database with batch datetime. If saving success then disable access to these data on the local Android device. Information collected is mentioned in the attached file:[log ind for at se URL] Save dialog: Same as attachment. Saving will include creation datetime and the logged-in salesman id. The app shouldn't allow save

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    Hello, I need a small component: Administrator: User must register entrie(s) with the fields: name, datetime, state and location Site: a Field must be shown, to search by NAME. If the Name is found, it must show a all the field of that order. Schema: [log ind for at se URL] Pretty simple Thanks in advance

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    ...connection errors, has retry strategy Proposed languages: - C - Objective-C - C++ Proposed data structure: - outbound action message: { type: ‘window-switch’, dateTime: <time in epoch with miliseconds after ., ie. 1493043764.432>, windowTitle: ‘Google Chrome’, processName: ‘[log ind for at se URL]’, browser: { url: ‘...

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    ...technologies particularly C# and ease of integration with Azure/SQL and related technologies. The applicaton must be able to write back to the database with confirmation and datetime of the facial match. Check out this article in the news today, where a similar type product is used in a small retail capacity. [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...primary key, unique id, No NULLs ECM_id: int, No NULLs, key which links to documents table FileName: varchar(255), No NULLs, name of the XML file exported CreatedDate: datetime, No NULLs, date of the export 4. Create the script to export the document: - Place script in /App_Code/[log ind for at se URL] file - This script will be accessed through different

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    Project Name: Legal Medicine Processess Management System Characteristics of the Project Regarding the web system to be d...8. Terminals - Control of terminals authorized to access data (Central only); 9. Log - Access to the log of all changes made to the data (CRUD Operations), including the datetime and the person responsible for the change.

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    ...a Image) Usergroup: Id, Name, Rights Useringroup: UserId, UsergroupId List: Id, Name Status: Id, Name Task: Id, StatusId, Name, Description Comments: TaskId, UserId, DateTime, Description Tag: Id, Name Tags: TaskId, TagId ( Owner: TaskId, UserId (How must do something) Follower: TaskId, UserId (Got a update per Mail, when the task change)

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    I need a sample that will convert an excel sheet long datetime to a datetime object using a 3rd party sdk to read the excel file. The CDATA ADO .NET provider reads an excel file like if it was a database. we have a sample Excel file that we will use for some data processing, when you open the file with EXCEL itself you will get the dates in the f...

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    ...building. Also there is a water level detector for the main building tank. The database stores the following data for the water flow : AppartmentID, DateTime, Liters And for the tank level detector: DateTime, AvailableLiters. I want to build a webpage that has some graphs about water usage. For each appartment will be a user name and password so each

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    Hello, I need a program that will get the all the users skill info from a game. The game is En...likely be to use API hooks using EasyHooks project. But I do not care what method you use to extract the info. The info will be saved to a file name [log ind for at se URL] the datetime format is up to you but it has to contain month/day/year hour/min/seconds.

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    ...responses to code against. Posts are simple, but include only 3 types: Image, Video, Text. All posts include: Poster, Title, Description, Datetime Comments (which in turn include: Comment body, poster, Datetime). As we have control of the device it will be running on Chrome (no need for cross browser compatibility) The Angular2 single page application

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