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    Updated Logo Size Udløbet left

    I have a logo file that is 400 pixels by 400 pixels. I need it resized to 1350 x 1350. It's for wine lables. I took the file I have and resized it but as imagined the resolution is very poor now. I need someone to recreate my logo at the 1350 x 1350 size. The font needs to be Trajan Pro Bold.

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    Trophy icon Logo design Udløbet left

    Working Wellness aims to take mental health awareness and strategies into the workplace. We have found a logo to get started with that we would like re-imagined. Can you send a quote for a logo design and turn around time?

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    Hello! My name is Christina Park (read more here: [log ind for at se URL]). I am designing a mobile app to allow users to read in their foreign language without studying a second more. The app is interactive, and I would like to include animated images to accompany each work (poem, book page, or song lyrics) featured in the app. The unifying theme behind the images will be a space-time traveler,...

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    Hello, I designed an app in Figma but I'm a noob and I'm not very good with good practices/ proper design guidelines and styles. I need someone to translate my rough design to a proper professional design system, with proper design guidelines, styles, spacing, responsive formatting etc. Right now, the design is only for 1 screen (iPhone X) I need the design to be properly done so a...

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    Hi Bapilal Can you please put only 1 Star and comment this google page: Japhet Halevy, Law Offices & Notary "I can’t say my identity I’M AFRAID This lawyer duped me, he knew that he had to advice me about right thing to do concerning sharing properties in COMMON LAW MARRIAGE and he did NOT I REALISED HIS CONFLICT OF INTEREST IN THIS BUSINESS I would NOT have imagined that one...

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    2 infographics will be designed according to the details below: • The general concept is e-learning from online/remote and demonstration of the scenarios below: First Infographic: • In a powerpoint slide, split the slide vertically in the middle, left side: • 12 people/students and one teacher, all people are somewhere (one of is in home, one of is in train, one of in office, one ...

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    I am looking for writers who will write short articles about popular technological products. Articles will be about your experience about the product which can be imagined; does not necessarily rely on the real experience. I will give the list of products, they are combination of physical and online products.

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    I'm looking for someone who's able to create a set of minimal icons for a Roman style project (similar to games like simcity / city skylines / Caesar 3 / Total War (troy / rome 2) and I'm looking to get icons created for my buildings. I need icons for categories e.g Health, Religion, Industry, Warfare and icons for individual buildings (e.g lumber yard, clay pit, bath house, wheat...

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    Trophy icon Design a logo Udløbet left

    Design a cartoon logo of a bulldozer with a cartoon face (maybe emoji style) giving a thumbs up with a stethoscope onto it for a joke on a mates work shirt who is a terrible diesel mechanic. (doesnt have to be exactly like that its just how i Imagined it.) The Names of the Business will be " Dozer Doc™ " and the slogan will be " Best Part of a Bad Situation " Does not n...

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    Write a speech for a given occasion. The speech can be either one you would deliver, or a speech for a third party (real or imagined). Word limit: 1800-2000 words.

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    I am a Christian and an Associate Professor of Philosophy and published author with Oxford University Press and Zondervan on apologetics but that did not help me when I lost my son, Enoch, who died in my arms. It broke me and I did not know how to recover from it. I did not know how to apply my academic research into faith in real life. However, through this experience, I was able to grow and be...

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    Ebook Writting Udløbet left

    You’ve thought about writing an ebook. In fact, you’ve already imagined the front cover. You can see the main title and, underneath, your name. And when you picture it, you feel a ripple of pride. An ebook would be a big step up for you as a writer. Because while blog posts and freelance writing gigs are great ways to express your ideas and earn a side income, you can’t help fee...

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    *Please read the entire description before sending your bid* We are a streetwear brand looking for a talented and affordable graphic designer who can match our style, and create catchy designs that mesh well with the designs we already have. We would really like someone with our specific art style in their portfolio. Please see attached images for reference of our current designs. Your designs s...

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    Trophy icon Re-imagine a t-shirt design Udløbet left

    I have attached a design that I want to have re-imagined. I need it to have a vintage 1970's look to it but I want it to be different from the original. New design needs to have the same major elements: Vintage, 1970, Aged to Perfection, Limited Edition. Need to have an editable Illustrator or Photoshop file as the final product. Black and white only please. Do with that what you will!

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    The lacquered glass in the kitchen is different from what we had imagined, we want a consultant who knows what to [log ind for at se URL] counsulting

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    Trophy icon Our Griot Logo Udløbet left

    PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BEFORE SUBMITTING: Byline: Honoring Our History…Influencing The Present…Impacting Our Future [log ind for at se URL] (definition of Griot) When 2020 began, we could never have imagined how this year would unfold. We saw the outbreak of the coronavirus, the alarming resurgence of racial injustice and civil uprisings. We heard the embryoni...

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    I’m a 51 year old that always felt she can be more and do more but always to scared or busy with work. So I resigned as a CFO of a group of companies and thought the world would be my oyster- the Covid hit- definitely not the oyster I imagined. After months of lockdown I pretty much exhausted my savings and am doing what every down and out person does.... trying to make money online?The idea...

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    The purpose of this task is to consider the limits of academic genres and to work on presenting academic or scholarly arguments to non-academic audiences. Due date: Within 8 hours Submission length: One Digital presentation + 300 word exegesis. Topic of presentation You will explain academic writing practices in a medium or form that is not typically used by academics. You will need to adap...

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    Hello, welcome to a most exciting contest. Bring your enthusiasm, tell your friends, and bring a few hats, as you might want to try on different perspectives and rolls as you write several entries for this mashup-blog contest! Rewards: 1st: $120 dollars, 2nd: $60, and 3rd: $20. ***BONUS: For every 30 unique entrants with a proper Infomashup blog post entry, the payout for the contest will incre...

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    Need a world map Udløbet left

    i need a world map drawn in old world style ... imagined lands in YA novel

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    Trophy icon Social Distancing T-shirt Design Udløbet left

    I am looking for some help with a t-shirt design. I have attached an existing design that i would like to change. i would like different figures for the humans, and a less "flowery" llama. The llama can have sunglasses. Possibly some improvements on the text as well. I would like to keep the 6' line under the llama and the llama needs to be a side view of a llama. I don't n...

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    map of imagined lands in YA novel.

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    I'm building an AI that can seeking creation of an a machine they can generate new forms of wealth not yet imagined this AI this a I could develop new stock market predictors Grant award winning novels marketing delivered them to publishers and have them marketed create new technologies in new industries Deliverables AI machine with the above-listed features

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    So I've started doing these collaborations with Broadway performers where we post Broadway content re-imagined. It's a passion project, trying to bring attention to the importance of the arts, collaboration, and to keep people engaged while theatres are closed. My current project is from the musical Waitress, a song called It Only Takes a Taste by Sara Bareilles (you could listen on You...

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    Trophy icon Drawing of a D&D Character Udløbet left

    I need artwork for a character ive imagined. A tall man with short dirty blonde hair that's spiked up in the front and emerald eyes. An olive skin tone with a very stern almost worried expression. A large scar across his left eye. He has a light stubble on his jaw and chin. He has elven plate armor with a light, black cowl that he has up. the top portion of the cape is a mane of raven feathe...

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    Trophy icon Build me a facebook group cover page Udløbet left

    I am a new business starting to brand. I would like a photo(s) that represents elegance for men and women while remaining neutral to ethnicity. The photo(s) will appear with the name Fab & Dynamo for my diverse business in all things elegant with confidence. I imagined a hat and a dress, but I have also seen silhouttes - I am open to creativity. Fab & Dynamo should be pronounced while the ...

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    I own a company called TitanZ Plumbing Inc, the logo is something i hand drew and then had it turned into a graphic. The logo is a super toilet that I had copyrighted and the name. I am buying a air conditioning business and want to take Z and make him look cold ?. A beanie and maybe mittens. I will also be copyrighting this logo as well. I had 2 ideas, one is that Titanz Air Conditioning has i...

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    Good day. I would like a logo design for a company name "Codehouse" Somehow I want it to be trendy, and cool. Think of the spirit animal for a Hacker or hardcore bussiness man. Imagine a house that produces code/magic that changes the world in amazing and profound ways that can't be imagined. In some way I'm aiming for the smart, trendy geek market, that completely ...

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    I can edit photos for you but not as good as imagined because I am a beginner

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    Trophy icon Design my jewelry cleaning kit. Udløbet left

    I need the graphics done for a jewelry cleaning kit. Logo, packaging, mockup. The main product is a Gold Teeth Cleaner. It is a paste that I would like to package in a toothpaste tube with a flip cap and box packaging. The second product is a soft bristle toothbrush also in a box packaging The third product is a 10x10 inch microfiber cloth with nice illustration image that matches the rest...

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    Trophy icon Product branding Udløbet left

    Starting an candle company Leisurely candle company. We aspire to use scent to help create a relaxing environment anywhere and anytime for our customers. In need of a logo/branding for product. Interested in a text logo and a symbol. Would like the word Leisurely to be prominent in all branding. Seeking a logo that creates a feeling of relaxation, but not sure what imagery will provide that. L...

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    Trophy icon DESIGN LOGO Udløbet left

    LOGO DESIGN: We want a simple but unique logo that not only identifies our company but also what we do. We were thinking of a design that would start with a door design with a window at the top half and a keyhole at the bottom half. We would like to add in some symbols that would signify security and protection from hurricanes and thief's alike while integrating our companies initials to ensu...

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    I have the means to offer creative writing workshops to teams of workers who are now working in isolation. This builds the potential to create a work culture despite individuals now working from home. The concept is based on work currently being undertaken at a leading Melbourne hospital amongst medical students. The activities are fun and this needs to come out in the design. The activities can b...

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    We're looking for someone/some-people (developer + designer) that can create an online book reader from scratch. We're looking at taking a particular set of books and transforming the online reading experience. When we read specific great works like The Odyssey or The Great Gatsby, the experience of reading it is standardized through apps like Kindle. You can change the font and font si...

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    About us: We are JR Go Getters, we go get the things you need. Providing easy shopping convenience through our site and fast reliable delivery to all our customers. What we need: We need an eye catching and easily recognizable logo that conveys what we do in a fun and playful way but not too child like. Our color palette is yellow, black, white and teal. Have fun creating our brand new logo! Th...

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    Instagram page logo Udløbet left

    I am looking for a simple yet attractive logo for an Instagram page and later on (hopefully) something that would also work as a logo for publishing house. All Aimed for children and children’s books. Instagram page will basically be videos of diy crafts that can be done at home but are all insprired by popular children’s books. So logo will also be used as watermark for these videos. ...

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    I need some help with my business.

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    Hello! We need a 30 second radio clip/audio clip made to advertise our company on various media formats. The clip will be 30 seconds long, is to include royalty free music and a combination of voice and sound effects to promote and advertise our business. We are a small, innovative second hand car dealership here in the UK where we use a completely different model for selling our cars. Every sin...

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    Logo Designer Udløbet left

    I’m a new business (9th June 2020) in need of a logo. I specialise in handcrafted clothing & accessories and home & accessories. The name of my business - “The Curiosity Cabinet” was inspired by my first ever curated exhibition called the cabinet of curiosities. The logo is also inspired by this. In old Victorian Curiosity Cabinet exhibitions they put things under display...

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    hey there, i'm looking for someone who's able to make a short animation meme for my new song release soon . talking about a video of about 5 to 10 seconds. some cool and viby lo fi animation. i'll provide some ideas regards to how in my mind i imagined this video to be though off course i'll be glad to brain storm together around it.

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    Hi, I am a fantasy-romance author and an avid fan of anime. I have written more than 5 webnovel books which can be found online and I am interested in creating a trailer tease for the new book 'Belle Adams Butler' You can read the book for a better understanding of scenes. The video needs a minimum of 3-5 minutes. I have placed the cover page of the book on how they look and added the lo...

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    I am looking for some-one to help me create ad management ( tracking, posting etc) portal for wifi access. I use Mywifinetworks for splash pages and management of all the wifi accesses. On that I can display ads. I want to create a portal where clients can post them on their own and track them. What we do is that we provide wifi hotspot services to restaurants and other public areas. To maintai...

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    Hello everybody We need a logo for an Instagram project and it's about cooking. We imagined it like this: A pan or a wok with a bottom that is allowed to put the letter K and a flame that comes out of the pan that represents the letter H. Among them should be: Huda's Kitchenworld. (see sample pictures) Please come up with something creative and your own. thank you

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    Looking at redesigning the UI of image capture, save and display flow in a live app. The existing UI needs to be re-imagined and refined. Talented designers apply.

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    We require talent to create, update/upgrade specific portions of this video – primarily to create a polished intro/outro and animation consistent with our new branding. This project is one of several that will follow, and its primary purpose is to identify/prove the best talent available so that we can grow a long-term working relationship with. For this first project, our aim is to upgr...

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    Trophy icon Deep Side of Learning logo Udløbet left

    I need a logo for a course I am teaching, Deep Learning Re-Imagined. I am doing it under as Deep Side of Learning, for the following websites: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] I have attached some sample images that I found and have thus far used for a logo. I want something unique to my company, though. It is to fit in upper left corner of

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    I want to get a logo designed for a trademark I have registered - Tarka Beef. It is to cover all beef that comes from a region called Tarkastad in South Africa. I have attached some images of the landscape but if you google "Tarkastad" there are some video clips that give a good sense of the landscape. I imagined the logo to be a cow (just a plain brown cow) next to / in front of a bu...

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    Hi Freelancers! PLEASE NOTE THAT A BUNNY IS A RABBIT! We have an online adult shop in South Africa called "Adult Shop SA" We are thinking of adding a moving and static "bunny/rabbit character", either in outline or with some detail added in (not sure yet what would work best - up to designers to convince us) to our text logo and to the produc...

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    I have been trying to code a few things in vue with javascript but keep getting stuck at some concepts / trying to think about how to do certain things. imagined it would be faster for someone to help out since i cannot seem to grasp certain concepts. basically trying to group a collection of items using lodash _groupby and then using the resulting object on the site. probably a very simple fix f...

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    Hey Team, I am a into manufacturing of Nutritional supplements. So I have been working on a very interesting project of my new product which is inter relatable to Covid-19 Crises and will cost lower than ever imagined i.e 199/- (Per Glass Less Then Rs.10/-) with 9 Herbal Extracts , Zinc, Vit-C, & Lactobacillus following the guidelines given by FSSAI & Ayush to prevent this pandemic. So I ...

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