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    Hi guys, I am working on an Excel Workbook for our kitchen manufacturing company. This workbook is intended to be used by our admin, salespeople, programmer, accounts and production team. I am trying to create user forms, to give each of the five departments above different accesses to different sheets, through implementing Usernames &am...

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    Cannot open excel file...."Excel cannot open this [log ind for at se URL] file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file."

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    I need a detailed spreadsheet to track deal flow for industrial real estate acquisitions that will allow tracking of all pertinent historical data and project status.

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'I would like to hire an Excel Expert'

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    I need to improve an existing financial model to incorporate actual results from 2 related companies (MB and CDI) with projections from 2 excel models (financial results and payroll). The financial model includes a cashflow, income statement and balance sheet, with some minor analysis. The accounting is done in a system called Compaq, which outputs

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    Excel reporting system

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    I need help with an existing excel function

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    I am looking to make a new TDG Form. I would like it to have a drop down option to select the product, size and then auto fill the rest of the sheet

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    VBA developer to execute a capital budgeting project

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    I want to link USPS, UPS, Fedex tracking numbers into the excel sheet,

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    I am working on a spreadsheet to calculate budget into the future. I have done alot of the formulas but need help with the more complex calcs. Specifically "if" then populate answer in specific colums "specific number of years etc. I have a figure calculated (including inflation) i need it split over "x" number of years. Need help with...

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    Hello, I have 4 excel files with a little over 10,000 records on each one of them which contains a point to point zone (eg. below) Column A Column B Column C Zone Vehicle Rate [02109] Boston/[02109] Boston B24

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    Income analysis. Vlookups across income streams. Lookups to find multiple values and multiple type of values across an entire workbook. Pivot tables and chart help.

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    ...are nubered 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, & 0 These need to have a value attached, being 100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 00. When the check boxes all have all been ticked (activated), the sheet needs to generate an average value for all check boxes, and then display this score as a percentage. This average also needs to announce an Overall Rating, based on the average.

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    my project is to create reporting document that also act as a databases. there are 40 functions (called applicants) that held about 6-7 MB data each. each applicant held static data as text and dynamic data as input for the graph. each applicant contents 40-50 dynamic data that should be reviewed every quarter/annual. dynamic data should contain

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    A simple project in c++ programming also in excel, word and web designing

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    I am working on excel workbook that we can look at certain account data on a graph and immediately see where there are problems. My problem is I have the graphs were they automatically scale as the data changes but for some data it doesn't scale and doesn't recognize when data is %'s.

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    I want to track my sales pipeline. Simple. Clients name, address of property, closing date, purchase price(in two potential columns. one for buyers and one for sellers), commission rate, total commission and source of business. Commission rate could be figured out by using a formula of the sales price and total commission. Occasionally there would

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    I need to take raw data, and translate it into an sorted report by item. The number of items might change from week to week, and It will need to keep a 4 week running total.

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    I want a VBA script which will do the following: 1. Open a csv file, 2. Read in the file contents containing the following columns: Date, Time, Latitude (in degrees decimal), Longitude (in degrees decimal, Heading (in degrees decimal), Course over Ground (in degrees decimal) and Speed over Ground (number) into a 2-D array 3 Calculate the differences

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