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    I only need help in designing a user interface for a small Time Tracking/Scheduling Windows application. Included in the download (or at <[log ind for at se URL]>) is a sketch I have made for some ideas of the UI. The sketch is ONLY a rough idea, and I am VERY open to others. I use MS SQL Server to hold the database that will back it. I must record the job #, hours, and any comments of ...

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    I am starting an on-line human resources type of program for businesses and various organizations and need programming and web development. I need custom development probably in Coldfusion with access backend database. Other options considered. Must be willing to work closely with me (off-site) and communicate various aspects of the project as it develops. I already have a great deal of screen sho...

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    I am looking for a professional programmer to create a Bed and Breakfast reservation application that is built using PHP/MySQL. The example I would like you to use as a reference is the Professional Subscription service at [log ind for at se URL] I don't want a clone as far as design goes but would like the functionality of the site that will run on the client's server. In this project ...

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    **Previous two bids were cancelled because I received assistance from a friend after submitting. This time that help is unavailable, and I will be accepting and paying for (PayPal) the lowest bids that can meet deliverables in the quickest timeframe. Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------- In this exercise, you will create a solution that works with two tabl...

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    PROBLEM DESCRIPTION Wave Investments is a new age investment firm with approximately 50 employees. Wave Investments has just undergone a re-engineering process in which one of the initiatives is to standardize the computer software to be used throughout the company to prevent incompatibility and inconsistency. In spite of this standardization effort, many employees experience a high degree of dow...

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    The system to be designed is a computerised management system for a car bodywork business. the front-end of the system will be browser based with a database holding and storing all data. The system needs to be designed using mysql, html and connected together using php. The database will be held on a linux server machine. The objective of the system is to allow a user to create, print, save and re...

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    I need a letter addressed to the chairman of some company wherein the Executive Board wishes to highlight their dissatisfaction over the performance of the company, which primarily rests on the party entrusted with the management of the company. This company has many adminstrative and management issues, some issues can be made up for example: not achieving target sales, employees coming late and s...

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    I am looking for a coder who could create a salon software a little bit like salonmaster (<[log ind for at se URL]>) or salon iris (<[log ind for at se URL]>). The features I need are : Appointments: - the clients can make appointments or reservation requests online via a web site. - Automatic appointment confirmation e-mail sent to customer Client management : - view sched...

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    There will be approximately 1,000 products for sale. For the Ecommerce system, I want to have the look and feel of the OsCommerce system, similar to this site: [[log ind for at se URL]][1] I want to be able to see a thumbnail picture next to every item in the database. However, I want the ecommerce system to be much more user-friendly and admin-friendly than the oscommerce system. Here is th...

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    We are looking for an interface or template to use with Microsoft Access to help with a payroll system for our medical practice. The parameters we utilize are: Multiple sites. Multiple salaries with variable variable parameters for overtime pay Base salary plus overtime for over a variable number of hours (typically 40, 80 or 85) either per week or per pay period (2 weeks). 1. Variable o...

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    using the attached access file do the following exercises: calculate the average salary for exempt employees and the average salary for non-exempt employees ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the ...

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    Deadline is 4-13-04 11:59p.m (even though the RAC deadline is a little later- the buyer had extended the original deadline) The Project management system will be used to assign projects within a department between designated users. Site will be similar to <[log ind for at se URL]>, or <[log ind for at se URL]>. The pages must be coded in HTML/PHP using MYSQL for database functi...

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    Points Redemption Udløbet left

    ASP 3.0, IIS 4, ACCESS Data source point redemption web application. Looking to create an online points redemptions system with full tracking methods for employees who received points based from years of employment and/or other recognition methods. The user can then redeem these points against various items depending upon how many points they have compiled. With various items of various point va...

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    Salon software Udløbet left

    I am looking for a coder who could create a salon software a little bit like salonmaster [([log ind for at se URL]][1]) or salon iris (<[log ind for at se URL]>). The features I need are : **Appointments: **- the clients can make appointments or reservation requests online via a web site. - Automatic appointment confirmation e-mail sent to customer **Client management : **- view ...

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    I have a custom application written for the Pocket PC. My company currently uses HP IPAQ Pocket PCs running Mobile 2003. My application prints a receipt that includes the date and time. When a network connection is available the app syncs the Pocket PCs clock settings with a server. However employees can still change the clock time right after it updates. I need a solution to restrict employees fr...

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    I am interested in having a website built for my small business < 20 employees that can have similar functions to Microsoft Outlook but be fully web-based. Examples of features: 1. Web based e-mail using existing domain name 2. Address book built in 3. Web based calendar with group functions such as inviting others to meetings and setting dates and times 4. Able to set multiple mee...

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    I have a custom application written for the Pocket PC. My company currently uses HP IPAQ Pocket PCs running Mobile 2003. My application prints a receipt that includes the date and time. When a network connection is available the app syncs the Pocket PCs clock settings with a server. However employees can still change the clock time right after it updates. I need a solution to restrict employees fr...

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    using sql to the attach database do the following: 1. group employees by job code or description [log ind for at se URL] employees by salary or zip [log ind for at se URL] employees by salary within their job code. [log ind for at se URL] employees by salary within job titles that are grouped into exempt and non-exempt. [log ind for at se URL] union to create a third table of employee...

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    This project involves 2 network design projects. The 2nd is based off of the 1st. ## Deliverables 1st Project Part I: A description of the current network 1. A description of the organization A) Size and purpose of the organization: The organization must have at least 300 employees and three locations. What kind of business is it? B) Potential growth of the organization in terms of people and s...

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    **Individual Project **Speed Sonic Services is a small start-up company that has contacted you to install their computing systems. The company consists of 35 employees who each have a computer that will need to be networked. The company has already purchased Intel-based desktop systems with nothing installed on them and a dual processor Pentium 4 server that has two 50-GB drives on a new state-o...

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    CRM system Udløbet left

    Like the design of: <[log ind for at se URL]> Project Overview: Should be a CRM clone of of [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL] and Seibel OnDeman CRM. Market: Small Business -- 1 to 200 employees. Outline: - Webmail - File Manager - Customer Service a. Including Live Help b. Ticket System c. Generate Html for consumer website which would pass...

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    We are looking to have an access database template created to integrate many apects of our business. The goal is to have a database that we could have all details of an event included in one document( contacts, items sold, detailed lists of items needed to create each item sold, the ability to merge data into proposals, letters and reports-especially for employees) This is desired to automate...

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    We are looking for a complete integrated human resource management software program. It should track Employees Compensation hours worked Have todo lists calendar hiring and termination tracking performacne and evaluation tracking contact management All those are a minimum and other HR processes and information. Must be a clean simple to use program. PLEASE you mus...

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    Event Handlers wants to develop an Employee program to set and retrieve employee ID numbers, employee salaries, and first and last employee names. The current list of employees and their data are as follows: Employee Name Employee ID Employee Salary Kim Yee 101 $40,000.00 John Reynolds 102 $55,000.00 Elena Gonzales 103 $50,000.00 Jim O' Shea 104 $75,000.00 The program ...

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    employee class Udløbet left

    A C++ program to keep track of a corporations employees. The information for each employee will be kept in a sorted list. Read the information for each office manager from a file. Read the information for each district from a file. Read the information for each employee from a file. Print out a report in this format both on the screen and to a file: Emp # Name District Manager Weekly G...

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    My company currently uses a very old manufacturing business system to control inventory, bills of material, purchasing, etc. Our company has outgrown the system and needs something new, but we really don't know what to look for, who to get the software from, and what mistakes not to make. We need a freelance consultant to work with us and help us select a new MRP system, and possibly help us ...

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    We use a program called punchclock pro. The program has a client and server application. The data is stored in plain text data files. Free samples can be downloaded at:[[log ind for at se URL]][1] I would like to have a client program, written in your choice of languages, that will allow me to modify/add/delete times or employee records. I also need the ability to print time reports for a se...

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    _PURPOSE:_ The purpose of this software is to allow TotalMortgage to send a series of short emails (called Ratewatch emails) usually about 1 page long, to a large number of potential Total Mortgage customers about the most current mortgage rates and programs available (see uploaded Word file for an example). _GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:_ The software shall be web enabled to allow distributed TotalMor...

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    E-Commerce website Udløbet left

    Project involves creating an ecommerce website for a furniture company based in the UK. it involves using Dreanveawer, ASP , Flash and Javscript. I will be using Personal Web Server (PWS) so the website must be compatible to run on PWS. the website will have all the functionality of a normal e commerce website which will include: - Login/Logout system for customers and staff. - Register Use...

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    The project involves the design of a process tracking system for remote access acounts in ASP linked to a Microsoft SQL server 2000 database. The scenario is the company that the system will be designed for has employees that work from home and log on the companies network. To do this they require a remote access account. To request a fibrelink account at the the moment users ring the help desk an...

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    We are launching a campaign to gather together some of the best talent on the Internet in an effort to launch a website which allows employees to contact and help each other. Why? Well, because we think it’s time that such a website existed on the Internet. (Note: when we say employees we mean, full-time, part-time, self-employed, unemployed, retired and disabled employees.) The basic idea behind...

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    €182 - €272
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    We are a medium-sized Project Mgmt and Consulting company looking to implement a Skills Inventory Management system. The following are some of the functional requirements: **Individual Skill Profiling** * Ability to store information about individuals (e.g. industry experience, education, skill sets, certifications, current projects, earliest availability, etc.) **Skills...

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    ACCess SQL H/W Udløbet left

    I need a project completed using the access file created. This has to be one using Access 2000 SQL. I have already created the tables and the necessary records. I just need you to complete each weeks deliverable separtly and email all the files separtly. As far as the screen shots, just include a text file of the data of the design view of each query. If you have any questions just ask. I nee...

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    This project involves constructing a website, estimating input template, and some type of flashing and/or sound warnings when a estimate comes in, and the capability, through another template, to e-mail or fax the estimates from within the system. These all revolve around the writing of a user-friendly, Windows-based, Estimating and Job Costing Program which is the heart of the system. A historica...

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    timeclock clone Udløbet left

    I would like a clone of punch-clock pro network version with the following enhancements. The program is located at [[log ind for at se URL]][1] and you can download the program to see its functionality. There is a client and server program. Ideally you would use the same type data files so that my existing data could be "imported". 1. It must run as a service under win 2000 server. ...

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    Please Look at our description file to see what we search ! Sincerely

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    I am building a web application that allows my employees to fill out forms for tracking customer complaints. The forms contain information on customers such as customer name, address, contact person, phone number, problem or issue notes, AND relevant electronic files (for example, PDF, Word, or Excel documents). The forms also contain information on how much time is used to address the complaints....

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    The main function of this program is to create work accounts for employees to work off. We are thinking of either useing ICQ or AIM as our main way of contacting our client's real time and vise versa. The program will create the accounts that I input into it It is a real small project. Our office is currently paying 100$ USD for it if this seems unfair please let me know. I look forwa...

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    Create Report Udløbet left

    I will need a report in vb6 designed using the Data report and Without using the DE. This must be created through Using vb6 Code only( It uses an Access 2000 Database backend). The user will need to find information from three tables. He/she will input a range of dates onto a vb6 form, or click on a monthview control( not the calendar control) and pull up the information by each individual Employe...

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    This completely new website made in Flash should be a full color and dynamic professional website. It should provide at least: about us order now information services Links, and apply with us. Services should be devided in 3 categories: - female escorts, - massage, (erotic and non-erotic) - striptease (f/m) Each category has its own profiles filled with (up to 10) employees where for e...

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    Database access Udløbet left

    please modify the DB [log ind for at se URL] Access 2000 this DB is about **auto sales and rentals ,it will be used as a back end. **** please try use the same names . **1-the DB has no relation, create a **relation** set all **primary** keys and **foreign** [log ind for at se URL] together as needed 2-Avoide **duplicates** in the attributes DB make it consistant . 3-write **queries**...

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    This is a startup project that must be completed within 30-45 days. Must be built on the .NET platform. VC++ or VB. The software will be a intranet employee database with employee bitmap, require fields are: * Work Card Number * Work Card Expire date * Employee Hire Date * Employee Name Suedo * Employee Name FIRST * Employee Name LAST * Employee SS# * Employee Birthdate * E...

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    Attached is my payroll excel worksheet. My goal is to automate and clean it up. What you need to know about this file: The 6 month collections and visits are entered manually from another system. I need this to do the following; automatically insert the rates from the table based on the number of visits and the average collection. automatically increment the dates (the pay period is week...

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    This is a small website that allows people to log in from anywhere and register their times spent on various projects. These are the requirments: 1. Projects/employees are added through a web service from another program. Please define the interface. 2. Times registered on each project are read through a web service, and then when posted in the other system they move to a closed sta...

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    We would like to have an add-on written to track labor hours and machine time to do job-costing reports in our company. We would prefer to run this in PHP on MySQL, and use it in conjunction with an existing PHP accounting platform, such as NOLA, SQL-Ledger, GNU-Ledger, etc. An interface would be something where the employee would walk up to a machine, select their name to 'punch in'...

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    java card Udløbet left

    The objective of this project is to develop an Electronic point of sale (EPOS) system using Java Card based E-Wallet. This application will also use a MS SQL server 2000. database to hold information on transactions, employees, customers and products available for sale. i.e. a fully functional EPOS system using a Java Card E-Wallet is the primary goal of this project. However I have two secondary...

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    €27 - €272
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    I need 2 very basic simple web areas created. 1-a public image upload area, where visitors can upload images to a community folder and use the url of that image to post the picture in a message board. Like the one at the following URL [log ind for at se URL] 2- a documents upload area, where administrators can by using a simple form upload documents to a database or file. The uploaded files...

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    Purpose: The purpose of this project is to create a database-driven solution that will be tailored to specific needs and will provide the organization with easy-to-use tools for membership and dues tracking, fundraising and contributions management, inventory control and order fulfillment, contact management and basic A/P functions. Requirements Overview: The database solution will be built...

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    * A more detailed document can be downloaded from <[log ind for at se URL]> * _Goal:_ The goal of this project is to create an ROI calculator that will allow customers who visit the Telrex we site to calculate how much money their employees are costing them while surfing the Internet or wasting time at work. I am looking for an individual who can not only design the user interface and...

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    Attached is a reduced draft of a database I am working on for a school project. This database is basically supposed to keep track of all trouble calls related to system administration. I am looking for a way to keep track of personal information of sys admin, user requesting help and the trouble call itself. I want there to be a form related to each database and I also want a query to be able to u...

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