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    Design project Udløbet left

    Skal lave en poster fra Disney serien "Star vs the forces of evil" det skal være den samme grafiske design nemlig. Håber i kan lave den samme grafiske design som de laver i serien

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    fgcxcfvbnvmnmmvnvnvbbvmmnmvbmvbnmv dfdf dfh fdh ddg dfg sdv e s gf gsd sg s vs dss sf sdf s ds s g gjf

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    fgf hghf htyb thf r Udløbet left

    fgcxcfvbnvmnmmvnvnvbbvmmnmvbmvbnmv dfdf dfh fdh ddg dfg sdv e s gf gsd sg s vs dss sf sdf s ds s g gjf

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    video Citygoo V2 Udløbet left

    Same video "Citygoo" for 1 min 15 sec vs 1 min 38 sec

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    ...labels like List of items, Text with title, form input etc. Expectations: - Expected time/annotation - 30 seconds per annotation - Quality Expectation - 95%+ - Budget - ₹150 - 200 ₹ per hour - In total there will be 5 milestones and eligibility to qualify for the next milestone depends on the quality & average handling time achievement. For e.g. if in Milestone you achieve the quality of 90% vs 95% target, you will not be awarded the next milestone. In total there will be 5 milestones and eligibility to qualify for the next milestone depends on the quality & average handling time achievement. Training Process: Assessment : 10-15 min(Qualifier) Classroom Training : 2 hrs Training English Queue : 1 hrs(95% Quality is the qualifier) Sanskrit specific training queue : ...

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    Trophy icon Create a logo 4 dage left

    We need to have a log generated for a company called Gearu. The brand name is a play on Guru and Gear. Thus Gearu has the ultimate knowledge on all types of gear. Ideas: - One of our employees mentioned that the use of a traditional guru character or outline would be an interesting angle on the logo. - We are more interested in some type of logo vs just type face, but we are open to all ideas Thank you for your interest

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    I need to change the top menus on my website (Help and Use Cases menus) so that they have several columns instead of one. See original-menu vs desired-menu files attached. You can keep the design of the original-menu, but I just need several columns to open up if the menu length is longer than the screen height. This should work both on desktop and mobile.

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    Looking for an animation like this: but the icon will be the bitcoin icon and the ethereum icon swapping ( + ) and in the middle of it all, we will add a lock icon with our blue logo on it (attached), like this:

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    Job Description: Hello Everybody, I am looking for a Dev who can make an arbitrage Bot to do arbitrage trades on multiple DEX platforms. and diferent blockchain (Ethereum, BSC or/and Polygon 1. The Bot must be able to scan for opportunities and detect price differences between exchanges. 2. Once an opportunity is identified, the Bot must quickly execut trade. 3. The Bot must be able to determine the necessary amount and execut arbitrages with the appropriate gas fee to avoid being outrun by other bots. 4. The bot must be able to pay the gas fees and send the profits to the wallet address of the owner. 5. The Bot must also be able to utilize Flash Loans from AAVE and/or DYDX. I am waiting for your proposals. Thank you.

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    * Only those who have experience in developing bluestack macros bid. vs 2019 C# console application need add windows form for control ㆍUse adb to access the blue stack and control the app. ㆍRun the app while debugging and catch Android logs. ㆍTurn on multiple bluestack using multi-threading ㆍChange IP for each blue stack ㆍA guide on how to catch logs

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    Need some help to set up and configure VS code on a MAC together with idf for ESP32. Have installed VS Code and idf but facing some issues with paths. Need getting starteing help now , but also programming help on a more permanent basis. We have developed for some years on Arduino, but find it a bit limited when it comes to functionality, and will therefore transfer to VS Code and the idf. Please confirm that you know what the ESP32 is and that you have installed VS code for ESP32 on a Mac.

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    ... with values of low income, mid income, and high income) 6- Status Status (Categorical, with values of employed and unemployed) 7- Urban/Rural Setting (Categorical, with values of urban and rural) 8- Gender (Categorical, with values of male and female) The analysis will be done using the following techniques: 1- Crime rate VS Year = Time Series Plot 2- Demographic factors VS Crime Rate = Bar Graph 3- Status Status VS Crime Rates = Side-by-side Boxplot 4- Rural/Urban VS Crime Rates = Bar Graph The following specific questions will also be analyzed: 1- How do crime rates in urban areas compare to those in rural areas? = bar graph 2- How have crime rates changed in the past decade? = Time Series Plot 3- What are the most common methods used to measure crime ra...

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    Website should have few pages that would mostly contain image and text (which would be given at the time of develop...other email logins with option of having fields like address, job, etc fields that can be updated in website. Showing in gallery or other location live video that is streamed in youtube (or other services based on best practice). Note: 1. Please do give your quotes based on first release alone, a potential number for second release would be helpful. 2. Give different quotes for just developing vs developing, hosting, maintenance, domain, and other related services with splits if possible 3. Please do mention all tasks that can be done by you from information mentioned 4. Some of the listed requirements can change before final acceptance, but will be fixed once proj...

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    Hi, We are looking to create 7 icons based on the crypto coins. similar to attached image For these coins Bitcoin (BTC) Coin.. Ethereum (ETH) Coin Tether (USDT) Coin Binance Coin (BNB) Coin Ripple (XRP) Coin Doge Coin + one based on a logo with have. Was wondering what the cost for that would be

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    1. cash flow 2. Expenses details 3. sales pipeline 4. Target vs forecast 5. delayed orders 6. team productivity 7. leads status per market 8. Expenses Vs Income 9. Net profit on other hand, the selected resource should create a new sales template that is linked to power BI it's important to ensure that the information is visualized in a clear and concise manner, with the ability to drill down into specific data points for further analysis. Additionally, the dashboard should be designed with the end-user in mind, to ensure that it is intuitive and easy to use.

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    We have an NFT site that needs integrating with the created smart contract everything else is done just the smart contract integration and deployment. On ethereum and polygon Offering $650

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    I need you to write a python script that scrapes smart contract addresses from a website and returns them as a list. The website is I want it to scrape entries from the previous 24 hours only. I only want to see coins on the Ethereum network.

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    python code to sql database 5 dage left

    Hello there, my project is not as complex as others. I will need somebody that had understanding in python through vs code and SQL databases. I created a code long time ago in python that will transfer some files into SQL. The issue with the code is that now is presenting some errors when it used to run perfectly fine. It is not adding the correct number of rows since the new data has new rows so you will add to the code the possibility to add additional rows from the code. The files that the python code transfers are encrypted so the only way to see the files is if they are already in SQL as a table. All this information I am unable to share with you since it's a project for my company, for this reason we will have to share screens and you will work from my computer, if you ar...

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    sql error and increasing form columns - 30 mins work, Out of range value for column 'id' at row 1, while submitting form and want to generate application vs number automatically. and also want to increase 12 more forms columns in website. ---- showing sql error : Out of range value for column 'id' at row 1 -------- when we type any form, its shows after submission error: Out of range value for column 'id' at row 1

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    I am looking for an experienced Ethereum developer. What is needed is a proxy wallet. The issue is the following: We have NFTs in a wallet that allow access to certain websites. We want to allow this access to multiple people, however this is not possible with the normal Ethereum wallet as someone who has access to this wallet can transfer the NFTs inside. To prevent this we need a proxy wallet, this should be designed so that we can give someone the private key, but they have no way to transfer the NFTs, but they still get access to the websites as if the NFT was in the wallet they log in with. These types of wallets are also often used for community to give access to their members, but still ensure that the NFTS are not transferred. I know of a smart contract that offers ...

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    We need a Web based Platform where the Templates for Offer letters would be stored and the Basic details like (Candidate name, E-mail ID, CTC, Position, Expected joining date) would be updated every time an offer needs to be...an attachment would reach the candidate wherein he/she can accept the offer by clicking the "Accept offer" button in the body of the mail and attaching a document (Aadhar card or PAN). Further, on actual joining of the candidate, the Actual joining date should be updated by the HR recruiter against the active Offers. Also, a dashboard depicting the Number of offers rolled out by the HR recruiter vs. actual number of candidates joined should also be visible. This Dashboard would have all the Filters for the data entered by the Recruiter while releasi...

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    We are using this control for DataGrid Need CRUD functions for: Headers Columns Rows Cells The code should be self-explanatory and clean. VS 2019

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    We need a method created which balances the Square report for each employee vs the cash takings from that employees till. We need it calculated weekly and a weekly report provided to that employee to advise if they're over or under.

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    Unity Visual Studio autocomplete fix quote

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    sagemaker vs viya 4 dage left

    I need a report on sagemaker vs sas viya, pros and cons of sage maker vs sas viya, what you can do with sagemaker cannot be done on sas viya and vice versa, pls help

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    ...PrismPay gateway. The Project Phases/Deliverables: Phase 1 - Configuration details. Provide a full list of inputs & outputs (datatypes) rovide a full list of configurable settings on each terminal family * Provide a list of supported processors, industries, transaction types Phase 2: Develop Restful JSON API written in C# .Net Core 3.0+ Use industry-standard C# naming conventions * Use structs vs. objects * Require TLS over HTTPS * Implement versioning in the URL: [login to view URL] * Enforce content-type in header = application/JSON or return HTTP status code 415 * Return HTTP status codes 403 on non-authorized requests, 404 on Resource not found, and 200 on Success * Test and Demonstrate functionality between the API and POS Terminal * Check in source code, repo to ...

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    Custom Blockcert 4 dage left

    Create a custom version of the blockcert platform (app+site). Objective: to rebrand the various components and enrich them with some additional functionality aimed at spreading them on the market: - the possibility for certificate issuers not to have or manage crypto wallets (they would pay a subscription or simply could use paypal or a card) - Improved UI/UX for...UI/UX for a better user experience, especially on the certifier side (e.g. a school), possibility to issue certifications for students and keep track of them in an easy way - Use a content server (users will save space for life) in order to keep a printable copy of the certifications and any other files (for example the thesis) - evaluate the possibility of connecting a private blockchain of the hyperledger fabric type to...

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    The python tool should do the following: • Text (ONLY) Extraction (No tables, no Images) o Text Clean-up (space removal, page removal, document header removal, document footer removal, …) o Headers ident...of structures like this:  Image ID  Image Header Hierarchy (e. g. “5.7.2”) tag  Image contents (e.g. .png)  Referencing sentences list • Tables extraction o Creation of a list of structures like this:  Table ID  Table Header Hierarchy (e. g. “5.7.2”) tag  Table contents (e.g. python table)  Referencing sentences list • Report creation: o Word count in the DB vs Word count in the docx o Number of H1/H2/H3/H4/H5 extracted o Number of sentences extracted o Number of pictures extracted o...

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    Mining Pool -- 2 3 dage left

    ...Remaining % of the reward must be editable and configurable to be split with the active miners on the pool at the time when the block was found. 16. Editable and configurable % of the reward should go to the server admin for upkeep and development. 17. Pool must provide detailed stats and charts showing total effective current hashrate, total # of active miners, Efficientcy of shares being submitted vs rejected, average hashrate for the past 24 hours, average hashrate for the past 7 days, average hashrate for the past 30 days, local server time, current BTC network difficulty, The Block number that the pool is currently working on, Report on how far past 10 minutes the last block found on the network, Server "Luck", blocks found by the pool in the past, Records of the p...

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    Logo Design for Choice Ag. 3 dage left

    About Choice Ag.: Choice Ag. Is an agricultural service that sells seed directly to farmers. We give farmers a choice in the marketplace vs the larger seed companies. Project Description: We would like a logo that looks like one of the older seed company logos such as pioneer seed or dekalb seed. Something that will look great on a hat. Incorporating the fact that we offer farmers a choice. Green, or patriotic colors red,white,blue. And letters c&a.

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    I have a fairly simple excel sheet with 3 main variables: - Date - Time - Phone number I need to generate a Figure and Table for each of the following: - Total number of calls from each phone number - Total number of calls from each group (I will specify 2-3 groupings via chat) - Calls by hour of the day - Calls vs day of the week - Possibly 1-2 other options after we do the above. The charts generated should be graphically appealing. I'm looking at having this done in the next 8 hours. Thanks.

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    Xamarin Mobile App using VS C# 2 dage left

    I have a Xamarin Mobile App using VS2022, C# built previously that needs some enhancements and ongoing development. The APP is used in IOS and Android. The current version is 1.0. I want this project to be released as 2.0 (See Table 1 below) I would like to employ someone who has experience in Xamarin with Visual Studio to enhance the mobile App. This project is to perform some minor improvements. Once we complete this project, I will award the same developer ongoing changes and releases if the developer is responsive and is able to work fluently with me to complete tasks on the mobile application. Some important notes: 1. I will build the API and host it in our development environment. The API is exposed to the internet 2. You will perform all Mobile APP development, i.e. UI, API Calls ...

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    Report Plains 2 dage left

    Need a 3 slide PowerPoint presentation and need to know how you did it. We would like to know the most common work type; types of excavations summarized and the location/area of these jobs by State. Also, what percentage of these locates were cleared vs marked.

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    Telecom Sites Project 2 dage left

    I have done project for telecom site built which including following points: Project Execution Planning & Budgeting Cash Flow management Operator wise revenue performance Revenue vs Expense comparison Identify the cost cutting ways to maximize the profit margin Prepare financial reporting for Director, Shareholders

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    I am looking for a colleague who can expertly manage multisig wallets built with the Clef tool on an Ethereum node. Note: Not multisigs created by contract. I'm talking about multisig wallets managed with Clef.

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    Must be Australian based; Victorian - provide information on avaya cloud office avaya IP office 8 x 8 , Alcatel, hosted vs. standard. Mu

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    The python tool should do the following: • Text (ONLY) Extraction (No tables, no Images) o Text Clean-up (space removal, page removal, document header removal, document footer removal, …) o Headers ident...of structures like this:  Image ID  Image Header Hierarchy (e. g. “5.7.2”) tag  Image contents (e.g. .png)  Referencing sentences list • Tables extraction o Creation of a list of structures like this:  Table ID  Table Header Hierarchy (e. g. “5.7.2”) tag  Table contents (e.g. python table)  Referencing sentences list • Report creation: o Word count in the DB vs Word count in the docx o Number of H1/H2/H3/H4/H5 extracted o Number of sentences extracted o Number of pictures extracted o...

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    We have a large fillable PDF form that needs to be converted to html. The html MUST have active text boxes, check boxes and radio buttons. The html file is to be added to a web page created by VS 2019 C# ASP. All text boxes, check boxes and radio buttons need to be sequentially numbered for integration into the code. Attached is the PDF file

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    Desarrollo de tesis 19 timer left

    Realización de un proyecto de tesis para el área de ciencias de la comunicación, el tema es el impacto de las redes sociales en el área académica de estudiantes universitarios. Las redes sociales que busco utilizar de ejemplo son YouTube vs LinkedIn ya que ambas plataformas manejan información académica y no sólo de interés populista como Facebook o Twitter.

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    I need to create a program that will pull data from this page daily: and match it up with data from this page: and this page The program will display the following information in a spreadsheet column 1: team a vs team b column 2: points per game for team a column 3: points per game for team b column 4: sum of column 2+3 column 5: first half points per game for team a column 6: first half points per game for team b column 7: sum of column 5 +6

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    Encryption Simple 7 timer left

    Tasks are: Development 1. Encryption using Different Ciphers and Modes Development 2. Encryption Mode – ECB vs. CBC Development 3. Programming using the Crypto Library

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    Crear un chatbot de WhatsApp con la API de WhatsApp de Twilio, PHP y Laravel () La funcionalidad del chatbot es la siguiente: 1. Recibir vía WA una cadena de diez (10) números y una imagen 2. Enviar la imagen al sistema de procesamiento de imágenes de Amazon () 3. Captar la información obtenida por Amazon Textrac e inyectarla en el layout indicado 4. Comparar la información vs una base de datos preexistente buscando un %> al 95% en 2 campos particulares 5. Responder vía WA el estatus del procesamiento (Exitoso, repetido o inconsistente) Toda la información enviada y recibida deberá ser almacenada en un log de movimientos

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    Offering $10.00 What is the formula to copy and paste cells B27:M27 to cells H2:S2 IF cell A2 matches cell A27?. Basically, I need to know what the formula is to copy the blue chart and paste into columns G to S provided that the cells in column A (green chart vs blue chart) match.

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    I want simple vs code language server for javascript which will allow HTML in `` , Please apply only if you know how ot build VS code language server, Start your message with VSC-LS in fullform , SO besicaly, i wil activet this plugin and will edit js file in vscode, but i will be able to edit html code in side ` and ` jsut like normal html file editing, with all tag , class, style intellisense

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    Responsibilities: Analysis of all transactions made on a designated wallet on BSC and Ethereum network Finding and sorting values such as Transaction Date, Token Name, Contract, WBNB Buy, Token Buy, WBNB Sell, and Profit % Calculation of trade count, success rate, Profit % and Profit USD for last 24 hours, last week, and all transactions Saving the results in a CSV file Creating a program that will look similar to the example in the attached picture. Required Qualifications: Expertise in Python programming language Experience with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum network Ability to read and write CSV files Knowledge of PnL (Profit and Loss) calculations Experience using Unmarshal, Covalent or similar APIs It must calculate the PnL correctly, sometimes wallet buys BU...

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    Im looking for a financial expert to create a excel doc. Im a digital marketing agency and i need help to create a finacial document to help me find the best way to scale my business. Main problem! 1. Should I focus on a low "low threshold product" that we sell sheat, fast turnover and volum to make it easy to do a upsale or sell a...expert to create a excel doc. Im a digital marketing agency and i need help to create a finacial document to help me find the best way to scale my business. Main problem! 1. Should I focus on a low "low threshold product" that we sell sheat, fast turnover and volum to make it easy to do a upsale or sell all different product that really fits the client? 2. Price vs. cost. Im not sure how to calcuate internal cost and time v...

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    Hi A tracking device is sending data to a server and the goal is to take some datas (GPS, Battery level etc ...) and send it to a third party server in order to be displayed in customer front end. List of components to be developped: API connection to manage power consumption vs GPS points API connection to retrieve location data + battery status Configuration Add-in for : GPS position frequency vs battery level / theft / device activity Button(s) in a portal to report a stolen device Map Menu + Device Page ○ Single Device: Live position, historical position ○ Multiple/All Devices: Live position specific Watchdog Report + Troubleshooting integration “When will next position arrive” status (Map, Report) On demand button for retrieving device location

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    this is a job to decribe the difference between the assest deal with share deal in the attached file

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    we have built an Android and iOS app using flutter, our app has been successfully uploaded in Android Play store. But we are getting below issue in uploading the same app in App Store. We need some experience Developer who can help to resolve it on urgent basis. We have a Flutter Code Project working with VS code editor tools. Please contact us if you can resolve the issue and help in uploading it to iOS App Store. --- iOS App Review Issue --- Guideline 5.1.2 - Legal - Privacy - Data Use and Sharing The app privacy information you provided in App Store Connect indicates you collect data in order to track the user, including Precise Location. However, you do not use App Tracking Transparency to request the user's permission before tracking their activity. Starting with iO...

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