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    Online Casino Udløbet left

    I would like an online casino complete with source code and image files that I can modify to suit my needs. The casino needs to be able to handle thousands of players at a time and run as many games according to the amount of players online at the time. Please specify what language(s) were used to develop the code. The casino must be fully functional (or pretty close) and you must be able to ...

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    Create an application that will allow users on lotus notes database to select only the records that they want based upon a filter/view in the database. We currently have a similar product, but it's not available for blackberry, only palm os. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installati...

    €445 - €4453
    €445 - €4453
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    This project will allow our software platform to be installed on a server running Red Hat Linux, without affecting the underlying platform. In essence we want to use User Mode Linux to allow multiple copies of our complete small business server (including a separate operating system) to install into the existing Red Hat platform in a similar manner to VMWare, for data centre hosting purposes. ...

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    Fingerprint ActiveX Udløbet left

    **Project Task** I need a coder to create a Biometric hardware support ActiveX control for use in Visual Basic 6. The control needs to use a fingerprint reading device plugged into the computer to generate a 40 digit (320 bit) template of the fingerprint. The template should be the same each time the user places the same finger on the fingerprint scanner. Each finger must generate a differen...

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    DVD Burner Software Udløbet left

    Looking for a pro-active Systems Analyst to create DVD Burning Software better than industry’s top 3. Requirements: - Language: C, VC++, VB, .NET - Compatibility: Win 98/ME/ 2K/XP. - User-Interface and specifications will be similar to industry DVD Burning software. - The software must support writing and/or re-writing CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R using CD-R discs, DVD-RW using...

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    PXE boot tester Udløbet left

    Network PXE Boot tester **Description** We need a tool that checks whether or not a machine can be booted via PXE, without actually rebooting the machine or changing IP-configuration. PXE stands for Pre Execution environment and is used to boot machines from the network. This means that this tool must perform the following checks: 1. Send out a “fake?? **DHCP request**. The DHCP request...

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    Requirements 1. Research Report detailing supporting evidence of why Print Media organizations should have an Internet/Web presence (ie. What advantages could Print Media organisations have by moving from a “bricks and mortar?? company model to an Internet/Web company model). (Equivalent to 1000 words ie. not including images and diagrams) 2. Mini Project Plan detailing resources and timings...

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    €27 - €4453
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    We will like to invite you to develop a program that will track the bidding progress on the popular auction site: eBay. This program pings/alerts by sending an SMS text message to the eBay bidder (ie. the buyer) when he or she has been outbidded. The eBayer can increase his or her bid by replying to the text message with the latest bid amount. The purpose of this system is to allow eBay ...

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    Web Page Design with Special Needs - Viral Traffic Builder and Drive-By Download Functionality This project involves web page design and requires ADVANCED web design skills including possibly Java Applets and Active - X controls. A knowledge of silent app installs from a web page is needed. The basics of the project involve design of a 1-page web site, a JS popup to send an HTML email to...

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    Book Store Design Udløbet left

    This is to be phase one in a two to three part project. This phase will be the design of a website for the sale of used books and for it's counterpart program to load inventory information into as well as to receive orders through. Both the website and the local program need to access the same database in real time. The database will be located on the website. I will provide the winning ...

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    don't bid on this ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform don't bid ...

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    A novel method for detecting failed logon attempts to PC's has been devised by me. It is a very simple concept, and an experienced C++ or Visual Basic programmer should be able to create a prototype version demonstrating the functionality within 24-80 hours, it is estimated. It will involve storing, retrieving, and updating of a pushdown stack of encrypted flag bits that could probably be sto...

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    I need a component that will be able to read and display the memory ( available, and expandability ) within a web page **Technology** - * Java Applet -* ( this is my 1st preference ) ,* * - or - .Net WebForms * - ( this is my 2nd preference )*, * - or - ActiveX ( not MFC ) *- ( this is my least favorite approach )* **Required Features** Component will interrogate system hardware on c...

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    Audio Recognition Udløbet left

    We need to recognize when a audio is played, letting know if it was complete or not. This is intended to dettect at what time does some advertisment was played. To avoid comparing sound, the easy way could be done in 2 steps: 1.- Having a module in which it dettects some keywords or phrases of the the audio. Like if the audio dictates using the Line In or Mic input (as any of the commercial softwa...

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    I'm in need of a small function that will allow me sending data on parallel port on specific way. There are several requirements: - It should accept array of integers as 'input' data. Those will be values that are to be sent to parallel port's data line in a row, with applied delay between each loop. - It will also need a delay control between each value from the above array is...

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    I need a regular expression engine/matcher written in ISO Standard/ANSI Standard C. It should be POSIX compliant, and it MAY implement additional features, but at the moment, it must be strictly POSIX. If you need the POSIX specification including grammars for the expression languages, download the zip file for this project which contains the POSIX spec. The matcher must: * Conform to POSIX * Be w...

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    I am looking for a coder that can develop a scanner driver for an older piece of scanner hardware. It is the Artec Photo & Slide scanner Scanrom 4E. Please take a look at this and let me know as soon as possible. I would like to get this out there before christmas. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all w...

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    _Auto-Sensory Chess Bard_ My friend and I are working on an Auto Sensory Chess Board for our school project. We have designed most of the hardware. Sensors are placed underneath each square on the chessboard to detect the moves. We need a simple C++/Visual Basic program that can read each detected move from the chessboard and output it on a CPU monitor serially through a microcontroller. We are u...

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    There is a project (legal, but not appreciate by Sony if you own an account by them) about "emulating" their servers ([[log ind for at se URL]][1]). I have a server. A custom one : i mean i only use the client part of Everquest but all the content has been re done. I'm looking for a C++ coder to help me debug/upgrade the actual source code of the eqemu project especially f...

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    create CD data (no music, no nice GUI, only for internal use) from a folder containing files and other folders with files. better in VB6. simple: i can put the root source path (i.e. C:CD or maybe i can have a list of several source paths) in an [log ind for at se URL] and the program can do two things: a.- create image cd in hard disk b.- create cd from the image step a is onl...

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    Looking into writting a VB program that will retreive data from completed auctions on eBay based on a specific search. Data to be retrieved would be: winning bid, eBay item number, eBay Title, eBay Description, winning bidder ID, seller ID, auction ending date, reserve met (yes or no), and posibly some more. ## Deliverables Looking for a starting point and any reference material such as hits or...

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    We require a linux guru to help us build a small but simple linux distribution (based on open source projects) that can run an rootless X windows session and execute a program (Winconnect - RDP 5.2 Client). The distribution must use: - SOX sound server - Enumeration of local drives (ie. CD-ROM, Hard disk etc) - Must be able to support wide range of different hardware - Must support Network - Can b...

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    Configurator Udløbet left

    I need a product configurator created for a networking hardware client. The client wants a feature on their website which allows a visitor to enter values for expected bandwitth usage, etc. and as a result, have any of various products recommended. I am a consultant/designer used to create collateral and perform site design and light maintenance. I hired a programmer to do this, he got patially do...

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    Need to develop and design a website capable of sending and receiving SMS and Multimedia Messages from handphones. Website will be designed to host sms/mms from different users. Site will have similar functionality to [log ind for at se URL] But has to look a lot more professional Developer will need to advise/help to choose SMS/MMS Gateway provider or advise on possible hard...

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    Sales Consultants Udløbet left

    Evolution S.A. ([log ind for at se URL]) is an international strategy and business development consultancy offering a range of services designed to provide our clients with a turnkey solution to entering a new market or expanding in an existing one. With our support and expertise - that includes representation, market research, agency development, and HR solutions - our clients are able to expand ...

    €178 - €267
    €178 - €267
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    I am wanting an application written in ASP/VBScript that will work on Windows 2000 Server. I want users that enter a web page where they will be able to record their voice (via a microphone connected to their PC). If possible, give the user the ability to see the volume that is being recorded via a graphic (I guess this part would have to be done with javascript or something). If po...

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    Monitor Website Udløbet left

    I’m looking for a person to help monitor a certain feature on a fantasy football website, called real-time scoring, and make sure it is working. And if not, debug the software to find the problem and fix it. Real-time scoring is where a customer of our fantasy football league management software can go to a webpage and see all the game stats of any NFL player as they happen. These stats are...

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    Development of a simple scenario of an online auction web service using a buyer agent who will act on behalf of the [log ind for at se URL] site will trade only one category of products (PC monitors).The buyer agent must be able to register to the service(auction),accept(through UI) details from the user for the PC monitor that he is interested to buy(eg,model,desired price,maximum price etc),find...

    €27 - €89
    €27 - €89
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    Ebay Bid Sniper Udløbet left

    I am looking for an application to run on a desktop that allows you to monitor and place proxy bids on items listed with Ebay. Ideally the application should allow you to enter the item # and it should then watch that bid, tracking the time and if your proxy bid is beaten then place a new proxy bid. It should allow the user to enter their username/password and allow for the user to decide how much...

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    To all coders how have already responded to my request below, I thank you. The response has been outstanding. It is the first time I have used this service and I feel I need to give you all more information in order for you to make a more informed bid. I would ask that the bids be resubmitted given this additional information. The text below has been edited slightly so you will need to read it aga...

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    Triggers Control Udløbet left

    I need an application to control up to 99 remote triggers and assign diferent tasks to execute depending on settings for every trigger code. The project includes hardware and software works, but you can bid only for software, hardware or both. See the attach for details. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all...

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    Small PHP/MySql App Udløbet left

    I need a small php4 app that I can input data from my invoices I would enter the code must be very clean and well commented in well written English Invoice number Date Tech dispatched Hours worked Rate charged Hardware purchased Number of parts required Part cost Sales tax I would need the app to keep this data in a MySQL Database and be able to generate a report for any given time frame and expor...

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    The project involves a program that provides internet access in public places. The user can access the internet by providing credit card billing information or inserting cash via cash box hardware. The browser locks out the user from any and all access to the Windows operating system and it's admin fuctions within a normal Windows enviroment. The user will only have access to credit card/cash...

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    Inventory Script Udløbet left

    I need a VB script that can be run on a windows 2000 or XP PC that can pull the hardware and software inventory and put it into a Comma Seperated Value file for later import into MYSQL Database. The script would need to pull at the least the following info: PC Model Processor RAM Hard Drive Size Video Card IP Address PC Name Subnet Mask DNS Server WINS Server (if applicable) Domain Bios Version PC...

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    I have a full text document that illustrates what I need that I will send to serious bidders. Essentially the program(s) work like this: A "server" system monitors it's 2 com ports for data from telephone hardware, caller-id data mainly. It then sends this data across the internet to all clients logged in to the system to notify them that a call is coming in, and the caller id data,...

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    Hi, i m looking for someone who can build additional features to my keylogger like: 1.- send the hooked information to an email-account 2.- build a cool design 3.- build icons 4.- build a registration procedure based on combination between hardware-information (HDD serial, CPU-ID and motherboard-serial) 5.- build a demo version 6.-encrypt-decrypt hooked information. if you are sure you can do this...

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    Seeking bids from experienced web developers/database designers on development of BID SPECIFICATIONS for a web site which will provide intranet service to businesses and their employees. Said BID SPECIFICATIONS to be developed shall include: 1. Description in English of project; 2. Software specifications--Windows Server 2003 and MySQL 3. Design and flow chart of Website functions from front end, ...

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    Looking for someone who has demonstrable experience integrating Nagios, Billmax, and OTRS into a private-labelled back-end service for multiple ISPs. This will be for virtual ISPs. The ISP will login to their account, and be able to view all of their customer accounts (via billmax, etc), view all of their network node reports (via Nagios), and submit/modify trouble tickets (via OTRS). This will be...

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    Hard disk name Udløbet left

    A Win32 C++ routine returning, as a string, the manufacturer (NOT logical) name of a hard drive. The manufacturer hard drive name is the one that users can see in Explorer when they right-click on a drive, choose Properties, and hit the Hardware tab. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional source code. Sample EXE for testing purposes. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights t...

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    I have made an USB 2.0 device by using Cypress CY7C68001 chip. Main function of this device will be data transfer between PC and AD/DA converters on the hardware. I have completed and tested my hardware by demo of Jungo's WinDriver ([log ind for at se URL]) and Thesycon's UsbIo ([log ind for at se URL]). I need a driver for this device, and a test program that shows the complete function...

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    [log ind for at se URL] i need a clone of friendster... everything needs to be the same admin panel will need to be simular to a control panel as [log ind for at se URL] i need to be able to see everything and config everything in admin panel i do not want to spend too much as this program only consist pics and words, all is done the person sign up fill out some information and be able to upload p...

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    Linux God Needed!! Udløbet left

    I am looking for a Linux God to help move our stuff over from Window 2000 to Linux. We are running Tomcat/Apache and our app is a Chat solution that is like LivePerson. We want to have 100% uptime and will need a network drawn up with servers, firewalls, load balancers, software, and hardware. I need someone that can make sure that we will have 100% uptime and can map out a network design for us. ...

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    A) Record all phone calls to a Access2000 database. Our serial device delivers diffrent data formats, most used is A12345678#R, starting with A ending with R Write a log in tabel, If data do not exist in tabels mark it for later lookup via internet (sampel is provided) B) Update tabels with data found on internet. Idea for Internet-data-lookup see: [log ind for at se URL] and see in attached file,...

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    Hi To All I need website for company which dealing with custom making software, in any language, website design, animation and computer hardware and software soluation. I had sample website for you to take look. I need somebody who had experince in making good website with nice graphics and animations. I need high standard website with good using of correct fonts, colours and animations, maybe bet...

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    We would like to book some consultancy time (messenging) with a very experienced open source system/network administrator who can offer consultancy and advice on the issues below. Will pay by the hour (time spent on msn messenger and any discussed research time). -------------------------- Improving Webserver Performance - best apache/php modules/add-ons to enhance browsing performance, minimiz...

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    We have a software and hardware application which scans a users computer and outputs html pages in which need to be designed, we currently output the pages as pure html files in tables, the results are quite good, now we are seeking aprofessional designer with skills in DHTML, FLASH and Javascript... You will get around 40 small pages which are basically fill of takes, you wil need to design the p...

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    I need a car operating system. I envision that this Dash board program will sit on a stripped down Linux OS. This OS will only boot into one program that will be the dashboard of a car. This should be a very easy version of Linux, no logon screens, no messing with the file system. The emphasis should be place on stability, speed, usability in that order. That is why I suggest piecing together part...

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    Simple, I want to record a file, or have someone do it for me. I will write the sales copy. I would like it to fuction like any of the following examples. [log ind for at se URL] (wait for Pop-up) [log ind for at se URL] (wait for pop-up) [log ind for at se URL] or [log ind for at se URL] I need someone to generate the the Flash code for me to paste to my website or any site of my choice. I will n...

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    i need VB6 program/driver to interface my ADC/DAC card with parallel port of computer running on winXP. besides, i need to display the status of 4 different electrical appliances ('on' or 'off' status) and be able to switch them 'on' or 'off'. this is what my smart home project is required to be done. basically, the hardware part with connect to the ADC/DAC ...

    €27 - €4453
    €27 - €4453
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    Auction bid script Udløbet left

    We need a set of PHP scripts to work with a MySQL database for an auction bid site such as [log ind for at se URL] The scripts must allow us to use Dreaweaver templates so that we have maximum desgning flexibilty This will entail : Member Database Auction Database Member Join Scripts Member Profile Update Scripts Member Billing History Scripts Member Bidding History Scripts Member Auction Payment ...

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