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    5,000 haiku deck jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR
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    I have a slide deck and I need to add 4 new slides beautifully designed

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    Need a skateboard deck design print

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    Minimalist Tech Pitch Deck 6 dage left

    I am seeking a skilled designer to create an engaging, minimalist and clean tech pitch deck aimed at attracting investors. This pitch deck will consist of 18 pages, each needing to be moderately detailed, incorporating bullet points and images to convey our message effectively. The main goal is to present our new product/service in a way that secures funding for expansion by clearly communicating its potential to prospective investors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in graphic design, specifically with experience in creating pitch decks for technology startups. - Proficiency in designing minimalist yet compelling presentations. - Ability to interpret complex information and present it in a visually engaging format. - Experience with creating graphics, chart...

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    With over 9 of years experience dealing with presentations. I can help design your Presentations/Deck professionally with engaging visuals and graphics.

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    I'm currently in need of a pitch deck that is tailored towards securing funding from angel investors. This deck needs to captivate, engage, and thoroughly communicate the following: - Our unique value proposition - how we're changing the game within our industry - The market opportunity we're poised to take advantage of, backed up with solid industry insights - Our robust and sustainable business model which stands to generate a healthy return on investment This task calls for an individual who is adept at synthesizing complex financial information into an engaging visual presentation. They should ideally have previous experience crafting pitch decks targeting angel investors. An understanding of our corresponding sectors would also be highly beneficial to t...

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    I am looking to transform my pitch deck, which currently delivers our message clearly but falls short aesthetically, into a visually stunning presentation that will captivate potential investors. My goals are straightforward but profound: - **Elevate Visual Appeal:** Leveraging expert use of color and typography to breathe life and energy into the content. - **Enhance Data Visualization:** Introducing dynamic charts and graphs that tell our success story and future potential at a glance. - **Revamp Design:** Overall layout makeover for a more professional, cohesive, and engaging appearance. I believe these improvements will not only reflect our brand's innovation but also significantly augment our narrative's impact. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Pre...

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    I'm on the hunt for a creative and digitally savvy individual, with the skills to enhance my 16-slide pitch deck. This includes incorporating images, videos and animated graphics to transform it into a modern and dynamic presentation. Key communication points are: - Advantages of the product/service - The company history - Achievements and metrics The primary audience is investors. For this project, proficiency in PowerPoint or equivalent presentation design software is essential. Knowledge of motion graphics and multimedia integration will also be beneficial. Bidders should have a strong understanding of how to convey business concepts visually in a way that does not dilute the core messaging. Successful experience in creating pitch decks or investor presentations will b...

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    Sending you 3 slides to be re- designed for a very high quality pitch deck for car racing event. I will need them in PowerPoint or Google Slide. easy to edit , data centric, use different charts, diagrams etc show extreme creativity Here is the content of one slide to use, remaining you can check on other slides : Nearly all NASCAR fans are digitally enabled (use internet, smartphone, and / or tablet). Those in the 18-34 age bracket spend nearly 14 hours per week following the sport across all media channels 75% of NASCAR fans own/use a mobile device & are just as likely as non-fans to do so. • 75% of NASCAR fans own/use a personal computer & are MORE likely than nonfans to do so. • NASCAR fans are MORE likely than non-fans to have attitudes indicative of ...

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    I’m seeking a skilled PowerPoint designer to construct a creative and vibrant presentation centered around the topic of Migration. This presentation is intended for educational purposes, so precision, clarity, and a strong thematic link are paramount. Key tasks: - Compose an engaging presentation deck on 'Moving to Australia' - Apply a modern, creative, yet suitably academic vibe to the design - Compile and organise material I provide into a coherent narrative - Enhance material with fitting visuals and infographics Ideal Skills: - Mastery of PowerPoint - Prior experience with educational presentations - Understanding of the life of living in Australia subject matter - Ability to create engaging visuals and infographics - Strong comprehension of a clean and creativ...

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    I'm looking to have my PowerPoint deck updated using a new design template. This involves the remodeling and conversion of roughly 20 slides. Here's what you need to know: Design Changes: - The project requires a modification in the layout design. - Transfer the existing slides' content over to the new design slide deck. Content Transfer: - The slide content should not merely be copied and pasted. - Instead, integrate and convert the contents into the new style. Image Quality: - The presentation does not require high-resolution images. - Standard resolution images should suffice for this project. Ideal Skills: - Experience in PowerPoint slide deck design. - Creativity in slide layout and content presentation. - Attention to details, especially in ...

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    Trophy icon Corporate Pitch Deck Design 6 dage left

    I am seeking a talented freelance designer to create a corporate-style pitch deck template that will elevate our company presentations, primarily aimed at showcasing our products or services to potential clients. Here’s what I'm looking for: About us - We are a Outdoor media company that specialises in Large outdoor advertising billboards called 'Australian Outdoor Media'. We want the colours to be Orange, White, grey, or black in the design. Please see the attachments for reference. - **Design Aesthetic**: The template should embody a professional and corporate aesthetic, appealing directly to our target audience. It must seamlessly integrate with our current branding, including logos, colors, and typefaces. - **Content Strategy**: While design is critica...

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    As the client, I seek a creative freelancer who can revamp our existing logo and uplift our corporate deck. The primary task is to simplify the current logo and inject a sense of professionalism into it. The secondary task is investing the deck with an updated graphics and improved layout design. Ideally, the freelancer should have: - Proven expertise in graphic design and presentation layout design. - Strong understanding of visual elements (color, type, iconography) - Excellent understanding of professionalism in design. My expectations include: - A simplified yet professional-looking logo. - A visually appealing corporate deck with revamped graphics and layout. This project provides an opportunity to showcase your creativity while adhering to professional mini...

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    Eco-Innovative Proposal Deck 6 dage left

    ...sophistication required for a business audience with the earth-conscious essence of our project. This template will serve as the backbone for my upcoming presentation to business executives, where I'll divulge into green initiatives, underpinning goals, benefit of this new project we are standing in relation to our environmental endeavors. **Key Requirements:** - **Professional and Engaging Design:** The deck must appeal to business executives, incorporating clean, professional lines with engaging elements that highlight the environmental theme. - **Theme and Color Scheme:** A color palette that reflects eco-friendliness, energy, and sustainability. Think greens, earth tones, and maybe blues, but still maintains a professional aesthetic. - **Customizable Slides:** Wh...

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    Corporate Sales Deck Creation 5 dage left

    I'm seeking a skilled designer to create an impactful sales deck, primarily angled towards corporate partners. The key objective will be to convince these partners of the benefits and value of our offerings. This task calls for: - Expertise in creating professional, persuasive sales presentations - A deep understanding of transforming product specifications into compelling selling points - Competence in market research to tailor the content to corporate partners needs and interests - A knack for creative, effective communication Your delivery should not just be visually engaging, but also narratively persuasive, making it easy for our team to present and for potential partners to grasp. Previous experience in similar projects is highly desirable.

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    ...with a keen eye for detail and proficiency in Google Slides to refine a presentation deck consisting of 162 slides. The deck has been converted from another format and requires slight adjustments to maintain professionalism and coherence. **Key Tasks Include:** - Adjusting the alignment and size of the text across all slides. - Moving title boxes to ensure consistency in positioning. - Reformatting bulleted lists to improve readability and visual appeal. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Google Slides. - Strong attention to detail. - Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines. - Previous experience with presentation design and formatting. **Project Delivery:** - The slide deck will be shared via Google Slides. - All formatting changes ne...

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    I am on the lookout for a skilled PowerPoint designer to create a captivating pitch deck for my health tech project. This pitch deck is targeted to a diverse group, including Investors, Healthcare professionals and Target labs. Its primary purpose is securing funding. Your tasks in this project will include: - Creating an engaging design that aligns with our brand. - Making the content comprehensible and engaging for all of our target groups - Incorporating minimal data and statistics in an attractive, easy to understand manner. Ideal candidates should possess previous experience in creating successful pitch decks, preferably within the healthcare tech industry. Additionally, proficiency in data visualization even at a minimal level, would be a significant advantage. A stro...

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    Dynamic Corporate Pitch Deck 5 dage left

    I'm on the lookout for an exceptional freelancer who can put together a compelling and innovative corporate presentation for my business. This presentation is meant to cover various aspects of the company while achieving several key objectives. Here's what needs to be included and the ideal skills you'll need to bring this project to life: **Key Objectives:** - Introduce company basics and intricate details. - Showcase our range of products and services. - Highlight past projects and our capability to deliver. - Attract potential investors and engage potential clients. **Content Requirements:** - **Company Overview**: A brief history, our mission and values. - **Our Team**: Highlight our expertise, diversity, and strength within our team. - **Achievements**: Awards and rec...

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    I'm seeking an expert in presentation design particularly with a knack for graphical data visualization to enhance my technology startup’s investor pitch deck. Our primary objective with this deck is to attract investment, so your outputs should capture and convincingly present our unique value proposition and promising prospects in the tech industry. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - A strong portfolio demonstrating a knack for creating engaging and informative data visualizations. - Prior experience working with tech start-ups or in crafting presentations for fundraising efforts. - An ability to convey complex technology concepts in a visually appealing, digestible manner. - Great attention to details and a creative mind in transforming data ...

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    As the driving force of this venture, I'm on a quest to attract pharmaceutical manufacturers to join hands with our existing unit. To capture the attention of such key players, the pitch deck we need should excel in: 1. Conveying a comprehensive Market Analysis: Thus exhibiting literature on current trends, possible growth opportunities, as well as forecasted industry tendencies. 2. Presenting a detailed Product Overview: Giving a closer look to our numerous approved products already making waves in the market. 3. Showcasing our Competitive Advantages: Highlight our unique value propositions and strengths to stand out from the rest. The ideal freelancer for this task will bring to the table sound knowledge of the pharma industry, excellent graphic design skills, and...

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    I'm seeking a sk...iconic dance for the player model) and then Freddy(bracken) would come in quick and kill the player and drag it off screen swiftly, and the loot bug would leave saying "YIPPY" (during this sequence other things will be happening on screen, e.x. CatNap catches fire from a PalWorld Pal) In the end of the the video it will show the Steam Deck Logo. (animate it coming in anyway you feel fits) [note: if your using a white void for the background when the steam deck logo enters it fades to black] *I would perfer music in the forground of the video and sfx to be in the background.* *experience animating is perfered *experience with fx is perfered *experience using blender is perfered !* THE PRICE FOR THE OVERAL PROJECT IS NEGOTIABLE *! *(but i...

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    I have a presentation deck that I need to move over to a new design format. I need the 2023 [Partner] content put onto the DRAFT format.

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    I have a set of existing home pl...and I need a hand with the modifications. The changes I envision are primarily in the exterior elevation. - Exterior Elevation: You'll be charged with making adjustments to the exterior elevation to match my vision. - Floor Plan Modification: Additionally, I am interested in adding or removing a few rooms for better functionality. Ideally, you'll be adjusting existing walls, incorporating a new deck design, and adding windows for natural light. Ideal candidates will have experience with home design, floor plan modifications and understand the building code requirements for Tennessee. You'll need to provide a stamped design for home permit approval in Tennessee, so being a lisenced architect or engineer may be beneficial. Let...

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    I need a creative and experienced freelancer for designing an investor pitch deck for a Dairy Products Company. The purpose of this deck is to present business model of the given company. My budget is USD 30-50 I will provide you a sample investor presentation deck for reference. We need to follow this style. Attachment provided to shortlisted candidates. Structure: a) Cover b) Problem c) Market opportunity d) Solution e) Mission & Vision f) Team g) Financials (past financials and projected financials) h) Business model i) Competitive edge j) Clients k) Sustainability Ideally, you possess experience in designing clear, concise and engaging investor pitch decks. Your deep understanding of business topics is key. You will take on complex ideas and distill them in...

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    I need a visually captivating presentation and infographic highlighting our company's training and development and Hr strategy. This should creatively display data in a way that's both accessible and insightful. Key Deliverables: - Engaging, easy-to-follow slide deck - Infographics capturing key training trends The ideal freelancer will have: - Experience in data visualisation - Familiarity with HR statistics - Proven graphic design skills - An understanding of effective presentation structures. This project is geared towards effectively sharing our progress and future strategy.

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    I'm in the process of creating a captivating pitch deck for my drinks company, aimed at attracting significant investment by highlighting our innovative and disruptive approach in the beverages industry. My primary goal is to secure interest and partnership from industry partners, specifically those looking for fresh and groundbreaking projects to be a part of. The essence of the brand's personality, which we believe is a game-changer in the market, needs to shine through every slide of the presentation. **Key Aspects of the Project:** - **Core Message Conveyance:** The deck must clearly articulate why we’re a valuable investment and how we differentiate ourselves from existing options. - **Target Audience Engagement:** Tailor the content to resonate with ind...

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    I'm looking for an experienced graphic designer who can help create a modern and compelling 12 slide pitch deck to secure funding from investors. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in the modern design aesthetic - Previous experience in creating pitch decks - Understanding of investor expectations and preferences The end goal of this project is not just visually impactful slides but also a powerful tool that helps me secure crucial funding. If your portfolio showcases a knack for such tasks, I'd be thrilled to discuss this project further with you.

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    AI Presentation Tools Deep Dive 4 dage left

    I am seeking an experienced presentation designer to craft a comprehensive deck focusing on three leading AI presentation tools: PowerMode AI, PowerPoint's Coach, and Decktopus. The objective is to offer a detailed comparison that includes each tool's overview, registration process, pricing, functionality, and specifically their artificial intelligence benefits compared to traditional methods. This will ensure we provide a well-rounded perspective to our audience, emphasizing how these innovative tools stand out in today's digital landscape. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in presentation design, preferably with experience in creating tech-oriented content. - Familiarity with AI technologies and their applications in presentation tools. - Strong resear...

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    I require an adept freelancer who can apply their knowledge of PowerApps and UI/Style Guide documentation to my existing document. The goal is to identify and fill the gaps in the visual design, content, and overall storytelling to make the deck more engaging and effective. The ideal candidate should have: - Basic PowerApps canvas apps knowledge to extend understanding - Excellent command over PowerPoint tools to improve visual design - Proven experience with UI/Style Guide documentation to ensure consistency across presentation - An eye to curate and create engaging content - A strong knack for storytelling Your task is to take my existing PowerPoint templates and UI/Style Guide as your basis to create a more attractive and meaningful presentation.

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    I am currently looking for an expert to design a compelling pitch deck for my manufacturing startup. The main aim of this deck is to secure funding by attracting potential investors. Industry: Manufacturing Required skills and experience: - Proven experience in creating efficient pitch decks - Strong knowledge of investor-focused communication - Understanding of the manufacturing sector - Ability to effectively convey our business concept and financial needs The pitch deck should: - Clearly illustrate the business model - Demonstrate the growth potential in the manufacturing sector - Succinctly communicate our financing requirements - Capture the future financial forecasts and risk analysis You'll be provided with all the necessary information regarding ...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can help design a large, more than 500 sq ft, deck, using composite materials. Here's what you'd bring to the project: - Expertise in deck design and drafting - Familiarity with composite materials for decking - Ability to incorporate specific designs and layout preferences in accordance to client’s vision Your role would encompass drafting a feasible design introducing a judicious use of space and material.

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    I need a creative and experienced freelancer who can help me design a Figma pitch deck. The purpose of this deck is to present a new business idea, specifically a project proposal for a manufacturing inventory management system. The primary focus of this pitch deck is: - An innovative business model The main goals of the system that we are presenting: - Track inventory levels - Streamline production processes - Optimize supply chain efficiency Ideally, you possess experience in designing clear, concise and engaging pitch decks. Your deep understanding of Figma and business topics is key. You will take on complex ideas and distill them into an easy-to-understand format that potential investors can quickly grasp. If you have experience or understanding in manufact...

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    Are you a talented creative writer or graphic designer looking for an exciting opportunity? We are seeking individuals with a passion for storytelling and design to help us create our pitch deck, website, and other marketing materials.

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    I will complete financial due diligence on the basic market growth estimates and competitor landscape within 3 days. 2 -3 page deck on the Chinese plastic medical surgery industry

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    I'm seeking a sk...iconic dance for the player model) and then Freddy(bracken) would come in quick and kill the player and drag it off screen swiftly, and the loot bug would leave saying "YIPPY" (during this sequence other things will be happening on screen, e.x. CatNap catches fire from a PalWorld Pal) In the end of the the video it will show the Steam Deck Logo. (animate it coming in anyway you feel fits) [note: if your using a white void for the background when the steam deck logo enters it fades to black] *I would perfer music in the forground of the video and sfx to be in the background.* *experience animating is perfered *experience with fx is perfered *experience using blender is perfered !* THE PRICE FOR THE OVERAL PROJECT IS NEGOTIABLE *! *(but i...

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    I am seeking a talented artist to create a sketch for a 42 unit botique hotel building design. This isn't just a basic, run-of-the-mill kind of assignment - I'm seeking a blend of modern aesthetics infused with a touch of histo...portfolio showcasing a variety of styles. - Deep understanding of modern and historic architectural design elements. - Track record in adhering to deadlines without sacrificing quality. Let's create a unique commercial building sketch design that breathes life into modern architecture while tipping its hat to the past. I have included our concpet drawing but we would like to also include a rooftop deck in the drawings because that will be our event space for Weddings, corporate events, town events, etc. Looking forward to answering any ...

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    ... As these slides aim to explain complex concepts, the visual transformation must aid in conveying these ideas more effectively to my audience. This project has a tight deadline and needs to be completed by Monday morning, 2/19. **Requirements:** - Convert text-based explanations into engaging, easy-to-understand visual slides. - Maintain a professional and clean aesthetic throughout the slide deck. - Enhance readability and viewer engagement without sacrificing the core message. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in PowerPoint or similar presentation software. - Strong graphic design skills, with the ability to select appropriate fonts, colors, and layouts that enhance comprehension. - Experience in creating slides or materials that explain concepts, with a portfo...

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    A covered porch, timber frame open gable style over the existing deck portion.

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    I charge $59 for file 1, for 59 pages in total. I charge $31 for file 2, for 34 pages in total. I charge $24 for file 3, for 24 pages in total. I charge $38 for file 4, for $38 pages in total.

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    ...inspirational presentations. - Ability to convey complex biblical concepts in an accessible and visually appealing manner. - Proficiency in PowerPoint or comparable presentation software. - A strong understanding or background in theology or biblical studies is a plus. - Excellent graphic design skills to include relevant imagery that complements the subject matter. **Presentation Details:** - The slide deck should be tailored for church members, encompassing a wide range of age groups. - It will cover various aspects of Biblical teachings, aiming to educate and inspire. - The design should be clean, professional, and imbued with inspirational elements suitable for a church setting. - Incorporation of relevant scriptures, quotes, and possibly historical context to enrich the pr...

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    I'm embarking on an exciting journey to create a unique tarot deck that combines the mystical allure of the fantastical realms with the timeless wisdom of traditional tarot. Each card will serve as a window into a world of enchantment, capturing the imagination of those seeking guidance from the tarot. **What I Need:** - An imaginative artist to design over 20 static tarot cards. - Each card must be imbued with fantasy elements, merging traditional tarot themes with creatures and landscapes that evoke a sense of wonder and magic. - Vibrant, detailed illustrations that tell a story at a glance. - A cohesive style that flows seamlessly from one card to the next, creating a unified deck. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong portfolio in fantasy art and chara...

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    This is an urgent request, we can start working together within the next 2-3 hours and I’ll work with you for whatever it takes. I can’t share the slides but can share picture and we can make video call to talk about it I am looking for an experienced and detail-oriented freelancer to create a PowerPoint presentation that effectively conveys information in a professional and formal design. My project requires a deliberate blend of textual information, compelling graphs and charts, and dynamic images and videos to engage my audience while maintaining a sleek, corporate aesthetic. **Key Requirements:** - **Presentation Design:** The ability to create a PowerPoint presentation with a professional and formal theme. The design needs to be clean, with a coherent color scheme and...

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    I'm seeking a creative and skilled freelancer to design an A5 double-sided handout for an upcoming trade show. This handout is crucial for showcasing our digital location management service to potential clients. Here's what I envision for this project: **Key Information to Include...This project is perfect for someone who excels in creating professional yet enticing marketing materials. Delivering this handout design on-time and to-specification is crucial for our trade show success, so reliability and excellent communication skills are a must. I have attached an old handout that we had I want to create a new one and a current sales deck but you will understand a bit of what we do by seeing this handout as well as the deck. I need this completed by 21/02/2024 so I...

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    Hi iabdullahzb, i am looking for a power point deck for a tradeshow. There will be 2 of them. Each presentation is really just about products. So lots of pictures and some marketing. I think we could build mostly from existing catalogs. If you're interested let me know.

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    Backyard 3D Design with Wood Deck 2 dage left

    Hi we are a construction company in Toronto Canada looking for a 3D designer and sketch artist for ongoing work. Must have experience 3d sketching backyard and landscaping elements, including but not limited to: - Different elevations - Rocks - Trees - Pool - Wooden decks Please provide some details of your work Please note that I am looking for a 3D design, not a design imposed on a picture. Must be able to provide a video rendering for better clarity I will provide sketches, measurements, notes, examples of elements, etc. You need to translate all that into a design

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    I'm on the hunt for a skilled designer to craft a pitch deck for my fintech business. The primary purpose of this pitch deck is to secure funding, so it needs to be persuasive, professional, and captivating. - Indispensable Messages: The deck must communicate the following key points: 1. Our business's strong potential for profitability 2. The innovative nature of our product/service 3. The expertise and proficiency of our management team - Freelancer's Skills and Experience: 1. Experience in creating pitch decks particularly in the fintech space 2. A deep understanding of the financial market, and the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly 3. Excellent design skills to ensure the pitch deck is visually captivating T...

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    20 page powerpoint training deck 1 dag left

    I need an interactive and engaging slide deck created for educating my staff about key skills and knowledge areas. The main focus areas are: - Customer service - Communication skills - Health and safety - Cinema venue management Ideal freelancers for this project should have experience in creating educational content, preferably in a training environment. Proficiency in designing visually stimulating and informative slide decks is a must. About 20 slides, using a replicable design/colour palette (to be provided). Potential for irregular ongoing work (I am a freelancer working on various projects all of which require this kind of support).

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to craft an engaging and professional Power Point. This presentation will be the cornerstone of a key meeting with potential partners and investors, so attention to detail and a knack for persuasive storytelling are crucial. ### Core Requirements: - Develop a concise slide deck of 3 slides. - Incorporate the company's logo seamlessly throughout the presentation to enhance brand recognition. - Design a clean, professional layout that aligns with our company's brand guidelines and enhances the proposal's key points. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Power Point and graphic design is a must. - Experience in creating business proposals or presentations for corporate clients. - An aptitude for visual storytelling and...

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