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    I'm seeking a hands-on AI expert with a firm grasp of transformer models, Python programming, and proficiency in machine learning librar...handling and processing of data, training the model, and critically evaluating its performance. Ideal Skills: - Demonstrable experience in Python is fundamental—as it is our chosen implementation language. - Solid understanding and practical usage of transformer models, natural language understanding techniques. - Familiarity with machine learning libraries is essential. -Neural Network, Python, Gradio, Machine Learning, PyTorch, TensorFlow Whether you have worked on similar projects or are looking to plunge into a unique challenge, I encourage you to bid. Remember, the ability to think out-of-the-box and problem solving flair will ...

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    As an upcoming project, I'm in need of a proficient Python programmer able to deploy a Gradio app with AWS Lambda. The central purpose of the application will be text analysis. Here's a rough rundown on what I'm after: Key Specifications: - Extend Gradio app capabilities for text analysis - Deploy the produced Gradio app using AWS Lambda Optimal Skills: - Extensive experience with Python programming - Solid understanding of Gradio app creation and deployment - Comfortable with text analysis methodologies - Experience with AWS Lambda for app deployment

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    I'm searching for a skilled chatbot developer who can create a text-based chatbot focused on information retrieval. Most of the code is written by me. However, I am having trouble at the question answering stage of the bot. All the steps for implementing RAG search is already done and the data is already prepared. The purpose of this chatbot is to deploy it in the future on my ...chatbot focused on information retrieval. Most of the code is written by me. However, I am having trouble at the question answering stage of the bot. All the steps for implementing RAG search is already done and the data is already prepared. The purpose of this chatbot is to deploy it in the future on my personal website. In that case, I would like it to be integrated either with streamlit or gradio...

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    We need someone to help us build an real-time transcription interface with our fine-tuned Whisper model. The model would be hosted on our VM with A100 GPU. It should be able to interact with our React frontend via REST API or support a basic UI built with Streamlit/Gradio. Main features: - Interface to transcribe audio in real-time.. - Integrate VAD/Diarization using Silero VAD and Pyannote.

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    I'm in need of a capable Python developer to create a GUI for my project. Here's what you'll need to know: - Primary Objective: The principal aim of thi...a capable Python developer to create a GUI for my project. Here's what you'll need to know: - Primary Objective: The principal aim of this project is to develop a simple Python UI for a number of machine learning models. - Required Libraries: Experienced use of the Streamlit and Gradio libraries is crucial for this project. Good to Know; Machine Learning An ideal candidate will have a proven track record with Python development and a deep understanding of GUI development, specifically with Streamlit and Gradio libraries. Please showcase relevant examples of GUI's you've developed in t...

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    I have a gradio-app running inside a docker on my plesk-centOS server. It behaves correctly here: In order to use the app inside an html-page I told plesk to also access it here: with the following instruction in plesk: location /app/ { proxy_pass http://localhost:8001/; proxy_set_header Host $host; proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme; } However, as you can see the /app/-way does not work because all referencres to js- and css-files are still pointing to root. When I change "gr.mount_gradio_app(app, blocks, path=path)" to "gr.mount_gradio_app(app, blocks, path='/app/')" it doesnt even find the app any longer. Deliverable = Help to

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    On my homepage I want to use the gradio-chat-GPT-app from here: It is installed here: However the design does not fit my brand. And I don't want to use iframes. Your job: Make this work so that the input field on is used as user-query and the resulting chat-reply is rendered in the text field on All the other functionalities do NOT need to be implemented. Only: Inputfield as user query and reply goes to textfield. Your deliverables: - Possibly javascript for the - Possibly modifications to - Probably changes in /private_gpt/ui/ If this is not

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    ...interface for my AI video generation site. The best candidate has experience building apps using stable diffusion using the framework. The vision revolves around user-friendly editing tools to ensure a seamless experience. Here's what's essential: - Expertise in Python and front-end frameworks, preferably with Stable Diffusion ComfyUI. - Experience with AI technologies and tools like Gradio to build apps. - Strong portfolio showcasing relevant past work. - Ability to implement a user interface focused on ease-of-use for video editing functionalities. - Knowledge of drag and drop designs and real-time previews, despite these not being current project specifications. - Capacity to work collaboratively and incorporate feedback to fine-tune the interface. Ideal ...

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    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create a one-page website for me. The website will have the following requirements: - Input Image: The website should allow users to upload an image as input. - Comfyui Workflow: The uploaded image should be sent through a comfyui workflow. - Updated Image: The website should then send back an updated image to the user. Here are the specific details about the project: Business or Personal Use: This project is for personal use. Design/Layout: I do not have a specific design or layout in mind for the website. I am open to any design suggestions. Timeline: I need this project completed as soon as possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Web Development: The ideal candidate should have experience in web development, specifically in creating on...

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    17 bud create a front-end for an external client login and authentication system for a GCP bucket. The desired authentication method for the login is username and password. Skills and experience: - Proficiency in front-end development - Experience with creating login and authentication systems - Strong proficiency with GCP, Google App Engine, and its bucket system Front-end technology: - Gradio or Wordpress Front-end requirements: - Implement a username and password authentication system for external clients - Design and create a user-friendly login page - Handle authentication errors by displaying an error message Timeline and deliverables: - The project should be completed within 3 days. - The deliverables include a fully functional front-end login and authentication syste...

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    ...the model to be developed using Python. Accuracy Level: - I am looking for an average accuracy level for the model. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming is a must. - Experience in working with computer vision and machine learning models. - Familiarity with American Sign language or related projects would be a plus. i need an American sign language detection webpage using gradio interface or anything similar. With resful api is a plus. No need to train anything from scratch can use existing open source models or github repo. Only few asl sign detections are needed like play, start, next, previous, help, exit, 0-9, A-Z etc Should be of decent quality and ability to detection the sign i need is very important. Have around 3 days of time. Reachout for anythin...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can help me develop an app with Gradio and Anvil. The main purpose of the app is productivity. Design: - I have a detailed plan for the layout and design of the app. Features and Functions: - I have a list of specific features and functions that I need the app to have. Skills and Experience: - Experience with Gradio and Anvil is required. - Strong knowledge of app development and design is necessary. - Attention to detail and the ability to follow a detailed plan is important. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please contact me with your relevant work samples. Thank you.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop an AWS Lambda app with NLP functionality and a frontend using React.js. The specific NLP functionality required for the app is chatbot creation Frontend Requirements: - The client is open to suggestions for the frontend design and layout. - The frontend should be developed using React.js or Streamlit or Gradio. Skills and Experience: - Experience with AWS Lambda and NLP functionality is required. - Proficiency in React.js is essential for the frontend development.

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    I have a PyTorch + Gradio codebase that I want to deploy on Azure, with efficient autoscaling. The codebase is for audio inferencing. My assumption is Azure Kubernetes would be best and most cost efficient, but I'm open to other ideas. My attempt was to use a load balancer that connects to GPU-powered instances that are auto scaled up and down based on average of connections to the individual instances. SPECIFICS: - PyTorch 2.0.1 and Python 3.8 are required for this codebase, along with the codebase's own installation. I'm open to Docker usage, but in my own testing, PyTorch with GPU support is quite large and because of that, docker image downloading and extractions slows down the start time of an instance very significantly. - I would like to use spot instances as...

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    you will be given pure text dataset and you need to make a gradio app for question answering in true or false only as a answer , do text processing , apply nlp algorithms , etc

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    We are looking for a Django Developer for a small project. The core components of the project will involve - Adding a django backend to Gradio (AI UI) - Implement a few front end changes to the Gradio UI. Gradio is python and Typescript based. Please review the attached document for the specification details.

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    more details will be on chat pls start with python expert

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    Modification of existing opensource project on langchain, with custom LLM on gradio and opensource vector DB (hyperdb)

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can make minor adjustments to an existing opensource project on langchain. The ideal candidate should be proficient in Python and have experience with custom LLM on gradio and opensource vector DB (hyperdb). The project has a specific deadline of within 1 week. The starting base implementation is here The following changes are needed for this project 1. Instead of calling open AI, use another custom LLM based on Gradio (specific API and code can be provided. Adjustment to API can be discussed if needed) 2. Instead of calling pinecone for vector DB, use another custom vector DB (can store locally or remote server). Recommend to use hyperdb or other equivalent.

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    ...results. Understanding of Gradio and UI/UX and completely resdesign the Webui interface and make it easy and simple. I'd like to integrate specific extensions of WebUI that are available on github as well and redesign them as native features to this new webapp. I have all the extensions and have a demo of what I'd like that I will show you. I just need to someone to make my vision come to life. Type Visionaries in the subject line so I know you've fully read my requirements and understand. To complete the task, you will need to have advanced knowledge in Python and React, with proven experience in web application development. Familiarity with Gradio, a Python library for building customizable web interfaces, will also be advantageous as we plan on implemen...

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    I am looking for assistance in writing a python script to run my MPT7-Instruct model with an API using Gradio. I have already created the model, and I have a specific API in mind that I would like to use for running the model. The expected input format is text input. If you believe you possess the necessary skills to help me on this project, I would love to connect and discuss further. Thank you for your time! I will validate the script running on my instance and if it works then I will close the project. You just need to modify this code here to convert it into an API. Input: Text prompt Output: Text reply based on the prompt

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    I am working with the Track Anything space on Hugging Face. Also here: I want to add a button so I can downlo...ZipFile(zip_file_name, 'w') as zipf: for file in (mask_dir): if (".npy"): ((mask_dir, file), arcname=file) print("save mask zip file complete") I now need a button so I can download this zip file from the hugging face space to my local computer. I've tried the following code but am out of by depth in Gradio. def download_masks(video_state): zip_file_name = "./result/mask/{}.zip".format(video_state["video_name"].split('.')[0]) return send_file(zip_file_name, as_attachment=True)

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    Looking for an expert in Gradio and Python AI deep learning to help me with a classification project. The primary goal of the project is to classify data using deep learning algorithms. While I don't have a preference for the deep learning framework, I would like to work with someone who has experience in either TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras. The amount of data available for the training of the AI model has not been specified. I am seeking someone with experience in working with large datasets.

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    ...this existing app **REQUIREMENTS** - TalkingHead receives input text, converts to Audio, speaks out audio back to user SIMULTANEOUSLY while facial movements / lip synced. - Input text: current React app handles the text content, which is chatGPT generated. - Image: StyleGAN GitHub repo code launches a Gradio web app which allows someone to input a static image for the Talking Head (user will provide this image in the final app). Your task is to transfer this functionality from the Gradio app into the React app I already have and will provide to you. - Audio: StyleGAN GitHub repo code also allows you to choose an audio track for the Talking Head to train its voice on. Your task will be to to transfer this functionality into the React app— end goal is to have 4-...

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    I have an existing gradio webapp which is hosted locally. It uses HuggingFace transformers in the inference pipeline. I want it to be dockerized and available on port. DM me for details Require delivery in 3 days

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    I have an application that is ML Machine Translation model that is using pretrained models. The application is not accurate while translating speeches to text(STT) or while translating large text to speech(TTS). The GUI is Gradio based. The model should be able to translate Chinese (Simplified) to English or vice versa STT and TTS. I need the implementation asap!

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    We need a GUI developer who can build an HTML/JavaScript front-end for our application written in python. The GUI of the application is now generated in python with gradio, but that needs to be switched to regular html, css and javascript. A more detailed description of the work will be discussed with the appropriate developer. There is already a basic design, but improvements are always more then welcome. For the correct developer, with reasonable and honest time / price calculations, this job can lead in to a long-term collaboration.

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