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    I am a merchant exporter and looking for buyer/importers across the world. I am into merchant exports and can supply products required for the importer

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    Merchant Exports Udløbet left

    Merchant exporter of packed indian groceries, Spirulina, areca leaf plates, Sugarcane molasses plates, Pappads, Cosmetics, Leather Products, Honeybees wax, Candles, Stevia, Organic colours for food, Hibiscus Tea, Herbal Products, etc

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    We are suppliers/exporters of Areca leaf plates, bowls and other kitchenware from India. We supply these products in all sizes and customizations. We need you to find us reliable and trustworthy buyers in US and Europe.

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    need a picture can either be photos or illustration similar to picture added of the areca palm plate process

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    I need some help with selling areca leaf plates as well as other agriculture products. High quality. price negotiations are available.

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    Web development Udløbet left to design and build a website for my small business. I am a farmer based in the south of India. I have a ten acre farm. I intend to convert this farm into a coconut and Areca Nut plantation. I intend to plant bananas as an inter crop. I need this website to contact buyers for my [log ind for at se URL] as well as network with other farmers to incorporate best

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    Find me a Buyer Udløbet left

    We are exporting coco peat, coir fibre, areca plates from India. We are looking for buyers.

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    5 bud reach out to a manufacturer and propose the idea to them to create the drug test kit or include it in existing test kits for the testing of the target drug in Betel Nut (Areca Nut). That target drug is Arecoline; obviously the manufacturer may have to do some scientific research too to understand cut-off levels. (The cut-off levels have been determined

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    Hi I need realistic areca plates 3d models (earlier I had a contest for its texture). The details of the 3d models needed are in attached file. Also I have provided a 3ds max file, which has some models already built which you can use or use as reference. Note that the goal for me is to take plate photographs as in the links shared in the docx file

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    Web development Udløbet left

    ...currently attempting to link freenas server with axis companion software with 32 shared files. Need help with permissions and integration. Hardware is a 16.4 tb array running on areca 1120. (working fine) Computer with axis companion running and server are on same network plugged in physically. Freenas server is available to be viewed on web-based Gui. Axis

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    I need to 3d artist to derive methodology to create areca plate textures either from photoshop or substance painter which later could be applied to 3d model in 3ds max successfully to produce realistic 3d images. NOTE: No sample from real areca plate images to be used. DO NOT BID WITHOUT READING THE REQUIREMENT FULLY. Attachment: 3d model file (3ds

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    Trophy icon Design a texture Udløbet left

    Hi, I need proper texture for areca plam plates for my models. The models are ready, but sampling a small part of palm plate for texture, and tiling it up even with photoshop touch, does not provide good results. So I would like to get texture created from scratch in photoshop using filters, to be able to apply to the models. At least 4

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    Sales and Marketing Udløbet left

    I need some help with selling something. We are a manufacturer and exporters of Areca palm leaf plates I want anyone find me an US and UK importers I don't have any leads.. we are ready to pay good commission

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    Resize hard drive Udløbet left

    ...resized for the VPS to use the space. Here is the issue (I think) Virtualizor created the VPS and the drive is listed and using LVM, gparted command works, but when I go specifically into the VPS and check gparted it doesn't show it is using it, as if LVM is not in use at that level. At the main level "Virtualizor" sectioned off the drive using

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    Hello, I need a backup system, preferably in py...listed below that might be able to do what I need, please take a look and tell me if anyone is in the right direction, and you can build on it if it is. They are: boar backup areca backup forsnapshotfs backup bup backup I look forward to your response, and need this asap. Best Regards, Tope Olufon.

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    Hi all, I have a server with Areca Raid controller 4 ports with 4 harddisk in raid 10 all working okay. I need to expand my storage because diskspace is running low. I have X8DTL-3F main board with LSI Mega raid controller embedded. I would like ot connect 2 extra harrdisk on this controller. The bios sees the disk. But windows SBS 2011 (2008

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    €26 - €216
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    ...drives that say they're the same size... however one seems to be slightly larger (the source) when using clonezilla and wont allow me to use copy it over... I've tried using gparted to resize the drive but it still doesnt work... I think it has to to with the master boot record... Originally I wanted to use my FOG server to clone the computer/drive but

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    Low poly - high quality as usual

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    ...CDB: cdb[0]=0x28: 28 00 00 00 00 84 00 00 04 00 3.8 CDB: cdb[0]=0x28: 28 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 01 00 4. How many bytes or kb is 1 "logical block"? (when i check with gparted it reports in "sectors" and not "blocks") 5. What is the purpose of this 2-line command below? Is it normal that this is done? If so, why? ---- acer_wmi: Brightness

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    1 bud locally. The guest vms will use both the local storage on the XCP systems, as well as the SAN system. Some system info: SAN Dual Xeon E5520 CPUs 48GB RAM Areca 1880xi Raid Controller 2X 3ware Raid Controller 12X SAS 15k 300gb HDDs 8X 1TB SATA HDDs HP OEM Mellanox Technologies MT26428 [ConnectX VPI PCIe 2.0 5GT/s - IB QDR / 10GigE]

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    ...installation. The operating system should have capabilities to support 10Gig network interface, Areca raid controller, optimize the operating system for high throughput data transfer over 10Gig network card. Also it should have capabilities of accessing Areca Raid controller (CLI) interface from the user interface. Replication, UPS, Network interface bonding

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    10 bud'll work...i still though would like a solution to number 3! how do i grow it! 3. HOW can I GROW my raid10, seems mdadm can't grow raid10 array? Can I instead use gparted to extend/resize partition tables of the 4 partitions making up the raid10 array, and then just try to reassemble the Raid10 device hoping magically it assembles at the new

    €86 - €130
    €86 - €130
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    ...There is a partition /HOME on the hard drive that is currently 367GB and that's where the space will come from. The program that should be used to perform this resizing is Gparted ([log ind for at se URL]). Step #3. The partition resizing shouldn't cause any errors but just in case it does, that's why we performed Step #1 and backed up the

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    ...LFTP+FTPPack 4. ISO Master 5. Google Earth 4.3 6. Krusader 1.90.0 7. testdisk & photorec 6.9 8. QtParted 9. Sweet Home 3D 1.3 10. cpufrequtils 11. Aero All-in-One 12. GParted 0.4.8 13. NT Password & Registry 14. smartmontool s-5.38 15. Sbackup 16. Keep 0.4.0-1 17. xdiskusage 1.48-7 18. Qcad 19. safecopy-1.6 20. ClamAV 0.96 21. CrossOver

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    Write the program in Java (without a graphical user interface) and have it calculate the payment amount for 3 mortgage loans: 7 years at 5.35% 15 years at 5.5% 30 years at 5.75% Use an array for the different loans. Display the mortgage payment amount for each loan. Name the program file [log ind for at se URL], Note: 1. The loan amount is not specified in CR #2. The program must add an...

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    #12 Posted 9/9/2008 at 11:47 EST [private message for areca] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Areca, This message is not for this project, but about a project you have placed a bid on today. Congratiolations. I would have granted you the project, but I was already communicating

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    1 bud what you suggest this would be best run on so I can do my research on them. The servers would be either 3U or 4U+ which contain 16x or 24x RAID 5 or 6 hardware (3ware / areca) with low end CPU /RAM. I already have a server to start with and test with. I would like the admin window and manager to be run from a Windows computer. The rest would be anything

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    I have a Dell MD1000 (supports 15 SATA disks). I have created a 8.5TB partition with gparted, and formatted it. When I reboot, it seems the file system disappears and xfs_repair is unable to repair the file system. I need someone to debug this issue, and allow it so 8.5TB filesystem doesn't disappear when I reboot. :) I have a text file I can provide

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    I'm an experienced Linux user/programmer, but not an expert, and for a change I'd like to pay for some help. I have a RAID server running a Areca ARC-1220 RAID 5 card. I want to add space to the array by adding drives, since the array is full. I've added new hard drives drives and expanded the RAID volume. All that's left to do is expand the existing

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    Module(s) for FreeBSD's BSNMP to allow monitoring of RAID cards and RAID array statuses. Specifically, need to be able to monitor Areca cards in the ARC-11XX series, as well as 3ware cards in the 95XX series. Just need to be able to monitor the basics, such as array status, hot spare status, alarm count, etc. Ability to monitor Adaptec SATA raid cards

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    ...a single install. However, the dual boot should run from windows multi-boot settings. i.e. the computer should not start from GRUB. The dual boot should of course include gparted to set a new partition for installation over an existing windows partition. Basically the requirement is to create a typewriter. When linux starts, Office word starts,

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    Cluster Installer Udløbet left

    ...then have two storage servers on the backend with the following hardware: Dual Opteron Dual-Core 265 Italy 1Ghz HT Socket 940 1.8Ghz Tyan Thunder K8SR (S2881) 4GB ECC RAM Areca RAID 6 Controller 6X 400GB SATA II Drives (1.5TB usable storage) What I want basically is make sure that all the VPSs are highly available. Either have 10 VPS on all

    €810 (Avg Bid)
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    ...then have two storage servers on the backend with the following hardware: Dual Opteron Dual-Core 265 Italy 1Ghz HT Socket 940 1.8Ghz Tyan Thunder K8SR (S2881) 4GB ECC RAM Areca RAID 6 Controller 6X 400GB SATA II Drives (1.5TB usable storage) What I want basically is make sure that all the VPSs are highly available. Either have 10 VPS on all four

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    ...after completion of this one. ## Deliverables 1) Completed spreadsheet 2) Screen Captures of all test results 3) Graphs of test data ## Platform Windows Server 2003 3x Areca 16 port Serial ATA controlers 40x WD 75GB raptors i/o Meter test application Excel Spreadsheets...

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    ...ability to snapshot the Areca volumes. The host system will be a Linux 2.6-kernel based server. The documentation for the Areca controller, including the CLI manual, is included in the .zip attachment. Documentation for EVMS can be found here: [log ind for at se URL] This project is made easier by the fact that Areca already has a web GUI

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