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    We are looking for a developer who is fluent in the Microsoft MapPoint products to be our partner and develop the mapping interface to our existing field service and wireless solution, as follows: - To build an interface with the Microsoft MapPoint Server products into our web-based field service application. - To use the Microsoft MapPoint SDK and API to update resource locations on the MapPoi...

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    I'm looking for a good quality writer with an excellent command of the English language to write 5 articles for me about Microsoft Access. There are actually about 100 articles that need to be written. I'm starting with 5 as a trial. These are NOT TUTORIALS. I do not want articles that teach HOW to do something. I just want articles that show WHAT you can do with Access t...

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    Hi folks, Sorry for the revised requirements. The basic project is the same, but we want the output to be a bit different. We want to make a PDF file from data provided by the users of our ASP.NET/C#/SQL Server website. The basic idea, is they supply us with information on a form, that is then stored in a DB. However, we would like to use that data for a PDF file that they could then print out. An...

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    We are a new webdesign firm in Portugal, our firm was created after a split of an older webdesign firm. ( [log ind for at se URL] ) We kept some of major clients and workers but need someone in the web promotion area since our worker joined another project during the split of our older firm. So the first job is to promote our new website !!! We need to rank it in the first positions in ma...

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    We need an illustrator to create 8-10 cartoon-like illustrations to promote service excellence among restaurant workers. The illustrations should be simple and straightforward, but polished. The example of style that comes to mind is what's in the " ... For Dummies" book series. This will lead to more work as requirements expand. We'd like to get a cost upfront for changes and ...

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    Hi I need some graphics created for the following sales page: [log ind for at se URL] I need one header graphic around 630 pixels long by 110 pixels high. I also need an ebook cover that will match the header graphic design. The final thing I need is a cover for a mini-report. Thanks, Gary

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    Sales pulling copy required for an ebook, the title of the ebook is "Fresh and Salt Water Spinning", this is a book about fishing. I need the copy and single web page to be designed based on the best traditions of the single page sales format. Page header and ebook cover have already been designed. You will be supplied with a copy of the ebook and will be expected to pull bullet points e...

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    Scrapbooking ebook Udløbet left

    I am looking for someone to write an ebook for me on scrapbooking. It will need to include: - How to start scrapbooking - How to setup a layout for a scrapbook - How to purchase scrapbooking supplies for cheap I need walkthroughs of at least 5 different scrapbook pages in detail. They should include pictures in the walkthrough of the entire process. This is only a basic lay...

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    GaryHarvey Udløbet left

    Need a script rewritten for a golf ebook that someone did a bad job on!

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    I need 12 original high quality articles on the subject matter: 6 articles on ... RSS Publishing / Marketing 6 articles on ... Desktop Publishing/ Marketing. These articles must be original, will not accept any work that has been previously published. ## Deliverables 1) 12 articles with excellent english and grammar with zwro spelling mistakes on the subject matter highlighte...

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    Idea: Would like to create a banner generator that creates animated game banners (GIF or Flash or DHTML). Banners would have the illusion of being interactive like shooting ducks in an arcade or choosing a walnut shell in the three shell game. When clicked, the banner would simply bring the person to a web page, perhaps announcing they have won a free ebook or free trial. Interface: User woul...

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    I need a report on the subject How To Get Better Search Engine Ranking With RSS. Report should be about 25 plus pages. If you can provide a good useful information report, you will get a lot more work from me in the future. ## Deliverables 1) Complete report provided in MS Word with zero spelling mistakes with excellent english and grammar. ## Platform MS Word

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    Need quick help in creating password protected ebook that will contain directory-type information. I will provide most of the content. More recearch is required. Ebook must be updatable and professionaly looking with cover. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional professionally looking e-book in most common format 2) Data is broken into logical directories, approved by me 3...

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    I need a professional ebook cover and matching header banner for a web page, in jpg format. You will get a good idea of the theme by visiting www(.)fishing-ebooks(.)com [log ind for at se URL] I do not want the site url in the designs as this may change as the site develops, you need to come up with something fishy. Your price should be for both items.

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    Hello Everyone, I would like to get a typical sales letter for my ebook. It should be similar to the ones you see on the we everyday...I mean long and persuassive. The book is not about internet marketing so It doesn't need to be TOO long, but should be hard hitting. You should format the text, make appropriate use of - Headlines - Subheadlines - Bullets - Tables T...

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    Hi, I will be using two new websites a month that will require an ebook cover and a cover for a free report. I will need two designs for each ebook and report for a total of 8 designs. I will be needing these on a monthly basis and will need them to be delivered in a psd file so I can easily change the title if I need to. I will also need full rights to these files as they will be part of a m...

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    Pop-Up Navigator Udløbet left

    Pop-Up Navigator enables users to create a small pop-up window containing drop-down navigation options and to add a small logo above this drop-down menu. Pop-up must not be blockable by common pop-up blocking tools and should use cascading style sheets or other technologies to do so. For sample of a pop-up navigator, visit [log ind for at se URL] and note the small pop-up navigation inte...

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    I am looking for somebody to design ebook covers. They do not have to be exclusive, as long as you have the rights to them that passes ownership to me. I need about 100, more would be better and would give your bid a better chance of winning, but to keep things even please post your bid for suppyling 100.

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    Ebook Cover Designs Udløbet left

    I need to have ebook covers created for two websites. I would like three different ebook cover designs for each site. They must be very professional and photo realistic. So I will need a total of 6 covers. I will be needing this work on a monthly basis with the subjects changing each month. I will provide links to a sales page for you to get an idea of what to write on the ebook and what typ...

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    Please see attached document for requirements of what I need for a book cover. Also, after reading the attached zip file one example of the type of roses I want on the cover would be from the below link at [log ind for at se URL] I like the two roses on the cover but not the background or anything else just the roses so if you can make something similar that would be good. <http://www...

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    This should be a simple project for a programmer who knows how to develop PDF converter. I am looking for a “PDF Ebook and File Generator”, similar to Adobe Acrobat but including XMP to allow the inclusion of Meta Data. For example Meta Data (“data about data”) will consist of the following, however this is not an exclusive list: Title of Ebook Title of file or document ...

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    3F5 port Udløbet left

    The task is to port Spice 3F5 to Windows (95 on) The original source code is in C but readily compiles using Microsoft C++ The source code can be obtained from [[log ind for at se URL]][1] file also includes data on fixes etc that need to be incorporated. No major rewrites are necessary or wanted. The patches involve small amounts of code only. The deliverable will be a DLL to which is pas...

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    PDF FILE GENERATOR Udløbet left

    This should be a simple project for a programmer who knows how to develop PDF File. I am looking for a “PDF Ebook and File Generator??, similar to Adobe Acrobat but including XMP to allow inclusion of Meta Data. Meta Data will consist of the following: Title of Ebook Title of file or document The Author Category of Ebook Keywords Description of file / document Infor...

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    Ghost writer to research / write content for ebook report. About 50 - 100 pages. No padding filler will be accepted only real information content. Content Should be: Brief history of Desktop Marketing Money Making Ideas For Desktop Marketing How To promote Desktop Marketing Channel Will accept raw content but will pay more for a completed ebook. Target reader is ...

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    68796 Ebook website Udløbet left

    I would like for someone to design a professional looking ebook website. I have over 1,000 books and some ebook covers as well.

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    Assingment Udløbet left

    Program must be completed in Object Oriented C++ Develop a payroll application with the following classes: Abstract class Employee. This class serves as a parent class for various employee types. Relevant attributes may be Name, Address, ID etc. Relevant methods may be Display() will display Name, and ID, ComputePay() this must be a pure virtual method. Add any other method you consider relev...

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    This simple application needs to take an existing .txt file containing predetermined data fields (i.e. <%field%>) and take a second file containing a list of data corresponding to these data fields, and create a new set of .txt files that are the result of merging the data list into the fields. This is very similar to an ebook brander application. It has to have a "b...

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    I would like an application that can create box cover images, newsletter cover images, CD covers, header graphics, DVD covers, eBook backgrounds and different perspectives of boxes and covers. It should have capability to import templates and registering users server side so only they can access the software on their server. I need full rights and code to the software. See eCover Generator [log in...

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    We currently operate three sites: [[log ind for at se URL]][1] [[log ind for at se URL]][2] [[log ind for at se URL]][3] We have these sites advertised using pay per click advertising, and we want to dramatically increase our exposure on search engines. The ipodshop currently doesnt have any meta tags whilst macshack has some - but only on the home page. These two sites use different...

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    I am looking for a script that when a user on eBay purchases a product via "Buy In Now" "Fixed Auction Price" or "End of Auction" payments the script would automatically deliver the electronic product (e.g. eBook, Software) right into the buyers email. An Example of such a script is at: [log ind for at se URL] I basically need a CLONE of this software but I cannot h...

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    I need developed ebook creator software... the ebook creator takes HTML files with an [log ind for at se URL] as first page and then carries on like a website with links, jpg or gif, avi files mp3 files whatever... the features: 1. personalised key for each client that buys the software or the ebook. [log ind for at se URL] unlock the ebook the client inserts email and name that are emailed to who...

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    A program that offers the same features and functionality as Ghost Surf Pro. <[log ind for at se URL]> Key features are: * Allows you to surf the web anonymously. Web requests are sent via Anonymous proxies. For an example of anonymous proxy lists, go here: <[log ind for at se URL]> * Optimizes connection speed * Automatically updates anonymous hubs * Clears browser files * Cle...

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    I need 2 ebook covers (web graphics) created, and two banners to promote them. Banners will incorporate the ebook cover created. Designer needs to know how to do high impact, impulsive designs that catch the eye and imagination. Concepts are supplied and possible images to use, but desginer needs to have stock images or be able to create images for the cover/banners. I am looking for sharp stu...

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    I need someone with automotive experience to create an ebook for me relating to body kits specifically. Things such as: - Where to purchase body kits (reputable manufacturers) - How much it costs to paint / install body kits - What things are necessary to paint/install the kits - What should you do when asking body shops to install your kit - How to choose a body shop to install ...

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    I am currently the front man at a large wholesaller. We sell telephone equipment and our currnet system in place is pretty old for the times. There are 1000's of products and we are seeking a programmer with bar coding expierence, to design packaging labels from the inforamtion stored in our database. "Visualaccountmate" expereince helpful. We want to be able to barcode th...

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    eBook cover graphic Udløbet left

    I need 2 items: A book cover for display on my sales page, and a related graphic to be used as a large button for purchasing the ebook. The subject of the book is all things related to gall bladder problems - surgery, diets, treatments, advice, resources, FAQ etc. Please send links to examples of your work woith your bid. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in ex...

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    VB Pacman Udløbet left

    Hi. I am just working on a personal project of VB version of Pacman. But I have not enough time to complete it. Could someone please complete this game for me. I require the following. -animated pacman (moving mouth) -Pills disappear when pacman collides with it but not the ghost. -game sounds have been included (but not implemented into the code) please implement sounds as the name...

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    eBook Sales Page Udløbet left

    I need to get a header, banner and book cover to sell a new eBook. The book title is Cooking From Your Patio. I already have some nice illustrations for someone to work with - I just need a basic header and footer on the page to sell this on a dedicated domain. There is a rather long sales letter, however, so the template must be expandable. I'm looking for something simple - examples woul...

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    Please note - this project includes the writing of the advertising copy. Some simple but effective and well designed web pages to sell my ebook about gall bladder problems. No flashy effects, just good design and sales-grabbing words & layout. I have buyers who are actually looking for help in this area. They need convincing that this information will help them, and is good value - they do not...

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    Ebook Compiler Udløbet left

    Hi there I'm pretty sure that most of you have seen ebook compiler software before. Basically, the program converts text into a "book" format. I'm looking for a similar program. It should be able to handle plain text or Word files - any other formats would be a huge bonus. The user should be able to submit a text-based file, and the ebook compiler creates an executabl...

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    Hi, This is a really simple job for someone who knows what they’re doing. It simply involves formatting some text, in a word document, so it’ll be ready for me to turn it into an ebook. I have 65 pages of plain text and will provide another ebook to model off. That said, the formatter may have some creative control…. I just want it to look good. Cheers Dave ## De...

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    This project is for search engine optimization for a website (please ask for URL). I will need the EXACT details on how you will go about doing this work. Optimization should be done for [log ind for at se URL], for the following words: credit repair credit report credit history bad credit change credit improve credit improve credit history credit score credit manager credit ebook credit repair eb...

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    I need an ABC learning game. I plan to use it online but I also plan to compile it on an eBook and give it away with my website name and link. The game must have three levels to choose from. Level 1. Shows most of the letters but there are a few missing (randomly) and on mouse over a missing letter, the gif of the object starting with that letter is shown. The ABC musical midi must me on. Ag...

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    I am need of an ebook cover and header simlar to what a professional created for me at [log ind for at se URL] Except that I need it for my new ebook called "101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10." I need someone who can create these graphics professionally and creatively. I expect the ebook cover and header to be designed within 24 hours and any revisions of the ebook ...

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    ghostwriting ebook Udløbet left

    The book will be write in plain english in an emphatic [log ind for at se URL] optimistic, and all the therms explained to be very easy to understand for ordinary people. 80 pages. Content will be a brief description of the disease, cause, symptoms etc. A paralel between traditional and alternative medicine. Solved cases with testimonials. A positive way to present gently the evolutio...

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    Ebook Cover Graphic Udløbet left

    I need an ebook cover to display on a web page for an ebook about how to use Google AdWords. The design will be completely up to you. Please show examples of any previous covers you've designed. ## Deliverables 1) All deliverables will be considered "work made for hire" under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased....

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    I just need someone to convert this 15,000 KB Ebook into a smaller file size. The ebook writer sent it over this way, but it's much to large for our customers to download. I was not able to size reduce the images, but for someone who knows how - this should be easy. Please try to convert down to below 6MB Thanks. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working ...

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    Mini Chopper eBook Udløbet left

    E-Book title:"Mini Chopper - To buy or to build?" E-book about buying and building mini choppers (motorcycles). PDF format, with some pictures. What are mini choppers, pro et con for buy or build...How to... About 60 pages.

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    Ebook Covers (2) Udløbet left

    Hello, I need to EBOOK COVERS created: Ebook 1 title: Guide to Online Dating & Matchmaking subtitle: "Secrets of Finding your One and Only with Online Dating services" Ebook 2: title: You Can Do It! subtitle: “How To FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once and For All?? Professional, clean design, jpg format. THANKS for bidding! ## Deliverables Profession...

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    ecover and banners Udløbet left

    I need some simple graphics work done. It should not be hard for someone with experience building banners, ebook covers, and buttons for websites. No flash No animated GIFs I need: A) 2 480x60 banners B) 2 60x60 buttons (these can be animated) C) 1 120x175 pixel 3D ebook cover As part of the project, I will retain (be given) the original files (e.g. .psd files from photoshop) The banner...

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