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    ...that are a product themselves. These variants need their own price, EAN code, and even their own dimensions so that the customer can easily understand which product and variant suit their needs. EAN, price, weight, and H * B * L are all there, but we need in the table it should come in and be updated for each variant you choose. Then it should appear Diameter, Cutting length, Fastening, Quality, Geometry, NOBB no, etc. We want it to be available to write it on woocommerce underweight, height, etc. If you enter the value it should appear in the same table as weight, height, etc in the product page of our online store. If you do not enter a value for one of these dimensions of the variant, it should either not appear in the table on the product page, or just be I / A. Appendix for ...

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    Geometry Udløbet left

    Lav noget 3D-modellering Min project går ud på 3D modullering af simple geometriske figur såsom: pyramiden, de platoniske solider og andre figure

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    GEOMETRY LITE on monogame 5 dage left

    GEOMETRY LITE on monogame We are looking for a game developer to create a something similer to Geometry Lite game on the monogame platform. The game should have the following features: - Basic shapes and colors: The game should include basic shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, with vibrant and colorful designs. - Customizable levels and challenges: The game should have customizable levels and challenges to keep the gameplay interesting and engaging. - Simple game mechanics: The game mechanics should be simple, allowing for easy gameplay and understanding. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with monogame development. - Proficiency in designing and implementing basic shapes and colors. - Ability to create custom levels and challenges in a game. - Strong ...

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    2d GEOMETRY LITE mongame 5 dage left

    2d GEOMETRY LITE mongame I am looking for a developer who can create a 2D geometry game with basic shapes and angles, specifically targeting children. The game should be educational and engaging, helping children learn about geometry in a fun way. Features: - Basic shapes and angles: The game should include various basic shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, and polygons, along with angles like acute, obtuse, and right angles. - Interactive gameplay: The game should have interactive elements where children can drag and rotate shapes to learn about their properties and angles. - Level progression: The game should have customizable levels and challenges, allowing children to progress and learn at their own pace. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in game ...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a modern logo for my wellness app named Evolve. The logo should reflect a vibrant and bold color scheme (leaning towards shades of blue), with a minimalistic and clean style. I am open to the designer's creativity and would like them to come up with unique and innovati...creating modern and eye-catching logos - Knowledge of color theory and the ability to work with vibrant and bold colors - Understanding of minimalistic and clean design principles - Creativity and the ability to come up with unique and innovative ideas - Good communication skills to understand and interpret my requirements accurately. REVISION: Some ideas I have been interested in are sacred geometry, dna helix, brain, and shapes that transform. Thanks in advanc...

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    Tuition centre 2 dage left

    Tutor Needed for High School Math Students - More than Twice a Week We are seeking a highly qualified and experienced tutor to join our tuition center, specifically to teach high school math. Subjects: - The primary focus will be on math, covering topics such as algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics. Grade Level: - Our students are currently in high school, so the tutor should have a strong understanding of the high school math curriculum. Tuition Sessions: - We require the tutor to be available for more than twice a week sessions. This will provide ample opportunity for our students to fully grasp and practice the concepts being taught. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A solid background in math education, with a specialization in high school math. - Excellent com...

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    I am looking fo...skilled programmer to write a user defined function for ANSYS FLUENT using C++. The function will be used to model the physical deposition of particles, which can result in changes to the geometry. DM me! Requirements: - Proficiency in C++ programming language - Knowledge of ANSYS FLUENT and its user defined functions - Familiarity with modeling physical phenomena - Experience in particle deposition and geometry changes Specifics: - The function should be compatible with the 2023 version of ANSYS FLUENT - The goal is to accurately model the physical phenomenon of particle deposition and its impact on the geometry - The function should be optimized for improved computation speed If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your pr...

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    ...modifier type which will not interrupt the motion of a print, but to stop the extruder motor where the modifier geometry is. currently when adding a modifier, you get the intersecting surface between the modifier and the normal printed object, leaving an unwanted surface. i print with zero infill, and want to print only the shell without no infill. when i use a set number of perimeters, the surface and gcode is clean modelling CAD surfaces produces messy results when exporting gcode, but when i print a solid object with 3-4 perimeters, the result is very clean, however the surface has to be closed loop. I want to print a shell, and turn off the extruder motor only where a modifier geometry intersects the object. i have attached an image showing what i mean. one to show...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can perform a CFD analysis on Ansys for the specific purpose of optimizing fluid flow. The preferred method of analysis is steady-state, and I will provide the geometry for the analysis. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in CFD analysis using Ansys - Expertise in optimizing fluid flow - Proficiency in steady-state analysis methods - Experience working with provided geometry for analysis

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    Use the logos on my website for inspiration. This logo is for business centered around the power of breathwork. I offer breathwork trainings online. I use the power of the breath for my in-person studio where i guide clients through contrast hydro therapy, cycling between ice cold water and hot water baths. I also implement breathwork during red light therapy se...where i guide clients through contrast hydro therapy, cycling between ice cold water and hot water baths. I also implement breathwork during red light therapy sessions. I also offer hydro therapy trainings. The idea of Inner Alchemy is that we use the natural elements to awaken our highest potential from inside. Breath is the primary focus. Winner needs to give me unlimited revisions. Empasis on geometry Website is

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    CFD Simulation Udløbet left

    ...Simulation: Utilize CFD software (such as ANSYS Fluent, COMSOL, or OpenFOAM) to create a comprehensive simulation of the centrifugal pump. This includes setting up the geometry, meshing, boundary conditions, and solving for fluid flow within the pump. Performance Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of the pump's performance, including flow rates, pressure distribution, velocity profiles, and efficiency. Identify any areas of concern or inefficiencies in the current impeller design. Optimization Proposal: Based on the simulation results, propose design optimizations for the impeller. This may involve modifications to the impeller geometry, blade profiles, or other relevant parameters to improve pump efficiency and performance. Report and Recommendations: Prepare a...

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    Project Description: Mathematical Text and Format I am looking for a highly skilled individual with advanced mathematical proficiency to assist me in writing mathematical text in an academic format. The project will involve covering topics in algebra, geometry, and calculus, so a strong understanding of these areas is essential. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced mathematical proficiency - Strong knowledge of algebra, geometry, and calculus - Experience writing mathematical text in an academic format - Attention to detail and ability to accurately convey complex mathematical concepts in writing The text should be written in an academic style, ensuring clarity and precision in the explanations. MathJax will be used to format the mathematical equations and symbols, so ...

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    3D machine learning Udløbet left

    ...This position will focus on evaluating, implementing and innovating upon various 3D networks for asset and world creation within virtual worlds, namely video games. This person should be a skilled coder, capable of building on top of SOTA AI models and integrating various models together to create higher quality results. In addition, given our work in the creative industries having aesthetic and geometry processing skills are a plus. The nature of these types of jobs tends to result in a large amount of applications, and therefore to evaluate candidates we are asking you to perform a (we hope relatively simple) task aimed at showing some basic technical proficiency and more importantly your thinking. Please note we will follow up with all candidates who successfully compl...

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    I am in need of a 3D professional who can edit an OBJ FX file. The specific edits required are geometry modifications. The deadline for the project is specified by the client. The level of detail required in the modifications is minor edits. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and editing - Strong understanding of OBJ FX files - Attention to detail for minor geometry modifications - Ability to meet specified deadlines

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    10 bud for 3D printing. I have specific models in mind that I would like to be recreated. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and sculpting software such as Blender, Maya, or ZBrush - Strong understanding of car design and anatomy - Ability to create accurate and detailed 3D models based on reference images - Experience in preparing 3D models for 3D printing, including optimizing geometry and ensuring proper scale and dimensions - Knowledge of different file formats used in 3D printing, such as STL or OBJ - Attention to detail and ability to replicate the intricate design elements of g body muscle cars - Strong portfolio demonstrating previous work in automotive or product design If you are a skilled 3D artist with experience in creating realistic and printable 3...

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    ...different layers of materials are also assumed to be able to slide freely relative to each other. The road embankment is assumed to be able to deform freely in the y-direction. The road embankment is very long in the z-direction, which means that it is a good approximation to assume that deformation is completely prevented in the longitudinal direction of the bank, the z-direction. Figure 6a shows the geometry, material data, and load, and Figures 6b and 6c illustrate the boundary conditions seen in the xy-plane and xz-plane, respectively. Task 2a: Determine the stress in the vertical direction in the road embankment, σx(x). Present the result in equation form and in a diagram. Task 2b: Determine the stresses in the horizontal directions, σy(x) and σz(x). Pres...

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    Unreal engine five Udløbet left

    Just basic nothing so perfect I have three days Escape Room Game with its last version. - Create the concept and an environmental composition for your game scene. - Make use of Unreal Engine geometry brush tools and you can also add some extra models from UE library or any asset store. - Have a player object moving with torque force as a possessed player pawn. - Have 3 different collectibles with different materials that you create in UE, one of them must have emissive material. - Use timelines to move, scale, and adjust the light intensities of your collectibles. - Design at least 2 different weapons, spawning balls having a projectile movement to create a firing ball effect. - The weapons themselves will be animated through timelines. - Create a trigger to restart your game. - ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to assist me with updating my 3D model and setting up my project in Synchro. The ideal candidate should have experience in synchro 4D. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in Synchro software - Strong understanding of 3D modeling and animation techniques - Ability to make texturing and shading adjustments to the model - Experience in making geometry modifications - Knowledge of animation and rigging improvements Project Requirements: - Set up the 3D model in Synchro - Create filters for easy navigation - Program activities and update the model accordingly Please note that I already have the existing 3D model files, and I it optimised in synchro and resources created. If you think you have the skills and experience required for this project, p...

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    Project ansys Udløbet left

    Project Title: ANSYS Analysis for Magnetic Nodal I am in need of an expert in ANSYS to perform a Magnetic Nodal analysis for my project. The ideal freelancer should have experience in conducting analysis using ANSYS software. Analysis Type: - Magnetic Nodal Geometry/Model: - There is a specific geometry or model that needs to be analyzed Desired Outcome: - The desired outcome of the analysis is to give a voltage source to the model Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ANSYS software - Experience in conducting Magnetic Nodal analysis - Strong understanding of electrical engineering principles - Ability to interpret and analyze results accurately If you have the necessary skills and experience in ANSYS and magnetic analysis, please bid on this project.

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    I am looking for someone to transform a set of photographs into 3D printable models. The level of detail required in the 3D model is moderate, and I would like the models to be ready for printing. This means the 3D model must be properly optimized so that it can be printed by any 3D printer. I have experience working with 3D prints, so I am aware of the importance of quality geometry when preparing 3D models for printing. I am looking for someone with sufficient 3D design and modeling experience to understand my requirements and deliver a quality product.

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    I am in need of a skilled individual to make geometry / texture modifications to a blender model. I have exact instructions for the desired modifications and I would like the project to be completed asap. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Blender and 3D modeling - Experience with making geometry modifications to existing models - Attention to detail and ability to follow specific instructions See below - current blender model, exported from google earth, and proposed layout for new house, currently in .dwg. At this stage I just need the model edited to show the proposed driveway layout, massing of new house and removal or some trees etc. More work would follow as the project progresses. It would be handy to have a regular freelancer who can work on blender p...

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    IESVE MODEL Udløbet left

    I require someone to build model geometry in IESVE software. and to calculate the energy performance and energy optimization.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who is experienced in CFD simulation using Ansys CFX. The project involves simulating the flow patterns and areas of high turbulence in a small and simple geometry, specifically involving air as the fluid. The desired outcome of the simulation is to accurately identify the flow patterns and areas of high turbulence. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Ansys CFX - Strong understanding of fluid dynamics and turbulence - Experience in analyzing and interpreting CFD simulation results If you have the necessary skills and experience, please bid on this project. Thank you.

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    ansys fluent Udløbet left performed is for gas flow. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ANSYS Fluent and experience in conducting fluid flow simulations - Knowledge of gas flow behavior and its impact on the system being analyzed - Understanding of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) principles and techniques - Ability to set up and define the specific conditions and parameters for the simulation, including the geometry, boundary conditions, and initial conditions - Experience in analyzing and interpreting the results of the simulation, including velocity and pressure distributions, turbulence characteristics, and any other relevant parameters The project involves conducting a VAWT CFD analysis using ANSYS Fluent. The freelancer will be responsible for setting up the simulation with the specific...

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    32 bud audition I'm looking for new production staff. Isolate and organize building elements and systems into logical groups and components. Note: use components where ever grouped elements will be or can be repeated in the model. use groups for one off configurations and elements. Assign all model groups and components a layer Only groups and components should be on a layer. Simple lines and geometry within a group/component should be left on a default layer Layer designations are organized by discipline, building system, and modifier. for example A-Wall-Ext Disciplines are A=Architecture, C=Site, D=Demolition, E=Electrical, P=Plumbing. See the attached document AIA Layering standards Set up Schematic Views Plans: Create section markers that cut the model at (4) feet abov...

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    art for vehicle Udløbet left

    I am looking for an illustrator to help me design my tuk tuk for the rickshaw run. a charity race across india in a tuk tuk raising money for kids in india. below is a blank template and a template...a tuk tuk raising money for kids in india. below is a blank template and a template with my ideas - my idea is the following front - Me and my brothers face holding flag of jarrow crusade, 3 of my old relatives near us, in background have some old shipping illustrations from my town, please see images for the front. sides and back - I want the sides grey slowly fading back into cool sacred geometry of colours, orange, green purple, make it beautiful. of course have fun with it and add your own artistic touch, we love music so hints of that in there might be cool too, thanks! we ha...

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    ...required: - Strong knowledge of middle school level math - Experience in writing educational content - Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner - Familiarity with creating content for digital platforms The content should be written in a way that is easy for middle school students to understand and should cover a range of math topics including, but not limited to, algebra, geometry, and statistics. The goal is to provide students with a comprehensive and interactive learning experience through text-based content. The writer should have good research skills and be able to incorporate real-world examples and practical applications of math concepts in the content. The content should also be structured in a way that allows for easy navigation and comprehens...

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    I am looking for someone with experience in editing STL files to assist me with modifying the geometry of 2 files. I have specific instructions for the modifications that need to be made. I require all geometry to be smoothed out, and the background removed then require each STL to be placed on the face of a cube (like supplied picture) I want to keep all of the original detail that can be kept. And just have the faces cut into a cube. This will be 3d Printed. I have attached pictures of the two STL files I have. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in working with STL files - Strong understanding of geometry modification techniques - Attention to detail and ability to follow instructions accurately - Experience working with 3D modeling software The edit...

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    I am looking for a skilled individual who can help improve the meshing at the interface of a geometry on GMSH. The current issue with the meshing is misalignment, and I am seeking a solution to achieve better alignment of mesh elements. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Strong knowledge and experience with GMSH software - Expertise in meshing and mesh improvement techniques - Familiarity with geometry and interface complexities - Ability to work with intricate designs The complexity level of the geometry is considered medium, as it involves intricate designs. The ideal candidate should be able to handle complex designs with multiple interfaces. If you have the skills and experience necessary to tackle this project and improve the meshing a...

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    Aptitude round Udløbet left

    Logical reasoning Verbal reasoning Diagrammatic reasoning Syllogism Spatial ability Abstraction Data interpretation Situational judgement test Geometry

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    Gmsh project Udløbet left

    I want to convert my gmsh code from Built-in Kernel to OpenCascade Kernel, I have geometry ready in Built-in kernel mode

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    We are looking for a Core-Java senior expert on swing/javafx or python with geotools in depth knowledge on how to implement a Road condition monitoring system and geospatial data. Prefered technologies: javafx, Spring Boot, Python Deliverables Routine pavement monitoring and Assessment surveys, ie condition and damages. Roadside inventory and asset management Road geometry and mapping surveys Road safety assessment Line marking reflectivity Airport runway inspections Automated and quick structural pavement testing meeting the global standard. Automated Mechanistic-empirical analysis of pavement structures.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with the correction and convergence of an Ansys simulation. It is a static strucrural model, involving metals, thin walls and elastic materials. I will provide the geometry which consists 3 parts, one of which repeats 26 times, and a non-converging Ansys model. Goal is to make it converge, teach me what I did wrong and suggest improvements. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in structural analysis using Ansys - Experience in troubleshooting simulations - Ability to review and analyze simulations for general issues - Knowledge of finite element analysis and simulation convergence techniques Project Details: - The project requires a freelancer to review and analyze an existing Ansys simulation for troubleshooting purposes. - The...

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    I am looking for a skilled geometry tutor who can help me review problems in high school geometry. I specifically need help with shapes and properties. Skills and experience needed for this project: - Strong knowledge and understanding of high school level geometry - Ability to explain and teach concepts related to shapes and properties effectively - Experience in tutoring or teaching geometry to high school students - Availability to assist with homework assignments on a regular basis

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with building energy modeling for an existing facility using OpenStudio. The ideal candidate should have experience in modeling energy efficiency for buildings. I have the building geometry drawn in SketchUp so it's easier to draw the building from scratch in openstudio. The building energy model should be moderately detailed, including major systems and components. This will help us identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved. The main purpose of the energy model is to reduce energy consumption. By analyzing the model, we can make informed decisions on how to reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs. The freelancer should have experience in building energy modeling using OpenStudio. They should also be familiar ...

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    8 bud numerical analysis using ANSYS for a project involving structural analysis. Model/Geometry Creation: - The freelancer should be able to assist in creating the model/geometry as I do not have a specific one in mind. - Expertise in creating complex models/geometry is preferred. Boundary Conditions: - The numerical analysis will require a combination of fixed and free boundary conditions. - The freelancer should have knowledge and experience in setting up and applying these boundary conditions in ANSYS. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ANSYS software is mandatory. - Strong background in numerical analysis and structural engineering. - Experience with creating and analyzing complex models/geometry. - Familiarity with setting up and applying fixed a...

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    I am looking for an experienced professionals in mathematics to develop problems for Geogebra. The problems should be at an advanced level and should cover both Geometry and Algebra topics. I am still not sure how many problems are necessary. The ideal candidate for this project should have a background in mathematics as well as experience in creating problems for Geogebra. This is a great project for someone who is passionate about mathematics and wants to showcase their knowledge in a creative and engaging way.

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    Create 3D design proposals for a glass candlelight mold design, 3D printable. The client has provided 3D design references and drawings. -95mm Diameter top and Base. with a Center main sphere shape. 220mm total geometry height The deliverable will be a 3D printable STL files and Step files if needed.

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    I require an experienced vision systems developer to assist with a stereo vision project. I am using two identical cameras with known separation geometry, and need a synthetic image to be created from a virtual camera that is situated halfway between the two real cameras. This will require an expert who has knowledge and experience with stereo vision systems in order to utilize the best methods and create a high-quality result. The deliverable is proof-of-concept working source code that can run on a raspberry pi and can process 640x480 input images. The desired output format is JPEG. Based on successful completion of this project, more consulting work may be offered. Intellectual Property of source code to pass from freelancer to project owner upon payment.

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    need ansys CFD Udløbet left

    I am looking for a freelancer who is experienced in Ansys CFD to perform a fluid flow analysis for my project. Specific Requirements: - Fluid flow analysis using Ansys CFD - In-depth analysis with detailed flow patterns, pressure, temperature, etc. Geometry/Model: - I can provide the necessary information for the analysis. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Ansys CFD - Expertise in fluid flow analysis - Ability to conduct in-depth analysis and provide detailed results If you have the necessary skills and experience in Ansys CFD and can deliver accurate and detailed results for a fluid flow analysis, please bid on this project.

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    Trophy icon Logo for a salon Udløbet left

    A dream project of opening a salon ... where the interior is inspired by shapes Need some geometric patterns in the logo and not just traditional ones Geometry Salon ... Give shape to your style

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    Hi, I'm looking for a freelancer to help me extract a gbxml file from a Revit model file and then import it in OpenStudio for energy modeling of a building. I have the Revit model file ready for use and just need someone to extract the basic building geometry needed for the gbxml file. I'm looking for this project to be completed urgently within a week if possible.

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    Hello! I am looking for an experienced uni student or math teacher to develop a bank of math problems for high school students in Australia. The math problems should be across all strands - Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Geometry and should reflect the new NSW syllabus. These problems should be able to be used in a tutoring centre or in the classroom. I am seeking problems that range in difficulty from basic to intermediate to challenge. The more difficult questions should serve as practice for examinations so they should have an exam style to them. Questions in the bank should also include detailed solutions. If you think you have the skills and knowledge to solve this project, please feel free to apply.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a mid-sized car geometry for me. The car should have a basic outline with windows, windshield, and dashboard. I do not need any fine detailing or specific measurements, as I am studying the inside air of the car through CFD. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SolidWorks for car geometry design - Ability to create a basic outline with windows, windshield, and dashboard - Understanding of CFD and its application in car design

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    Fremhævet Forseglet Topkonkurrence NDA related to displaying on the display of a vehicle under automatic driving/driving support an image (road, surrounding objects, etc.) that corresponds to the actual scenery in front of the vehicle and the future location of the vehicle. One of the problems with such displays is that it is difficult to intuitively grasp the correspondence between the actual scenery ahead and the displayed road geometry, etc. To solve this problem, the future location of the vehicle is marked on the display screen, and as the vehicle travels, it is displayed as if the vehicle is approaching the marker. For example, the marker moves toward the bottom of the screen. Please search for this technology in this contest. <<NOTICE>> The target car brands in this search are limited to Chines...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can modify an by editing the geometry. Specifics: - The client needs to add to the stl file, but does not have specific measurements. They have a general idea of what changes they want to make. - The modified is needed within 24 hours. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and editing software. - Experience with working with and making geometry changes. - Strong attention to detail and ability to accurately interpret client's requirements. - Efficient and able to meet tight deadlines.

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    I am looking for a mobile app developer who can create a mathematics app targeting high school students. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing educational apps and a strong understanding of high school level mathematics. Scope of the Project: - The app should cover various topics in high school mathematics, including algebra, calculus, and geometry. - The main feature of the app should be step-by-step solutions to mathematics problems. - The app should provide practice questions for students to improve their problem-solving skills. - Additionally, interactive quizzes should be included to engage students and test their understanding of the concepts. Skills and Experience: - Mobile app development experience, preferably in educational apps. - Proficiency in creat...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with CAD geometry creation. I require both 2D drawings and 3D models for my project. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AutoCAD and SolidWorks software - Experience in creating accurate and detailed CAD geometry - Ability to deliver high-quality work within the specified timeframe Project Requirements: - Create 2D drawings and 3D models according to my specifications - Build preparation and execution for the CAD geometry - Provide 1-5 CAD geometry creations If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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