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    Design project Udløbet left

    Skal lave en poster fra Disney serien "Star vs the forces of evil" det skal være den samme grafiske design nemlig. Håber i kan lave den samme grafiske design som de laver i serien

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    fgcxcfvbnvmnmmvnvnvbbvmmnmvbmvbnmv dfdf dfh fdh ddg dfg sdv e s gf gsd sg s vs dss sf sdf s ds s g gjf

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    fgf hghf htyb thf r Udløbet left

    fgcxcfvbnvmnmmvnvnvbbvmmnmvbmvbnmv dfdf dfh fdh ddg dfg sdv e s gf gsd sg s vs dss sf sdf s ds s g gjf

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    video Citygoo V2 Udløbet left

    Same video "Citygoo" for 1 min 15 sec vs 1 min 38 sec

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me convert an Excel file into a GIS layer. The Excel file is in .xlsx format. I am not sure if I need any specific spatial references or projections for the GIS layer, as well as any specific attributes or fields. Skills and experience required: - Profici...fields. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in GIS software and tools - Knowledge of Excel file formats and conversion processes - Familiarity with different spatial references and projections in GIS - Ability to work with and manipulate attribute data in GIS layers The file contains Crash Data and is in New York State in Westchester County along NYS Route 9. After Crash Layers/Shapefile is created, would like a kernel density layer created based on crashes throughout the...

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    ...yanıt vermek ve taleplerini kayıt altına alıp karşılamak. Yapay zeka entegrasyonu vs ilk aşamada talep edilmemektedir . Ancak kullanmış olduğumuz yazılım ile entegrasyon sağlanabilmesi hedefimizdir. Ilk aşamada chatbottan beklenen aşağıdaki gibidir ve örneklendirilmiştir. Whatsapp ve telefram chatbot konusunda uzman ve hızlı aksiyon alabilecek tarafların desteklerini bekleriz. Excell listesi olarak aylık müşterilerle paylaştığımız rakamlar mevcut. Müşteriler excellde tek tek bakmak yerine chatbotu kullanarak talep ettikleri bilgiye ulaşmalarını isteriz. Örnek Müşteri Chatbot'a yazacak Mersin Rotterdam Chatbot yanıt verecek Mersin > rotterdam Transit süre 1 gün Navlun ve lokal masraflar 1000 USD Servis detayı vs... Tarafın...

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    cartoonist 5 dage left

    Looking for a cartoonist with a wicked sense of humor who can do single panel comics for a murder mystery video game that will be used on Instagram and other social platforms. Concept is Spy vs Spy in humor but if set in Clue. See art style included.

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    ...spent on each task or project. - Picture upload: The end user of the project (resource) needs to be able to upload picture for each task list. - Resource: As the end user, the resource must be able to clock in / complete checklist for each project. - Management dashboard: As a manager or owner of the company, I need visibility on Projects progression, completion percentage vs allocated days, project budget allocation vs actuals, per resource cost/usage as the days progress. As for the template or format of the sheets, I am open to any format. I do not have a preferred template or style preference (I’ve attached a sheet for reference). Equipment installation tracking: - Specific details to track include equipment type and quantity, and installation process status - ...

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    ...optimistic < expected < pessimistic) after getting the task - we discuss about clearances and effort - we mutually agree to effort - we assign you the task after mutually agreed - you implement, test and deliver - you document each required step to make interaction of systems to work - we test on our premise (you maybe help to fix issues) - we pay (basically the rules of freelancer) Closed book vs open book? We work only on open book. Closed book means you are unwilling to define a WBS for the work and you add only a price tag to the task. We are sorry we will not hire you in such a case! Deliveries? - in our on premise git (access will be granted to you) - full sources - either a screen recording showing it is working at your end or a video call demoing the working sta...

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    Trophy icon social media content 5 dage left

    ...pleasing pictures, diagrams, info graphs, text, etc. The following are example topics of post topics which your entry should match a depiction of: 1. The Gut-Thyroid Connection: dysbiosis, leaky gut, h pylori, low stomach acid, poor detoxification 2. Vital Minerals for Thyroid Health: selenium, iodine, B vitamins, zinc 3. Hashimoto's (autoimmunity where the immune system is attacking the thyroid) vs. Hypothyroidism(where the thyroid slows down). You can have both or you can have one of them. The symptoms are the same. 4. Gut-Friendly Foods for Thyroid Nourishment: sweet potatoes, beets, broccoli sprouts, mustard seed, oysters, etc 5. hypothyroid red flags: cold hands and feet, not pooping each day, fatigue, anxiety/depression, brain fog, weight gain 6. Thyroid Healing Sta...

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    Critique 7 dage left


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    Creating x1 anime T-shirt design. - David vs Goliath scene - Drawn in a 'One-piece' anime art style - x2 characters and text

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    I have very limited C# experience. I need help configuring a running copy of on 2022 Visual Studio 17. I plan on using some HID relays to control some Amateur radio antenna switches. K7OGW

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    Musition Assignment 3 dage left

    Practice the following topics in Musition to prepare for the test. Pitch - Intervals - 2.1 Descending Intervals Harmony - Chords - 2.1 More Root Position Triads Harmony - Chords - 2.2 More Triads and Triad Inversion Notation Harmony - Diatonic Chords - 2.1 Diatonic Chords in Major Keys Rhythm - Rh...Triads Harmony - Chords - 2.2 More Triads and Triad Inversion Notation Harmony - Diatonic Chords - 2.1 Diatonic Chords in Major Keys Rhythm - Rhythm - 2.1 Rhythm Tapping with Syncopation Harmony - Chord Progressions - 2.1 I, IV, and V Harmony - Chord Progressions - 2.2 I, IV, V, and vi Harmony - Cadences - 2.1 Authentic vs. Half Cadence Harmony - Cadences - 2.2 Authentic vs. Deceptive Cadence Harmony - Cadences - 2.3 Authentic vs. Plagal Cadence Harmony - Cadences - 2.4 Au...

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    Need .Net and Angular developer who can able to run .net project in VS code with debug and solve the error

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    We're working on a landing page and my designer created one section that the developer can't build up identical. I'm sending the design attached and the landing page link too. The 2 side images should be darker and smaller vs. the middle one, and the bottom name and color should change accordingy for each color option (identical with the image design) The LP link:

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    Traditional Annotation India 3 dage left

    ...time/annotation - 25 seconds for drawing box and transcribe - Quality Expectation - 98%+ - Budget - USD 2 - USD 2.5/hour (Average time/annotation should not exceed 30 seconds) to be asked - In total there will be 5 milestones and eligibility to qualify for the next milestone depends on the quality & average handling time achievement. For e.g. if in Milestone 1 you achieve the quality of 90% vs 95% target, you will not be awarded the next milestone. Training Process: Assessment : 10-15 min(Qualifier) Classroom Training : 3 hrs English Test : 10-15 min(2 attempts, 95% is the qualifier) Training English Queue : 1 hrs(95% Quality is the qualifier) Language specific training queue : 1.5 hrs(95% Quality is the qualifier) Rules to follow: The project is based on O...

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    ansys work 3 dage left

    i need also project file you can use any software to accomplish result. I am looking for an ANSY...any software to accomplish result. I am looking for an ANSYS expert to assist me with a project involving comprehensive simulation and analysis. The ideal candidate should have experience in ANSYS and be proficient in the following areas: basically make sure cutting hole by laser. it is roughly 2 mm hole anywhere on cylinder. i need graph of depth of cuts for various laser scanning speed, Depth vs. laser power for various thermal conductivity. i just need data how it will effect while cutting. i am currently working on reacher project. I want to analysis heat exchange through cylinder. Demotion of cylinder: Hight : 10 mm inside diameter 5 mm. outside diameter 6 mm. material : ...

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    I am looking for a talented artist who can create manga-style characters for a scene depicting "David vs Goliath". The artwork should have live edges and effects similar to the tees in "One Piece". Style of Art: - Anime Color: - The design should be in color. Format: - The final design should be delivered in JPEG format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in manga-style art and character design - Experience in creating dynamic and action-packed scenes - Familiarity with "One Piece" art style and ability to recreate similar effects - Strong attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of the "David vs Goliath" scene - Ability to bring characters to life with expressive facial features and body language

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    Project Description: I am looking for a content creator on Instagram who can create funny and lighthearted videos in the style of adamw. The videos should be 1-3 minutes long and should feature specific topics or situations that I have in mind. Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating funny and lighthearted videos - Ability to capture the essence of the desired tone in the videos - Creativity in coming up with ideas and executing them in a humorous way - Proficiency in video editing and post-production - Familiarity with Instagram and its content requirements

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    17 bud optimize the layout/design of my web app. The two app pages are 1) transform, and 2) artist browser. I've included pictures of my existing layout. As a summary of what this interface is used for - people will choose an artist, select their controls, hit 'Generate Vocal', and then their resulting audio will appear under 'Output Audio'. I've had a hard time determining how to layout desktop vs mobile, and it just doesn't feel great. For this contest, I'd like to see mockups for desktop screens, tablet screens, and mobile screens, for both the transform and artist browser pages. Wireframe is fine if it shows off everything properly. If you are good at TailwindCSS, we could also discuss further compensation to modify my existing design t...

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    ...rate, absenteeism rate, customer lifetime value, engagement rate 5) Equipment reservation Set up database for multiple locations, There is different equipment at each location Users must be able to reserve equipment within one hour of making the reservation (real time) A one hour gap must be inserted by the system between reservations System must allow for different rental rates for peak times vs off peak times Users must receive confirmation email upon making a reservation 6) Custom coupon codes Recurring $400 per month, $1000/ month, $1600/month, etc. Recurring $100 per week, etc. As well as regular one time use codes ...

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    VERY IMPORTANT : Please bid what you are comfortable completing this project for. I'm happy to tip well for quality work. I have an STL file of the experimental solar panel design. I would need a few drawings made to show a solar panel installation in comparative view for residential applications (normal vs. experimental), commercial applications, and utility scale scenarios. These drawings would be used in marketing materials. It can be realistic looking or sketches. They don't need to be very technical. Please see attached images for ideas. Requirements: - Expertise in architectural sketching - Ability to create sketches in a sketch style - Experience in creating sketches of solar panels - Attention to detail to capture the medium level of detail required I will p...

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    ...wish to be part of my desired animation are listed below: - Gigan (Godzilla 2004 Design) - Kha'Zix (League of Legends) - Wesker (Resident Evil 5) - Nick (Left 4 Dead 2) - Zero Suit Samus (Metroid) - Falco (Starfox/Smash Bros) - Johnny Cage (MK1 Design) - Rayquaza (Pokemon Mega Design) - Dry Bones (Mario) - Pauline (Mario) - Karin (Jet X2O Beta Design) - Thresh (League of Legends) - Dormammu (Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Design) - Zoey (Left 4 Dead) - Spy (Teamfortress 2) - Radec (Killzone 2) - Scrin (Command and Conquer 3 - FACTION SYMBOL REFERENCE ONLY) - KISS (The band - if possible!) Other Interests I have: - Old School 80s material and music - Space and Astronomy - Fancy New York Mafia aesthetic - Nostalgia Factors I understand this can be a difficult job. I am also aware this...

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    ...vii. The baker makes (produces) 100 cupcakes during weekdays viii. The baker makes (produces) double over the weekend ix. The bakery shop is closed as soon as all cupcakes are sold b. User has a choice of running the program i. Interactively ii. or Reading from a file. c. Inputs (are provided interactively or through the file): i. The number of bakers ii. The number of customers iii. Weekdays vs weekends iv. Maximum array size (dynamically allocated) d. produce the result in the output file e. Good programming practices must be reflected in the code, such as: i. Proper naming of variable ii. Use of comments iii. Use of indentation 2. Test your program with the test file that will be provided to you 3. Project report. a. Includes: i. Screen capture images of the output ii. Di...

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    Website - Database for wordpress 21 timer left

    I am in need for someone to developer a website (3 pages) along with a database functionality. The homepage, the page that displays the database information, and then a profile page (each database entry is a name and if you click the name, it will go to a profile page for more details). You will develop it so that it is wordpress. You will host on your website for the time being a...50-100. The database is similar to - The website needs to be looked good on both web and mobile. i.e, it can't be mis formatted or disjointed. So the view on web might look different than on mobile since the rows/columns of data might need to be displayed a little differently to fit both and maintain a good look. See attached to see how displayed different on mobile vs web.

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    Bonjour, Je recherche un développeur expérimenté en WordPress pour m'aider dans mon projet personnel. J'ai besoin de quelqu'un qui maîtrise l'utilisation de GitHub et VS code, en particulier pour le langage PHP. Objectif principal du site: - Blog Délai de réalisation: - 15 jours Compétences et expérience idéales: - Développement WordPress - Bonne connaissance de l'utilisation de Github et VS code - Maîtrise du langage PHP Si vous avez les compétences requises et êtes disponible dans les prochaines semaines, je serais ravi de discuter plus en détail de mon projet avec vous.

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    material planning 13 timer left

    ...Orders per customer per SKU * Production Planning (Report on Planned vs actual) * BOM's for all products. * Material Requirements based on planned production, Raws, packs etc, needs to show what stock I have on hand and what is required for the production run * Yield Sheet, after every production, I do a yield sheet per product, showing the opening stock you had, what was actualy used as per the BOM/Recipe. How many Lt's was mixed and total Lt's in Good Stock, This then shows the waste on each component, * Finished Goods, Batch Numbers, Manuf Date Expiry Date Collections per POD Invoiced qty Outstanding Invoice qty (Showing Total Manuf, Collected and Closing Stock on Dashboard) * Inventory Management (Actaul Stock count vs System qty's and write of...

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    ...taking an image and returns a class-type (e.g. "triangle", etc.) to indicate the type of body; 2) Rudimentary web-interface to upload an image In terms of classification, obviously this means a proposed ML pipeline will contain following additional checks to be performed prior to invoking the body-type classification: 1) Gender classification (the POC must only accept Female images) 2) Full Body vs Partial Body detection (the POC most only accept full body images) 3) The actual body-type classification of 6 different classes Three dominant (and recent) academic research papers will be used as the foundation for an accurate problem description. These papers will be provided, and are as following: 1) "Human Body Shape Classification Based on a Single Image" ...

    €3001 - €5002
    Forseglet NDA
    €3001 - €5002
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    ...about clearances and effort - we mutually agree to effort - we assign you the task after mutually agreed - you implement, test and deliver - you provide also unit /integration tests to ensure code is always working - you document each required step to make interaction of systems to work - we test on our premise (you maybe help to fix issues) - we pay (basically the rules of freelancer) Closed book vs open book? We work only on open book. Closed book means you are unwilling to define a WBS for the work and you add only a price tag to the task. We are sorry we will not hire you in such a case! Deliveries? - in our on premise git (access will be granted to you) - full sources - mutliple samples of body and responses of the api in test/resources which will be used as unit tests - m...

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    The logo must have the name of the business "All Your Heart Veterinary Services" featured (written in two lines please). I would like this in soft cursive/calligraphy (ideas/samples attached) and in plum purple or dark grape purple colour ?. It must include a large heart overlapping behi...(ideas/samples attached) and in plum purple or dark grape purple colour ?. It must include a large heart overlapping behind the words (ideas/samples attached) in red ❤️. And if possible, will include a stethoscope and paw print, but these can be skipped if needed as I don't want it to look busy or tacky. I also want the an option of the same logo made for the abbreviation of the business name "AYH VS", with all the same colours and components. I want it to look soft, ge...

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    ...that the website is crashing. It seems to be originating from the frontend code. I need this issue fixed within 24 hours. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in CodeIgniter framework - Experience with frontend development - Ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues - Attention to detail and thorough testing to ensure bug-free code delivery I can provide Anydesk access to VS code and gitlab (CI/CD) This error happend after adding a thing, it should be there already because when I'm deleting the new part, the issue is still there. In summarize : you click on a button, it should save a pdf in the server and also download it to user machine. please check the error message attached. I need somebody for this bug but I got a long list of tasks to do on ...

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    My organization is seeking an experienced freelancer to conduct internal research on the relationship between employee engagement and stress. We want to understand the impact of stress on employee absence, identify strategies to reduce employee stress, and make data driven decisions about employee well-being. The research will focus on all employees working in our organization, and you will be required to utilize existing data for analysis. Your deliverables will include comprehensive insights into our workforce and a detailed report on how we can best reduce employee stress. We are looking for an individual with experience in collecting and analyzing data related to employee engagement and stress. Please provide specific examples of your prior experience in this field. We are excite...

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    Contact form is displayed properly but not submitting at all

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    Skills needed for the project: Data Analysis: Analyzing and interpreting data. Regression Modeling: Building and interpreting regression models. Model Validation: Comparing models using validation techniques. Prediction and Confidence Intervals: Making predictions and calculating confidence intervals. Probability Concepts: Understanding confidence intervals and Bayesian vs. frequentist approaches. Bayesian Analysis: Applying Bayes' rule to decision-making scenarios. Simulation Techniques: Using simulations (like Monte Carlo) for analytical validation.

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    - write Simple Uber mobile application with python + sqlite3 + kivy file that can run vs. code

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    Project Description: Google Ad Conversion Forecast We are looking for a freelancer who can help us forecast the conversion rates for Ready to use cabin Google Ad campaign. Goal: Generate leads Target demographic: Interest specific( readymade cabin) Need report on possible spend combination vs lead generation

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    Sphinx python documentation in VS code

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can make design & functionality changes to my Big Commerce website. I can provide detailed instructions for these changes and I need them to be implemented immediately. Ideal Skil...development - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Strong problem-solving skills - Attention to detail Reference Videos Task 1 Task 2 vs Task 3 vs

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    ...about clearances and effort - we mutually agree to effort - we assign you the task after mutually agreed - you implement, test and deliver - you provide also unit /integration tests to ensure code is always working - you document each required step to make interaction of systems to work - we test on our premise (you maybe help to fix issues) - we pay (basically the rules of freelancer) Closed book vs open book? We work only on open book. Closed book means you are unwilling to define a WBS for the work and you add only a price tag to the task. We are sorry we will not hire you in such a case! Deliveries? - in our on premise git (access will be granted to you) - full sources - multiple samples of body and responses of the api in test/resources which will be used as unit tests - m...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Ninjatrader platform indicator with OrderFlow package. The specific indicator functionality I am looking for is Cumulative Delta vs price. The developer shall have access to paid OrderFlow package by him/herself. The indicator will: 1. show imbalances: different number of buyers/sellers compare to similar price (I will share screenshot, but I don't know the logic how to make it - I required consultation and idea) 2. show places where there were many buyers/sellers but the the price didn't go in that direction (absorption) 3. some KPI how strong the change of the price was compare to buyers/sellers participation (don't have specific equation, need consultation nad tests) I am open to suggestions for any specific customi...

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    This books will explains the Montessori education systems in details and why it is the best method of education vs other traditional education systems especially in early childhood education

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    Descrição: Estamos procurando um especialista em cloud computing para realizar um estudo comparativo detalhado da nossa atual infraestrutura no Google Cloud com serviços equivalentes na AWS, Azure e Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Aceitamos sugestões de outros fornecedores. O objetivo é analisar e entender as diferenças em termos de custos, desempenho, disponibilidade e compatibilidade de serviços. **Responsabilidades:** - Realizar uma análise detalhada da infraestrutura atual no Google Cloud, incluindo serviços como Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, App Engine, entre outros. - Identificar serviços equivalentes na AWS, Azure e OCI, levando em conta as especificidades de cada plataforma. - Fornecer uma comparaç&atild...

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    Discord Bot Udløbet left

    ...After input collection, the bot sends an embedded message in the channel. Format: “@challenger has requested a new match with @opponent! Accept / Decline” Visibility: Only visible to @challenger and @opponent. Acceptance or Declination: If accepted, the bot announces: “MATCH ACCEPTED @challenger vs @opponent Time: [Time] Date: [Date] Map: [Map]” Visibility: Visible to everyone in the server. If declined, the bot: Asks the opponent for a declination reason. Announces: “MATCH DECLINED @challenger VS @opponent Reason: [Reason]” Visibility: Visible to everyone in the server. Score Reporting System Post-Match Score Submission Prompt: After the match time has elapsed, the bot requests score submissions from @challenger and @opponent, provid...

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    ...perform NMF (non negative matrix factorization) using either matlab or python. I will sahre data in chatbox after your bid. My expectation: I have attached two pictures that are expected result () and corresponding algorithm from work. Column A of above data is X axis. NORMALIZED column C is Y axis. I want exact result like attched figure (named as )....nothing less. Normalized column C vs column A will give result like black line (experiment) as shown in attached figure 1.png. after performing NMF you will get yellow and red line. Please note: pattern of Yellow line is most important and deconvolution from peak corresponding to 575 nm and 637 nm is exactly what i need as shown in figure 1.png.... I am open to any other ML or DL based technique you suggest (but after discu...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop an open source ArcGIS web app tool. I'm looking for help building an arcgis online application tool where any user can visit the online application and upload their address point data file (in excel format - the excel file will already have lat/long) using an easy drag and drop option as the primary way of importing the data. From there, ...and drop their excel file into the application and it will automate all the actions mentioned above and create a mapping visualization where the user can sort the data in the map by 1. technology Fiber, Cable, Copper, Licensed Fixed Wireless, etc. 2. Filter by Company Name or 3. Filter by Served, Underserved and/or Unserved status. The user should also have the option to download the data as a ...

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    Warm Calling Vs Cold Calling article

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    Looking for someone to build a large-scale content strategy for multiple sites within the same vertical. Must have experience with building SEO-driven content strategies. Hub and spoke-type of models with data to back up the strategies. The end goal will be a large-scale, ...goal will be a large-scale, over arching content strategy that would cover the niche as a whole. This should be easily pared down to site-specific content strategies, but we'll start . I need keywords with data, content clusters, specific content titles, and eventually a content calendar. Topic is around pregnancy & fertility, covering all aspects. Would prefer to work directly with an individual vs a team. I am not looking for someone to generate reports out of SEMrush or some other tool and send a...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a nine men's Morris game with a human vs human interface implemented in a windows form application using C#. I am not particularly tied to a specific design, so I am open to suggestions from the freelancer regarding the game interface. The game should have a restart option and a proper message in case of a win. Additionally, I do not wish to include a tutorial or instructions with the game. The project should be completed by November 30 th.

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