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    Caravan website Udløbet left

    To construct as at basic level website. please look at the attached word docuument "[log ind for at se URL]" for a full in depth description of the requirements ## Deliverables 1. fully completed website with all specifications and requirements stated in ITEM042.doc. [log ind for at se URL] by line definition of codeing used so i know what each line means. 3. The picture...

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    I require a high detailed, 3D environment of real world places, such as London, Manhattan etc. to form the area of a virtual 3D tour, in first person view, and as photorealistic as possible. If possible, the 3D engine should provide for interaction and motion, for example boats cruising down the river Thames or traffic lights turning from green to red. Collision detection is of course also neccesa...

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    PHP database Udløbet left

    ...that my customers may need. I have a few links that allow you to see the type of reports I need. These links are examples of what I need to provide for my clients. EXAMPLE #1: Full Demographic profile [log ind for at se URL] EXAMPLE #2: Business Report http://secure-www6.american-data

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    Create report for access via authenticated website using Crystal Reports and VB.Net Pulls data from 1 MSSQL database with inputs from user for start and end date. Give customer ability to either view online or download into a chosen format (csv, xls, xml) Specific functional specification for this project are in the .zip file enclosed. Please read this before bidding. Much addi...

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    Apologies for resubmitting this project. Many people complained that my first description was to vague, so here goes again but with more detail! Electronic market The website is an electronic advert newspaper. The users will register to post adverts of items that they want to buy or sell. For examples lets say I have a video to sell. I would register

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    ...someone that will keep doing this . We not only want updates on keywords,title,description,sitetext,hyperlinks on site,... or even submissions to all the ffa sites we also need ppl that have programs to get as many sites linked to us as possible. Let me know in full detail what you will be able to provide . Thank you, Nadja. ## Deliverables

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    ...owner to add new ships. The new ships will all be able to have edited stats and 3D skin representation. Basic art as to how everything is to look will be provided. No high detail is required. The player will be able to select ships, rotate around in the Space Combat Holotank ( The space in which it will happen in ). Select basic tactics, and other

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    Enhance the current UC_CDR monitoring program which monitors an ODBC connected table for new entries and populates a writeable MSSQL table via ODBC on another machine. The enhancement is support the CDR layout of another data source in addition to the existing source. The CDR layout of the other source is very similar to the existing layout. The only conversion is that 2 fields are expressed in UN...

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    Figure skating MUD Udløbet left

    Hi guys, I've written up a more detailed description of what I'm looking for (see the "terms" in the deliverables section). Below is a description of the game's concept. Basically, I'm looking for a coder to help me with a technical skills system, and a character creation process. More detail on both these systems can be found in the attachme...

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    ...associated reports for the labels. See detail for a list of the functions you will write. ## Deliverables Return the modified database. You will also include a text document describing the changes you made so that we can make the same changes to our other databases that have the same form. Detailed description: Create a number of basic “build events

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    ...the Year, Make, Model, and Quantity. Example: [Image] 98 Mack CH613 (Qty: 3) Clicking the item row should take the user to the detail page. Sample layout: [log ind for at se URL] The detail page will contain many elements. At the very top will be the AADiesel logo. Then below that will contain the inventory heading:

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    ...text' and extra price - ‘partB' + £10 ‘partC' + £25 Then have it all linked to the BUY NOW button to post to the cart- Part number (as it does now) Quantity (as it does now) Description (as it does now) Plus the ‘short text' from the drop down box Price either £50 (as it does now) or the option would add £10 or £25 to th...

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    Data Retrevial Udløbet left

    Description: Need a VB/VBS/.NET application that will read a listing on a Web site and retrieve company and contact data from linked pages and sites. Application should save all retrieved information into a Microsoft Access database. Application should begin with list of firms generated from 'List All Firms in the USA' at [log ind for at se URL]

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    Cycles Udløbet left

    If you can provide a one time fax number it will be greatly apprecitated. That way I can explain it better and in full detail with pictures and class notes. I have notice that the coders who have been viewing my request don't fully understand what is going on or need more information. I don't have a fax machine so the fax number you provide me doesn't

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    TEMPLATE SITE COPY Udløbet left

    ...template. With a VIEW, ADD, BUY button. (I will supply the graphics) And an item detail next to each product. When a user selects VIEW a screen will pop-up with my website layout in it, in addition to the FLASH file of that thumbnail image that was clicked. The full description will be available on the page with the price and other information (Category

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    Amplitude Reader Udløbet left

    Amplitude Reader The program that I need is kind of complicated, so it’s essential that you look at every single detail in the description here. If any other questions arise, please e-mail me as quickly as possible. As the title says, I need an Amplitude Reader in the most literal terms I can think of. It will have to be able to load both Microsoft

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    I need a very good designer (preferably London based, with Flash skills) to work with us on a potential and exciting project. This project can lead onto very exciting opportunities with major companies. “The future is bright, the future is in your skills – I hope” Must be able to produce banners, button, gifs etc and page layouts. The project might involve some interactive Flash applications a...

    €173 - €260
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    Java Project Udløbet left

    A project description is given in STRIPS syntax. I need a Java command line parameter to input a text file that specifies a planning problem in the given STRIPS syntax which I will provide, and correctly parse the problem specification. (I will provide about 4 pages of Java Outline/Skeleton code for the JAVA Parser. If the problem specification has

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    General: Script to convert intheQ stores to osCommerce based stores. Qstore keeps info in Berkeley DB3 files, full cart Perl avail (re-use access routines etc). Please include any relevant experience and delivery estimate. We're not looking for generic comments - specific pertinent questions that demonstrate your understanding of the requirements. This

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    Servlet and JDBC Udløbet left

    FULL DETAIL IS NOW AVAILBEL ====================== The aim of this assignment is to familiarize you with JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) in client-server environment. In this project, you have to develop an interface for students to request an appointment with their instructor. This interface will allow the user to select an appointment consisting

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    Shopping Basket Udløbet left

    ...part that I have done just to see more or less how I want it to look. I want to sell motorbikes and I will also e-mail you all the photos large and thumbnails and the full description of the bikes. You want you to continue on what I have done so far. I basically need the asp coding an ddatabase. The background, colours and other fancy stuff I will do

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    You can see the basic operation in detail on this web page. [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...duties, but need someone to do the following: 1. Browse online freeware/shareware archives and download programs that fit in whatever theme I choose. (e.g. I might ask for a CD full of audio tools) a. The programs would need to meet specific criteria. (e.g. no time limited trials, or demo versions) 2. Once downloaded, if the program is standalone setup

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    Internet Game Udløbet left

    I have an idea for a new internet game. I'm not going to discuss the details here. The coder I end up working with will get a full description as well as non-disclosure documents. Every choice of programming language is really up to the coder, but these are what I would think are necessary. Java, some experience with a relational database, web development

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    ...requirements of printing, the service must be a well-behaved,full featured Jini [log ind for at se URL] means that it must be able to recover after crashes by saving its state to persistent storage. Any coder who are interested with this application, don't feel hesitate to write to me. I'll provided a detailed description upon request. ## Deliverables *Complete and fu...

    €26 - €4336
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    ...the order person telling him that his order is approved. However, they still cannot login to the member area yet. ....See more detail in Deliverables sections...... ## Deliverables Continue from Description: His order detail will be placed in the AddorModify Database waiting for VB application to do placing his network position and calculating the

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    Master-Detail Data Udløbet left

    This project involves adding, editing and deleting information from master and detail ACCES tables whereas the Master fields are displayed on the FORM itself and the Detail fields are displayed on GRIDS. Example: the record is picked out from a COMBO box listing all AUTHORS from the Master table AUTHORS and the fields Name, Address etc is being displayed

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    Master-Detail Udløbet left

    This project involves adding, editing and deleting information from master and detail ACCES tables whereas the Master fields are displayed on the FORM itself and the Detail fields are displayed on GRIDS. Example: the record is picked out from a COMBO box listing all AUTHORS from the Master table AUTHORS and the fields Name, Address etc is being displayed

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    This project involves adding, editing and deleting information from master and detail ACCES tables whereas the Master fields are displayed on the FORM itself and the Detail fields are displayed on GRIDS. Example: the record is picked out from a COMBO box listing all AUTHORS from the Master table AUTHORS and the fields Name, Address etc is being displayed

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    I have a program that I am working on. On the payroll form I have created a master detail relationship. Employees to payroll. I have a drop down data combo to search for the name of the employee. I would like the grid to show the total of Payrate*Hours worked less all the deductions. Deductions are: Deductions MiscDed StateTax FICA FedTax Medical Flat

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    ...is best for us. We are actually looking for such a coder who have already built an HL7 integration for Radiology Information System. We have limited time for this project. Detail: - Our RIS program is completed (VB/COM-MTS/SQL2K) - All neccessary segments for RIS system like "Order" - HL7 component should be two-way conversation - HL7 v2.3 or later

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    I have a simple database with a bank and account holder information. I need a simple report created to show each bank with it's accounts. The only catch is that I need room for a two page cover letter. So basically I want to say Dear Bank, these are your customers that are also my customer and I would like to work with you bla, bla, bla. And then list the accounts. I am attaching the database...

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    Stock & Purchasing Udløbet left

    ...rewrite our Stock Control & Purchasing module in VB. All the stock items are contained within an access 2000 MDB. Each stock item has the usual stock details - Stock code, Description, Minimum Stock Level, Allocated, On Order, In Stock etc. We also have stock locations - where a part maybe in one or more different locations. We need to be able to produce

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