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    Hej Christopher, jeg faldt lige over dig da jeg bød på et transskriptions job. jeg kan se du tilbyder transskription til $80 - Jeg har et projekt lige nu hvor jeg giver mine freelancere $110/audio hour, jeg kunne godt bruge en mere. Hvis du vil så find mig lige på Sk*pe via jm snabel a nicolepiper punktum com, så kan vi lige tale sammen

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    I’m looking native Danish people for a small project that will take about 2-4 hours. Audio recording 1000 prompts 90$

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    Hi, I am looking for a freelancer to hire for a big project regarding a book translation. Therefore I would like you to do a little translation sample for our customer before chosing the translator for this task. Total word count: 17.000 words. Estimated project start date: October Pleas find the short sample text to be translated here. Important: It does not have to be a 1:1 translation. Feel free to be creative and interpretative. "Åh jo, hvor har jeg haft mange gode oplevelser i klubben …. Dengang i 90´erne da jeg var yngre og slankere; nej måske var jeg ikke slankere, vægten var bare bedre fordelt, dengang var SLM et fristed. Man var fri for PANs larmende technohelvede, til tider intrigante miljø og ubehagelige gl...

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    Audio Fingerprint Udløbet left

    For desktop

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    Oversætte kærestebreve fra engelsk/dansk til kinesisk. Beskrivelsen er både på engelsk og dansk! Der er 5700 ord. Det skal helst være en være en oversætter, som har erfaring med oversættelse af romantisk og poetisk indhold! In English! Translating love letters from English / Danish to Chines...kærestebreve fra engelsk/dansk til kinesisk. Beskrivelsen er både på engelsk og dansk! Der er 5700 ord. Det skal helst være en være en oversætter, som har erfaring med oversættelse af romantisk og poetisk indhold! In English! Translating love letters from English / Danish to Chinese. The description is in both English and Danish! There are 5700 words. It should preferably be a b...

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    Audio Stinger 2 Udløbet left

    New audio stinger for newscast

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    Creation of a logo of an educational institution such as a university denominated: Institut Facultaire de Bokungu in acronym: IFABO We have attached an old logo which we no longer want, but just to give you the idea of our distinctive badges that we want to see in the logo: 1. An abre, any abre that must work with you...distinctive badges that we want to see in the logo: 1. An abre, any abre that must work with your design 2. The map of Bokungu, a territory in the Democratic Republic of Congo which we have attached to give you the idea how this map looks for you to push the designate. 3. The book and any other inspiration for univto win the contest. slogan of this educational institution is in French and must be written in French such as: Dévise: Science, ét...

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    Hi, We are a Digital Marketing Agency offering Lead Generation service to local businesses. We are targeting prospects in UK, USA, Canada, France, and Belgium...Digital Marketing Agency offering Lead Generation service to local businesses. We are targeting prospects in UK, USA, Canada, France, and Belgium. We have a prospecting team setting up appointments with prospects over the phone or zoom, and we are looking currently for sales reps (Fluent English OR Fluent French) to handle these sales calls. These sales calls aim to sell prospects our 2 weeks free tiral, so this will be easy to sell. Please apply only if you speak fluently English OR French, and let us know your best hourly rate (we are open to give our sales reps commissions based on performance in addition to ...

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    I'm reading a comic that presents a stage play about Jesus Christ's crucifixion. This part is spoken by an actor as a soliloquy as he stands on the stage during rehearsal. The content is weird to me, seems to be talking about J.C. being from a family of donkeys and the crucified man being someone else other than J.C. But it seems to be central to the story so needs to be understood. "cette histoire du fils de dieu incarné sur la terre dans le ventre d'une femme vierge sent le mythe. ce qui me gêne, c'est que ce ne soit pas vrai. car si dans le mythe jésus-christ est fils de dieu, dans l'histoire il n'est même pas fils d'homme mais d'un âne, et christ en hébreu veut dire ânier et il veut même ...

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    Hi, We need a iOS and android app screenshots to be create in english and french lang. five screenshots to be created in each lang. iOS - En & FR 1. iPhone 6.5 inch 2. iPhone 5.5 inch 3. iPad pro 12.9 inch 3rd gen Android - En & FR 1. presentation image must be in PNG or JPEG format, weigh up to 1MB, and measure 1024px by 500px 2. Phone screenshot - five phone screenshots. Captures should be in PNG or JPEG format, weigh up to 8MB each, and be 16: 9 or 9:16, and each side should be between 320px and 3840px 3. 7 inch tablet - Captures should be in PNG or JPEG format, weigh up to 8MB each, and be 16: 9 or 9:16, and each side should be between 320px and 3840px 4. 10 inch tablet - Captures should be in PNG or JPEG format, weigh up to 8MB each, and be 16: 9 or 9:16...

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    8 bud an option to switch date with navigation on left and right and in the middle will show the date. Also, a button will be there to quickly go to current date. Quran - 3 tabs - surah list, juz list and bookmark. Option to go to last read at the top. Once surah is opened, the design for the quran is also required. will be in the format - ayat line, transliteration, translation, share, bookmark, audio play - Kiblah - Qiblah design with location. - 99 names of Allah page - Tasbih page - Dua page - Settings page. - List is quite big, so we can trim down it to multiple short ones. Below are the few from the Dribble I liked. Don't create an exact replica of any of that, just for inspiration.

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    Project is to update about 30-40 labels (template already created in English). I need french language added to the labels on spec. (I have the translation made already as well).

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    HTML 3D Interactive Graphic 6 dage left

    ...lists what they need. It needs to be unlimited and infinitely expandable and searchable. Be able to track and report all use, views, and things accessed with filterable results. It will need to have a Show Me, Practice, and Certify capabilities for all users. I need it to be viewable and interactive with VR headsets and Hololens glasses. And be able to use the headsets to record video and audio and save with headsets for later downloading as H.264 file. This graphic and program will run on a windows server. The software will open for the users in Safari when being used on an iPad and on a Windows Laptop computer when being used on a laptop. The editor program will open in Chrome when editing is being performed on a windows laptop computer and play on a Windows lapto...

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    Create Lottie and json animation for text and for audio gif. So that text, sound and audio gif will be in sync. Example screenshot and video is provided and audio voice over file is there. One old currently working Lottie for text is also here. Only thing missing is to have gif in sync. And words and voice over need to come on same time and voice gif needs to be in sync. Text stile is Spartan Here is the script: “In these quiet moment between quiet and busy Have you ever felt that there is something missing in your life, even though you have everything you could dream of? Do you ever wonder if today’s achievements are truly in accordance with your highest potential? What if you discovered a new depth to your mission and contribution in this world...

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    Transcribe 6 dage left

    Transcribe audio into written form in German language.

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    Hi, I've some English video with subtitle. I Need to translate them into Bangla. Simple video. I'll pay $1.25/video. Thanks in advance

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    Hi I'm looking for translator to translate this 3.4 minutes video from German to English Thank you

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    ...than using a seperate SST API within Asterisk (there is a Github package called vosk-asterisk, I want to avoid using this), this is because there will more complex analysis on the text output done with NodeJS at a later time - I don't want to perform text analysis (such as keyword lookup) within the dial plan. This is simply a proof of concept project. The challenge, I believe, is directing the audio channel to Vosk. (Anyone who has worked with NodeJS and Asterisk AGI should be able to make this work very easily). I do not want to use Watson or Google Cloud STT, i've had better results in real time using Vosk and would like to continue using it. The project is considered complete when the above five steps all work. See my simple diagram of how the I see the process ...

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    freelance music producer / recording studio website hosted on existing domain. Sections: mission, bio, portfolio (audio player, YT links, album covers), contact form. Attached a picture from my old website.

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    1. Create a total of 3 “Alternative” Schedules (or “Priority Schedules”). There is already one, need 2 more. Ability to name the schedule – eg: “Wet Weather Schedule”, etc. 2. Change “Alternative Schedule” slider to On / Off button 3. Override tablet volume settings so when audio jack disconnected or connected, volume level does not drop or change. In Bell Master, Settings, Volume Control – this function should stop volume change. Please check and fix.

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    We want a native Espanol speaker who can translate from English to Espanol. We need a qualified candidate for this project new freelancers are very welcomed with there recommended skills too thanks

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    Voice narration 6 dage left

    I need a female freelancer to record an audio for me, with high quality mic The script in English and its only one page Please if you want to apply I need to hear examples from your work Thanks

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    Hi Moad R., I worked with you in my last company to translate French texts into German. I need someone regurlarly for the same job. Can you just tell me how much does it cost per word?

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    Russian translator 6 dage left

    Need a Russian transloter who can translate project discription and cover meetings

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    We need some documents to be translated to Turkish.

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    Polish Transcription Project 6 dage left

    *Project Type: Polish Transcription* *Language: Polish* *Duration: 3 Months* *Description:* In this Polish transcription project, the proper segmentation will be done of a valid audio clip. The user will have to write what he/she hears from that audio clip according to all the guidelines and transcription rules provided. *Selection procedure:* -There will be training videos for workers. -There will be training sessions on the tcs to train workers. -Ids will be assigned. -Workers will have to give a trial on assigned Ids. -If a worker will fail then he/she will give a re-trial. -If a worker will pass the trial he/she will be moved to the main room. The *trial period* will be of 02-03 days in which the company will take trials of all the people and evaluate their work and...

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    1. We provide you with the APP, you make up the sentences with the keywords on that, there are 1000 in total. 2. You can earn up to $22 3. Don't lend your account to others 4. Each person has only one chance to participate 5. Two voices in the same account don't get paid 6. The noise is louder than speaking won't get paid 7. Making vague, illogical sentences ARE NOT ALLOWED 8. Speak for longer than two seconds

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    Need French Male Voice over artist 6 dage left

    Need French Male Voice over artist for 2 minutes video

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    Fix text for audio files on Dari. 6 dage left

    Given 4 audio files in Dari language and text to them. It is necessary to correct errors in the submitted files. Requirement: Dari must be a native language.

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    I need a native sweedish translator to subtitle my videos in srt format. More details via chat.

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    We are looking for a java developer to build an apk for audio recording feature. This is same like a podcast application. Contact us for more details

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    We will provide screenshots and audio with storyline.

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    Need a native Turkish translator for our long term project from English to Turkish. Please bid only native bidders. No agencies or firm and not allowed any google or machine translation. New bids are expected to bid on this project

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    Don't Apply India / Pakistan / Bangladesh developers I prefer Cambodia / Vietnam / Laos / Malaysia developers I am seeking full stack developer who need to read and understand and complete the requirement for project of Japanese with translator or nothing Required main skill is HTML, CSS, Javascrtip, wordpress, shopify, laravel, vueJs, Ruby on Rails, EC-Cube etc... Please connect this job.

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    Audio operator for live gigs in Melbourne. Mostly basic operating with max mixing of a couple people

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    I am looking for someone to do Linkedin Lead Generation, Follow up and do product demos via zoom and teams calls of an IT tool. I am looking for a person with good presence, good communication skills who can speak English, French, Portuguese, German, Arabic or Spanish

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    French WordPress SEO Expert 6 dage left

    Hi we are a website agency and we are looking for seo expert in french website we want french native person if you are canadian french that could be make it the website to do Search engine optimisation is in Wordpress Thank for your interest to work with us Sincerely Wibyo

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    I am looking for a native German translator to translate from German to English. Need high quality human translation only. Software or Google works are not allowed.

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    I am looking for a native German translator to translate from German to English. Need high quality human translation only. Software or Google works are not allowed.

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    I'm the process of finishing the text for an interactive story for my site: In total there are 201 paragraphs (approx 250 word), each of which would be needed to saved a separate audio file. Total word count is around 50,000. I'm looking for a British male voice. If you are infested, please provide me a link to your sample voices Thanks, Ben

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    This job is for only Japanese freelancers only. I have couple of documents written in Japanese and I need Japanese article writers. Feel free to make your bid and I will give you details.

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    This virtual role based on phones and the internet is an ongoing role a...lead generation through social media such as LinkedIn would be a desirable skill. Must have internet access with a minimum speed of 25 MBPS Must have a workable computer. Noise Free working environment is a must for any applicant who wants to work from home. For any home-based applicant, we will require a separate room dedicated for work - called Home Office. We are a company partly owned by French Post in the brand name of DPD from the UK and we have around 30 thousand outlets around the world. We are trying to promote our brand and service in Australia among the businesses while we are very successful with our branding in the retail market. Please check our website for further information.

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    We need sample apps to help us implement push notification in our existing android and iOS apps. We already send notification to the apps but when the app is in the background the user may miss the notification. We need the notification to either bring the app to the foreground or sound an alarm for one minute. We are open to adding new functionality such as audio or voip communication to the apps if that is required. You can quote for both or either of the iOS and Android apps.

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    Storyline Articulate 360 7 timer left

    Change the content from provided Storyline 360 (AMXL using ) with new text/audio/new images from PPT (Stand-Up ). Title: Stand-Up meetings Do not change the title page inside Knowedge check (6.1)

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    Haster NDA
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    (french follows) Hello, I am a web designer in Canada, but not a SQL or PHP programmer. For a non-profit organization (Conseil des arts de Longueuil), I need to program "html2canvas" so that drawings made by users—those who will use the drawing tools at his disposal—are saved on a database. Designs made by different users should appear in a mosaic/mural where a thumbnail of each of the designs will be displayed. html2canvas performs a screen capture in order to save the image. Images must be saved to be visible in the mosaic/mural dataset. See the project home page: Here is the pad with the tools to draw: The mosaic page where the resulting drawings should appear is

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    Hello please i want ebook app which have features like Scribd ( magazine, podcasts and audio parts excluded). I want an Scribd like app which consists: Register and create a profile Download the books of offline reading Customize the look and design of the app Ebook functionality Search and filter through various choices of books Contact customer support Give Reviews and Ratings Social integration for sharing books with friends friends User Panel Features: Sign up/sign in Admin Panel Features: Manage subscriptions Add/delete books Manage advertisements Manage the extra content The app must be Epub compatible and it must have all features Scribd reading part have.

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    English to Farsi 6 dage left

    Hi there! I've a document in English. I need a native Farsi translator to translate my document from English to Farsi. Please bid only native Farsi speaker. Thanks!

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    €27 - €221
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