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    I have a set of 40 maps that have information about roads in a country. I need to develop an algorithm to automatically digitise the roads into ArcGIS shapefiles and extract information according to their classification. So for example, in one map, there is a network of roads, which are classified differently. Some roads are in dashed pink lines, others

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    I have a hosting with unlimited bandwidth: I want to stream a 24/7 livestream on YouTube using this bandwidth.

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    Url scrap orderly and automatically Udløbet left

    Url scrapper that scraps orderly and automatically. We have a visual basic program that scraps the idea would be to have a mysql in web server or internally gets that list of urls and scraps emails, spanish phone number, and populated a database with the information scrapped

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    This project consists with 3 parts: 1. Automatically export new orders from Magento into a TXT file (over FTP for example) 2. Automatically import order tracking numbers back to Magento. There will be a text file containing Magneto order number and tracking number, that has to be save back to Magento. 3. When order in Magento receives tracking

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    I have an excel spreadsheet. I need someone that can enter the correct formula so that if enter the value "yes" in one row, this column is automatically copied into another page of the excel sheet. I have added the file here.

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    ...Hosting (Choose some Package) Pack 1 is 5GB space etc and cost's 5 USD per month. Pack 2 is 20GB space etx and cost's 10 USD per month. After the payment the system will automatically install Wordpress and set up the Database and he can use some free subdomain + domain alias. NOTE. I have already looked at MPMU and other solutions but no one seems

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    I want to log in to Linkedin. Navigate to the search url for connections according to the post. click the connect button send the connection request and repeat the process by browsing the search pages. I want access to the source code and that is in Java or C # and Selenium WebDriver

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    I have created simple background service on Android. Btw, it stopped automatically after some time on Gallaxy S7. If you can fix it, please bid.

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    ...DB: Name: oats Calories: 100 Protein: 6 Carbs: 18 Fibers 4 I want a script that creates posts using the foods from the database. Using the example above, one automatically generated post would be: Title of the post: chicken Content of the post: the nutrition facts of chicken inside a table. The script must create one post for each

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    Create an excel inventory management system. Inventory should auto deduct and final inventory sheet should reflect current inventory. This is for an apparel business. So each inventory item has color and size variations. We should be able to add items etc. All work is to be done in excel or a microsoft database.

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    I have data that is in a .log file which needs to be placed into a google sheet daily. One script to set up the new sheets and another to extract the new file into a new sheet. Thanks.

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    We have magento 1.9.3 and have about 20 000 products we facing some fuction not working like import/export bulk items, we have been adviced by the server people that the data is very high in mysql more than 30GB while it should be around 3GB we need professional and familiar to do the job

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    ...profile displaying their license, expiry date, truck registration, crewman and so forth. -Ability to track sales revenue at the start and end of every month -Ability to deduct expenses (ONLY), out of the total sales revenue of every month. -Ability to also export all data out to excel, to clean out old entry logs (to start fresh again for next

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    I am a travel photographer and I'm looking to work with someone who knows Illinois business/income tax law. I am just starting but I am registered with Illinois (Illinoi...the form is "0". I also file my regular individual taxes since I have income from another job. I'm looking to find out the tax and business basics, as well as what/how I can deduct.

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    For one of our current Unity projects we need some extra capacity to help writing Unity C# scripts / Unity project that have the following functionality: - The project should have 1 scene called “Scene-A” o In this scene should be a gameobject with a videoplayer component. o A small video should be played when the scene is started. o See screenshot ([log ind for at se URL]) -...

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    [log ind for at se URL] failed ssd,laptop,pc, HD data,Raid data etc who wan to data [log ind for at se URL] customers and sales . [log ind for at se URL] your sales marke...who wan to data [log ind for at se URL] customers and sales . [log ind for at se URL] your sales marketing,Sent us the subjects to us. [log ind for at se URL] order to us ,we recovery for you/ your customers.4.deduct...

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    ...also places an extra submit button). I have access to $post in the Loop, on the individual post displayed - but I want any of the post attributes (ID/title/slug etc) to automatically STUFF into that one field when someone hits submit !!!? Note: since $post is inaccessible, none of these work when directly placed in the value field: $post->ID $post->ID

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    Excel spreadsheets Udløbet left

    I need a spreadsheet that will calculate the grand total of contracts, then on a seperate line is will deduct a percent complete amount and give a current total. Also need to track timeline for all projects on page 2. These pages will have more than 100 jobs before end of year.

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    Site Functio...TRANSFER CODE 9. If any of the 3 code are wrong it will then give an error message and say contact the administrator but If all the 3 CODE are correct it will then auto deduct the funds from the account then redirects to a Transfer Successful Page ([log ind for at se URL]) PLEASE KINDLY VIEW THE DOCUMENT I HAVE ATTACHED FOR MORE DETAILS

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    it will be 2part 1 Admin 2 client Management user,Package,Notice,Member Balance Recharge,Member Balance Deduct,Contact Admin Settings admin can set Service charge percent:*Reference income percent:*Minimum transfer amount:*Transfer charge percent:*Tax percent:* Listing Member list,Deposit request,Withdrawal Requests, Report Balance

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    App is already developed. Need to fix some issue and also need to add some new feature. Deadline March 22, 2018. Budget is 300 USD. I have shared a ...he understand the doc and he can able to deliver the project in deadline and if he failed and he implement wrong feature , As client I will make penalty and his payment will deduct based on the loss.

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    Hi, i have wordpress online shop with woocommerce. I made a dublicate (with files and sq...dublicate: [log ind for at se URL] I made dublicate whole sql base and changed on wp_options: siteurl and home columns. But if i go to dublicate shop. Add some items and go to Cart, i automatically send me to Original shop Cart page. Can u help me, make Your offer.

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    We need someone to create a module that automatically adds new customers assigned to specific customer groups to "store locator" (claue theme). - When a new customer is assigned to (in admin) specified customer group his company details are automatically set to the store locator page (page template/module in Claue theme). - Admin must easily

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    Hi I need a tool that can take information from a csv/xml file (sample attached) and create listings on amazon and update inventory and price with a refresh button. Requirements of the software are explained below in two parts Part 1 : create the listing on amazon 1. Takes upc/ean from the csv and searches [log ind for at se URL] for a match. 2. If match found, next step is to compare a f...

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    OCR tool to read pdf and automatically fill the required cells in the model(Scanned files)

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    i have made an android app which ...the users of the app will have google main authentication and they add the amount of money into the app. i want to create an adruino - wifi module program which which can deduct a certain amount of money from the amount entered by the user through the app. the email id of the user will be entered into arduino ide.

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    ...have a few stock providers which will give us access to an XML file with all the details - price, quantity, images, description and so on. We need a tool/script that will automatically sync our site to a single XML file. It should do the following: 1. Check the products from the XML and import the new ones to our store. 2. Compare the existing products

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    ...for above rooms are extra $15.00 flat fee.  The boxes will show what room can be rented. Only rooms not in use can be rented. Once a rental is purchased and begins time will deduct until 60-90 minutes has ended. Once the time ends.. the staff must clear room to show room is ready to [log ind for at se URL] might need to change the room rental by entering the sale

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    I am looking for an experienced programmer to create a software/scripts to place bets automatically on three bookmakers simultaneously, specifically Bet365 and Bwin, an another one between William Hill, 888sport and Betfair. The program must perform the following checks: - Autologin in each bookmaker. - Check account balance. - Calculate

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    Budget: $30. This a a sample work to upload product from ali-express to nop-commerce store. That process support to upload multiple product at a time means bulk product import directly from aliexpress site.

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    The project is to give answer to extracting and sampling roads automatically with Python script. Use Python OpenCV latest Need to provide complete answer for different areal images Examples of areal images will be shared with developer after starting the project.

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    For internal needs, we want to create a platform to centralise statistics / transactions generated with different clients. These statistics will be recorded automatically every day. Some customers can do it easily by API (6 customers), for others, we suggest the use of Scraping/Data Mining (5 customers). Mission: Realization of the structure (data

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    Please read carrefully the scope of the project and only apply if you have understood and if you know how do it. You can also contact me if you need more information. Overview: Create a script by using Google Script Editor to do the following tasks: - Extract a CSV file from an email attachement (I've found a script on Internet so if you struggle with that I can send the script) - Impo...

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    I am looking for one who can change the currency value from dollar to rupiah automatically, where in product sale price using dollar, then after buyer do checkout or will pay and click payment through bank automatic value so rupiah currency and admin can set dollar value to rupiah.

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    17 bud will have two button which is pay and topup, the pay and topup button are similar, topup button is to add money to the customer account,and pay button will let the worker deduct the money from the customer account,reward points will be given when each of the payment or topup is [log ind for at se URL] reward points will be accumulated everytime the top up and pay

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    I have an automatic trading bot for a video game that sells and buys items for profit. It takes a while to go back to the bot and update prices often as the "economy" of this game fluctuates a lot. I want a program that will allow me to pick certain other users of the pricing website and average out the prices for selling and buying points. It would also have to be able to interact with ...

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    Web development Udløbet left

    ...consultations credits is exhausted or a new package is purchased. What we are selling are consultation packages, every time we do a consult (through email exchanges on the site), we deduct a credit that was purchased on the website. The look should be clean and joyful....

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    We already have an attendance module with basic features (checking attendance of students: present, absent, finished makeup class) on our online platform. 1. We would like to change the design (provided) and add some more features on it. 2. Add the attendance features to our current Messenger App (iOS and Android) *Details will be provided in chat. Our platform uses CodeIgniter as the frame...

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    I have this google form and it sends response data to a google spreadsheet like this [log ind for at se URL] I have filled in some sample data. What I want is for everytime a new response comes in a pdf or word document is generated with a summary with all the answers to questions. ANY QUESTION THAT is not answered should be left out of this document. The document should be compact but still c...

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    We need plugin for Video chat. SO user will login and recharge to chat. EX: For 15 mins 100 Rs will deduct for Video chat with our admin Counsellors. Site is already in Beta mode.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. It should use the api from - [log ind for at se URL]://[log ind for at se URL] and - function similar to grammaly but with a - swype style of input and correction of it while swiping, auto correction after showing corrections and similar word proposals from languagetools and offer support for 2 languages(or more) switchable by swipin...

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    Ok so i have a program that i want to start when windows computer turns on I want a dialog box to open to turns on I want a dialog box to open to enter a name and date and then want to insert this into the program automatically. The program is called dslrBooth I also want to select the connected printer automatically.

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    ...Blocker Customer= 10 Company Block Amount (Sale) (50000+80000+5000)= 180000 Company Show Profit = 9000 Income Divied By Every 1000 Blocked Amount = 50) • Deduct 20% for Indian Army Welfare Fund (Deduct Only In All Type Of Income) 5. Refer And Earn • Refer And Earn For Every User Register By Your Referal Link ( Income of register user set by admin every

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    ...the given place/city automatically. It should also take care of DST (Daylight Savings Time) to do precise and accurate calculations. My main requirements are as follows: 1- JQuery autocomplete should fetch City name, time zone, longitude and latitude 2- Apart from fetching time zone, longitude and latitude automatically, user should also have

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    SQLITE DATABASE Udløbet left

    need to create a SQLITE database, stored in an android app, software that will able to store, recall and delete data. data being create a SQLITE database, stored in an android app, software that will able to store, recall and delete data. data being numbers. the database should be able to add and deduct numbers and store these new values.

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    11 bud who they are sent • allow the admin to manually add available credit to the client’s account (the system will NOT be integrated with merchant account features) • automatically deduct the lead’s cost from the client’s account balance • track how many times they may be sold vs many times they may be sold • allow the clients to each log in...

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    ...we need a web based online loyalty point system, main features is to allow customer to login the system to check their own latest loyalty point. All points will be issue / deduct or update by Backend Administrator. Features Require • Customer full profile will be insert by administrator (by manually key in OR Import via excel) • Customer full

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    ...Google Sheet and the custom layout for the PDF in the format needed for the job (Indesign/Photoshop or similar). I want the information that I input into the Google Sheet to automatically update and overwrite the PDF any time a change is made. It also needs to place an image from a Google Drive link into the PDF. I would also like to create a multiple-choice

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    We need a PHP Script to connect using the Google/Facebook/GitHub/Twitter Account login to the site with url: [log ind for at se URL] as you could see on the attached photo. WE DONT NEED a SCRIPT to add to our site Login with Google. WE NEED a script to coneect using the existing Google Login. We need it to be done using PHP

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    I am looking for an experienced programmer to create a software/scripts to place bets automatically on multiple bookmakers simultaneously. The script/software will read and copy sports bets that i have placed on one website, and thereafter, place these bets via the multiple bookmakers i have available with same or better odds. The script/software

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