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    I am looking for someone with a fairly good knowledge of PHP to clone in PHP and MySQL the product search, selection and registration module that can be found at [log ind for at se URL] While minimal deviations are allowed (upon approval), the complete functionality of this module (including SSL) should be preserved. The description of the database structure and the data for testing will be provid...

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    PDF Viewer Plugin Udløbet left

    Need a web browser plugin or standalone application to be called by web browser to render a PDF file with printing, zooming, page navigation and annotations capability. The product should act like Adobe Acrobat Reader ([[log ind for at se URL]][1]) with some of the capabilities of RealtimeProof ([[log ind for at se URL]][2]). Speed of downloading and displaying large pdf files is a major fact...

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    Simple installation of phpGedView: Genealogy Viewer on my webserver. Payment will be by escrow once I verify the program is working. Please dowload the zip file and read the Readme file for the instructions. My gedcom file ([log ind for at se URL]) which is to be used with this program is already on the web server. See attached zip file for the program.

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    Please be sure to view the examples here: XXXXX before bidding on this project. --------------------------------- I am looking for someone to program and install an online picture viewing/shopping cart system done with Flash 5 combined with actionscript, xml, perl... whatever is needed to make this work best! ***THERE WILL BE NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION GIVEN, EXCHANGED OR PROCESSED*** Totals...

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    PDF Viewer Udløbet left

    A PDF Viewer dll or equivalent that can be included in our Visual C application to be distributed or sold with royalty free license. Basic features required: Page Navigation Printing Zooming ## Deliverables 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purc...

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    pdf viewer Udløbet left

    I am looking for a programmer to make the attached program work with pdf files the way the program works with dwg files. I would like to be able to add .pdf files to the Drawing folders. Once the .pdf files were placed in the drawing files the following functions would be available to us. 1. if we click on thumbnails the .pdf file would show up as a thumbnail. 2. .pdf files would also show up in a...

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    Need enhancements and edits made to my existing FTP program. Will provide source code upon acceptance of bid. Coder must have expert knowledge of Visual Basic and VB.NET as well as Perl. The program is attached. Install it and become familiar with it before bidding. Here's what's needed. 1. Code File Grabber to report all user downloads from your server with the Use...

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    I need a multi Stats viewer for windows, it is a really simple program, all that is does it read in stats from URL's and it take the info and displays it in a windows prog, when minimized it will sit on the task bar Next to the time. It will refresh based on a user setting. Also should have the ability to allow users to add new Sponsor urls, It should total the hits, unique hits, sales, and e...

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    I need a class module in PHP or PERL to Display MIME email to the web. Receives: email $head and $body strings. Executes: parses MIME email Ouputs: Visual display of MIME email.

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    I'm requesting proposals to create a complete *video conferencing* website with *member management*, a *referral system*, and *e-commerce*, using a 3rd party agent like Paypal. This software will allow for 1 person to broadcast video to many people and chat with them. The broadcaster will moderate the chat. Here is a breakdown of the components in some more detail. 1. **Windows Executable*...

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    Sims Skin Viewer Udløbet left

    I have a whole directory full of skins for The Sims. What I would like is a progam with a browse window on one side and a directory tree on the other. I can browse the skins and move them to a new directory after I view them. I also want to be able to delete them. Please be familliar with how skins work before you bid. Thanks, Rob ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-funct...

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    What I would like to create is something vaguely similar to [log ind for at se URL], but on a low budget, and with many more features! Basically it will be a traffic exchange made with Php. I know that I am asking for a lot, but here is what I would really like: Requirements: Basically, members will send traffic to their special url where adverts will be placed. When they send a hit to t...

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    Our Photographic service needs a new online customer support. We do complete 360 degrees panoramic pictures (jpg), viewing these kind of pictures is possible through a Java based viewer (existing). The photographer in the field does several pictures at the objective. We need a solution to show our customers all the pictures (through the viewer) done, letting them the choice of choosing which pi...

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    I have a game where you edit scripts in order to mod the game. I need a improved version of notepad to edit these files; on the left side it will list all the INI files, and clicking on the will cause it to appear in the right side where you can edit it. This editor will also have the ability to display Westwood 3D Files (w3d) I dont know the format, thats for the coder to find out. I have include...

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    I am looking for someone to help me change the Windows [log ind for at se URL] program. I would like to have my own branded version of this utility which would add an "Install" button at the top next to the "Done" button. I would also like to add a graphic across the top and my company name. I own a font foundry and am also interested in any code snippets or projects you h...

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    Events Calendar DB Udløbet left

    There are three (3) parts to this calendar - 1. Add event interface, 2. View events interface, 3. Search function. Each event is "checkable", ultimately allowing the viewer to have their own personalized schedule. See: <[log ind for at se URL]> for details and examples ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as comp...

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    the software will be used for industry like([log ind for at se URL],,[log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL]) please visit these site and figure out what software I am looking for. primary customer will be lawyers(litigation) Needs a Total Solution from image scanning and retrieving, OCR to document coding and indexing. a complete imaging system for imaging, high speed documen...

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    The project entails creating a secure e-book creator that will take for example a MS word doc and convert copy it to the secure e-book. 1. The e-book will require a password to open 2. The e-book must only be able to be read on a single machine (e.g. HDD serial chacking or something, multi phase password generation.... something) 3. The user must not be able to copy any of the text in the...

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    Develop as a PostNuke module, a PHP script that will display values from a pre-defined mySQL table (see schema attached) based on the authenticated viewer. Script will accommodate for the selection of records based on a start and end date. Script will handle a “drill-down,?? providing additional information about a particular record. ## Deliverables 1) PHP script that meets specificat...

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    I need 2 very simple tasks: 1) I have a button that goes fastforward but it doenst work.I have an example where it works fine but when i add the code to my button fla it wont work. I will give both code example and my fla for you to debug. I attached a sample of the swf of the fast forward button that works. 2) I need a simple fla that changes images and plays a sound on mouseover event. Jus...

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    We need a 3 pane document browser and manager using an interface with a folder/directory tree on the left pane, a file list on the top pane and a thumbnail file preview on the bottom pane. When a user clicks on a thumbnail, the program associated with the actual document file should open with the document ready to be used. Example - Document file is a Word document. The program will display a thum...

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    I need a very short (<10 sec) animation using Adobe Livemotion to create an animation for my web site. Basically the animation is of a stream of liquid chocolate filling a metal mold to spell the name "Vande Walle's" in chocolate. The mold then tips forward and the now solid chocolate letters pop out of the mold and the mold disappears leaving only the name. ## Deliverabl...

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    Looking to create a 2 applications. 1 for Pocket PC 2002 and 1 for Brew 1.x I really just need a shell of an application that has the following functionality. 1. Make an HTTP GET to an external url, and pull down usernames and an associated url with that user name. 2. Populate a listbox with the username and when selected make another HTTP get with the URL that you pulled down earli...

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    Looking to build a Brew 1.0 applet that is network aware. It will have the ability of making an HTTP GET request to an external web server and pulling down available user names and their respective urls. This would in turn populate and drop down list displaying the user names and when selected, it would fetch the appropriate image from the users URL. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functi...

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    I need a simplet php code to integrate with my existing codes, which achieves the following. When a member click a link on my website links to a file in one directory called "Lending" directory, normally it will open the file directly, I want the files in the directory not only be protected, but also allows one viewer at a time. Meaning, if another member is accessing it, when click...

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    branding software Udløbet left

    Hi, This is a couple hours project, I need a coder to brand some softwares that i have a full resell rights to with 2 different domain names, change the current web sites addresses into the new urls that will be provided at the end of the bid and upload them into my hosting account within a download website script. list of these softwares;. 1- autoresponder 2-ezy java pop up wizar...

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    It is basically a portfolio site for a SIGN and Graphics Design firm. One front page with 8 buttons/words that ring around the border on all four sides (2 per side). Pressing one of those buttons produces a **filmstrip** style, slide-out **carrier** of 5 or 6 images (thumbnail photos) of examples of signs in that **CATEGORY**... that is really a _selection_ button to get the user to an enlarg...

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    Needing a .pgn chess viewer that accepts pgn type files and allows users to view chess games along with annotation. This will also follow regular chess rules, (En Passant, castling) using algebrec notation. An example can be found at [[log ind for at se URL]][1] or simply going to google and doing a search for .pgn viewers. I will narrow it down to 5 coders and send detailed specs before...

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    Modifications to VNC (RealVNC or TightVNC preferred) with the following specs: VNC Server changed to have multiple password and usernames with permissions set for each. Permissions are View/View and control, FTP access, Allowed to send control-alt-del to server. Modified viewer which is launched from web page passing the login username and password from asp web page. User will login my central w...

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    web family calender Udløbet left

    Application with which a family can keep a calendar. A family calendar contains a collection of 'events'. Each event takes place on a fixed time and lasts a certain period. An event can be attended by 1 or more family members. The application should be able to add, modify and delete events. The application should be able to display a chronological list of all events to come. ...

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    TCP Traffic Viewer Udløbet left

    I need a Visual Basic program that will display the traffic between a browser and a server. For instance, when I sign in to eBay with Internet Explorer, this is what IE sends to the server: POST /aw-cgi/[log ind for at se URL] HTTP/1.0 Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, */* Accept-Language: en-us Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0...

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    For all of you that haven't seen it, there is a program called VNC viewer that allows you to view desktops remotey. The component that I need just has to duplicate the DES encryption that this (free) program uses (source code widely available) and write a new password value to the binary registry key. i.e. feed the component a new password, it encrypts it and writes the new binary val to the ...

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    All the design work is finished for this and I've completed some programming to date, but I'm busy and need someone to finish programming it for me as soon as possible. It's a simple project. Please check it out here before you bid... XXXXXXXX Here are some things I would like to see. A simple preloader for the entire .swf Scene 1: All of the disks need to snap to the viewer...

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    Need a basic setup for a new website. There is no text available (yet) to fill the web pages, but the general requirements are: 1. Setup with blank pages, nice attractive colors, links. 2. Interesting graphics/images with some flash (intro page) related to government taxes, wasteful spending, tax cuts, political pork spending, hidden taxes as in phone bills, restaurant liquor bills. The...

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    Corp Web Site Udløbet left

    To create a web site for a machinery manufacturer. Digital pictures will be provided but require background clutter removed. All necessary text and logos will also be provided. This site needs to be very professional but not overly complex. The site must also be easily maintainable by a not-too-skilled owner. The site viewer will need to be able to download bitmaps, movies, PDF brochures, etc., an...

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    This project was aimed at providing a dos support for imaging the true color images as in [log ind for at se URL] project was compiled using turbo c and written in c++.The next important thing is that it also includes a steganography part by which you can hide any kind of data in a [log ind for at se URL] viewer has a good GUI and browser [log ind for at se URL] formats supported are jpeg,gif,pcx,...

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    296418 Must have Udløbet left

    I need this script done so when members join they are placed under each other I think it is a 1x2 matrix. The members will pay so much per day after a 3 day trial. Below is what I need. I need to be able to edit the site completely I also need it asap. Visit Main Website advance Website Setup Welcome Email Membership Pricing Enter Banners And Ad Copy For Members To Use Forum Control Panel ...

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    Build website Udløbet left

    Build a website: The needed pages will include: + The Firm (text description) + Services (text description) + Industries Served (text description) + Partners & Associates (text with photos) + Recent Transactions (a description of several transactions where I can also upload each companies logo beside their write-up and and have a hyperlink to the client website without the viewer leaving the M...

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    Modification to VNC Udløbet left

    I am looking for someone who already has experience working with VNC such as [log ind for at se URL] source code and can make some changes. I need support for multiple user names and passwords, permissions for just viewing or full control and more. I also need changes to the viewer with a more graphical GUI at the top. I'm trying to figure a way to include FTP and chat with it from the viewer...

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    Image Viewer Udløbet left

    We need a 3 pane document browser and manager using an interface with a folder/directory tree on the left pane, a file list on the top pane and a thumbnail file preview on the bottom pane. When a user clicks on a thumbnail, the program associated with the actual document file should open with the document ready to be used. Example - Document file is a Word document. The program will display a thum...

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    pdf viewer Udløbet left

    I am trying to get a pdf viewer in visual basic. I want the viewer to view pdf files only. I want to eliminate the save and printing function. Meaning that there will be listboxes with paths to the pdf files they click on the file desired and the pdf file will open inside of my vb6 application and allow them to zoom, change pages, find, but not save or print. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and ful...

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    €27 - €4531
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    I would like an application that when opened automatically searches for and displays (unencrypted) the [log ind for at se URL] files on a computer. This app should also have an export function that exports the information inside the dat files to a readable format. The app should have a preview pane that loads any of the urls that are single clicked. Those urls should be opened in your default brow...

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    ASP Image Gallery Udløbet left

    ASP Image Gallery to display images with thumbnails, descriptions, captions, categories and a search feature. Requirements: . Display the number of images in each category, similar to: [log ind for at se URL] . Auto thumbnail of jpg, gif, png images . Pop up Image Viewer Window: .. Full sized images will be displayed in one pop up window .. Window will have navigation buttons, such as "First&...

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    seating chart Udløbet left

    Hi, I'm working on a flash mx project where I have 4,518 seats to a theater, lower level and balcony. I am in need of the code that would allow me to enter in all the data, the seat numbers are a combination of letters/numbers. I know this can be done using flash mx components, but guess what? I'm not a coder. the viewer to the site would choose the seat location via drop downs, then a r...

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    GD Image creation Udløbet left

    GD Image creation I need a simple PHP script which will generate PNG or JPG pictures with GD Image Library (1.8.4+ and 2.0+). This should not be too difficult for PHP programmers with math-knowledge/-experience. I want to use the script as a function inside another script. The input of this function will be two colorcodes and 1 id-variable (which will later in the function be used in the path wher...

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    We need a thumb nail viewer-cum-slide show maker you tell us the feature that best fit in. and we can go ahead accordignly. adult and non-adult version. Below Terms are a *MUST*, do not waste our time and yours if you do not agree to any of the below: Terms: 1) the programmer must be ready to work with people back in our office to integrate certain per-made modules we have. 2) the programmer will ...

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    We are seeking an open office developer or someone who has vast knowledge within the open office platform, we need a developer who can do the following : 1) Download open office and get accustomed to the code... 2) we than need the the developer to rip out the powerpoint loading and saving functionality and make a seperate application which will load the powerpoint file and save it in different fo...

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    For years I have run a football management game but would now like to convert it properly to an online web based game. The idea is to have a front end for managers either to join or log in. From there they are taken to their club details where they can pick teams, coach players, transfer players etc Some actions like coaching are done automatically, while things like transfers must be stored with ...

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    I want to put a movie on my site and insert it into a small window with a start, stop and pause button. I need someone to make this window with flash MX so that all I have to do is insert the movie ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in rea...

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