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    Hello! I'm looking for someone to create a scraper for my apify project o...sub category. Site has infinite scroll for first page and after that there is next button for second page. and from second page there are 40 images per page each. It will scrap all the images from that page also. After finishing all sub sub categories of living it should move on to dining room after capturing all the links in all sub sub categories it should move to another part so on and so forth. and I should be able to differentiate the which link is from which category. Output should be four columns, category, small, style and image url. you can suggest better option also. I have 4 more websites to scrap like this If this is something you think you can do well, I'd love to hear from you. T...

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    I have a money lending business I operate with a group of people. We are in need of an automatic text Sms gateway, and every lender needs to buy Sms gateway (tickets) Eg. 500 tickets for $10 The "payment date" isn't for the borrower, but for the lender. If you insert a particular date into that field, the text will send the test the day before that date. Other boxes that should be static : Total amount lend out. Total return. Total plus/minus for the whole year. Possible to go back and forth a full year. See file as reference. This will be the first feature of a larger project. Resume - 1) A app that acts as a spreadsheet with integrated sms gateway, with adjustable boxes. 2) a login system with user profil. 3) able to purchase sms gateway tickets. ...

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    Desainer logo 2 dage left

    I am looking for a talented designer to help me create a logo for my brand. Specifically, I need a text-only logo that is based on a concept that I am looking for help to create. I would like the logo to feature bright and vibrant colors that draw the eye and capture the audience’s attention. If you believe you have what it takes to create an amazing logo please put forth your best effort and I look forward to seeing the results!

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    rhetorical essay 2 dage left

    ...rhetorical techniques to convince your reader of your viewpoint, as supported by credible outside sources related to your topic. 2. Your essay must be rhetorical, opinionated, and argumentative. The focus of this essay is the quality of your argument in combination with the quality of your sources and research foundation. 3. For this essay, the focus is on your demonstrating your ability to bring forth a strong and convincing argument that is based on credible sources that are introduced and discussed in the most effective way possible. 4. You must incorporate at least 5 sources into this essay, and doing by including in your Works Cited page and by using in-text citations when discussing a source in the body of your essay. 5. Your sources may agree or disagree / contradict...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to create a data entry project. The project will require transforming screenshots of a UPTU BTech Marksheet into a word document. The successful freelancer will be expected to provide examples of past work or detailed project proposals. This ...within 24 hours. I am attaching screenshots of mark sheets as per sessions and a .docx template. Template has sample data which you have to replace with data provided in screenshots NAME, COURSE, BRANCH, COLLEGE, DURATION OF COURSE, YEAR OF ADMISSION TO COURSE, YEAR OF COMPLETION OF COURSE & MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION is not provided in screenshots so you can ignore that. I do not want to do back and forth on this project this is a pretty straightforward job, ask me all the questions before starting...

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    write me a research project 1 dag left

    Your project can involve (for example): a book review, a wikipedia entry, researching smaller assessment/why questions, discussion of contributing to an open source project (on github, for example), writing some code to test an idea, and so forth. need it done in 72 hours.

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    ...words, you have to have a metamask wallet to see the layout of the screen. The game is located in Roulette Lobby and it' called Lighting Roulette. If you have ever played roulette, it basically goes like this.: You bet on Red for $1. If it loses, you bet on black for $2. if that loses, you bet on Red for $4. If that loses, you bet on black for $8. If that loses, you bet on red for $16, and so forth. It is called the martingale strategy. The automation basically needs to be able to read numbers and colors on the website and determine how to place the next bet and how much to place. Essentially, for every losing bet, you will double it. In other words, if you clicked on $2 to place the first bet and you lost, you will click it twice to equal $4 for the second bet. If you win...

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    // ABOUT THE PROJECT // Our client is a software company based in Germany. They are specialists in Augmented Reality software and deliver high-end solutions for their clients. They are looking for a freelancer with experience in Augmented Reality. // YOUR TASKS // - You develop the new standard for Augmented Reality. - You use state-of-the-art technology to bring forth mobile apps on Android and iOS using the Unity engine. - You work in a team on projects in the areas of augmented reality as well as virtual reality. - You use and work with the latest systems such as iPad Pro with LiDAR sensor, Hololens 2, Oculus Quest and/or HTC Vive. - You develop innovative and intuitive features to interact with a wide range of 3D content. - You will participate in our automation processes to ge...

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    This is for an A/B test, only answers IN budget of MicroProjects, and deliverable in 1 day will be considered. You Out budget? Msg. deleted. You Out time frame? Msg.deleted. Bot answeres? deleted!!!. You don't read description? Msg.deleted. Don't waste your OWN time!!! Look & Feel link. malefica as 2 word of your answer) each image will cover 2/3 of the slide height) 5. Text for every slide editable, so it is TEXT, not text inside a JPG file you can put the typical lorem ipsum and I'll edit it later 6. I need marks on the code - "marks" like "if you want to change the background color edit this->" - "marks" like this is slider 1 image, this is slider 1 title, so on and so forth, etc. etc. for dummyes

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    We would like to commission a 3D motion graphics work for our homepage main page, similar to the attached image. We would also like to include design work in the project. The basic concept is as follows: - A black rabbit runs in place on the left side. - A flag flutters on the right side. - A golden carrot on a string hangs from the flag and moves back and forth. If you are able to complete this project, could you please provide details on how you plan to implement it, as well as an estimated timeline and cost? Reference for the motion graphics on our homepage can be found here"

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    ...paid test is enough proof of possesed skill which is required for now they have to agree to endorse our app out of free will in exchange to get the free PPC benefit in the app. If you failed your first attempt, hence; if you want to, you can still try keep trying until you made a successive negotiation to have them endorse our app out of free will. But we will not pay for the second attempt and so forth. Because we have to assume you don't have the required skill after your first failure. Offer them to promote our app with your content writing skills through their (Direct Message) DM (You can ask chatGPT ), so then they can get their followers/viewers to follow them the same way in travpart app. Eventually, they can enjoy the value of the free PPC. Because right now

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    ...paid test is enough proof of possesed skill which is required for now they have to agree to endorse our app out of free will in exchange to get the free PPC benefit in the app. If you failed your first attempt, hence; if you want to, you can still try keep trying until you made a successive negotiation to have them endorse our app out of free will. But we will not pay for the second attempt and so forth. Because we have to assume you don't have the required skill after your first failure. Offer them to promote our app with your content writing skills through their (Direct Message) DM (You can ask chatGPT ), so then they can get their followers/viewers to follow them the same way in travpart app. Eventually, they can enjoy the value of the free PPC. Because right now

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    Designs on images provided by the client and I will add the follwiong texts on them: #1- "Fetus noun fe·tus Latin - little one, young child" dictionary style - And on the bottom of it this text "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for god made man in his own image. And you, be fruitful and multiply, bring forth abundantly on the earth and multiply in it.” {Gen 9:6-7} #2 - On the top it will read "Did You Know..." - On the bottom "The Last Supper was the First Mass" #3 - a voice bubble with the baby saying "My Vote is for Life!" - And the text below is "When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the CHILD Leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit"

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    Hi i need a video editor/ animator who can help me edit a talking head video that will go back and forth between the talking head and animations that are like this example must be able to create animations that go along with the story

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    Project Description: We are looking for a freelancer to create a 1-2 minute YouTube video that highlights the power of the FreeGu...mvpiowlw?usp=share_link - The video should be delivered in a format that can be easily uploaded to YouTube and shared on other platforms preferably even converted to vertical once chosen to finish the project Details: - We will select the freelancer whose proposal best meets our requirements, based on quality. - Once the freelancer is selected, we will provide more details and work back and forth to perfect the video so don't think you need to submit to perfect video to win Examples of good videos to follow for inspiration: - - -

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    Job Description: THESE ARE THE REQUIREMENTS TO BID ON THIS PROJECT: YOUR BID NEEDS TO BE ACCURATE, IF YOU PLAN TO CHANGE YOUR PRICE LATER… WE WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH YOU! YOUR FREELANCER APP CALL FEATURE NEEDS TO BE SET UP. I WANT TO “VERBALLY” DISCUSS MY APP! NOT MESSAGE BACK AND FORTH ABOUT IT. IF YOU DO NOT SEE IT AS AN OPTION, CONTACT FREELANCER SUPPORT TO HELP YOU WITH THE CALL SETTINGS. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE! Develop two apps platforms that allows users to create and view a family tree. Enable users to add family members to the tree by entering their name, relationship, and other relevant information. Provide a feature that allows users to upload and view photos of family members. -Implement geolocation functionality, so that users can see the loca...

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    Calendar clock -- 3 Udløbet left

    Description: You will need to modify algorithm available at to present today's date in clock format where hour-hand represents Jan, Feb, Mar so on and so forth ... based on current computer date. For example, it points at number 1 clock means Jan 1st 12 o’clock midnight.

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    ...outreach to AirBnb hosts at scale. Given a list of property IDs & info, I need to send a message to each host and engage in a conversation powered with GPT4. Essentially asking the property owners if they have certain amenities our guests require and if they do not, asking if they would be open to adding the amenity before we book. We need the whole process to be automated, including the back and forth and getting custom messages from GPT4 depending on where they are in the process. If they are open to getting the amenity, we need to flag them so we can engage with them directly. Need to avoid getting rate limited, and have the capacity to use multiple airbnb accounts. I'd like a simple web interface where I can see the results of the outreach and the conversatio...

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    **CONTEXT** I currently have an React web app Chatbot using GPT-3 API ( davinci-003) like this: Basically: this current app has (fake) conversations with an AI, where the AI plays a persona of a character and responds back and forth with the user acting like that persona. **GOAL** I want to now add a "Talking Head' to the interface, similar to how it has been done here: I also attached a image to show you how I want project to look. **TASK** Implement the (already written) code from the StyleGAN open-source model [ ] —> into the existing app [ ] /// I will provide you the repo code for this existing app **REQUIREMENTS** - TalkingHead receives input

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    ...previously using). The reason for this change is that EventOn offered the best method of front-end display of events for their particular requirements. We have also installed and configured the "Event Tickets" add-on so that visitors to the site could book and pay to attend the events listed within the system. The add-on effectively leverages WooCommerce to handle the checkout process and so forth, and any bookings made are shown in the associated record in the WooCommerce orders table. So far, this has mostly worked out quite well. However, what the client would like to do is to see a dynamically-updated list of guests for all upcoming events in a single place, which sadly, isn't something that EventOn currently supports. What needs to be done Based...

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    ** Updated description Job Title: C# Developer - HTTPS SOAP Project Job Description: We are looking for a skilled C# developer to create a HTTPS SOAP project that includes a client and a server. The project must be created as WPF user controls and will require SSL using cert files. Additionally, SOAP file creation and processing must be based on provided WSDL and XSD files. Responsibilities: • Develop a HTTPS SOAP client and server using C# 4.8 as WPF user controls • Implement SSL using cert files for secure communication • Develop SOAP file creation and processing based on provided WSDL and XSD files • Ensure the project is scalable, reliable, and maintainable • Troubleshoot and debug issues as they arise • Collaborate with other developers, stakeholde...

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    I am streaming from ip cameras (surveillance cameras) over RTSP and then sending it back out over WebRTC. I need help figuring out how to compress/resample/reduce framerate and so forth (basically transcode the stream like with ffmpeg). TL;DR: Figure out how to remove frames to change FPS. H.264 mp4 video. This is part of a new and growing cloud platform that I'm looking to bring in a subject matter expert in video streaming on board for a profitable & exciting opportunity ultimately! ** I have code ready to go and dive straight in to (hand holding isn't required). Thanks!

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    tromino tiling Udløbet left

    ...set up the base case for board_size = 2. What you need to do in the base case is to decide which L shape to be put in the three squares. Please print “LR” (Lower Right) in all three squares for the first L shape (see the figure above), print “LL” (Lower Left) for the second L shape (see the figure above), “UL” (Upper Left) for the third L shape (see the figure above), “UR” (Upper Right) for the forth L shape (see the figure above). You will do the following four recursive calls for the four half_size (board_size/2) subboards: upper left subboard, upper right subboard, lower left subboard, and lower right subboard. /* tile the four subboards */ tromino( x_board, y_board + half_size, x_upper_left, y_upper_left, half_size ); tromino( x...

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    I want to have some company shirts made for our masonry business Quality Masonry I found some images online that i liked but i wanted to make some changes. Im hoping to find a designer to bring what im imaging and put it in print lol. I wanted to I wanted to take the flag and have it be out of block and change the mason laying the brick inside the shadow and make it a mule laying the brick kinda like the mule inside the man lol and our saying be working like a mule since 2015. Color wise i was thinking light grey and a darker purple all of my equipment has purple Q.M. spray painted on it at work. Is this possible? Ive went back and forth with this and some of the skeleton masonry designs but im hoping this turns out like i have it pictured in my head lol. Thank You Cryst...

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    Write a coherent and unified essay in which you use at least five sources to answer a ques...comparing and contrasting their contributions intertextually. Each paragraph should link logically with the paragraphs coming before and after it. Because this type of essay is question-driven and not thesis-driven, you can conclude in a number of ways: (1) answer the question, (2) answer the question but note that your position may change, (3) state that you are unable to answer the question set forth in the introduction and explain why, (4) state that you are able to answer the question only in part and explain why, (5) state that you understand the complexities of the issue but need to gather more information before you take a firm stand, or (6) state that your question has changed and ex...

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    Philosophy CLass Udløbet left

    ...implications of the theory the book presents. The review should also develop a critical argument that expresses the student’s position in response to a certain aspect of Kahneman’s argument. This argument should not be mere agreement or disagreement with the book and its thesis. Rather, choose a section of the book to highlight an implication that deserves further attention, development, or so forth. In other words, why should this book be read? ...

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    ...(Pangea), appears up out of the dark water (and darkness was on the face of the deep, KJV), in the center of the earth, and straddling the equator (no divided continents yet). And God said, let the waters under the heaven be gathered together in one place, and let the dry land appear, ( KJV). And God said, let the earth bring forth grass. God brings forth trees and fruit trees, with grass, hills, flowers, ponds and lakes. And God said, let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind (KJV). Generic animals will appear as animals today evolved from the first animals. And the Lord God planted a Garden eastward in Eden, KJV. The Garden of Eden is planted in the center of the earth-very beautiful and serene. God then begins the process of making man fr...

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    We would like to establish long-term relationships for a period of 3-6-12++ months based on: 1) the quality of the strict performance of the requirements set forth below, 2) depending on the quality of links & ranking increases every week. The scope of the assignment is as follows: 1) 400 backlinks per month with weekly reports and 1 resulting report per month. It will not be accepted if there are fewer than 400 unique links. 2) We will check the weekly report and the monthly report with 400 links. During the report, 400 links should be grouped/sorted/named as follows: - social links - image links - articles (for preapproval one week in advance) - business listings - bookmarks links - document links - links in blog comments - articles with links Each gr...

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    Trophy icon Oregon Ducks Color Cornhole Boards Udløbet left

    Looking for a design that will go on cornhole boards (2 foot wide by 4 foot long). In the middle of the board will the Toss Sauce logo attached with the color way of t...Toss Sauce logo attached with the color way of the logo changed to have color themes of the Oregon ducks such as the green and yellow. Additionally, the AirWolf Athletics logo should be included in the design in a prominent fashion and colors can be changed as well. A few jerseys attached for inspiration but feel free to use other aspects like the wing pattern for background, the neon color and so forth. An example of a cornhole board is attached, you do not have to put the design on the board but just be aware that there is a 6 inch hole at the top of the board 6 inches down and centered so that you can plan for w...

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    In accordance with applicable law and procedures as set forth in Title 21 U.S.C. § 853(n)(1) through (7), any person having or claiming a legal right, title, or interest in the aforementioned properties must file a petition with the United States District Court, Southern District of California, Office of the Clerk of Court, 333 West Broadway, Suite 420, San Diego CA 92101 I need to file a petition to the United States district court. I have more information. If competent please reach out to me asap for more details. Thank you

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    Build a website Udløbet left

    Id like to double a website and go forth with on page

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    Hi, i need someone to get on my canva and finish some models that needs to be completed today, we need to communicate back and forth based on the clients feedback ! if that interest I will send you a video so you can see !

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    Dear All, I am currently searching for a skilled professional to collaborate with on a monthly basis. Specifically, I am seeking someone with experti...expertise in creating home plans that comply with the US codes and are suitable for permit approval. If you possess the necessary knowledge and experience to produce high-quality home plans, I would be interested in discussing the possibility of a long-term partnership. Our collaboration would involve working together on a regular basis to develop home plans that meet the strict requirements set forth by the US codes and are ready for permit approval. I am willing to pay $300 per month for your services. If you are interested in this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Since...

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    I am an academic, and I need to locate a person who works on various roles, such as organizing our publication admin, conference admin, communications (no voice calls, but rather, communiactions strategies online) and so forth. The work involves online strategies, dealing with administrative tasks such as contacting academics and publishers, and organization. It is a very long term and dedicated role so we would need to discus this extensively. Michael

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    You must be an EXPERIENCED EXPERT IN VISIO. Create a flow chart in Visio A3 size. We will provide you with a completed hand drawn flow chart. You are to COPY the provided chart in Visio & colour & style the finished chart. Allow for revisions back & forth until job is finished satisfactorily. At the end of the job you provide A3 chart plus copy of Visio file. We do not want the Visio file until the Job is complete. Applicants MUST PROVIDE COPIES OF YOUR PREVIOUS VISIO WORK or they will not be considered.

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    You must be an EXPERIENCED EXPERT IN VISIO. Create a flow chart in Visio A3 size. We will provide you with a completed hand drawn flow chart. You are to COPY the provided chart in Visio & colour & style the finished chart. Allow for revisions back & forth until job is finished satisfactorily. At the end of the job you provide A3 chart plus copy of Visio file. We do not want the Visio file until the Job is complete. Applicants MUST PROVIDE COPIES OF YOUR PREVIOUS VISIO WORK or they will not be considered.

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    ...have an interface that presents to our freelancer one picture at a time from the dump folder with all the pictures. They will look at the picture and then click one of the buttons which will move that picture to the designated folder. (If they click the green "Good" button, the image will be moved to the "Good" folder etc.) After that picture is moved, the next one is presented to them and so forth until they finish all the unsorted images in that dump folder. The interface doesnt have to be fancy or anything, just has to work. It will only be used by us so we don't need an amazing UI. Would be great if there can be a log that records how long it takes the team member to do each picture. writes to log every time they move an image to another folder wit...

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    English Editor Udløbet left

    A fully revised and edited APA paper made to adhere to guidelines set forth by the client.

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    Interior design of kitchen and living room including revisions and back and forth and delivered as a set of work in progress images and a final of 3 rendered images in high quality, 2 for the living room and 1 for the kitchen of the approved version.

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    I need someone to help me setup SMTP for my website that is capable of sending mails to every type of mail provider such as yahoo, Google, outlook and so forth.

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    ...Ijxia6O7TY/edit#gid=1871456062 Above link provides dubai scraped from You will need to use the free state which is probably Santa Monica from Airdna to scrape. This link contains the pivot table that contains the left column which is the postal code/ region of the city. The top section is bedrooms starting from 0-6 and so forth. 0 being the studio. When you double click one cell the pivot table it creates a excel document that has all of the listings that pertains to which zip code/ bedroom count. You only have the read version that is why you will not see the interactive pivot table that you can click and generate the data that pertains to it. You would essentially need to get the raw data by grabbing all the bedrooms

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    We need a seasoned SEO content creator to create ongoing SEO-optimized articles for our stable of diverse clients in order to get them ranked at the top of Google for high volume keywords we select and send to you. You will be responsible for learning our system with a quick 15-minute video so you can learn how to receive, complete ...and submit assignments as they come in. You will be working own your own with no supervision, so you must be a self-starter who can create articles within a deadline. If any changes need to be made, they will be sent to you as well within our system. This is a great opportunity for the SEO writer that wishes to quickly and easily receive ongoing work without having to communicate back-and-forth every time a new assignment needs to be completed! ...

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    ASUS fan control Udløbet left

    I have an ASUS Vivobook Pro 15X OLED M6501RR that comes with a simple performance choice software with no direct fan control. The zero spin fan functionality in this laptop kicks in when the processor is under 50C. With no active cooling the temps quickly rise even during... This results in a constant fluctuation between silence and high noise that is unbearable! I figure it would be much better to have the fans running at low RPM all the time to keep an even noise level. Even better would be complete control of the fan curve. I'm looking for someone who can find a way to give me this. There is already open source software available for the purpose of "hacking" forth fan control in ASUS laptops, but it's Linux software and seems tricky to work. I need a solutio...

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    Trophy icon Design logo for our Brand/company Udløbet left

    ...unfoldment and manifestation. Contrast and Comparison: Think about the Spiritual Brand "The Secret." The Secret identifies humankind's problems associated with our limitations and unhappiness. Still, it only offers a component for winning in life. In contrast, RUDAR identifies this shortcoming by explaining why we keep failing and provides a comprehensive solution. This complete solution is brought forth through an easy-to-use application that we feed off the shelf or can be customized, resulting in a personalized RUDAR unique to each individual. RUDAR's new logo need not focus on athletic or financial achievements but on winning in all aspects of life, as in an individual possessing Radiant Health, Abundant Wealth, Magnetic Beauty, and Amazing Happiness. Wi...

    €92 (Avg Bid)
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    I am working on a research project about vernacular architecture - I need to have photos put into a line drawing forma. Attached is an example - I will supply them photos - they will have to put them into this style of line drawing Once the writing is done and the drawings complete - I will need them to be put into a presentation - it needs to be a top quality presentation to be laid out in put into a presentation - it needs to be a top quality presentation to be laid out in Indesign. Format needs to be a v high quality - I am looking for someone that has a very discerning eye for detail and layout I will need around 15-20 drawings. Not all will be elevations like this - some will be details and simpler This project is a work in progress and will take about 6 weeks of back and ...

    €1380 - €2760
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    €1380 - €2760
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    ...instruction of phase 2 is subject to the section sizes required for the frames being architecturally acceptable; if the required sections are too deep we would need to consider an alternative solution. I would also be interested in the supply of construction drawings for the steelwork if that is within your remit, drawings to be in dxf, dwg or tcw format. I anticipate a fair degree of back and forth and encourage you to ask where you are not sure and to suggest alternatives where there is a structural, construction or cost advantage. By offering to bid for this project the freelancer agrees: • Not to use any supplied information for any purpose other than for that specified here without first obtaining the written agreement from Versineer Ltd. except where required by...

    €830 - €1659
    €830 - €1659
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    Looking for someone to design a website , We have already a main website that a big portion is going to be from there but it will be almost like a new website, around 15-24 pages, need someone which understands and follows and has a good communication. looking to get this done within a few days (max 1 week) please note the budget and do not try to go back and forth with us

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