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    ...Confirm Password Gender: Male or Female Checkbox (By creating your account, you agree to our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy) [Footer] Terms of Use Privacy Policy Contact Us (mailto button to our support mail) About Something similiar to Wowonders frontpage: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Have a Android App that wraps a .Net App. In the web app, there is a mailto: link function but gives an error when clicked on in Android. Need to fix it in web as we don’t have the Android source anymore

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    ...well-known/acme-challenge/41f7jvfSjMOYpF-_OgjPd_aMeVIYB4G_8dQSGUGTa00 [2606:4700:30::681c:928]: "<!DOCTYPE html>rn<!--[if lt IE 7]>rn<html class="no-js lt-ie9 lt-ie8 lt-ie7" lang="en-US"><![endif]-->rn<!--[if IE 7]>rn<html cl" To fix these errors, please make sure that your domain name was entered ...

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    I need an HTML code which will extract a list of email id’s from an excel and using HTML CODE (eg: mailto) pop up an outlook with all those email id’s in to and cc.

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    Joomla mailto email not working with javascript protection Only seem to work on smaller screens [log ind for at se URL]

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    HTML Invite Udløbet left

    ...created from a pdf. the delivery for the file will be in .zip folder with one [log ind for at se URL] file and one images folder. The design has a RSVP button which needs have (mailto+subjectline+Body). Mailto: Test@[log ind for at se URL] Subject: 15th Anniversary Gala Event Body: Thank you for accepting our invite. Please fill the following information to help us enhance y...

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    Website Build Udløbet left Linkedin, etc. Google: Anuraj Gambhir and get photos and other links, various photos, videos, articles, mentions, etc. For email use contact@[log ind for at se URL] with a mailto link... no form required. Promote (offering) innovation consulting, speaking engagements, advisory services, teaching/coaching, mentoring, …. =================================

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    30 bud removed or fixed. You will need experience solving "404" and "301" issues in Wordpress and be able to help with these 3 issues. A. One issue is "404" links ending in /mailto. How are these being created, how can they be removed and prevented from occurring again? B. Second issue is "404" links from an old site which I want to close down prope...

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    ...[log ind for at se URL] 2] [log ind for at se URL] ==================[log ind for at se URL] [STR]php_open_tag_malware [05/03/88] /home/paula384/public_html/[log ind for at se URL] [GEN]PHP_OBF_b64decode [18/09/15] /home/paula384/public_html/[log ind for at se URL] [HEX]wp_malware_include_2 [22/06/49] /home/paula384/public_html/blackcanadians

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    ...removal From both sites [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] ================== [STR]php_open_tag_malware [05/03/88] /home/paula384/public_html/[log ind for at se URL] [GEN]PHP_OBF_b64decode [18/09/15] /home/paula384/public_html/[log ind for at se URL] [HEX]wp_malware_include_2 [22/06/49] /home/paula384/public_html/blackcanadians

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    We're working with the latest YooTheme WidgetKit version and need to stick to Joomla! Articles as our only Widgetkit content pro...Vorname (text) Name (text) Funktion (text) Adresse (text) PLZ (number with 4 digits or text) Ort (text) Telefon (number formated like XXX XXX XX XX or text) E-Mail (url in format MAILTO (must be clickable and "encrypted"))

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    Would like to create a form, via Wordpress & plugins, that achieves the following: - user enters email address - user hits a checkbox that agrees to terms - user this submit button and two events happen. Result: 1. Entered email address is saved to a database or mailing list (Wordpress plug-in?) 2. A mailto: link opens their mail client with a

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    I would like a simple 4 to 5 screen info app developing that has on each page a mailto function or a contact from with a small number of fields. This form simply sends a mail using the devices mail app rather and populates the body of the email with the fields filled. I would like this publishing on apple and android phone devices. Logo, content

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    Description: I have all the contents, typography, images, buttons and wallpapers in .jpg and .png ready. Just need you to code the website- Hom...and configure wordpress, each new post will show up as a recent post at homepage/my work page. 7) Change the width of wordpress post to full width. 8) Configure contact form mailto: [log ind for at se URL]@[log ind for at se URL]

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    Simple project, ANDROID Webview + Onesignal Push notifications my website have links, should be opened externally tel:* http:* https:* whatsapp:* sms:* mailto:* OR ANY href link has attribute (external="true") like: <a href="[log ind for at se URL]" external="true">link name</a>

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    ...customize the template to add a button to the bottom of the featured image, this button would be a sales button - so text like "Make Email Enquiry", this would be a typical mailto: function but it will also need to pick up the title of the blog and put it in the email subject. For example: <a href="mailto:sales@[log ind for at se URL] Sales Enquiry S/N

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    We are looking to setup 10 templates to be sent to a list of customers we have using MailPrimo. We purchased and a list of customers we have using MailPrimo. We purchased and setup MailPrimo Elite platform. Having problems creating templates we need in MailPrimo. Unable to create MailTo link. Attached is one example. Need MailPrimo expert.

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    I'm having some minor issues with my application including: - Special HTML links (tel, mailto) not opening dedicated applications on iOS & Android - File and photo uploading not working on Android Need these resolved right away. Was working with a developer, starting charging me more for less work, want a long-term developer to keep going back to

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    The stylesheet at [log ind for at se URL] should be enhanced as follows: 1) Provide mailto links named "Comment" adjacent to each <Goal> and <Objective> <Description>. The links should address the message to the <Submitter>'s <EmailAddress> and include the goal or objective <Name> in the subject line. 2) Under the <Relationship>

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    ...relation to my screenshot attached: 1. Full page background 2. No content below 3. Footer bar with a red bar, some UNDER CONSTRUCTION content, with "Contact Us" to link to - 4. Add a search bar - with Google Custom Search. We want to simply produce results from google. Either within its own page design or an iFrame type thing 5. When

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    Send a carbon copy email to the email entered on the previous page.

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    ...and scaling described in ”Samsen Scaling [log ind for at se URL]” (samsen_pattern_large_RGB asset i Sketch to be used in all patterns). * The ”Contact us” button is just a regular mailto link (to contact@[log ind for at se URL]) * Any modern front end stack and compilers accepted. * To be delivered on a Heroku dyno with ready to use deployment script (one com...

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    ...reconnect. 7), Check network connection if no network show alert and close app. 8), Remember last visited page and resume from there 8), Listing to url key reference such as (mailto:,share:,like:,exit:,refresh:,map: etc), and open as requested. 9), Always open external link outside of the app view. which mean lunch it with default phone browser. 10)

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    We require an app that will act as a middleware for when a client clicks on mailto: links as well as replace the default mail client on the windows PC. When the client clicks on an mailto: link we want this app to pop up and have two options, 1 that will open a mail client on their computer (should allow us to select outlook, thunderbird etc, like

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    I wanna to make javascript program to send e-mail. Here I don't want to use mailto href. If you can do it,plz bid. No template bid won't be allowed. Add pe on the top.

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    ...(offline/error) - location coordinates ad-hoc (not tracking/bg) - contacts search (using multiple and normalised values) - webview must handle schemes such as whatsapp, mailto, and download of PDFs Specs, screen designs and graphic elements will be provided. There are some other behaviours not mentioned here but are pretty minor such as saving/restoring

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    We require an app that will act as a middleware for when a client clicks on mailto: links as well as replace the default mail client on the windows PC. When the client clicks on an mailto: link we want this app to pop up and have two options, 1 that will open a mail client on their computer (should allow us to select outlook, thunderbird etc, like

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    23 bud and last -- click and select the users you want to send the message to and then click send. You either have to option to send messages or to send email ... plan on using mailto to open their local email client and copy the address and messages there. So we don't need to worry about smtp or anything. Messages will be saved into a database table and

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    ...Environment: DRUPAL/ MySql (other technologies are related to the chosen template Javascript…) ▪ Website fully responsive (Desktop, Smartphone, tablets) ▪ Website adapted IE7/Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari ▪ Existing: Logo, images , video, all content ▪ Google analytics API (statistics, visitors…) for website managers ▪ Secured website (database

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    modify a mail form Udløbet left

    I need to receive a phone call when someone sends a message from a form of my website. Attached below mailto php file, thanks

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    Trophy icon Copy a Website into Wordpress Udløbet left

    ... Also, facebook-news should appear from our own facebook page directly into a new subbranch "NEWS". - Contact-Formula adresses need to be updated - Newsletter page / mailto-links need to be updated - photos need to be updated (will be delivered from us) - all texts and photos should be editable through Wordpress - all [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...version should be the following: 1) URL that don't start with [log ind for at se URL] or [log ind for at se URL] should be opened with the system app (ex. like [log ind for at se URL] , mailto://aaa@[log ind for at se URL], sms://, whatsapp:// etc) 2) When user click on back button of device and page contains tag <!--App:reviousPageOnBack--> , browser should go back in...

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    We have a landing page that has been designed and need it developed in html5 and to be responsive across Desktop, Tablet be responsive across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices. It will also need to include basic seo meta tag so that it ranks well across google. The landing page has a basic mailto; email click. Also there is an instagram feed.

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    I need to be able to format using BOLD, UNDERLINE and COLOR in an e-mail that is generated by using the mailto: command. I need a workaround to be able to format the e-mail. Sending via PHP on the website is not an option, the e-mail must be populated in a browser.

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    ...-Profile picture (upload photo) -Their location (dropdown menu selection from 3 options) -Price range (dropdown menu selection from 5 options) -Contact e-mail (text field with mailto:) -Portfolio website link You can use the login page or any other pages in the template as a starting point for the login page. That's it for the website, 3 pages total

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be bui...60% is done and all is done by me. I have another project work so i need someone to complete this app UI. Its a one day job. Contact for more info: text or drop email on mailto: [Removed by Admin - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    ...Address ID, Student ID/Parent ID / School ID, Primary Residence (combo with ID to make primary key) Mailing Address: Mailing Address ID, Student ID/Parent ID / School ID, Primary MailTo Address School: School ID, Official Name, Alias, Physical address ID, Mailing Address ID, Principal, Main Contact Contact: Contact ID, Contact Title, Contact Type Contact Phone

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    ...upgrade any mods and the script itself as necessary... please be very careful as Not to affect any SEO settings in any way, specifically the 'Yoast' add-on. 2. On each Contact form there is the ‘Send’ button which you click when you want to submit the message – but, due to delays at times, when the person hits ‘Send’, nothing happens and one wonder...

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    Hire a CSS Designer Udløbet left

    ...Fingerboardpark G13 Fingerboardpark Big Mini TEXT FIELD: Leave us a comment It has to be in 2 languages (GERMAN & ENGLISH) & mailto: webshop@[log ind for at se URL] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Further sites to make mobile friendly:

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    Bid $50.00 [log ind for at se URL] 1. Add "Email for Price" button to to all products on all Woocommerce shop pages (pages 1-12). Button should link to "mailto" url and the email subject should be the product title. 2. Remove "Transmission" Category from displaying in Woocommerce shop pages. Okay to leave it as an menu/category item.

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    I need an order form that will integrate into wordpress. It must be 2 forms, with a transition between the two that does not reload the webpage. First page is for order information, second page for payment with paypal credit cards etc. Confirmed and paid for orders will mailto company's address Fairly simple project it just has to work well

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    ...length. I need a "find us" page with a map that shows the location of a specific place, and along with it, a link to a facebook and linkdin page, a phone number, a mailto: email address, and a form that asks for basic info (name, how can we help?..) black and white are preferred, no crazy colors. I need all the pages to have the logos show as in findUs

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    ...anyone is kind enough to help me, I need a code that will send the Username and Password to a specific email address once the user clicks on "Sign In" . I do not want the MAILTO function as that would open the user's email program to send an email. I want the user to be able to simply click the Sign in button and the login info is sent to the email

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    Write some Software Udløbet left

    ...the page data table [it goes from 1 - 500 email address depending on each meeting]. I was able to populate around 75-80 email address in outlook "to address field". But the mailto url has a limitation of 2000 character and now I got stuck. I want this functionality to be done using either in client side or on the server side .net MVC5 look object model

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    ...Te entrega diseño en Illustrato ( .ai ) . Particularidades en html: - Debe adaptarse a mobile de manera responsive - EL boton de contacto del pie de pagina es un mailto ( NO seria un acceso a un formulario ) Particularidades en javascript : - Contiene varios sliders marcados en por flechas que mueven los bloques del contenido ( Sliders

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    I would like to setup events on a few wordpress websites that will capture analytics for form submissions, click to call links, and clicks on mailto links.

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    ...created using contact form 7, can you please Change the mailto: filed to be an email adress I will create, which I will have send the email to you and to me, Test each form with test content - Using the fields I will give you they are my name my email address my phone number; And for the forms that have further entries to add This form is a test sent

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    Build a Website Udløbet left I already have a design, I just need you to build a very small only front-end website. It will be 6 pages of content with nothing fancy except a caroussel and a mailto form opening in a lightbox (or so). I'm do web myself but I lack time. I want it to be cleanly and smartly coded so I can take it over eventually. It has to be fully responsive

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