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    Will need add "sold out" row to select size in single product page woocommerce if Stock quantity 0 then a row of size should show a string SIZE + SOLD OUT Check pls attach.

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    ...handles string popupHandle = [log ind for at se URL]; string existingWindowHandle = [log ind for at se URL]; ReadOnlyCollection<string> windowHandles = [log ind for at se URL]; foreach (string handle in windowHandles) { if (handle != existingWindowHandle) { popupHandle = handle; break; } } //switch to new window driver

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    ...$form['id']; if($form_id==122){ $items = array(); $metas = get_users(); if (is_array($metas)) { foreach($metas as $meta) $items[] = array("value" => $meta->display_name, "text" => $meta->display_name); } foreach($form["fields"] as &$field) if($field["id"] == 1){ $field[&q...

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    Hello, We need to fix an error we have for one of our charts.

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    ...figure out how to correct this. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you. foreach ($dbh->query($query_images) as $images-1) { $ins = "INSERT INTO images-2 SET image_blob='".images-1['image_blob']."'"; $dbh->exec($ins); } I also need to be able to update the blob fields: foreach ($dbh->query($query_images) as $images-1) { $...

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    Look at file [log ind for at se URL] line 157 NEED TO Make Function for json_decode and use result for foreach below at line 170 $decoded->mods->itemlist->data->auctions NOTE for [log ind for at se URL] filter PAGE 1 KEYWORD 男士皮靴 MIN PRICE 10 MAX PRICE 99

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    ...e( $attr ) {global $wp_roles; extract( shortcode_atts( array( 'user' => null, ), $attr ) ); $user = $user ? new WP_User( $user ) : wp_get_current_user(); $list = array(); foreach( $user->roles as $role ) { $list[$role] = $wp_roles->roles[$role]['name']; } return implode( $list, ', ' );} add_shortcode( 'role', 'get_current_logedin_user...

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    I have small problem. I bulk import matches to my site but each time, I ...matches appear, if i don't, nothing is displayed in frontend. I have many matchdays I cannot click update for each one of them. I have tried to loop through the posts with a foreach but I cannot get it to work. I want my freelancer to create simple plugin to update all at once.

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    8 bud everything works. Now, I would like to add a chart, generated by the amcharts libraries, to each row of the table in a dedicated column. Please see comment in row 406, element id="chartdiv" (attached file [log ind for at se URL]). Script for chart begin in row 461. Each line has three variables that are used to write the chart ($avby, $tempo_fermo; $tempo_...

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    ...$fields_string = ''; $fields = array( 'secret' => '6Lfg9V8UAAAAAJQmqjZnXa0AcmC4ISXD3twREuYN', 'response' => $user_response ); foreach($fields as $key=>$value) $fields_string .= $key . '=' . $value . '&'; $fields_string = rtrim($fields_string, '&...

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    Hello i am looking for someone to Make me Oracle SQL query returning pivot table with total result at the end of every row and total at the bottom of every column (excel example inside) Please see the screenshot example: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hello, I want to copy 8.000 row data numbers from a web, continuing the file I have created already. You must copy from here: [log ind for at se URL]:number_of_holdings,,middle:less_than_equal,,right:100,,,left:stock_long,,middle:greater_than_equal,,right:95&exposureFilters=&page=161&securitylistFilters=method:add,group:fund

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    We nned simply add a total in a table to display the toal of VAT.

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    ...optimising a function that is very inefficient. A function takes 11-40 seconds to calculate depending on the amount of data processed. The function itself has a lot of nested foreach loops, looping through nested arrays, need someone who would know how to rewrite the function to improve performance and calculation time up to 5 seconds max or someone who

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    ...developed so this must work with Wordpress. I'd prefer a very clean and lightweight solution. I'd like the modal to be able to be triggered dynamically so if I have a php loop (foreach or while), I'd like to be able to have something like: <a href="#modal-<?php echo $ID;?>" class="modal-trigger">Preview Theme A</a> <div id="...

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    ...Note That Google Plus Has a rate limit .. Check this : [log ind for at se URL] The Function should include foreach and LINQ SQL That return all the posts in DB since i have 12,000 posts need to post in many internals. sample of linq var allbooks = [log ind for at se URL](x

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    9 bud[log ind for at se URL] JError :: raiseError() @ the second script is a scraper in php returning this error : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/jobsdonedeal/public_html/euro/euro1/[log ind for at se URL] on line 190 01/01/70 -- 0--------[Page: 1] and [Position: ]------- -------------------------------------------

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    $40 We have a single town home in Revit, 3D, fully drawn up. We need to make a ROW of townhomes - a whole street - by joining side by side 20 town homes, each copies of the other. There are two views of the townhome - each of the two long sides. The homes join in particular positions, such as not to have outside decks overlap, for privacy of

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    ...the_sub_field('content'); ?> <?php $catergorie_credits[] = get_sub_field('name');?> <?=$bb[$x];?>"><?=get_sub_field('name');?> <?php endwhile; ?> <?php endif; ?> <?php $x=0; ?> <?php foreach ($catergorie_credits as $credit) { $x++; ?> <?=$bb[$x];?>"><?=$credit;?> The code below wor...

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