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    I need a PHP upload script to use on an apache server 2.0.48, and have php 4.3.4 installed running on a windows XP computer, I have tried many upload scripts that ive d/l free from the web, thay dont seem to work, the only script i have gotten to work is the example upload script from the php website, but i need it to do more, this is what im after, i need a html form with the appropiate php code ...

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    Web portal- personal section needs the following revamping: (1) list profile - general public need to be able to list their profile for free, upload voice, image, etc. When the profile is listed the client should be able to edit, view, their profile. (2) Once the profiles have been uploaded the public will be able to view, search the profiles listed by performing a basic or advance search for fr...

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    **I need to be able to shutdown, restart, or logoff (with and without force) a computer over a network.** I want to be able to send a customizable message to the user prior to the action being taken. Also, I need the program that receives the connections to run as a service ([log ind for at se URL]) so it will work at the Windows login screen. I want the interface to be as generic as po...

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    Hello Everyone, I need some modifications to be made to Storefront Advanced Edition ([log ind for at se URL]). 1. Ability for each manufacturer to log in to admin panel to process orders as all orders will be processed and delivered by the manufacturer. 2. An email must be sent to the manufacturer advising of a purchase when a customer purchases a product. Example: User purchase...

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    This application is to scrape user's profile from Written in Perl v5 to run on my linux server. Developed on your system. I won't be able to give you shell access to my server, so when you've debugged on your server, I'll copy to my server. Suggest you have program create a browser-accessible logfile so you can debug on my server if necessary. The program is ...

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    _General Information _This project involves the development of a relatively straight-forward game concept. The game will require a basic "board", inspired by a predetermined design. The pieces used by the player(s) move along any of numerous 'paths', to an ultimate end point. As the game is played with a 78 card 'deck', the software will require each card to...

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    Need help here! This is Father Nerd :) I want to keep Nerd [log ind for at se URL] a free forum but as you all know it cost for hosting , advertisement , misc... expenses. Now here is an idea that I know one of you Rent A Coders can help me with and come up with a solution. Is it possible to make new members that register here at Nerd [log ind for at se URL] to complete a sponsors form , before ga...

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    I have two servers that I will run in a redundant connection for hosting virtual servers and sub hosts. Each server has two hard drives that need to be setup with vinum software raid. The servers need to be hooked into the datacenter vlan and set to run redundantly so if one server fails the other comes up. So I will have software raid (vinum) and then redundant servers for two levels of...

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    I have a four part project that needs to be completed within 35 days. The project involves logo design, site design, document template design and a flash demo. 1. Corporate Logo Design a new corporate logo to be incorporated into the web site design. 2. The Site A 5-8 page corporate web site that will function as follows: 2a. Summary The site will allow clients to log in and enter information...

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    Hello and thank you for taking a look at my project. I look forward to working with you, the programmer on my project. This is a featured project so full information exchanging IS accepted (to my understanding of the rules) AND you dont have to pay commission! Why wouldnt you bid on this and make nothing but profit from it if chosen! The project I will be listing is relatively a simple one as ...

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    We have an a small utility that is written in C# that is a download manager which splits downloads and automatically resumes then if you restart the system. It is written in C#, currently it has some minor issues and bugs, needs the installation fixed to our standards and needs some fine tuning. You will be working with our tester who will verify your work. The issues are below and relate to our ...

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    Hello all, i wants credit card SSl script for my site . Bid without sample will be ignored. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and comp...

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    SMS Sending App Udløbet left

    After extensive consultation with young people, we have decided upon an incentive scheme built around SMS message credits for our site. A person registers with the site and their registration is verified by SMS to a GSM Phone. This is to prevent abuse of the system. We will be able to manually register young people who may not have a phone if they apply by post. Everyday people login and u...

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    We are working on a project in which we need to login to pop mail server and get the total emails count and delete them . We have the code but it is not working , I think either their is a little problem in our code or our server is blocking something so we need help from you , we are providing the code below so just tell us where the problem is and how to solve it and make a bid for your help . F...

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    simple project, i need someone to create a csr, make backup key, and install pending cert from authority.

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    I need someone to install SSL certificates for 2 websites that I have hosted on my linux server. The sites are on Apache, and I already have one site on this server setup with ssl, I just need the 2 new ones set up. Please don't bid unless you can get this done right [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hello, I have a template started at: [log ind for at se URL] When you go there you will see that the template needs to be filled in on the LEFT colum and in the MIDDLE column. I need this extremely visually appealing. LEFT COLUMN -------- On the left column should be highlights of the FOUR HOSTING packages that we offer. Along with a notice stating: NO SETUP FEES! So basically input an attr...

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    Small Enquiry Exhibits Recording System ??" SEERS West Yorkshire Police require an existing business support system based on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to be converted into a multi-user database. The database must include features not present in the spreadsheet, being an audit log of changes, an archiving facility, and the ability to export data. It must be possible to search the database...

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    hello, i have several personal web projects that involves shopping cart use. I need help with customizing the "look and feel" of the website so that it doesn't look generic. I am familiar with basic html using dreamweaver. I need someone who have already done shopping cart websites and i won't accept bids that do not have fully working e-commerce websites portfolio (it can...

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    Website Enhancement Udløbet left

    ColdFustion and SQL(database) coder required to make modifications to existing site: _<[log ind for at se URL]>_ This is an ONGOING project with modifications paid per item as bonus. Each modification will be expected to be completed by a certain time frame. Modifications include:- Existing feature enhancements, Incorporating a shopping cart, customers admin, ssl (secure payments area, co...

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    We require a stylish ecommerce website for a confectionery company selling chocolates. The site would detail the history, shop and product range. The site would take credit cards offline VIA SSL. The theme would be sell chocolate in various box sizes and flavours. If you are competent with using an [log ind for at se URL] package that would be OK. If you copy and paste your resume without reading ...

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    Web based Customer Campsite Reservation / Booking / Commerce System System will initially service two County Campground Properties with approx. 100 and 25 campsites. Should have capability to have other properties and sites added to system. System will be used by web visiting public for self-serve reservations AND Customer Service operators for walk-in and telephone requests. Should include the ...

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    I need to log into [log ind for at se URL] via an app that I have created, using VB.NET. I have other sites that I can log into with my app, but I cannot get my code to work on Betfair. I think is got something to do with cookies? I'm currently using HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse and as I mentioned, this works fine for other sites that requires secure login. ## Deliverables 1) ...

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    ecom store Udløbet left

    I need a ecom website without flash graphics. must features are like Online payment transfer, Shopping cart, SSL secure and a rich administration panel having all the facilities to products, shipping, orders elc. I need to start this project as soon as possible. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work d...

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    €90 - €451
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    WAN IP Monitor Udløbet left

    Program will monitor the default gateway's IP address by repeatedly connecting to a web page on the Internet. User at another location will log in with id and password and a page will loads "your current ip is x.x.x.x last updated xx/xx/xx time [log ind for at se URL]" USer should be able to click on the ip shown and a new browser will open with the ip in the url field. The program...

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    We need to integrate our existing shopping cart (developed using Php) with the following payment processors: We will need selected coder to preform other integrations a little later, we plan to offer 10 to 15 more gateways. **WorldPay PlanetPayment Linkpoint 2checkout** **You must provide documentation of doing these integration’s before not interested in working with a n...

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    webhosting backend Udløbet left

    I need a webhosting backend, i already have Cpanel, but that is not enough. I need an invoice system, automated billing and account creation (fullly customizeble), server information, supporting ssl. Something like combining Cpanel and Plesk. If you are up to the job, and you could make a substitute to Cpanel, so my company can have its own control panel like [log ind for at se URL], please put yo...

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    Chat Application Udløbet left

    I have an intranet application that enables registered members of the site communicate and collaborate. I want to add chat functionality to the site that would be accessible by all members of the community. The basic functionslity would support: 1. 'buddy' lists 2. chat rooms 3. ability for parties to save the chat 4. 2+ people can participate in the chat ## Deliverables...

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    I need to shutdown or restart remote computers by their IP address using WMI. _ _ **Requirements:** 1. Be able to force the system, or not force the system to restart OR shutdown. 2. Send a custimizable message to the remote user prior to shutdown. (Like 3 minutes before just saying the system will be shutting down...) _All I need is a generic form made._ The working code is what I...

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    Network consists of 60+ Fujitsu and Toshiba tablet/notebook computers. Network is a Windows 2000 domain. Users login to notebooks with restricted rights and run an application. By default, the notebooks shut down after 5 mintues of inactivity. This is a "per user" setting. Users are not able to change the power down settings. I need a login script (machine level to be assigned...

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    e-commerce website Udløbet left

    We require a stylish ecommerce website for a confectionery company selling chocolates. The site would detail the history, shop and product range. The site would take credit cards via SSL. The theme would be sell chocolate in various box sizes and flavours. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ...

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    I need a stand-alone downloadable (or distribute on CD) program to organize and display military ribbons based upon criteria contained in the programming. This program will be based upon an outdated program which can be found in the attached zip file. The author of this program is retired and no longer interested in updating it. While I will want the program to accomplish the same thing ...

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    1) Write a computer program in Java that will find the shortest path of the Hamiltonian circuit using brute-Force algorithm. 2) Write a computer program in Java that will calculate the thousandth Fibonacci number, F1000. The program must display F1000 and show its Number of Digits. I need both of these programs, if someone can do it. ## Deliverables 1) Complete...

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    | Title | Information Management Tool (IMT) for Joint Theater Level Simulation ...

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    €27 - €4512
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    A main logo and topic Icon theme for a PostNuke Web site for the Coyote Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force. The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is an orginization dedicated to maintianing World War II vintage military air craft (aka "Warbirds") in flying condition as a memorial to those who served and sacrificed in that confilct. The Coyote Squadron is a local unit of the CAF located ...

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    We have moved our e-commerce site to another hosting and we have problem. We have some problem in the payment script which communicates with [log ind for at se URL] It worked fine on the previous hosting. It's strange. It worked fine. Now we get "The page cannot be displayed" after making a test payment. Your task: To correct the script which communicates with [log ind for at se ...

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    **Using Technology to Improve Business Performance We are a consulting company that is looking to outsource our clients to webdesigners when our clients need it. ** **Work with the client to figure out how we can improve the bottom line using website solutions.** **_**Website Solutions**_** -Website Creation,Design Development,Hosting and Site Maintenance, Domain, Registration -We...

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    €451 - €4512
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    I would like the most up to date installation of both mod_ssl and open_ssl that is compatible with my version of apache (1.3.27) I am also looking for an admin to help me on and off with server questions and other projects as well for a later date.

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    SSL com dll's Udløbet left

    I have one of my customers who is seeking a SSL implementation as a com based object, the SSL implementation should be client/server side running on port 443, the solution should also include the ability to Proxy SSL, this should be made in vc++, i do not mind which environemnt the dmeo app which shows the usage of the com object is made in, could be made in vc++, vb, delphi, does not really ma...

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    Brute force password cracker for a game called Gunbound. You can download it at <[log ind for at se URL]> about 99mb file. The interface is very simple.... I'd like this to use API to find the username password windows. And go through a listbox of usernames and passwords... You can't get blocked by the server for trying too many attempts, so this is pretty simple. Also, the user sh...

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    We are looking for a coder who has worked with the PerlBill billing system. We have customized the script to make 3 seperate sections and custom order forms however the code was never completed due to our developer was in a bad motorcycle accident and is now in a comma. We are looking for someone to complete this project and to fix a few things that currently are not working. This s...

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    Ecommerce Web site Udløbet left

    We require a stylish ecommerce website for a company selling outdoor clothing/head gear for young people. The site would detail the history, shop and product range. The site would take credit cards via SSL. The theme would be Outdoors, travel, freedom, active lifestyle. The client would like links to surfing and snowboarding sites. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working progr...

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    There is alot of talent out their and we are seeking it for this project. Looking for a complete script to create our safe and secure online payment system similar to PayPal. Our system will allow people to create an account to send money to other users. they can pay for auctions or purchase any other products with just a email address. Security and functionality is our main goal. We want to ...

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    This program will use the existing customer database for login and registrations. Once the customer registers/logs he will be sent to the initial page which will show him the details of his database (i.e. how many coins he has in his database, the value of his coins, a button to download his database in .txt format, a button to view his database in .pdf format, a button to allow him to edit his da...

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    The purpose of this assignment is to create an activatable RMI fingerprint server. The server will implement a remote accessible method that accepts a document as input and returns its fingerprint (hash value). The communication between server and client needs to be encrypted via SSL. Instructions: 1. Create client and server code in separate directories (e.g. ~/assign5/server and ~/assign5/client...

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    Hello, To be brief, I need a VB. Net solution that allows file copy to and from a fileserver via HTTPS (SSL) It will do the following: 1. Open a connection to a remote server by IP using SSL 2. Verify that the connection should be open by the code(code-signing perhaps) 3. Mount a fileshare to this IP 4. Be able to create a directory, copy a file, remove a dir in with this mounted s...

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    Ecommerce Website Udløbet left

    We require a stylish ecommerce website for a company selling outdoor clothing/head gear for young people. The site would detail the history, shop and product range. The site would take credit cards via SSL. The theme would be Outdoors, travel, freedom, active lifestyle - would like links to surfing and snowboarding sites ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in exe...

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    pda/crm Udløbet left

    Publisher CRM for Sales Reps:Develop PDA version WE have created and developed a crm product that we have been using internally with great success to manage our sales force. This software is web based, done in cold fusion and sequel, and our developer does not have experience with pda applications. This crm product is now being readied for sale to other publishers who need to manage their sal...

    €90 - €451
    €90 - €451
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    I need a clone of this Application: [log ind for at se URL] It's a live help system and I need to create the same product. The service will be offered to our customerr using the ASP business model. Have a look at the above site for a full description of the features I need. In particoular, I need: - Proactive Chat and Help Buttons - Real-time site monitoring - C...

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    MSN-Type App Udløbet left

    I would like a clone of msn messenger that has the following functionality: * User authentication * User registration * Instant Messenging, including emoticons, text formatting, change backgrounds * Video/Voice Chat * All IM and Video/Voice Chat SSL Secure * Whiteboard * Send File Function * Ability to push sites * Application sharing * Ability to IM 3 ways (through Invite funct...

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