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    Jeg skal have lavet en side ala Momondo, hvor det skal være nemt, at sammenligne priser på fly og hotel. Det skal samtidig være nemt for brugeren at lave skabeloner, hvor det kun er destinationen, som skal skiftes.

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    We require a strong healthcare developer with strong database skills to help us parse large data sets (1M-20M lines) that are complex. Familiarity with healthcare a plus, but not essential. Require help with cleaning, normalizing data and generating on the fly reports/analytics. Full time position. US working hours availability preferred. GOod english skills, light product management and reliabil...

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    MMMM - Heartfull Mind -- It's just a game. With the real potential for exponential growth in human and resource-oriented values with the chance for all on the little success. Not everyone can be maximally successful, but everyone can be optimally successful. Die Idee besteht, dass wir einige Onlineapplikationen entwickeln wollen, welche dann diese Erde in sinnvollen Relationen abbilden soll....

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    we have 3 sites todo seo on we want to start with our new site ( low da only 5) we would like to improve our off site seo and get more rankings. we have some onsite seo but it needs more work. we are doing blogging on the site so we have a 1000 word or more article each week for seo in our niche . please put in your bid how you will improve our site in our country's google. we are showing fo...

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    This is for a client who wants a lot of animation on his website, but of course nobody uses flash any more so we need a fresh idea. Ideally what we want is a splash page that is not in flash, that will load then redirect to the actual home page. The splash page will have the icon coming as flying wings like a butterfly, then land on the page top right as the logo. The words of the logo will then a...

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    We require a freelancer to help design and create a bag for our new product "GrassPad" The bag size is approx 1metre height x 30cm diameter to fit the product. The bag needs to list the details: Roll Size - 10m2 (1m x 10m) Thickness - 8mm Reduces lines/streaking in on your artificial grass Makes your grass feel softer under foot Increases lifespan of your grass by reducing impact blow...

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    I need an awesome legit graphic effect made, with my LOGO and I need a 5 second bump in video for my youtube including the 3d/Aftereffects graphics you [log ind for at se URL] will be a video intro to my Youtube channel. I also want an animated mouse to "click" on the subscribe button after the logo intro. [log ind for at se URL] This is how I want my logo to look, and fly in/move....

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    Hello, I need illustrations for a series of short stories for children, it will be narrated, This project is for the 1st and 2nd episode, this may become a long term business for you if I like your work. For every episode I will need 12-16 illustrations Story: a young female elephant, who has wings and can fly, every episode she will have a new adventure with a different type of animals. Illustr...

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    Fly for The Culture Logo Re-Design 16 timer left

    Fly for The Culture (FFTC) is a Charlotte North Caroline based 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on promoting diversity within the civilian aviation industry. We promote diversity within civil aviation by allowing disadvantaged and minority youth to experience different aspects of the civilian aviation industry including flight school training to obtain a private pilot’s license, and exp...

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    Need experts to be able to create a gif with a theme of objects flying into my face type of effects whereby those objects can be a like a photo and in total about 8 to 10 photos will take turns to fly into your face from the screen. Need advice for logo design as well.

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    Para Mirna F 6 timer left

    Proyecto de traduccion on the fly solo para ella Traduccion PRT / SPA

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    Project: 3D cartoon animation video. Duration: 60-80 seconds. Details: The environment to be as a beach with trees. The introduction of the video will show the environment with no air and camera will move toward the book which is on a table or between rocks. At this moment a strong air will start. The Air will flip book cover and papers of the book will be flipping fast. ( Fast action ) Need to ...

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    This is a 3D animation! I would like to create a generic motion of a superhero fictional character (I have already the model in Blender) The character will fly similar to movie scenes [log ind for at se URL] similar not exact It will start flying from Egypt, then will fly between the pyramids, then will dip in the ocean then fly to Disney world then to space. 1) The character is in Blender (fully ...

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    We are wanting an Angel Wings design T-Shirt.. On the back of our shirt we want an Angel wing design with ribbon affect. On the front creative writing in the words saying ( I'll fly to the beat of my own wings) The images we hope will help you understand the type of wings we are wanting

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    This accessory shop is a collection of every beautiful things for girls. The shop owner will fly to other countries to find beautiful things for girls. The brand image should be independent design, unique taste, french fashion style, please find the pics in the attachment for more information. Please name our brand, and give us a brand slogan. French name and Rome name is preferred.

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    Hi, I am looking for someone skilled in 3D animations for a short presentation movie of a novel modular structural system. The idea is to show the system and its properties through a building process of 2-3 (office/residential) buildings. The gif shows a room like sub-part of a building. All the elements are included in this gif. I imagine the animation starting from the main module, continues t...

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    Trophy icon VF3 flow flex fly studio Udløbet left

    I need a logo for a new studio that will have Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Aerial and Fitness classes

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    We have lots of work to be done with the back-end of the current CUSTOM wordpress Calendar plugin. We want to convert WP Custom Booking Calendar Plugin to Core PHP using namespace style programming (you must know C++ and or Python) to be considered. We will test you and if you cannot connect to our client database using our database connection string, you ARE NOT QUALIFIED for this project. W...

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    Crowdfunding Udløbet left

    I'm looking for a professional that can help me to post my new concept on Indiegogo and other crowdfunding sites. I have infographics, a whitepaper consisting of the full concept and financial projects, as well as the reward system. I also have a working website and a concept video. This concept is ready to fly and now needs to gain proper funding. Only experienced professionals that have had...

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    My name John Kolinofsky , I am a professional Agent for a Modelling Agency company of which I am very lucky as well as owning a Model Agency Company. The name of my company is Callidus Agency..I am currently in a workshop here in Ontario, Canada. I will be here for a month for a Live Slide/talk show lectures with some Models and Investors,hosting business events ,after which I will fly back to the...

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    I need to implement an impressive and fully automated slider or gallery popup. All data is stored in MySQL database, links to images need to be calculated based on one of the database fields. User clicks on the link, and gallery pop-ups. Again, this gallery needs to be created automatically from database. Initially popup window is 800x600 pixels, but users often maximize it, or open it in mobile ...

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    nput compression module for Nginx, written in C/C++. Purpose: Allow nginx proxy w/cache to compress and store the compressed files and deliver them pre-compressed directly to all future clients instead of storing the uncompressed files and compressing on output to every client. Suggested implmentation: Hook into the proxy's data-from-upstream-server pipeline and compresses the input body usi...

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    Trophy icon Create two cartoon characters Udløbet left

    Please tell me if you are interested in my project: * I need two (2) cartoon characters, with five poses of each one. * I'll provide some photos to show appropriate poses. * I just want black/white drawings with a transparent background. * This is for a comic strip that will be a small part of my blog. * I will assemble the comic strips in photoshop each time I need one. * I just need you t...

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    This project is a 4+ min fly through animation (85% interior, 15% exterior) to be created in Cinema 4D & Octane renderer of a Pavilion at Expo. There is a strict deadline on September 11th. A quick decision will be made for the awarding of this project & one freelancer will not be enough for this turnaround time, advanced professionals only. The main exterior & interior bones of th...

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    I'm building a platform for mid-term accomodation (3 months+) for fly-in-fly-out contractors & relocation doctors in Australia Sydney. Business with Asia-pacific focus. Prefer australian freelancer More info will be provided. I need your help with branding, brand identity, business name & logo. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks so much, Ria [Removed for encouraging offsite ...

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    I need a HTML/CSS/JS ninja to upgrade an existing website template as described below Find attached to this project a scan i have draw. On the template page you can see the header menu on top, and then a headband with a background and written on it in the middle "Property Catalog", then there is a "property filter" area, so far you do not have to change ANYTHING, the job is lo...

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    Need to do 2 improvements to this Java project: [log ind for at se URL] 1. Files in the container should be added by some kind of archives (without archiving) / sub-containers of 200 MB each, but not more than 500 files in the archive. At the same time, when opening the main container, all file names should be visible. If it is impossible to open them all on the fly, then although it should be p...

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    I'm looking to have 10 articles written for SEO content for a website. The website is Each article needs to be a minimum of 300 words. Each topic is a key word you can you can use these key words as much as possible. Keywords: Air fall pumice Pumice as light weight aggregate Horticultural pumice Hess pumice CR Minerals Pumice Pozzolan Pumice as a filtration media Pumi...

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    Hello! I own a fly fishing company and we are focused on content marketing by providing high quality content to our readers through our blog and newsletter. Do you frequently fly fish? And what do you fly fish for? Trout, bass, saltwater fish? I am looking to have quality content written that would be picked up by search engines and help drive traffic to my site. Do you have any samples of your wr...

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    Hi there. i need someone to add users country fly on based on which country a user lives in. And i need this ASAP... Please see the screenshot for sample. See the samples here of how different flags shows. Here [log ind for at se URL]

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    Trophy icon Boat Flag Design Udløbet left

    I would like a boat flag designed: size: 3 feet wide x 2 feet high format: full size file, 300 dpi - can be .eps, .jpg and/or .pdf file formats 1. Use "Sea Dose" logo as main element in white in the center. see attached .jpg. I can supply .eps version once we settle on design. I have attached a sample of Sea Dose on a black pattern that is being used as the boat hull wrap. ...

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    This project is for the development of a basic endless runner game made preferably in Unity. This game should be made for Windows PC/Laptop. Discussions about an official smartphone app version will be made after this project depending on the freelancers performance on this project. -The game should connect with an external BLE device (HM10) to receive controller inputs to move the character in g...

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    Hello, I would like to modify registration system on my site to make it "invite only". I am looking for a simple method for this where invite codes are generated on fly and stored in database. they will then be required for registration. if you have experience doing this, please inform me of best solution. here is demo of script: [log ind for at se URL] ONLY QUOTE WHAT YOU WILL DO...

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    Print Designing Udløbet left

    This is a print i have created by sketching a fly insect and use some colourful prints to enhance the image.

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    Very easy job, I am reselling residential proxies from some provider. I need a script for this -Limit my users' traffic -Set up a proxy chain on the fly with random credentials -Forward all trafiic through my residential proxy provider end points And an admin dashboard, which is able to: -track my users' data -create order -generate proxies from the script -check users' orders exp...

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    I want to get data search result from other site into my web site, I need a coder that know how to do "html parts" or "http parts" to send query to transfer the info search into my site on the fly from one site search get result into my site, in my site has to create search bar area and result area,...make sure that you read that attachment and you can do it before you contact ...

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    an web-based /java / any language interactive simple game. We need 2 small and simple game for kids which each of the interactive game spends less than 5 minutes to complete. game 1: a flower grow game, so 3 stages of flower growing and kids should use a. water pot, b. fertilizer, c. pesticide when asked to complete the grow game 2: flying butterfly, kids fill colours on the butterfly ...

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    Website and Laravel coding already developed. Staff doesn’t know how to show report in a split screen on-the-fly as user enters data

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    Voice over: I stand guard all day protecting my flock...just the other day i was forced to defend my flock from a a winged demon from the underworld trying to swoop down and fly off with bob over there. But luckily for him, i stay on top of my game with Maxton Health's CBD oil for [log ind for at se URL] from broad spectrum CBD oil, it helps me with my Joint and muscle pains and keeps my anxi...

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    I need to scale a bunch of 32px or 32px Icons/Images .png to 21px and maybe 16px. My results end every time with fine artefacts or blur, but scaling from 64px or 32px with "web browser" on the fly via CSS/HTML it gets extremely clean. I tried everything, best result i get when vectorizing with illustrator, but nothing is as clean, as scaling with CSS/HTML. On the attached picture you ...

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    I need to scale a bunch of 32px or 32px Icons/Images .png to 21px and maybe 16px. My results end every time with fine artefacts or blur, but scaling from 64px or 32px with "web browser" on the fly via CSS/HTML it gets extremely clean. I tried everything, best result i get when vectorizing with illustrator, but nothing is as clean, as scaling with CSS/HTML. On the attached picture you ...

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    Do you have a great graphic template for photo gallery? Do you have a photography website, wedding albums, or photo/video journal in your portfolio? Are you able to merge it with MySQL? This project is for you. I need a Real Estate gallery showcasing homes, must look clean, wow and amazing. Cool image transitions, fades, flips, animations, scrolling. Text overlays, transparencies, interactive des...

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    This is a 3D animation! I would like to create a generic motion of a superhero fiction character (I have already the model in Blender) The character will fly similar to movie scenes [log ind for at se URL] 1) The character is in Blender (fully rigged) and needs professional surfacing (making it more realistic looking with the ability to change colors ... ). Redraw some of the suit details. The ...

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    SEO Specialist Udløbet left

    Be a part of the revolution in private aviation! Jet It is a hybrid-fractional private travel solution with the lowest cost to fly in the industry. We are pioneering the evolution of how people travel for business and pleasure. Our goal at the end of the day is to give people what they desire the most: time. We are wanting to add an SEO Specialist Intern onto our team that is a trailblazer just l...

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    Trophy icon TVFLY Productions Logo Udløbet left

    Television X Flying Insect (wings and face) [log ind for at se URL] TVFLY Productions is a media, film, and documentary production company. Logo should be a television/fly hybrid. A television with wings and a face and custom font for TVFLY Productions text. Winning Designer will provide: Unlimited Revisions 3D Mockup High Resolution Logo Transparency Vector File

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    220 indlæg

    Looking for an experienced telesales closer to call through a list of pre-qualified leads and pitch them relevant music products from our catalog. Products include: artist development, collaboration, studio time, mentoring and others. You will be given loose scripts to work from and full, detailed information on the products you will be pitching. You will be briefed on the company and given inst...

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    Hello, my name is Chase. I am in the process of opening an outdoor/tactical equipment line and have a working prototype of a product that we’ll eventually be selling. It’s a rain fly made out of cordura that has a few tweaks to it. I hoping to find someone that can perfect it and sew it up for me. Thank you! Chase

    €27 - €224
    €27 - €224
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    Hello I need a logo quickly here is a canvas of what I need The Business name is PHIBY WORLD TRAVEL AGENCY We need the logo with the Liberty Statue in left and La Tours Effeil in Right with a globe in the background, the business tagline is Fly like an angel, travel like a star. We need it asap

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