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    Dynamic Google Charts With User input

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    Hej. Ser din profil her. Vi er et team, der er ved at udvikle på en nyheds-service, og vi sidder lidt fast på nogle af front-end design tingene. Jeg er på udkig efter nogle friske øjne på opstillingen af et par underside. Kunne du have mod på at kigge på det? Jeg tænker at starte med nogle få timer, så vi lige kan prøve hinanden ... Vi er et team, der er ved at udvikle på en nyheds-service, og vi sidder lidt fast på nogle af front-end design tingene. Jeg er på udkig efter nogle friske øjne på opstillingen af et par underside. Kunne du have mod på at kigge på det? Jeg tænker at starte med nogle få timer, så vi lige kan prøve hinanden an. Det kan så ud...

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    Hello, I use you twice about 9 or 10 years ago, and you did an amazing job then, and now I have something else i would like you to do for me. Once you understand the job, then you can tell me if this price is good enough. I would also like a sheet that would show charts or graphs of the trend of the tool. I can explain more once your online, because can't send much here

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    google sheet charts 6 dage left

    I would like a freelancer to take the charts I created and make them look way more impressive - cool design better style ext

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    ...should be able to provide information about care homes in that location. UK care homes or Close to as possible I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with a data analysis project. The ideal candidate should have experience in descriptive analysis and be proficient in presenting data in a report format with charts and graphs. Project requirements: - Perform descriptive analysis on a complete data set that I will provide - Present the final analysis in a report format with charts and graphs Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in data analysis techniques, specifically descriptive analysis - Ability to work with a complete data set and extract meaningful insights - Excellent data visualization skills to present the analysis in a visually appealing manne...

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    Hello, I am looking for a programmer for regular collaboration, who can write an upload/download tool for usenet in the first step. Please read completely before placing a bid ! Please bid only if you also plan to respond... Please make realistic offers and no fake offers where the price multipli...program is supposed to download a certain sort of links like url use with an browser or pdf with an pdf viewer -rar/7zip support -multipar support () -automate posts by scanning folder(s) -auto delete files/folders once posted -full obfuscation of the Article Header -support several servers -Header check -Schedule posting -create backup plans as automation work flow -more..... Since you have read everything, please write the word "Pirate" in the offer ;-)

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    MS WORD ,EXCEL 6 dage left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with tasks in MS Word and Excel. Specifically, I need help with creating tables and charts. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in MS Word and Excel - Strong understanding of formatting documents - Ability to create tables and charts accurately The freelancer will also need to source the necessary data for the project. The desired deadline for the project is within a week.

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    Video editing 6 dage left

    ...formats and compression techniques for optimal playback on various platforms Project Details: - The purpose of the video is to create a birthday video, combining different footage and adding creative elements. - The final video should be 1-3 minutes in length, capturing the essence of the birthday celebration. - Basic editing tasks such as trimming and transitions are also required to ensure a smooth flow of the video. - Attention to detail is crucial to create a visually appealing and engaging video that captures the emotions and highlights of the birthday event. If you have the skills and experience in advanced video editing, color grading, and special effects, I would love to collaborate with you on this project. Please provide examples of your previous work in video editing...

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    ...Analysis: Trading volume over different time frames (hourly, daily, weekly). Trade Transactions: Recent trades, quantities, and prices. Liquidity: Information about the liquidity in different exchanges. Order Book Data: Visualization of buy and sell orders in the market. Performance Metrics Price Change: Percentage change over different periods (hourly, daily, weekly). Historical Performance: Price charts (line, bar, candlestick) showing historical performance. Comparative Analysis: Comparing the token's performance with other cryptocurrencies or indexes. Profit loss/gain: Visualize a wallets gains vs. losses Blockchain-Specific Data Transaction Data: Number of transactions over time. Average Transaction Value: Average value of transactions in a given period. Block Details: ...

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    trading software 6 dage left

    ...scratch. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing trading software and a strong understanding of the forex market. Key Features: - Automated Trading: The software should have the capability to automatically execute trades based on predefined rules and strategies. - Real-Time Market Data: It is essential for the software to provide real-time market data, including price quotes, charts, and news updates to help users make informed trading decisions. - Backtesting: The software should allow users to test their trading strategies against historical market data, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of their strategies before using them in live trading. Skills and Experience: - Strong programming skills, preferably in languages such as Python or Java. - Experien...

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    Project Description: - I have a working draft spreadsheet that needs to be unified, with everything looking like the ME HVAC sheet. - The project requires adding new data and unifying formulas and formatting. - The preferred format for the data to be added is through manual input. - The client also requires specific features to be added to th...12.23. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in spreadsheet software, particularly Excel. - Strong knowledge of formatting, formulas, and data manipulation. - Attention to detail and the ability to ensure consistency and accuracy in the unified spreadsheet. - Experience in adding new data manually to a spreadsheet. - Familiarity with various spreadsheet features, such as pivot tables and charts, to accommodate the client's specifi...

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    Chartjs and CSS (small project) 6 dage left

    I have attached reference image, in the style that I'm shooting for, and a screenshot of how things are now. I've also attached the three fil...the style that I'm shooting for, and a screenshot of how things are now. I've also attached the three files - js, css, and html (this is a very small project), in case you want to have a peek at what the load might be. Specific Requirements: - I need assistance in positioning/resizing two doughnut charts using Chartjs. - I already have the data ready for the chart/graph. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Chartjs and CSS. - Experience in creating and customizing doughnut charts. - Ability to incorporate specific design elements and colors into the chart. If you have the necessary skills and ex...

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    To develop a prototype flow for screen navigation from card insertion to completion (6 steps) 1) Main/Idle screen with minimal animation 2) After Card insertion , need to show enter pin screen with animation 3) After pin entry, to show main menu in metro style interface and with amount selection for cash withdrawal 4) after cash withdrawal selection, need to show take cash with animation 5) after cash taken , need to print receipt or not screen to be shown with animation 6) transaction completion screen Need to have it on HTML5/CSS , with custom icons and screen colors.

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    FlutterFlow App 2 6 dage left

    ...successful completion of each 5-Milestone After successfully completing two(2) projects you will be considered for a raise in hourly pay. Please send me the links to any related projects you've worked on. Please start your proposal with the words "Green Boat" so I know that you actually read this. I have a lot of work for the right candidate and there’s a potential for consistent and long-term flow of work if you can deliver quality results. Any out-of-range bids will be ignored! Thanks, Harold ...

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    Project Description: Design Graphic for Corporate Presentation Slide - I am looking for a graphic designer to create a visually appealing and professional PPT slide for a corporate presentation. - The purpose of the PPT slide is to effectively communicate key information and engage the audience during the presentation. - The preferred style or theme for the graphic design is corporate, reflecting a professional and formal look. - Original Slide is attached in PPT and will be required in PPT format - Please use the brand guide and master slide as provided - Brand guide is attached

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    Hi, This job is to customize PHP Laravel based Concord CRM, and add more features as mailchimp) 7. Allow deals and invoices to be created in multi currency 8. Allow sms option from twilio to be sent from deals, contacts and also show incoming sms from the number in the history of deal, contact, company ( Twilio is already present & configured in CRM core) 9. Dashboard & Reporting : - Enhance existing dashboards to include dynamically created KPIS, charts, graphs etc based on any model - We need features & flow exactly similar to Reference Bigin CRM 10. Twilio Call Recording - Ehnace Existing Twilio calling system - Call recordings of all calls made via Twilio and saved to Awss3 or twilio directly. - Play call recording option on Deals or contacts page , ...

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    I am looking for a developer to create a stock trading tool website that includes the following features: - Real-time stock quotes and charts - open interest and oi change - developer must have knowledge in trading The level of user interaction expected on the website is minimal. Ideal skills and experience for this job include proficiency in [input programming language or framework], experience with real-time data integration, portfolio management systems, and algorithmic trading.

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    ...PowerPoint presentation, assessing the overall design, layout, and visual elements. - Consistency Check: Ensure consistency in fonts, colors, and branding elements across all slides to maintain a cohesive and professional appearance. - Graphics Enhancement: Improve or replace existing graphics, charts, and images to enhance visual appeal and clarity. Ensure that visuals effectively complement the content. - Layout Optimization: Evaluate the arrangement of content on each slide and optimize the layout for better flow and readability. Make recommendations for restructuring if necessary. - Typography: Refine and standardize text formatting, including font styles, sizes, and spacing for a polished and professional look. - Slide Transitions: Suggest and implement subtle and pro...

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    ...desired length of the video is more than 10 minutes with a reference video running about 30 minutes. The subject matter of the vlog is about the recent Floatingman festival that took place in Liberland earlier this summer. Make me look like a survivor of a crazy human rights violation event and a disaster of a festival. Project Description: "Left For Dead By a Banned Country!" YouTube Video Video Flow: (More detailed events timeline below) Intro: Teaser with audio of EU ban by Croatian Police. Liberland Explained: Animation-heavy segment inspired by Nico's video. Context: Explanation of Floatingman Festival and my visit. ARC Arrival: Initial Floatingman Festival location. Venue Change: How to actually visit Liberland. First Try: Batina border failure with phot...

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    I am looking for a ChatGPT & CANVA Assistant to help with my astrology ebook in ...Assistant to help with my astrology ebook in Hindi. The ideal candidate should have experience in astrology and be fluent in Hindi. Tasks for the assistant include: - Generating astrology predictions based on specific requirements - Creating custom astrology charts - Designing ebook covers in a traditional and classic style Requirements: - Specific requirements for astrology predictions - Knowledge of astrology and the ability to generate accurate predictions - Proficiency in using CANVA for creating custom astrology charts - Experience in designing ebook covers in a traditional and classic style Preference: - The client prefers a traditional and classic style for the desig...

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    Changes to a web application 6 dage left

    It is necessary finish a project managemt application made in laravel. The change are: 1. make better the calender to asign the task 2. change the menu 3. make better the navigation regard the the asignation of task 4. verify all reports to see if there are error and make better the design of charts 5. Invoice. It i s neecssary adapt the features of invoice to new estimate information 6. setting all feataure regard the payment that already exist 7. Design and CSS. It is neecssary decide and change the design –css. It must be very user friendly and modern 8. Language. setting italian language 9. verify the authorization if work 10. other small changes Please answer only if have experiences in projetc management software. i is necessary resepct my conditions so the max valu...

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    Ruby and Rails development 8 timer left

    Ruby and Rails Development Project I am looking for a Ruby and Rails developer...Development Project I am looking for a Ruby and Rails developer to help me with a basic level project that needs to be completed within 2 days. The specific features and functionalities I need for this project include: - User authentication and authorization: I want to review my code with a experienced ruby on rails user so that I don't have a buggy Oauth flow in a production application. I am using doorkeeper gem and using PKCE flow To successfully complete this project, the ideal skills and experience include: - Proficiency in Ruby and Rails development - Experience with user authentication and authorization - Familiarity with basic level projects and the ability to work efficiently w...

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    Project Description: Create a Matrix Bubble Chart - 2x3 matrix bubble chart x-axis: Nature of work y-axis: Existing/New Value: Revenue and Account Name Size of the bubble: based on revenue Add color codes to each account bubble to depict if Manager or T Seller or Data Lead or Delivery lead or all or...should get auto generated, provide required steps. Purpose: - The purpose of the matrix bubble chart is data visualization. Data: - The chart will utilize both quantitative and qualitative data. Preferred Software: - The chart should be created using Microsoft Excel. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft Excel is required. - Experience in data visualization and creating matrix bubble charts is ideal. - Knowledge of working with both quantitative and qualitative data is ...

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    Trophy icon BI visualizer for note data 2 dage left

    I am looking for a BI visualizer to create charts and graphs for my note data. I am open to suggestions for the open source BI tool to use and the complexity of the data is simple. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in creating charts and graphs - Experience with various open source (free) BI tools, that compete with Power BI and Tableau - Strong understanding of data visualization principles - Ability to work with simple data sets Please show many views of the 7 columns of data including: * time vs. number of words * number of words per user ID * time of day chart - show when notes are mostly created * location of notes (map) Final project files should be uploaded so I can use them.

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    Create tech pack for apparel 6 dage left

    Project Description: Create tech pack for apparel - I am looking for a skilled and experienced designer to create a tech pack for apparel. - The tech pack is specifically for tops. - I...Attention to detail and the ability to accurately translate design ideas into technical specifications is crucial. - Proficiency in design software such as Adobe Illustrator or similar is preferred. - Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with the client is essential. - The selected candidate will be responsible for creating detailed technical drawings, measurement charts, and material specifications for the tops. - Timeliness and meeting deadlines are important factors for this project. - Please provide a portfolio or examples of previous tech pack work for cons...

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    Necesito desarrollar una api para Odoo e integrarlo con medio de pago FLOW API REST. para mayor informacion en y

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    35 bud voice recognition, text-to-speech, and intelligent call processing to enhance the voicemail experience for Restaurant Baguette. Objectives: 1. To develop an interactive voicemail system with intelligent call routing and response capabilities. 2. Integration of voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies 3. To provide detailed documentation for system setup and troubleshooting. Call Flow: 1. Call answered on Twilio DID (or Asterisk vm). 2. Play recording: “You’ve reached the smart voicemail of Restaurant Baguette, how can I help?” 3. Forward call to “Vocode” () 4. Set up Vocode with Deepgram's speech recognition engine. 5. Process calls with an LLM from OpenAI. 6. Use Azure's Text to Speech for voice synthesis. 7. Send call tr...

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    Slide show presentation 6 dage left

    I have a company presentation deck and need someone to format and make it flow with two slides to have picture instructions on step by step on how to use a company app

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    Project Title: Gantt Chart Creation Project Duration: - ASAP Specific Milestones and Deadlines: - Yes, I have specific milestones and deadlines Specific Dependencies and Constraints: - Yes, I have specific dependencies or constraints Ideal skills and experience:...Deadlines: - Yes, I have specific milestones and deadlines Specific Dependencies and Constraints: - Yes, I have specific dependencies or constraints Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Gantt chart creation - Strong project management skills - Ability to work with tight deadlines and deliver results quickly - Experience in identifying and addressing dependencies and constraints in Gantt charts - Excellent communication skills to collaborate with the client and ensure accurate representation of milestones and...

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    Backend Developer Edit Express API 5 dage left

    Backend Developer with experience in Express API needed for editing and enhancing an existing API to complete a currency switcher. Specific requirements for the project include: Implementing multiple currencies in the app backend for sections that require price history (such as charts and price history) and all other sections of the application (USD, CNY, JPY, EUR). The goal is to make the currency switcher of the application similar to taptools Separating /token/xrp into its own page and removing it from the main landing page metrics that include all other tokens. The project timeline is less than 1 week. Ideal skills and experience for the job: Strong proficiency in and Node.js. Experience with API development and editing. Knowledge of database manag...

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    Arabic Music composer 5 dage left

    ...Understanding of different electronic music subgenres The composition should have a specific mood and theme, as provided by the client. The composer should be able to effectively capture and convey the desired emotions and atmosphere through the music. The composition should be less than 2 minutes in length. It should be engaging and attention-grabbing, while still maintaining a cohesive structure and flow. The client is open to suggestions and collaboration, but has specific details in mind for the composition. The composer should be able to effectively communicate and incorporate the client's vision into the final product. If you are a talented music composer with a passion for electronic music and the ability to create captivating tracks, then this project is perfect ...

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    fronter call leads 5 dage left

    ...skills - Familiarity with CRM software for lead management - Ability to track and analyze lead conversion rates - Excellent organizational and time management skills Project Details: We are seeking a freelancer with experience in generating frontend call leads for our moving business. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of the moving industry and be able to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads. Responsibilities: - Develop and implement strategies to generate 100-500 frontend call leads per month - Utilize various lead generation techniques, including cold calling and targeted outreach - Qualify leads and gather necessary information for our moving services - Use CRM software to track and manage leads throughout the sales process - Collaborate with ou...

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    ...the logo. I would like the logo to represent both the movement (dance) aspect and the energetic (spiritual) aspect of my business. And meaby you can incorporate the figure 8, swastika, in the word flow?! The main colour of my logo is RGB nr. 74A4AB The support colour in my communication is RGB nr. debc65 I Already have a current logo that has undergone many changes already. Now I am moving to another space (near the sea) and the logo and housestyle should be renewed. Please make it timeless and easy for print since I do not want it to change for the coming 5 years. Oh and I only need the words Flow by Fleur, so no pay of... Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience in designing elegant and sophisticated logos - Creativity in incorporating simple bu...

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    ...offer feature. Clean admin panel (backend) An admin panel allows an admin to manage products on the marketplace and moderate auctions, users, bids, suspend and website content. I would want the front end to be simple but yet powerful with good looking footer with actual links and link to pages that are easy to create with blank pages if necessary The messages to display like airbnb Very easy flow to list items After the customer wins the bid or purchases the item, there should be a sellers or some sort of page that’s between the buyer and seller Feedback, seller profile for seller and buyer, some sort of buyer and seller rating for the transaction. A feature for a certain percentage to come out of the transaction from the buyer and the seller so that me the owner is ...

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    We are looking for someone to review our Klaviyo email marketing account. Our email purchase attribution has drastically decreased since August and we'd love an expert to help us identify where the problem(s) lie. For example, do our flow emails need revisiting, our content, our destination urls, our subject & pre-headers, etc.

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    I am and investment landscape - Ability to effectively convey complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner - Knowledge of investor expectations and what they look for in a pitch deck - Creative and strategic thinking to enhance the overall messaging and storytelling of the presentation I am looking for a freelancer who can work collaboratively with me to refine the content, design, and flow of the presentation, ensuring that it effectively captures the attention of potential investors and motivates them to take action. If you have a proven track record of creating successful pitch decks in the technology industry and understand how to attract investors, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your previous work and outline your approach to...

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    Vacuum Flow Analysis for Industrial Process Optimization - Specific aspect to analyze: Flow rate - Preferred method for analysis: Theoretical calculations - End purpose of the analysis: Industrial Process Optimization Skills and Experience: - Strong background in fluid dynamics and vacuum systems - Proficiency in conducting theoretical calculations for flow rate analysis - Experience in industrial process optimization and understanding of the factors that affect flow rate in vacuum systems

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    Free surface Simulation 5 dage left

    ...Title: Free surface Simulation Description: This project requires a freelancer with expertise in fluid flow simulations using SolidWorks. The ideal candidate should have experience in conducting research simulations. Requirements: - Proficiency in fluid flow simulations using SolidWorks - Strong understanding of free surface simulations - Ability to conduct thorough research and analyze simulation results - Familiarity with relevant mathematical models and equations - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail Skills and Experience: - SolidWorks - Fluid flow simulations - Research methodology and analysis The main goal of this project is to conduct research through a fluid flow simulation using SolidWorks. The freelancer will be responsible ...

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    I am in need of a project management timeline with a customizable Gantt chart template in Excel. Features: - Customizable features to suit my specific project needs Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and creating Gantt charts - Experience in project management and understanding of timeline requirements Plese note, in the timeline doc I wish to have the phases and project week created as it is in the image with all the other characteristics from the timeline 2 and timeline 3 images. Additionally, I would like WBS added as a first column. Please add the tasks I have listed in the images. And please add the Gantt chart cells. Please add a formula that would automatically adjust the Gantt chart cells based on data input. This is a very import need which is why I a...

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    Logo Design -- 3 5 dage left

    Hello, The name of the company is "Aqua Piscine". I'd like something simple but dynamic and design, it's about water, flow, movement, with "AP" in front of the company name like this: Final Logo in SVG format.

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    I am looking for a ReactJS developer who can create a line chart for displaying specific data points. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ReactJS - Experience with charting libraries (e.g., D3.js, ) - Strong understanding of data visualization techniques - Ability to work with different types of data Project Scope: - Develop a line chart using ReactJS to display the provided data set - Customize the chart design and layout - Implement interactivity and responsiveness for a seamless user experience - Ensure compatibility across different browsers and devices Deliverables: - Well-documented codebase - Fully functional line chart component - Clear instructions on how to integrate the component into existing ReactJS project Timeline: - The project needs to be completed within [insert ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a detailed financial model on real estate for cash flow forecasting purposes. The model will be specifically for a commercial property. Skills and experience required for this project: - Strong knowledge and understanding of real estate and financial analysis - Experience in creating detailed financial models for cash flow forecasting - Proficiency in using spreadsheet software such as Excel - Attention to detail and ability to accurately analyze and interpret financial data - Familiarity with commercial real estate market trends and factors affecting cash flow The ideal freelancer will be able to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the cash flow for the commercial property, taking into account factors such ...

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    Customized Form Fill - Responsive 5 dage left

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a customized contact form for my website. I have a detailed list of fields that need to be included in the form. However, I do not have a preferred platform or technology for the form. Please see example below except we are having 3 pages flow with slightly different design: Key requirements: - Customized contact form implementation - Detailed list of fields - Responsive design for mobile and desktop devices Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and PHP - Experience in creating customized forms - Knowledge of responsive web design principles Please provide examples of previous work and a timeline for completion.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a flow from Outlook to Excel, specifically transferring emails. The data should be formatted in a table in Excel. Furthermore, it is crucial that the data is updated in real time, meaning that any changes in Outlook should immediately reflect in Excel. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft Outlook and Excel - Experience in creating automated data transfer flows - Knowledge of VBA scripting for Excel macros - Attention to detail to ensure accurate data transfer

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    ...develop-ing software and Mobile APP We are seeking the expertise of creating software development scope, flow charts and mi-crosite etc for developing software and mobile application for our consultancy firm, special-izing in tax support, registration services, accounting, payroll, and legal case handling etc. The proposed system aims to streamline our processes, improve client interactions, experi-ence and enhance efficiency across various client types. Our consultancy serves provide support to clients like , including individuals, organizations, and companies with single or multiple branches. The system should accommodate different interaction levels based on the client type and ensure a seamless flow for both one-time and repeat customers. Client Classification:...

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    Responsive web application 5 dage left

    ...senior developers, a UI designer and a QA - Preferably from Bangalore who can work from our office on a hybrid mode - Must be good adapting Agile OR Waterfall model of development - Must be ready for daily standup meets and client meetings as and when required. Roles and responsibilities: - Tech lead must be well experienced to take the complete ownership of the project starting from designing a flow chart / wireframe, database design, architecture, project execution, delivery, training the client personals and future maintenance activities - Developers should have a minimum 4+ years of experience handling complex MERN stack projects as a full stack developer and as a unit tester. - UI designer must be able to deliver attractive design for the whole project - QA should be exper...

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    ...compliance: The study should also cover the regulatory requirements and compliance guidelines that govern clinical trials in the field of pharmaceutical studies. - Presentation format: The final deliverable should be in the form of a professional presentation that effectively communicates the research findings and insights. - Visual aids: The presentation should be visually appealing and include relevant charts, graphs, and illustrations to enhance the understanding of the subject matter. Skills and Experience: - Strong pharmaceutical background: The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of pharmaceutical studies, clinical trials, and regulatory compliance in the field. - Research expertise: Proficiency in conducting comprehensive research, gathering relevant data, a...

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    video editing 5 dage left

    I am looking for a video editor to create an entertaining video that is more than 3 minutes in length. The video will include specific elements that I have in mind. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficiency in video editing software - Creativity in developing engaging an...include specific elements that I have in mind. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficiency in video editing software - Creativity in developing engaging and entertaining content - Ability to incorporate specific elements into the video - Understanding of storytelling techniques and visual aesthetics - Attention to detail in editing for smooth transitions and cohesive flow Please provide examples of previous work showcasing your video editing skills and c...

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    ...educational content for my website. The main purpose of the blog is to educate and inform readers about mental health, therapy, and counseling. Key topics that I want covered in the blog include mental health tips, therapy techniques, counseling resources, and personal stories of overcoming mental health challenges. I would like new blog posts to be published twice a month to ensure a consistent flow of fresh content for my readers. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Strong writing skills and ability to communicate complex mental health topics in a clear and engaging manner - Experience with SEO optimization to ensure high visibility and organic traffic to the blog - Knowledge of mental health, therapy, and counseling practices to provide accurate ...

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