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    mail parser Udløbet left

    ...Body and attachments will be saved to files. Also coding must be clear that i will add more to send mail and receive mail functions. smtp/pop part is not very important any component canbe used such as asppop3,aspmail. But parsing mail directly or from a file, clearly ,is the most important part of project. Compatible with latest RFC rules. One important

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    ...cells by retriving the td elements of the table and filering them based on this attribute. There is an example of what I want at [log ind for at se URL] They have a javascript grid component called devgrid and they show an example of cell range selection - Note: I do not want a clone of their javascript - just use it as a functional guideline. Also I found a Internet

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    Need a vb.net component which can be interfaced with ASP.NET page. The component should allow asp page to open a JPEG file, write a text to a specific coordinate with normal formattings(bold, font, italics, color etc.) Here is the tricky thing, we require the following Photoshop-type wrap-text "filters": -Arc Lower -Bulge -Shell Lower -Wave -Fisheye

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    ...particular make queueing at this particular depot? If so, what position is it in the queue? State clearly any assumptions you make, and remember that the English commentary component of a Z specification is an important aid to understanding, so please include a detailed, comprehensive commentary. ## Platform Please use the attached program Tranzit

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    ...of the VB (ASP and VB6) resides in either of two COM components ([log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL]) creating a standard three-tiered system. The web component contains five classes and about 70 functions/subs. The data component contains 1 class and about 25 functions/subs. PURPOSE: Review and enhance ASP and COM based error handling functionality for best practi...

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    Master menu page Udløbet left

    I have a number of files that have been placed upon a CD ROM - PDF / TXT / PPS / DOC. I am interested in having someone assist me in wri... ## Platform WIN 95 / win 98 ## Deadline information I have already prepared the MENU page - I am having trouble with the links to activate the specific files. This component is required ASAP ASAP for the menu

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    ...form and set the form background to the jpgs. If they hit control P, then it would print and look the same as if they did it from a pdf. You cannot just use the pdf reader component because then I would not be able to later draw textboxes over the parts that has to be entered. Let me know if you have any questions. You cannot use any components from MS

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    a vb form with a sql query and display the data into flex sql script and sample data provided ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform win98 or above and sql2000

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    ...NET assembly DLL or a COM DLL would be required such that we can work with methods and properties as demonstrated above. It may be the case that you utilise a third-party component such as ActivePDF's library of utilities to produce this. We're looking for 'guidance' rather than an actual solution - we're expereinced coders but have no history of reading

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    I'm looking for a component or program that can spell check words without using MS Word or any control from MS Office because I do not have MS Office. The default list should list most words with the option of new words being added when needed. Only english words are needed. If there is a misspelling, it should load a form and list suggestions. If they

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    IRS Tax Forms Udløbet left

    ...am in a process of creating a program to do tax returns. What I need is a component that will accept certain parameters and then print IRS Tax forms. Use of a third party component is acceptable. If you use a third party component, I need to know where to obtain the component. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    VB.Net & ASP Help Udløbet left

    ..."C:Upload[log ind for at se URL]" Filename2 = "C:Upload[log ind for at se URL]" Set Image = [log ind for at se URL]("[log ind for at se URL]") [log ind for at se URL] Filename, Filename2 %> I get this error ActiveX component can't create object Thank you very much! Alejandro ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in e...

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    We recently had a DHTML calendar component written, we now need some urgent code changes by this COMING SATURDAY. Please only bid if you think you have time to complete the following changes before then. The calendar works as follows - when the user tabs into the text field, the calendar window drops down to allow selection of a date / date time (depending

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    ...We should also be able to pull the username that was used to authenticate with the ASP [log ind for at se URL]("Logon_Name") object. This functionality is similar to the component at [log ind for at se URL], except we don't need all of the customizable control that this one provides. Just the ability to validate a single directory and all under it against

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    ...puts /A after the exe to make it start up in the admin mode. This displays the administration form. The current script is displayed in a dbGrid or equivalent. A dbNavigator component (with + - edit non visible) is available to move around the data. "ADD button" displays the browse dialogs for source path and and source item(s). Once selected, user browses

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    ...the following component to be designed. We are a Microsoft house, and thus the component would need to be accessible from VB6 (for use as a component) and from .NET. We need a component which will takes an existing JPEG image, and splits that image into multiple (upto 10 depending on the size of the image) horizontal slices. The component would output

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    ...have been modified). It should also give choice of currency between Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Yen. I have the Delphi 3 source code if that helps, however it uses a graphics component that is no longer available, and I can't find the original install at present. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...it to utf-8 encoded string : ì‚ì?´í? ¸ ì ‘ì?? ? The second function should make a reverse conversion. You will find in attached document the pattern for coding. No ActiveX component is allowed to use, only basic vbscript coding. Waiting for your bids …. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional source code of all wo...

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    SMS Component Udløbet left

    Need someone to write a component that enables communication with various mobile phones such as Nokia (must), Samsung (must) & Siemens with a serial data cable via COM port using FBUS / MBUS. It must have the following features: able to connect to mobile phone wif datacable scan and detect COM setting detect phone model detect telco provider info Send

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    We are looking for the development of a Media Management component that is based directly on a plug-in structure. The solution will need to be designed around an array components that complete our needs and allow us to expanded upon the design through future plug-ins. (See document for the a few of the components) We would like this done in C++ if possible

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    Tiff to Text Udløbet left

    The maximum amount for this project is $110. Please don't bid unless you have Microsoft Office XP. I need a VB.NET class made, or a VBA class module, or a COM component, that can programmatically convert faxed documents (tiff files) to text, on a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Office XP. The faxes to be converted look like standard business

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    ...sales person made the sale. ## Deliverables The solution will be based around an order creation screen, which will be broken into 4 main parts, · Part 1: Stock list This component will allow the user to search for the required stock element and add it to the order. The user may search the stock list by stock code and optionally the description. · The

    €90 - €448
    €90 - €448
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    ...incorporated into future projects. What would also be appreciated is if I can get a fax number to test with so I will know how it looks on the other end. You must have faxcom component available on your computer to complete this project. Also, you must have a modem because it uses a modem to send faxes. ## Deliverables Modify the project to incorporate

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    encryption Udløbet left

    ...to modify this key or password from an html page. Also I saw that the component vendors propose several encryption method (MD5, RC4, RSA,...), any idea if one is really superior to the others? Just to sumarize: The encryption and decryption part is easy since with the right component it should be just one line of code. What I really need is to combine

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    ...functionality that we need. Specification : 1. User will opt to download a small component (IE Skins Manager) from the site which will be installed in his system 2. The skin chosen by the user on the web page will be passed to the downloaded component which would take further action of changing the IE Skin dynamically. Project

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    ...Complete copyrights to all work purchased. The Licensing and Copyrights of this project are a very important thing for us. We generally will frown upon GNU licensing of any component as it will make the entire project under the GNU license. I am not a 'License' guy but can have lawyers brought in to look at licensing issue. What we want is this - the ownership

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    UPDATE: This component will not send emails, just retrieve them and parse them for special commands. For example: Pager generated email replies will have these key items the component will parse- Profit Goal $XXX (items, Profit indicator and Amount) Limit Goal $XXX (items, Limit indicator and Amount) Change Goal to $XXX (items, New Amount) Start With

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    SNPP Component Udløbet left

    UPDATE: Component must support level 2 and level 3 SNPP features. Component may run in COM. I need a component that will allow me to communicate via SNPP to SNPP Gateway Servers. SNPP is the protocol used for sending pager messages. There is good documentation on [log ind for at se URL] ([log ind for at se URL]) on how to send these

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    Multithreaded Udløbet left

    UPDATE: This component my run in COM. This project will create a software agent, which will provide methods to manage starting separate threads, monitoring their status, and provide admin functions such as Create Thread, Start Thread, Stop Thread, Report Active Thread Count, and Max number of Threads Used. The Agent will accept parameters to indicate

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    .Tiff to Text Udløbet left

    Convert .tiff to text The maximum amount for this project is $100. I need a VB.NET class made, or a VBA class module, or a COM component, that can programmatically convert faxed document images (.tiff files) to text, on a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Office XP. The conversion can easily be done manually using Office Document Imaging Tool

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    ...1. User will opt to download a small component (WaPa Manager ) from the site which will be installed in his system . 2. The wall paper chosen by the user on the web page is passed to the downloaded component (only Image URL is passed to the installed component ) 3. The Installed component will have two functionality i)

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    ...examples include: searching book titles in a library, searching for help in user manuals, searching Web pages, searching for keywords in the text of books, ... The second component of this project will be to build a graphical user using Java's Swing components and using the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern. Swing is part of the Java class libraries

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    ...bid if you don't know you can pull it off. I have an existing program written in Visual Basic which uses the Microsoft Multimedia Control (NOT the Windows Media Player component). This control is used to play audiowav files, and I am trying to add the mpegvideo playback functionality. This is where I run into the problem. The video will play

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    7 bud

    We have the source code for a delphi 4 image component that we would like modified as follows: At present to show how an image would look if saved at a particular compression level we save it to the temp folder at that compression and reload it - which is very, very slow! What we would like is for there to be a new property which allows the user to

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    ***NOTICE, the script is to count sites like [log ind for at se URL] that I have no access to. I need any script/component that can give me a report of other websites statistics. Obviously I have no access to gather the log file, so slick out of the box thinking needs to be applied. I am not asking for the details of the visits, just the total of visitors

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    ...Search ect... I want to be abel to double click names on the list and have the next form popup (this will be the invoice form)with name inserted. I want this form to have a flex grid with columns listed as(Qty, Descrption, Price, total, then it should total in label box on bottem of the form also a label box that I can add tax and one to take a % off

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    This is an upate on the p...form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. Full and Complete Documentation. ## Platform VB standalone or activeX component running under Windows. Must be compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2K, and XP. ## Deadline information Need to get started as soon as possible.

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    Hi Guys I need an ActiveX OCX component which enables me to disable all kinds of dialups except the phone numbers added to a listbox in VB. The OCX must disable ALL other kinds of attemps to call through the modem, while an application with this OCX is running on the computer. Properties in OCX.. Enabled=true/false Feel free to ask any questions ##

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    I need someone to develop an OCX component (for use in a VB App) that allows me to record all open and active application EXEs and captions on a Windows machine (95/98/ME/NT/XP). I then need the OCX to record how [1] long a user spends in each app, [2] IDLE time (time the user does not type anything or move the mouse), [3] the caption of the window

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    Notepad Udløbet left

    ...have a replace feature. Search is required however. Must be made in delphi with no external components. If you decide to use a component, you must provide the source code for it. It is imperative that you write this component, so that we do not violate any copyrights. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    Delphi File Access Udløbet left

    I want to have file access control in Delphi. What I want is a component or functions, or pointers to websites containig these which will let me control file acccess (such as open/close of files, directories etc. ALL file events (read, write, rename etc.) have to be taken care of, passed thru these functions, and if allowed, be executed. Otherwise,

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    ...done. Complete copyrights/resale rights to all work purchased. 1. Abilty to save smart tags found in ANY Mircrosoft Office XP(ie. and most importantly: Outlook, Word, Excel)component to ANY Contact folder in Outlook contacts. 2. Self installer program to install program OR instructions to install manually OR instructions to install using login scripts

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    Convert .tiff to text I need a VB.NET class made, or a VBA class module, or a COM component, that can programmatically convert faxed document images (.tiff files) to text, on a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Office XP. Anybody can easily do this manually using Office Document Imaging Tool that comes in Office XP. To try this manually on

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    ...to the site and retrieves an article to a text file. I am a WSJ subscriber and will furnish username and password. I have tried to do it myself using ASP, and the ASPHTTP component. My code did not work, because I was unable to setup the headers properly. My code is attached to the bid form. I am open to the usage of other server-side scripting languages

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    ...98,2k, me, and xp. the component needs to be a front end for vcdimager. it should be able to handle the functions like these programs " [log ind for at se URL] for C++ Borland Builder source code [log ind for at se URL] " where the dos box should not show. all progress should be shown from component. also have a quick function

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    ...intelligent components and services. The greatest thing about this project, is that providing developers will keep all copyrights to provided components, and can withdraw the component(s) at any [log ind for at se URL] even own a part of the company, while on the list of providing developers. - Something like "Open source OCX", where developers of OCX's files receive/share...

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    MFC Graphic View Udløbet left

    ...zoom in/out and scroll horizontal and vertical, and should operate in both 16bit GDI (Windows 95/98) and 32bit GDI (Windows NT/2000/XP). For very large objects with numerous component (rectangles for example), the view should use clipping for increased display/refresh performance. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    Hi, Looking for a C++ COM Component Example - more so for the beginner. I don't care what it is, as long as it has an example of it's real-use! Would prefer a small example - without a lot of source, but more than just "Hello World" <-- which would be rejected. commented source code - within the source - stating the obvious, is what I'm after. Regards

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    ...the programming with enough research but I need a few steps outlined to be able to create the forms to set the scheduling part to work. For instance the calender Active X component is cool but it seems to only have a monthly view. We need to schedule by week. I need the concept to be laid out so that I can create the forms for the weekly input. And how

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    video OCX tree Udløbet left

    ...tree view component that will show avi videos located in a default folder . When clicked on once get a preview in a preview panel. When DblClicked opens a transparent form ( shows only the video ) and plays it. the video itself will have transparent areas in it - so you will only see the solid objects in the video on the desktop - This component must update

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