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    mouse orientation Udløbet left

    I am trying to manipulate the mouse movement/orientation so that when someone that can only hold the mouse in a certain angel, which is not the regular holding angel would be able to use the mouse naturaly. Imagine a new designed mouse you hold in a 20 degrees angel. when you'll move it straight, the cursor would move in 20 degrees. I want an application

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    I have a program that detects mouse left, right single clicks and key press.. Once one of these are detected I then capture the screen and save the capture as a BMP.. I am trying to find a way to detect a DBL left and right Mouse click with out delaying the screen capture? Does any one know how to do this? 1. Create a VB6 program or a C++ DLL that is

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    Java Mouse Cursor Udløbet left

    I need to have a java applet that a user can input X, Y coordinates and have an image of a mouse cursor in side of a label move across the screen smoothly? 1. Create an Java Applet that a user can input X, Y coordinates 2. Using a Label with an image of a mouse cursor in it, Have the label move to the coordinates smoothly. 3. Get paid ## Deliverables

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    Double Mouse Click Udløbet left

    ...the screen each time a key or mouse click is detected? So don't use any do, for, while's they seem to delay the screen capture. 1. Design a VB program that can detect a DBL Left and Right mouse click using the GetAsyncKeyState 2. Keep for, do and whiles out of the program? Use VB Timers 3. Get Paid I am detecting the mouse clicks using Function LeftButton()

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    My mouse can work for days and days and days with no problems. But then, whenever I open Notepad or something and type for a long time (without using the mouse)... whenever I go back and try to use the mouse, the cursor just stays wherever it was and won't move. The mouse buttons stop working as well. It works just fine until those times when I use

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    two usb mouse Udløbet left

    i want to add a usb mouse to my pc that mouse should create a new mouse cursor that can move without any connection to my ps/2 mouse if you think you can provide me with a vb program that can do it please contact me good luck ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    Key & Mouse Logger Udløbet left

    I need a program that will log all keys and mouse clicks including a dblclick. I would like a .DLL to be written in C or C++ and have the dll be used with a VB program using a global hook. Have the VB Program display what was typed or clicked and then save to a file? ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    ...of people in the room (>15), you can't tell who is in the room anymore because the list of users does not scroll :-( That's where you come in. All I need is for you to add scrolling capabilities. Attached is a file with the relevant asp files. To get an idea of how the app works, go to [log ind for at se URL] and then go to the public chat room. That's how

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    Overview: Program to, generate a single mouse click, via software, at random time intervals within a pre-defined period. User shall "manually" place mouse cursor, at appropriate place on Screen. Must be Windows 2000 based software application, running in background, and concurrently with any other programs. 1) Software defined time periods User shall

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    ...RUNTIME(without Rebooting) :- 1- Full Block KeyBoard (All Keys and TaskKey specially Ctrl+Alt+Del,Ctrl+... in Win NT2000). (must work with DirectX (block direct input) 2- Block Mouse.(must work with DirectX (block direct input); 3- Block Screen with a BitMap message on the top screen. Must Block the screen without hide,close or kill the program that was

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    ...clients,the programme contains alot of option of control.. i want to add an option that lock the client computer with Windows NT/2000 remotely. i want a function that lock mouse and keyboard(including ctl+alt+del). i tried BlockInput funtion it's not suitable for my programme. there is many programmes that do this like (NetOp School, NetOp Remote control

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    We have a product that (among other things) presents text based reports for viewing. We would like to fix the titles on the report page so that they are stationary while scrolling (vertically) through the report. We don't want to use a frames based solution (we'd rather use CSS). Attached you will see a based html file that does what we'd like with

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    Website Mouse Over Udløbet left

    I want a drop down list adding to my page menu on my website but it must also add a piture to the page that relats to the link the user goes over here is an example of my page below. Home About Us - Affinity Groups - Contact Us Design Centre New Propertys - Land for sale, Property Resale, Legal Weather This what my web menu looks like i want it adding to the page but with the extra links adding to...

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    Change Mouse Cursor Udløbet left

    I'm working on a notification system and I need to change the Windows mouse cursor to one that I specify when a certain event occurs. I am trying to change the global cursor, not just one within a single window. I've tried using LoadCursorFromFile and SetSystemCursor, but neither have worked. The following is my code so far: #include "windows.h" #include

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    ...looking for a program that will detect what the mouse clicked on. This program will have to return what was clicked (icon, folder, toolbar, menu selection, minimize, maximize, combo box, text box, form and so on) the height, width and mouse location of what was clicked will also need to be returned. The Mouse location needs to be the starting point to place

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    A program that will record EVERY keyboard and mouse input in realtime. Meaning it will also record the exact intervals between when the keys were pressed. I must also be able to playback all the keys and mouse movements to the exact ms interval. It needs to be able to be recorded, stopped, and played by keys such as F10, F11, and F12. I also want it

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    W2K Logitech Serial mouse driver supporting ACPI mode,and source code ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ## Deadline information ASAP

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    ...keyboard buffer with keyboard combination. Runs in background, Start with Hotkey, kill with hotkey, don't run if "window name" on top. Be able to define pixel pattern with mouse drag area of screen. Define area of the screen to look for pattern. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    I want a full program that ready to use that send the code to yahoo chat room or pm and disable there chat user mouse or there keyboard(Shell "rundll32 mouse,disable")(Shell "rundll32 Keyboard,disable")the code works on our comp.(the code just the idea )but i dont know they going to work on yahoo chatroom? ## Deliverables Complete source code of

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    My usb-to-serial device driver just can use serial mouse under Win2k,so I need someone to help modified usb-to-serial device driver to let me use serial mouse under Win98se Hint:Try to arrange COM1 IRQ4,Base address:3F8H resource to usb-to-serial device ## Deliverables [log ind for at se URL] source code of all programming work done. [log ind for at se URL] *.sys *.inf file after

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    mouse over rows Udløbet left

    I need somebody to design a format (repetitive) or java applet that looks like the mouse over on "programs" in windows 95 or 98. If you place the mouse on the listed item, it lights up further items in rows or columns. See Windows (programs). Thank you. Paul M. Eko

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