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    I want to make Android app using Unity 3D. This app use free library OpenCV Plus Unity from Unity Assets Store. This application must use the ORB and FLANN/BF algorithms for feature detection and matching. and can be run on android using the rear camera. I have Python source code. but difficult to implement into C# Unity

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    I tried to implement beer bottles detection approach like in this article (), but faced some problems as a new in CV: 1) Sometimes model detects not bottle but glasses (and threshold doesn't help). So, probably, it's needed to train another custom model for bottle detection. I attach 70 labeled images in archive 2) I didn't implement PCA for cutting to 16 dimensions. Provbably this is the reason why bottle comparison doesnt work well. 3) Instead of annoy I used flann matcher. Now my accuracy is about 50% and this doesn't sound good. I attched my Python code (). The whole idea of program is that it should give a name (now just a photo) of beer bottles from the image.

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    I need to integrate the functions FLANN and SIFT in my app inventor application as an extension. Basically, a python code already written employes SIFT and FLANN functions to execute a homography. The job is to convert the python script to an extension for app inventor, in such a way i can access those function. I attach the python script in such a way you can evaluate the workload.

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    I would like to use this open source code in a research project: However, it was built for Linux, and i cannot get it to build on windows. I need it adjusted to compile and run on windows, visual studio 2015, 64 bit release mode. I can supply the dependencies if required, but they are standard, opencv, eigen and Flann. PLEASE read the description and only bid if you are able to do this work, and have experience converting code from Linux to Windows, as well as applicable computer vision experience.

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    I want to show that how FLANN model is beneficial in forex as compare to other neural models

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    The pattern is black and white picture, just some intersection. Here you can find such image. Also to note, image can be rotated or proportionaly scaled. About 10,000 image should be in databse. Here's one example of query image. I was thinking of using SURF+FLANN, but if more experinced develeoper think there are better suitable algorithms, they can suggest. Also, the entire source code needs to be included.

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    ...Opencv 3.0, PCL 1.7.2 (it is wise to use all in to installer), PROJ 4.8 on Windows with VS 2013, then built the modules of the ODM respectively. The include and library paths, the libraries used are as below: C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.2includepcl-1.7;C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.23rdPartyEigeneigen3;C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.23rdPartyBoostincludeboost-1_55;C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.23rdPartyFLANNinclude;C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.23rdPartyQHullinclude;C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.23rdPartyVTKincludevtk-5.10;D:opencv3buildinclude;E:gdalproj-4.8.0src; C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.2lib;C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.23rdPartyBoostlib;C:Program FilesPCL 1.7.23rdPartyVTKlibvtk-5.10;E:opencv3libRelease;E:gdalproj-4.8.0src; ;;pcl_surface_release

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    ...a swift 2.1 wrapper for OpenCV 2 () iOS framework. I specifically need the FLANN functionality so that I can match user's gesture drawing with about 1,000 png images (sample images are attached with this job posting) in my library and provide the results in % match. Your resulting code will help me achieve the following: 1. Add OpenCV iOS framework in my existing Swift 2.1 iPhone Project. 2. Drag-Drop your code into the project. 3. Import OpenCV and your code in bridging header or directly in my swift files. 4. Call a swift function passing the array of my library 1,000 + png images (simple monochrome images, each less than 5k in size). Function will return an array of FLANN data for library corresponding the array passed. Processing should take 250 ima...

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    3 bud (FLANN) for classi?cation and we name it ISO-FLANN. In contrast to MLP, FLANN has less architectural complexity, easier to train, and more insight may be gained in the classi?cation problem. Further, we rely on global classi?cation capabilities of IPSO to explore the entire weight space, which is plagued by a host of local optima. Using the functionally expanded features; FLANN overcomes the non-linear nature of believe that the combined efforts of FLANN and IPSO (IPSO + FLANN = ISO − FLANN) by harnessing their best attributes can give rise to a robust classi?er. An extensive simulation study is presented to show the effectiveness of proposed classi?er. Results are compared with MLP, support vector machine(SVM) with ...

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    Note: I have had too many service providers pretending to know what to do ...pretending to know what to do but eventually failed at their task. Those interested in this, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CAN DELIVER THE SOLUTION WITHIN 3 DAYS MAXIMUM. I will not hesitate to cancel the project if you delay your work. This is the C++ project that I need to use with my existing RoR project. Source code: ~mariusm/uploads/FLANN/ Manual: ~mariusm/uploads/FLANN/ i need to make use of the flann_build_index function and the flann_search function. Your Task Do whatever it takes to make sure the two required functions can be called from Ruby. After which, please provide instructions on how to call the functions from Ruby.

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