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    fix magento website Udløbet left

    issues with 2-3 pages and payment processing, Kindly fix

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    I am looking for someone who can fix the html bugs. This is for the pure HTML or might be relevant with CSS. This site is relevant with European Service. Therefore Asian not apply please. I will not hire asian

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    HTML / CSS Udløbet left

    We are looking to take care of the integration on the behalf of our client. You need to have an excellent knowledge...on models - Cut out, edit and integrate pages into computer languages - Ensure consistency between coded pages and graphic models - Ensure compatibility between different browsers and other platforms - Monitor compliance with standards

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    I need to enable sticky elements in Internet Explorer 11. I already working on a solution with stickybits ([log ind for at se URL]) but something is not well structured or there are some other reasons why this is not working. I am searching someone who is good in java script and can fix this issue with stickybits for IE.

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    I have an android app with calling facility..based on cometchat pro SDK...I want to customize the design and functionality...and add my custom user management api with firebase phone authentication...time is 1 day maximum only skilled developer apply...

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    Hi, I have a WPML problem can you help me to fix it? I wrote WPML in the freelancer search box and found you...

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    I have a digital ocean server hosting a Django website. I have tried to install a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate, however I cannot get it to work. The SSL needs to be fixed or reinstalled correctly.

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    fix Server error (5xx) in my wordpress site

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    Fix my lambda Udløbet left

    My project needs to be delivered in 2 hours. In python what i need it to make my lambda Receive an image name after an S3 upload, then pass it to a container in a Run Task method to run a task. The task then will run the docker container which has a resizer and then it upload the resized image to another bucket.

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    REACT NATIVE Udløbet left

    I have a React Native Project with Laravel PHP framework. Is it possible to me look at it and edit/add some features to the application, fix errors and provide assistance on how to run the application and web hosting on online free domain?

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    Certain blocks in the HEAD not loading from welt pixel extension ([log ind for at se URL]) Specs...have other extensions Probably configurations or an extension its making the tag not to fire and the block/files not loading in the head. I need the instructions on how to fix the ISSUE

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    Just need to fix the android app issues.

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    I created a page with iFrame to call and open another external page...has google map integrated The problem is i can not use the mouse scroller to zoom in/out the map in the landed page without pressing Ctrl Key which is annoying I want to fix my iframe code to disable the request to press the ctrl key when zoom the map in/out Find attached file

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    There was a recent update to Chrome that broke a custom extension we have. There are a few reported errors and they may not all be essential to operation but they should be looked at; - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined -The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resumed (or created) after a user gesture on the page. [log ind for at se URL] - Uncau...

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    My website has a messaging function. The website is made with php, mysql. Users are able to send a message to each other. I am having a problem because users can't reply to messages. When a user replies to a message, the message does not reach to other user. The site must also send an alert to a user when they have unread news messages. (The site has a working notification function when a u...

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    I add a html5 game to a Cordova App. Source code run app and game: [log ind for at se URL] It has a bug as flow: Open App -> click Next Page 2 -> Click Play game -> Game open -> Click Close Game back to App -> Clịk Playgame to open game again -> Can not load game. Video demo bug: [log ind for at se URL]

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    We would like someone to fix our wordpress website. Remove all adsense. Make it mobile friendly and remove all bugs Create SWG Talents as a nicer site ( new site ) Footer linking to other brands Links : [log ind for at se URL] Links : [log ind for at se URL]

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    I need an experienced web programmer to help fix bugs on my large web program. You must have at least 5 years or more MVC experience. Must be just vas experienced with SQL server and Visual Studio.

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    When you visit [log ind for at se URL] , sometimes you get the following message: The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator. Sometimes you get the message when the links from the domain are followed. Sometimes when you refresh the pages.

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    Hello, guys. I am facing this problem "Missing Auth Params" on my android webview project now. Please bid if someone can fix it within short time. Thanks. Below is the video what happens on chrome browser and web view. Thanks.

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    8 bud

    I need a couple of issues with ...need to create a thankyou page from the files on the site, and set the php file to redirect there ( I can do this portion, but the freelance hired can correct it while they fix the other two issues. I don't expect this to be a large project, so preference will be given to the coder who can do it quickly and cheaply.

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    21 bud

    I have cron jobs set up for my Mautic instance, but they are not firing for emails or Twilio sms messages. I need an experienced Mautic / cron job developer to troubleshoot, test and confirm working scheduled emails, scheduled sms messages and one-time marketing messages. To cut out the auto-replies, please list your favorite color in your bid reply.

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    My lap and timing scoring program has a bug. Can't get to finish the scoring. Here is the message I see: "illegal function call in line by module SCORE at address 1B8DF:0496" Then it says hit any key to return to system When I want to go into the "laps file it says "script error - select Cancel or Debug from menu."

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    Hey Guys! I need to change the time seed of a Wordpress theme slider (Currently it takes longer to change slider like 9seconds and I want to take 3or4 seconds- The developer of the theme is taking so long to reply and I need to fix it. Please let me know if there is something you can do. I try changing the speed based on their posts but it doesn't

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    [log ind for at se URL] uses PayPal/Verisgn to process credit card payments on line. This critical function is not working.

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    Hello, I need a person with experience on WordPress and SEO... Our site is loosing ranking on search engines due to errors such 404, missing maps, etc. Will need a deep analysis performed and a full report provided to me prior to beginning any corrections in our site. Once all corrections have been made, i will require a second report to compare

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    Need someone to fix my ATC/Buy Now button in the Booster Shopify Theme.

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    add firebase authentication and add user management api

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    I already wrote an application to record sounds but I want these sounds to be uploaded into my ACRCloud bucket to be recognized. I tried but I keep getting wrong responses like incorrect credentials or an error. please help me. This is small job.

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    Add and remove some icons on header. Fix slider issues. Decrease banner size on footer and add few elements. Clean up some unnecessary items in WP dashboard. Make all of the above easy to edit from backend (WP) for a normal user.

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    I had a freelancer help me improve my website ranking and he messed up my whole site by adding [log ind for at se URL] that does not allow google to even display my website. I want someone to go in there and take it out.

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    I need to fix my website, especially on the home page [log ind for at se URL] if you scroll down to where it says "mulheres", "maquiagem" and "homens", under "maquiagem", it is not loading the product slider. I asked the host the issue and they said: " As you can see, the session that is being generated here is causing the site to miss cache. In...

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    Hi, I have some issue with my site visitors when they try to surf my site by Safari. I think the issue related to SSL cert. Need someone to check that and fix it. Thanks,

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    I need my website re-configured.I need you to design a website for my small business.i need someone to do while i am speaking to them so it can be done within an hour.

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    I have a very basic PHP MVC login form that works perfectly on my localhost but not when I upload it onto a server. I need help to fix that and get PHPmailer to work

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    I have a JavaScript map mashup that was pieced together. Everything works fine except after the address autocomplete is done, the map does not zoom in as much as its supposed to. I added [log ind for at se URL](22) but the furthest it zooms in is 17 even if the max zoom in that area is 20-22

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    Hi there, I have a website when we open it in Safari browser it shows question marks in place of images. You must have IPHONE / IPAD / MACBOOK to apply for this job

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    Website and software application designing, building, or maintaining. Using scripting or authoring languages, management tools, content creation tools, applications and digital media. Conferring with teams to resolve conflicts, prioritize needs, develop content criteria, or choose solutions. Directing or performing Website updates. Developing or validating test routines and schedules to ensure tha...

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    Need a quick fix Of an HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress. Error is showing while uploading media onto the WP built-in media uploader. Need someone who can work on this soon.

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    hi , I will like to invite people who have already developed at least 1 application using C# for zebra fx7500. we need the developer help us fix some of the issues which are related with zebra fx7500 getting disconnected and then it stops reading the tags and similar such issues . Thanks Amit Ashok

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    Customers are no longer able to download digital files after purchase. The error is: 'Unable to insert download log entry in database.' The error log is: WordPress database error Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`wordpress_gekdcfnbm4`.`wp_mgtn_wc_download_log`, CONSTRAINT `fk_wp_mgtn_wc_download_log_permission_id`

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    I require an experienced developer to clean up my code (mostly HTML and PHP). I have a lot of inline CSS and other mess that needs to be fixed, as well as mobile alignment issues/responsive issues. This will only take an hour or so and won't be a complex job other than some general fixes.

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    purchased a theme [log ind for at se URL] for events and ticketing, the theme comes with a QR code ge...with a QR code generator for each ticket purchase however after theme customisation the QR code function disspeared/stopped working. we need a highly experienced developer to fix this. We provide ongoing jobs for any developer who can resolve this issue

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    Hello, I need someone who can add some CSS to :my website and fix some things. If you are expert in Shopify or CSS please contact me. Looking for long term cooperation. I will send you details later. Thank you

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    I have an issue with the display of some German accented characters on my website. See the screenshot, I need someone that knows how to fix it. Budget is strictly $40USD.

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    Is a small task, but I need to fix a problem in a php project. In a table of a php project. It will not take more than 1 hour

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    ...setup with payment service PayPal and make sure its working fine [log ind for at se URL] to current pages by adding all the related app screen shots, news articles that we supply to you . 4.Fix information of one page 5. add social share buttons to all pages, news and shop 6. add our social media feed to the main page twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube, Linkedin

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    ...use open-source forum solution 3. Preferred backend languages: Python/Django, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, PHP 4. The application must work in all desktop/tablet/mobile modern browsers 5. The application must be responsive (work well and look good on all screen sizes) 6. The application must be able to support 1000 simultaneous users/connections...

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    This is to fix a small project with some Excel VBA macros to copy and highlight some data from a few columns to other sheets/worksheets involving a total of 4 worksheets. Please sign the NDA, read the requirements in the word and txt documents and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Bids over the maximum project amount will be ignored. P

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