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    ...tasks to be done, details provided to winning bid 1 - Fix Google Map bug - co-ordinates pointing to wrong location 2 - Plugin updates testing and verification 3 - Audit how [login to view URL] is set up on google search console 4 - Test and fix password recovery on custom URL 5 - Apostrophe bug with address and walkscore 6 - Developments Overview

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    just need someone to add a simple mark to a digital poster.

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    ...image, image must be saved locally to server.) Note 1: Plugin should also parse "special entity" charcters. Example: instead of “"” use quote marks, instead of "'" use apostrophe. See explaination of special entity characters here: [login to view URL] Note 2: Plugin should have a separate configuration panel for ordering/formatting

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    I need a logo design the logo is the word "Trip'n" but i need the apostrophe to be a different variation like an airplane or road but I want it to catch the concept of taking a trip

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    Trophy icon Create a logo for a blog Ended

    Looking for someone to create a SVG logo for a software/web design blog named "Dale's dev blog". Ideally it will be modern and simplistic or you can g...route. You do not have to include the title in the logo. Or even "DB" or "DDB" . It can be a symbol/graphic or whatever you want! Forgot to mention don't forget the apostrophe in Dale's, Th...

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    Create a logo for a blog website that will be based around software development/web development/design. Title of Blog will be called "Dale's Dev Blog"....sive. You do not have to include the title in the logo. Or even "DB" or "DDB" . It can be a symbol/graphic or whatever you want! Forgot to mention don't forget the apostrophe in Dale's, Th...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    ...Boys' Toys. Its a page for car toys collectors. I have a rough idea about the logo i want but you are free to be creative. I need a text logo ' BOYS' TOYS ' . dont miss apostrophe S. One 'O' in the text can have tire and one 'O' can have a Steering Wheel. you can also use racing stripes. Deviation from my idea is allowed but you need to thin...

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    ... spellings, tense, prepositions, pronouns and determiners, adverbs and adjectives, relative clauses • Punctuation Check Comma, colon/semicolon, dashes, quotation marks, apostrophe • Writing Style Check Capitalization, hyphenation, headings, numbering style, abbreviations, American English • Logical Flow Presentation • Content accurately reflects

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    ...description by using their About Us or Story information. You must know English and be grammatically proper. I don't wish to spend half my day correcting plural words with an apostrophe "s" combination, etc. No, I will not buy your puppy's! Additionally, we need someone who can download hi-res, manufacturer-provided, product images from dropbox and then

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    ...prefatory pages. 2) Footnotes should start with #1 for each new chapter section. 3) Change all straight ' and " to rounded (For example: p. 33, para. 2, line 4 – note that apostrophe is a straight form; it should be rounded’.) 4) Figure numbers should be changed from Roman to Arabic numerals throughout List of Figures, in the text, and in figure captions

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    Trophy icon PDF to spreadsheet 1 Ended

    ...characters. - Below this text on top there are 4 tables, I need all of them - I also need the text below the tables - When using OCR software some cells are filled with an apostrophe at the beginning, converting the cell in text. So if there is a number in a cell (156,75 e.g.) it sometimes imports it as ('156,75), converting it to text and making

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    5 indlæg CORRECT) Don't use exact prices. Don't randomly capitalize words. (Study this guide [login to view URL] ) Learn when to use an apostrophe.(Follow this guide [login to view URL] ) Don't write marketing copy. (STRICTLY NO MARKETING OF ANY KIND) Don't use repetitive language.

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    31 bud image so you can see what I would like, please use your creative imagination to enhance it. I want the name to be in a 'rose gold' colour. I would also really like the apostrophe to look like a Chocolate drop, so it looks fun. I will print these on small stickers so all of the fonts need to be very clear to read. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    ...the AutoIt code need to escape apostrophe and double-quote characters but in the messaging host escape to with a different way. I already found the way to escape the double-quote character but still have issue with the apostrophe character. I want to send back to the Chrome HTML code snippet which is contain apostrophe character but unfortunately I can't

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    We are a commercial farming operation who has recently created a separate entity for our nursery as well as one with initials. I uploaded our Fruit Logo. For starters, maybe one with same color/font, with Growers replacing Prima. Maybe also a green leaf for the apostrophe in growers? THen a similar style but with initials only...GNI.

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    Looking for full stack code with advanced WP php expertise for 4 wordpress [login to view URL] solutions and quick turnaround with availability to start asap today. 1. WP_Editor - default wordpress wysiwyg editor adds slashes when words typed with apostrophe used and need code updated with striplashes statement so data can save to db without mysql error

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    Looking for full stack code with advanced WP php expertise for 4 wordpress [login to view URL] solutions and quick turnaround with availability to start asap today. 1. WP_Editor - default wordpress wysiwyg editor adds slashes when words typed with apostrophe used and need code updated with striplashes statement so data can save to db without mysql error

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    ... I also like it when the For all the letter (a) ie. ear and eyes I'd like to see them end in a gradual fine point, instead of it being thick line all through. Like an apostrophe for eyes, that kind of shape or if you know what the fibonacci spiral is...take a look. I like minimalist and simplistic designs as this will need to be rendered and scaled

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    ...women's premium leather jackets etc., d'oro (Golden in Italian). We would like our colours to be black, white and gold, with the gold being textured, and used for only the apostrophe. The black and white letters should not be co-ordinating, but either all black on white back ground or all white on black background. Our logo may be embossed, embroidered

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    ...manipulation. Like the last Disco/1970’s theme shirt add somewhere on the back that it is the 65th Jeepers Jamboree (doesn’t have to be large just somewhere on back). No apostrophe on Jeepers Jamboree. Left Chest (4 colors): Design something 1970’s style/design with 4 colors and maybe the date or a big 45 or something. Come up with something and

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    I need a logo for my client that host speed dating events. This logo should be sexy an...logo should be sexy and fun as the company looks to help people form relationships. My client is looking for something pretty, professional and simple. She would like the apostrophe in Let's to be replaced by two hearts. Company Name - Let's Speed Date NYC

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    Trophy icon Re design a logo Ended

    I have a logo, but i need some changes done to it. I need the clearance outlet removed from the bottom and the apostrophe. I would like a different shade of purple used i.e.: a darker shade. And i require an outline around the words in black or a green (will attach image of green i like which is PMS333). I would also like the words : Outclass, Outdress-

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    ...not the Seahawk colors from my attachment, that’s the colors of the markers I had at home ;) ) I’m very open to your ideas and designs. My current logo uses a crow in the apostrophe, possibly, that could be incorporated. I’d like the design work for the business cards I’d appreciate in a format I could send to my printer. For the brochures and letterhead

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    ...title are in red in document [login to view URL]) the category title appear only once and then all the entries within this category and so on. Backslash in front of an apostrophe (') When exporting to Microsoft Word if there is this special character ' it automatically add a backslash before ' Fields to add Add a telephone field in form #1 (subscription

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    ...topics: - Fallacies - Sentence Coordination - Subject-Verb Agreement - Verb Tenses/Irregular Verbs - Sentence Subordination - Punctuation (Comma, Semicolon, Colon, Apostrophe and Quotation Marks) - Adverbs and Adjectives - Homonyms Each worksheet should have between 30-40 questions per topic... Also, looking to hire someone proficient

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    ...For example, if word is 'Science' then file should be named as '[login to view URL]' and '[login to view URL]' should contain the meaning of word 'Science'. - If word/term contains apostrophe (') then it should be replaced with underscore(_) while naming the file. For example, for 'Newton's Laws' save file as 'Newton_...

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    Here’s a quick and easy php project. Do not bid if your bid is over $10. I have WAMP installed and can run this on my hard drive. I have a ton of php files. I need a script that will revise the file names. Remove the following from the file names ; . , ( ) ‘ - apostrophe .html (mistakenly put into some of the file names) Change “_”

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    Here’s a quick and easy php project. I have WAMP installed and can run this script on my hard drive. I have a ton of php files. I need a script that will revise the file names. Remove the following from the file names ; . , ( ) ‘ - apostrophe .html (mistakenly put into some of the file names) Change “_” to “-“ Change &ld...

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    ...duplicate formatting codes in the source code. This formatting should have been done by the css in the template instead. During a migration to a different server many of the apostrophe codes were replaced with ’. The old text editor also put many duplicate hard returns in the posts. I need: 1. All of the apostrophe's corrected. 2. All of

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    Hi. I am running a Wordpress site with Woocommerce, Smart Reporter and ...there's a better way I'm open to suggestions. Looking for someone to help develop this site over the next few months so please be reasonable with pricing. Also, please write APOSTROPHE in caps on the first line of your bid so I know you've read this. Thanks, happy bidding!

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    ...a query which grabs from the database a cemetery name and or address, which is placed into a JavaScript for executing a google map link. The problem is that if there is a apostrophe (single quote) int he cemetery name, or address it renders the JavaScript link un-executable. I need to query to return /' and thereby allowing the javascript to function

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    Need to perform Following Validations Validation to be done It should be Number Only Alphabets and Special Charector "apostrophe & Dots" only Only Alphabets and Special Charector "apostrophe & Dots" only Only from the Values tab ( Multi Select) Only from the Values tab Only from the Values tab and to be checked as per the competancy Only

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    ...Strawberry, Coffee, Cookie dough, Moose Tracks. Ice creams' price are: Small (2 scoops) - 3.99; Medium (3 scoops) - 4.99; Large (4scoops) - 5.99. On the logo there is an apostrophe in a wrong place on the word 'Cafe". if you could, please put it above the letter "e" at the end of the word "Cafe" any good design will be considered. Thank you for

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    ...a tiny apostrophe in the ACTORS to make it possessive. I used the apostrophe as 1 side of the Comedy/Tragedy Masks and then played around with it so I got both the Comedy/Tragedy Masks as the apostrophe. I don't know if I love the idea or hate the idea because my mock-up is clumsy & I'm not talented like you. If you can add add the apostrophe as the

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    ...configuration. 3. Replace single space with the separator, e.g.: Louis Vuitton → [login to view URL] 4. Replace single special characters (non-letter and non-digit characters such as apostrophe, dot, ampersand, percent sign, exclamation mark etc.) with the separator, e.g.: McDonald's → [login to view URL] AT&T → [login to view URL] [login to view URL] → [logi...

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    ...our Jungle Book review didn't link because the source called it "Jungle Book (2016)" and our "The Huntsman: Winter's War" didn't link because the source used a different apostrophe. We need a stripping routine that will more reliably link such cases. 2. Our theme has an advanced post editing screen that includes the ability to embed a video trailer

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    I'm having trouble with an ajax call when it comes to dealing with an apostrophe in the data field. <?php mysql_select_db($database_connection, $connection); if(isset($_POST['i'])) { $i = str_replace("'", "''",$_POST['i']); $sql=mysql_query("SELECT size FROM $[login to view URL] WHERE item = '$i' AND v...

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    ...the development and maintenance of private and public green spaces (landscaping), professional automatic irrigation systems. - Company name: În grădina lu' Ion (with apostrophe lu') - (meaning "In the garden of John") - Slogan: Verde și parfum în grădina ta - (meaning "Green and fragrance in your garden" ) - Representative items/signs: la...

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    I need a logo created for this natural and organic food consulting business to be similar to the ...process of that along with other natural/organic industry business projects. Company name is Lil' City Consulting and would love to keep the same little green leaf in the apostrophe spot if possible. (please see lil city farms logo name attachment)

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    ...project requiring quick fixes. strong skill with php and css required...good rating a plus. immediate start. 1. allow apostrophe to be added to form fields and display without displaying when form saved 2. form save issue requires updating 3. css inclusion for content wrap 4. fix 5 lines of php code creating undefined variable debug messages

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    ... 4) borrow 6 components from Unicode-chart that is not in use. 5) 3 symbols (arrow up, down ward, a dot & apostrophe in same vertical line) : -

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    Trophy icon Creează un Logo Ended and header for stationary, in editable form; two banners for Twitter and Facebook Hello everyone, In the project description is a transcript mistake, the O with apostrophe was posted in stead of R in a circle, which means the Registered Mark of the product. I apologize for not noticing the transcript mistake. Can anyone give an improvement

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    ...may be a simple data formatting/encoding issue, as within the data an apostrophe appears as &#39; etc I need you to establish what is wrong with the formatted data and import the data successfully. You'll also need to tell me what needs to be done to the data so I can 'fix' other similar csv files. I have a blank Wordpress site with the

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    ...mysql statement so that any apostrophes are striped out of the column pd.products_name to work with the where clause that already has the apostrophe striped out. Example below uses the word: landlords The apostrophe is already striped out by the time it gets to the where clause however in the pd.products_name column in the database it is saved as landlord's

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    ...not need to include these. The title of the graphic is Six Ds of Exponential Development. I would like to see it placed somewhere on the graphic. Ds should NOT have an apostrophe. We will turn this into either a poster or a vinyl cutout. Fonts should be crisp and clear. Colors are flexible, but our office uses the green attached & a blue similar

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    ...what she is using now (simple design). We are going to want to try the logo in red for now (but should work with most colors and reverse). Think of things like maybe the apostrophe could be a music symbol or shooting star, or maybe just plain, the "J" could be a music symbol or not. Should be able to be printed on a business card, website, social

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    I have approx. ...formatting in them (strange letters where there should be punctuation marks). This job is to fix them. The articles are mostly short, some are longer. Most of the time you are replacing a few characters with what should go there - i.e. a comma or apostrophe. You will need to use your judgement to put in the right character.

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