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    For the Final Project you will implement a text-based adventure game in C++. The game takes inspiration from the tabletop roleplaying game "Dungeons and Dragons." In the original game, each session differs from the next, depending on the story made up by the dungeon master and the...Project you will implement a text-based adventure game in C++. The game takes inspiration from the tabletop roleplaying game "Dungeons and Dragons." In the original game, each session differs from the next, depending on the story made up by the dungeon master and the way the players react to that story. But most commonly, the game consists of a party of players making their way through a dungeon by fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and interacting with characters. The file I upload...

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    Reliant Fire & Secuirty is a design ,installer and maintenance of fire alarm, cctv system, burglar alarm modern logo

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    6 second 2D animation of a LOGO 5 dage left

    Hey i need a simple 6 second 2D animation or a logo Transition animation -> idle image logo with fire and smoke coming out of the eyes If this one is good will need 150+ more after that so long term work big budget if this one is good

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    Hi, we're looking for a VFX artist for our short film. The rough cut is ready and I'll send it via DM. Also final cut is ready soon. VFX workload includes: Title card, 3D model of space ship provided (only seen in a long distance shot), 3D model of floater carrier to be made. Is used as cargo transport. Gun fire and a few laser dots moving across a character. Optionally, sky replacement but if it costs too much or is too time-consuming we can omit. I'll DM the rough cut and a detailed VFX breakdown with comps and timestamps. You'll work closely with the director of photography who is taking care of the final cut at the moment.

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    Trophy icon Update 5 Logos 5 dage left

    ...Limitless Institute: A service organization that hosts personal development events, workshops, trainings, retreats, and camps. The current logo is a planet with moon phases and stars and geometric shapes. Generally we like the current logo and are open to interpretations of the design. 2. Alchemy Training: A life coaching certification training incorporating the 4 elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. We are attaching the alchemy symbols that we'd like incorporated into a design and want it to tie in with the celestial/universe/space theme. 3. P3 (Personal Power and Prosperity): A transformational weekend workshop that helps participants heal pain and empower their lives. The current logo is a person standing with tree leaves around. We generally like the logo but were thi...

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    ...references on creating their characters. Ideas for the video - id like to have two main characters for the verses of the song & a 3rd for the artist who sings the chorus. the chorus is the “devils got a hold on me” part & he could be like the priest or an angel or something. overall going for an angels & demons kinda vibe but not too dark w like evil imagery if that makes sense. the song is about fighting the dark voices we hear in our heads when we are struggling w something - drugs, a break up, death, etc. an angel and a devil on each shoulder of a character could be a cool idea. maybe a scene where both artists are like in a cool car driving thru hell or heaven could be dope. a church scene w a priest or bible type imagery (church pews, a choir, crosse...

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    I prefer a person who knows Arabic because the dataset is Arabic Create a new detection model using a deep learning model that hel...and the result is a sentence free of misogyny content. the primary data set is which contains two tasks we will work in the two tasks. we will test the model in a different data set DataSetLink : , ......etc the files are the dataset, methodology, ArMI at FIRE 2021 Overview of the First Shared Task that will work in it to improve the accuracy to reach at least 94% and make a new contribution by making the task an informed task b by entering the result as features to task 2 please read all data before making a bid.

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    Trophy icon Christmas card design. 4 dage left

    Hi we are a fire protection company based in the UK, we would like an original design for our annual Christmas card which should include something fire related/product that we sell i.e. fire extinguishers.

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    Argics STORY MAP 3 dage left

    ...your dataset into ArcGIS Online and display the ‘Disaster_Type.’ Save your disaster type location map. Give it a descriptive title (don’t just call it Final Project). Use different colours to represent different disaster types. CREATE MAPS WITH ANALYSES 4. Working off the first map you created, display the ‘Disaster_Type’ data in such a way that only one specific disaster is visible, such as ‘fire.’ You can do this by either arranging the different disaster types in ‘Change Type’ (see image below) or you can perform a query to identify data points pertaining to a specific situation. Cluster the data using the ‘Cluster Points’ option to determine where more resources or help is needed. Save this as a second map ...

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    You know or worked with companies personally who has/had - cars - trucks - Special vehicles - Heavy duty vehicles - Truck cranes - Caravans - Coaches (final decision still pending) - or other types of vehicles- fire brigade for example - in there Company stock? Then we are looking for you!! My company and I are currently looking for people like you who have contacts to businesses in Europe. Maybe you also worked with them in the past - much better Overall It's about the truck cartel (all big truck companies) & diesel emissions scandal - Our Job is about helping/informing companies in Europe (including all Balkan countries + Turkey + UK) that they get compensation for a period of 20 years during which they bought/rented/leased trucks and cars. In that period the pr...

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    ...specific timing. The design will be the interior of a red brick fireplace. Ash and firewood is piled on the floor. The camera angle is straight on, completely locked down for the whole animation. The fire characteristics will be animated accordingly. The animation will be broken down into 7 sections each one leading into the next. Section 1 (600 frames): a healthy beautiful fire with a natural fire color. Section 2 (1008 frames): A SLOW transition from section 1 to section 3. Section 3 (600 frames): The flames have diminished into a soft glow of the ashes. The aesthetics is of a dying fire with a natural color. Section 4 (96 frames): The flames erupt into an explosive energy twirling and spiraling. The natural flames turn into an unnatural synthetic blu...

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    Trophy icon Photo edit 2 dage left

    Can you edit the flag into the photo of man jumping in fire, have the flag in the back ground. Undernearth the photo write the text : North Torbian Forces in Blue with white outline matching the flag colours. Can you change the badge on the hat to a mini version of the flag also.

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    Fire damaged farm insurance case

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    github webhook to jenkins 1 dag left

    Hi developers I am looking for help to conviert github webhook to jenkins.I will like to create a Github webhook to fire Jenkins jobs on push and Pull request will discuss more details in chat.

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    ...within 30 sec to 60 sec With English subtitles. We hope to post this on Facebook and Youtube to promotion my App, a novel reading and audiobook App.  A Dating Show in Island, Twenty young handsome men(most of white, several black, but all handsome) with One gorgeous girl (blond, pretty beautiful, 20 years old), several round contests ... Sound familiar.  First round contest, Contests includes: Fighting a lion to get a flag. The only girl will give 19 roses to 20 men, the one who was not given rose is eliminated. Many round different cruel and strange contests, such as gun shots to protect own flag....  But, wait, I found each eliminated man was down, died, vanished and not be remembered ever existence in this island, this will not happen in a TV show, right? ...

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    I have two products (Teeth Whitening) that I sell on AMAZON. Currently, I have a brand registered trademark. In April, I started to sell on AMAZON and it's been the biggest headache to find people to help manager the store let alone, strategically and successfully provide PPC Ads to sell a product that is in high demand. We are looking to grow in what is currently a 6 BILLION dollar industry in the US. Please apply only if you are willing to dedication 100% of your knowledge and expertise. We are looking for people with a track record to scale using PPC ads on AMAZON and people who are on fire to see huge growth. If you want to make good money and feel excited about growing and making more money, if you have AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL and PPC experience, please do app...

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    Need a Freelancer who can make Customized design & build my website on updated technologies. so Here are the requirements - Content Creation (SEO Friendly) - Unique & Customized Design - Development (Industry Fire fighting work, Security Devices Installation, Green Building Rating) is my website, which is running as of now but wants to change completely with many changes. Your Bid Must include All Unique contents, Design & Development. Looking only for experienced person or company who have expertise in this. Timeframe - 15 days Budget - 10-15k

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    I want to simulate the Lab test for Fire ASTM E119 on my Wall panel. The wall panel is made of 3 materials, steel , rockwool, and Fiber cement board. The boundary conditions are given in the paper below. I want someone to connect with me and explain the process

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    Looking for 2 - 4 multi-family units in one of the following markets: - Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron - Kentucky: Louisville, Bowling Green - Pennsylvania: Pittsburg Property Specifications: within 15 miles of the desired cities; at least 3 doors per property; preferably listed for sale or lease; no corporate apartment/condo ...Green - Pennsylvania: Pittsburg Property Specifications: within 15 miles of the desired cities; at least 3 doors per property; preferably listed for sale or lease; no corporate apartment/condo facilities; prefer no pools - playgrounds okay; ample parking (one space per unit preferable) Include: property address, satellite image/Google Map image, key surrounding infrastructure (schools, police/fire/rescue, hospital, etc.), online listing link (if a...

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    anti spy app android and ios 12 timer left

    anti spy app android and ios Protection against , Malware, Adware & Spyware is someone listening to the microphone? (What app or service uses are microphones used for) geo location ( what apps use it ) alert new apps in phone ETC.. S2S pixel with dynamic url parameters from web to app ( pixel fire after user subscribe ) 2 lending pages ( web )

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    Hi Hari M., The next Mini-project for you. One fire plan.

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    ...general store. I’m trying to get the plugin to handle different pixels for different products under certain categories. Here are a few examples to explain my point better. - When visitors view content, add to cart, checkout, or purchase from products under the “Home Decor” category, the appropriate pixel should fire under the website pixel: “Home Décor” When visitors view content, add to cart, checkout, or purchase from products under the “Toys” category, the appropriate pixel should fire under the website pixel: “Toys”. Etc, etc, etc. NOTE: I own the PixelYourSite Pro Super Pack addon that allows you to do all this. I just can’t figure out how and don’t have the patience or time to wait on sup...

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    I need 2 animations embedded within a current phone application that is under process, One animation will be a (challenge accepted/fire) sort of animation The other will be incorporated within the logo for page landing through different pages. *Only freelancers who can provide example of work will be hired

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    In process of leasing an older 1,300sq foot office space for a craft cocktail bar. The property has only 1 bathroom, but we are in need of redesigning the space for 2. Need to verify installation placement of...1,300sq foot office space for a craft cocktail bar. The property has only 1 bathroom, but we are in need of redesigning the space for 2. Need to verify installation placement of a 24" bar in main room. Need to verify that the current AC system is capable of cooling a space at a capacity of 40 people or in need of an upgrade. Will the electrical panel need updating to accomodate the new usage. Fire safety exit signage and entry egress requirements. Plumbing / electrical improvements needed, if any. Looking for an architect to verify the above and redesign the the b...

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    I wanna post an emotional story & paragraph around 500-600 words about my muslim mom on my instagram about my mom who died from cancer after fighting for 10 years and she always hide her pain from me even though i only found out that she takes drugs after she died because she was going through so much and how important muslim mothers are in our life and some people don’t appreciate this And i ask everyone to check up on their mom often.. just make it emotional and short

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    Hi Maryam N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss details via chat to see if you can help me. I have packaging files for if you mail fire fighter, plush toy but the colors are wrong and I need to change the colors. Is that something you can help me with?

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    parental control app Screen recorder Emails iCloud sync Local sync over wifi Text messages Photos and media Contacts Phone calls GPS locations Wifi networks notifications on specific zones (school etc..) and how parents define Pixel S2S users from web to app from web to app install and then pixel fire or after user buy subscription 29.99 a month build both IOS and android from scratch with desgin !

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    Health application Udløbet left

    Using android studio to create an application also using fire base and sql

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    Need to design an Angular Ui page that will show the latest live location and go on updating tracking as New GPS data Available from API comes. Need directions and need a pla...the latest live location and go on updating tracking as New GPS data Available from API comes. Need directions and need a placeholder to add objects are car, Truck, or any image it should simulate a live moment from the start of the page till the user navigates away to some other menu If the current page is not on active display (or foreground) then it should not any changes to Ui and should not fire any API calls. i.e. user opens a new tab to browse something else kiping the tab to open the background We will provide base Ui code and provide API as per need Ui code has to check if new location data is ...

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    Fire-et ferret Udløbet left

    My daughter wants a Marvel-esque ferret logo mid-hiss, but think derpy Gerald from “Finding Dory” as opposed to sinister. Then put flames behind it. She’s 13 and weird.

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    Background: ( I h...crematorium for my funeral. Audio Approx 10 - 12 minutes duration with (perhaps) my voice and one actor. IDEA:. 1 Me speaking to a crematorium Supervisor for advice about a 'Do it yourself funeral' with my suggestions to him of snippits of ( inappropriate) funeral music being frowned upon by funeral Staff. ( 'I hear you knocking - Dave Edmunds', 'living in box' 'Fire' Crazy world of Arthur Brown, 'Baby you can light my Fire - Doors' etc etc (or any other song sample you can think of ) together with general banter between a Crematorium Supervisor and impending client of a man trying to organise his own funeral. Idea 2 ( or combination of 1 an 2) Me speaking to the congregation from the coffin. ...

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    I want a single-page background with a Double Cross logo. Any UNIQUE and original art using the characters from the game (Super Smash Brothers Melee). + a Double Cross Written text logo and/or design. Specifically, a doubles tournament series(2vs2). It is a platform fighting game with nintendo characters. The most popular are Fox, Marth, Falco, Sheik then Peach, Falcon, Jigglypuff. Here is a video of what the game looks like when played. . Doubles (2vs2) has more Chaos here's some gameplay

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    It is a fantasy novel with romance and a lot of fighting. Unfortunately I cannot write in detail which makes my writing sound like facts. I need help in fixing this. I am not done with my book and would like assistance before I finish it.

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    Trophy icon Need 3 custom images of wildlife 3 dage left

    Hello, I am putting together some artwork for a book and I need three different drawings of wild life, similar to the images provided. Picture #1 is a snarling wolf. Picture #2 is a stag with large antlers. Picture #3 are two wolves fighting (preferably where both wolves are bearing their teeth and looking mean). I'd like the same artist to do all three images so that they have the same design motif. Thank you!

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    ...ConditionRating!=2, highlight both cells. 10. If AssetCondition=Poor-Fair and ConditionRating!=3, highlight both cells. 11. If AssetCondition=Poor and ConditionRating!=4, highlight both cells. Rules based on Priority: 12. If Priority=Priority 1 and Level 5 does not include any of the following words=UPS, Emergency, Fire, Annunciation, Generator, Sprinkler, highlight both cells. 13. If Priority=Priority 2 or Priority 3 and Level 5 includes any of the following words=UPS, Emergency, Fire, Annunciation, Generator, Sprinkler, highlight both cells. 14. If Priority=Priority 2 and PlanType!=Deferred Maintenance, highlight both cells. 15. If Priority=Priority 3 and PlanType=Deferred Maintenance, highlight both cells. Rules based on PlanType 16. If PlanType=Deferred Ma...

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    3D Animation Video Udløbet left

    We are looking for someone that will be able to create a more modern and updated version of a tutorial video on fire tube boilers. I have attached a clip of the video that we are wanting to replicate. This video should be able to illustrate the following functions: 1. Fuel and air enter combustion area, burning fuel which transfers heat to water in shell 2. Hot gases flow through fire tubes and additional heat transferred to water surrounded them (Each time the gases are routed through shell, it's called a pass.) 3. Combustion gases flow out of boiler 4. As water in boiler heated, some turns to steam 5. Steam collects above water level & flows through outlet into plant 6. Cooler water flows to bottom of boiler where it's heated in combustion area 7....

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    I need some Construction Help for several PV Projects. Also some Animation etc for new PV Concepts like a Methane Scrubber. Or an Elmo's Fire Dragon. And a Help for a Standard PV Planning SW.

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    The Gang is a gaming community A cyan flame backrounded by black. The words should be black with the fire aura

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    Professional fundraiser. My company has started a fundraising arm and needs someone to make connections nation wide with organizations, schools, churches, animal shelters, youth leagues, volunteer fire departments, etc. to promote our new and practical way for them to raise funds. Huge upside in compensation and bonuses. The opportunities are almost limitless. Contact me for more details and the structure of the program and lets get going.

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    i need experienced content writer that can write and release press to yahoo finance so that we can generate to our company website We are the leading intelligence gathering agency for fighting fraudulent brokers and scammers

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    The project: Logo & slogan: Design a logo for our Restaurant it's Called " Deech Restaurant " which means rooster in English. Add a slogan underneath (will be shared with designer). We wish the test to be written in a special catchy way for customers to recognize. Also, the logo to be designed or drawn originally and maybe have a fire effect in the logo design. I want to see your suggestions and how you see designing the logo. We hope the logo can be written in Arabic also in the same format of the English word ( Let me know what you are capable of ). branding identity: Business card, letterhead paper, envelope etc. packaging identity and packaging design: We need the designer to design our packaging like the boxes for sandwiches, paper bags, chicken buckets, ...

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    We have a Linux Server and we would like to integrate a Fire Wall system and also enable LVM and Physical volume effectively. Server that we have is AMD based. We already have multiple volumes of SSD and HDD integrated into it. We would like to integrate Fire Wall to ensure the system is safe and can be securely accessed from outside.

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    Im fighting a case against the police department. There are so many lies with the proof of lies but NO ONE is listening or evm care to see that I'm not lying. If i got help from the media maybe someone will listen.

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    One of the tiles in my bathroom got ruined by fire and i need to replace it. Original tiles discontinued.

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    The Existing wall to the southern boundary is between 540 & 920 off the boundary. The wall is timber frame construction with weatherboard cladding & is a gable roof finish & has 2 openable windows. The structure is supported on brick piers & open underneath The approved DA shows that part of this wall is to be demolished but will still technically encroach on the 900 requirement.

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    I need a professional game developer that can develop a game crypto fighting game. i need a professional in this space not just a newbie, and need to see your recent reference work base on fighting game

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    1 1/100 scale drawing for a proposed outdoor area for a bar / pub on a public footpath to comply with local council regulations. Drawing must include the following - i. All utilities/services in the area including lampposts, bollards, fire hydrants, manholes, cycle stands, litter bins and all ‘in situ’ items of street furniture, etc. within 5m of the proposed area. ii. Dimensions of the proposed licensed area. iii. The location and dimensions of the tables, chairs or other items of furniture to be located within the area.

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    I have for some time wanted to produce a model of the above. In a scale of 1/48 either 3d printed or cast in resin. I have scale 1/76 drawing of this vehicle and have a plasticard model built by me though unfinished. I have been advised that I need a CAD image to start this.

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