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    I am looking for an experienced FileMaker developer who can help enhance my current database. I have a usb card reader / writer and want the app to be able add the card to that user then add credit to the account, and the Raspberry pi card readers on 2 machines which are programmed and i need to get them to communicate with FM for credit usage etc. - I currently have a FileMaker database in place, so I need someone who is familiar with the software and can hit the ground running. - The specific enhancements I am looking for are related to user interface improvements, adding new functionalities and optimizing the performance of the database. - In terms of functionalities, I am particularly interested in data import/export, custom reports, and automation scripts. Ideal skil...

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    Oggi voglio condividere con te un'opportunità unica per trasformare il tuo talento nel mondo della programmazione in entrate passive attraverso le criptovalute. Sono alla ricerca di uomini e donne con competenze di programmazione, in particolare con esperienza in FileMaker e Laravel, che siano interessati a crearsi delle entrate passive attraverso le criptovalute. La mia piattaforma offre agli utenti la possibilità di creare entrate passive usando le cryptovalute, senza fare trading. Sono consapevole che il tuo tempo è prezioso e per questo, offro l'opportunità di iniziare a guadagnare fin da subito usando la piattaforma e collegandola al tuo coinbase. Questo è un tassello per raggiungere il nostro scopo, che è, quello di creare...

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    I'm in need of an expert to set up FileMaker Pro 19 on our Windows server. Key tasks include: - Installing FileMaker Pro 19 server on a Windows environment - Setting up the system for comprehensive data management and web publishing - Enabling both local network access and remote access from the internet Candidates with proven experience in setting up FileMaker in Windows Server environments, familiarity with webdirect and understanding of both local and remote network setups will be highly regarded. Proficiency in data management and web publishing is also a must.

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    ...seeking a freelance FileMaker Developer skilled in integrating Python scripts into FileMaker solutions. The project involves creating a FileMaker file that demonstrates multiple methods of implementing and interacting with Python code. The ideal candidate will showcase the ability to trigger Python scripts from FileMaker and enable bidirectional communication between FileMaker and Python. Knowledge of CGI scripting as a method for this integration is a plus. Project Deliverables: 1. FileMaker Example File: • A FileMaker file that incorporates Python script integration through various methods, demonstrating how to activate and interact with Python scripts from within FileMaker. 2. Sample Python Script: • A simple yet...

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    We have a project that we want to work on which needs react, Go and filmmaker schills.

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    Descrizione del progetto:
 Sono alla ricerca di un esperto sviluppatore di CRM per creare un sistema di gestione dei lead personalizzato per la mia azienda. Siamo un'azienda che organizza fiere e stiamo cercando un modo efficiente per gestire i lead generati dal nostro sito web, dai social media e dalle campagne di marketing. Abbiamo deciso di ripartire da zero, dopo un esperienza di molti anni con FileMaker, Lotus. Requisiti principali: * Gestione dei lead provenienti da diverse fonti, inclusi il nostro sito web, i social media e le campagne demografiche. * Invio di presentazioni personalizzate via email ai lead interessati. * Gestione completa dei dati dei clienti, inclusi contatti, informazioni personali, storico delle interazioni, ecc. * Personalizzazione del CRM ...

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    I'm looking to automate several manual tasks within FileMaker. My end goal is to integrate this system with a custom Attendance Tracker App. The traits required for this project are: - A thorough understanding of the FileMaker API and its automation capabilities - Proficiency in developing custom apps that can interface smoothly with FileMaker These are the key features that need to be included in the Attendance Tracker App: - User login and authentication: Essential for managing unique profiles and securing sensitive information - Real-time attendance tracking: To provide up-to-the-minute insights into attendance patterns - Reporting and analytics: This will form the backbone of our evaluation mechanism by generating comprehensive reports detailing us...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer proficient in both Access and FileMaker databases. The task at hand includes: - Fully translating an existing, medium complexity Access database into a FileMaker database. This covers multiple tables, relationships, and complex queries. - While the function from Access to FileMaker is the priority, the design isn't. The User interface/user experience design of the FileMaker database doesn't need to mirror the Access one. Ideal candidates should have extensive experience working with Access databases and FileMaker databases, with a history of successful translation projects. Skills required include navigating complex queries and understanding relational databases. Please be prepared to share examples of past wo...

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    We are looking to hire a freelancer to help us continuing an integration system between WooCommerce and FileMaker, also customizing our wordpress website functionalities as well as the woocommerce store, whenever we need to fix things or upgrade functionalities. Our company works with an internal app/system developed in Filemaker, and we need to keep this part connected with the website, so that everything works together properly (customers, agents/commercials, orders, customised products, etc). We don't need anything specific for now, but we need a partner to work with us on the website and on this integration, every time we need help with it. Our current developer (freelancer) is retiring from the market and we need someone to continue this job, whenever it's need...

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    46 bud need of a FileMaker Pro expert with Python scripting capabilities. The core job requires integrating Python scripts into a FileMaker Solution to fetch data from a database. Key Responsibilities: - Automate the triggering or execution of python scripts in FileMaker Pro. - Ensure Python scripts are effectively activated following the click of a button. - Must fetch data from a database when Python script is triggered. Ideal Skills: - Strong proficiency in FileMaker Pro development. - In-depth knowledge of Python scripting. - Understanding of database management and data retrieval. This job requires a precise, detail-oriented approach and advanced problem-solving skills, with the ability to troubleshoot and fix any issues that could arise during the...

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    I'm seeking a proficient developer to seamlessly integrate a monthly calendar into our existing Filemaker Pro database system, bolstering our event management capabilities. This enhancement is aimed at not only displaying events stored in our database on the calendar but also empowering users to contribute by adding or editing these events as necessary. I am only interested in enhancing the fledgling existing Filemaker Pro database. I want to start slowly (calendar only) and add capabilities over the next few months. I have attached the database and you can see how I have (not done well) linked a calendar already. I am interested in ony the name of the project to be displayed on the calendar, not time due or anything else. A person can click on the item in the cale...

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    I'm seeking a FileMaker Pro developer to create advanced custom scripts that will empower our application to handle complex data manipulation tasks. These scripts are fundamental in managing workflows that involve multiple databases, aiming to streamline operations and improve data handling efficiency. **Core Requirements:** - Development and implementation of custom scripts in FileMaker Pro tailored for complex data manipulation. - Expertise in managing workflows that span multiple databases, ensuring seamless data integration and processing. - Proven ability to enhance user interaction through intelligent script solutions, making the application more intuitive and user-friendly. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in FileMaker Pro development,...

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    Je veux ajouter dans ma fichier client dans la box droite: L'option multi-contact (Présentement seulement 1 contact disponible) Je veux que dans Soumission, prenne a change le multi-contact si la relation va bien auras plusieur autre modification a effectuer. merci

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    4 indlæg in need of a FileMaker Pro database developer who can effectively design a database to meet my business needs. The database will serve the primary purpose of storing vital information about our customers and products, and tracking our sales data. In detail: - I require a database that can store and manage information for different entities, specifically customers and products. - The database needs to have fields for capturing essential customer details such as names and contact information. - For products, it must efficiently store product details and descriptions. - As for sales, it becomes crucial to maintain a record of all orders, including detailed information about the order status. The best fit for this project would be someone with proficient skills in FileMaker...

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    I'm in need of a skilled FileMaker developer to create and integrate a custom FileMaker server that can work seamlessly with my current setups. Here's what I'm specifically looking for: - **Database Integration Expertise:** - Create a FileMaker Server from scratch. - Integrate the FileMaker server with my existing systems. - **System Integration:** - Set up the server to ensure compatibility with my operational workflow. - Must be knowledgeable in connecting FileMaker with other systems. - **Project Requirements:** - Server setup must be secure and scalable. - Handle data migration and ensure data integrity. - Provide documentation and training on management of the server. - **Ideal Candidate Skills:** - Experience with ...

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    I'm seeking expertise for a tailored FileMaker Pro project involving advanced calendar functionalities. Key Requirements: - Integrate Day Back calendar with FileMaker Pro. - Ensure seamless viewing and management of data in a calendar. Desired Features: - Synchronization with Day Back calendar. - Handling multiple calendars within a single interface. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in FileMaker Pro development. - Experience with Day Back and similar calendar integrations. - Strong understanding of databases and data organization. - Capable of creating customized, user-friendly forms and reports. - Knowledge of color coding and drag-and-drop within FileMaker solutions. The successful freelancer will enable our team to manage complex scheduling an...

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    Seeking an expert to transform my FileMaker application to operate seamlessly with PHP/MySQL on a Linux server. The successful freelancer will deliver a system encompassing the features outlined below. Responsibilities: - User registration system implementation - File upload functionality - Database integration Key Data & Security: - The system will manage critical datasets, including customer information and inventory data. - We require secure user authentication with username/password. - Role-based access control must be integrated to manage user permissions effectively. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficient in PHP, MySQL, and Linux server environments - Experience in converting FileMaker applications to web-based platforms - Strong understanding of data security mea...

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    Transitioning a database of contacts from file Mekler to Airtable. Several custom screens need to be reproduced. File maker, database currently in file maker, pro 17. I have two databases, one product catalog and one contact database. Each has some custom screens for both computer, viewing and print. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proficiency in FileMaker Pro 17 • Strong understanding of Airtable • Experience with various types of CRM

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    ...applications we use within our logistics operations. This task involves intricate work to ensure efficiency and a smooth, error-free operation in our new server environment. Key Tasks: - Unify 3 pieces of software that need to send and receive files from each other. - Create a cohesive structure that integrates custom software, cargo management software, and FileMaker databases. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in database management and FileMaker. - Demonstrated success in data migration and system integration. - Ability to develop custom solutions to bridge software functionalities. - Troubleshooting skills for ensuring compatibility and performance across systems. I'm looking for a problem-solver with a sharp eye for detail and a track record of successful softwa...

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    I am seeking an expert Claris developer to create a robust data management system on macOS. Here's what I need: - Develop an application with interactive dashboards - Real-time data visualization capabilities - Seamless user interaction with sophisticated data entry - Superior error handling and data validation processes Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in Claris FileMaker for macOS - Experience with interactive dashboard design - Strong understanding of data management best practices - Solid background in user interface development - Ability to implement real-time data updates and visualizations - Familiarity with macOS environment and related design guidelines This project is perfect for developers with a mix of design intuition and technical prowess, especially those...

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    File maker Pro Customer Data, I am seeking a skilled freelancer to create a custom FileMaker application, focused on efficient handling of Database information to produce modules, with robust searching and filtering features. Here is what I'm looking for: - **Skills and Experience**: * Proficiency in FileMaker Pro development. * Experience with database design and data management. * Capable of implementing intuitive user interfaces for non-technical users. * Knowledge in creating custom reports and analytics within FileMaker.

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to create a custom FileMaker application, focused on efficient handling of Database information to produce modules, with robust searching and filtering features. Here is what I'm looking for: - **Skills and Experience**: * Proficiency in FileMaker Pro development. * Experience with database design and data management. * Capable of implementing intuitive user interfaces for non-technical users. * Knowledge in creating custom reports and analytics within FileMaker. I anticipate an application that not only streamlines data entry but also provides powerful tools for managing customer relationships. The ability to integrate this system with other existing software in the future would be ideal but is not an immediate requi...

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    As a medical team, we require an experienced FileMaker Pro programmer, skilled in advanced database design. Your project tasks will include: - The design of a relational database named 'Database Gestione Pazienti, Rendicontazione Economica, Agenda'. - Building features that allow appointment scheduling, medical record management and treatment history tracking. To accomplish this, fluency and substantial experience in FileMaker Pro is essential as well as a substantial track record in medical database design. In addition, skills in Microsoft Word, PDF integration, plus the ability to incorporate email capabilities is highly desirable. We look forward to partnering with an individual/ team that upholds professionalism, accuracy and respect for timelines.

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    I'm on a mission to revamp the front-end of my FileMaker system. I'm aiming for no more than 10 users to access the updated system, so it doesn't need to be hugely complex, but there are couple of key features I definitely need: 1. Interactive Dashboard: It's essential for my users to engage with an interface that enables easy access to crucial data and tools. Ideally, this will include live updates and real-time functioning. 2. Advanced Search Functionality: Easy and fast data retrieval is a must. This requires a robust and advanced search feature that aids users in finding the right information quickly and efficiently. 3. Role-Based Customization: I am looking for a limited role-based customization to tailor the system's tools, accessibility, and featur...

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    I am seeking a FileMaker Pro expert with a strong background in customizing report layouts. I need specific changes to my current database's report layouts to improve the relationship between databases and enhance reporting on summary fields. My project involves: - Customizing report layouts on FileMaker Pro. - Implementing changes in field placement, adding new fields, and modifying the color scheme for better readability and user experience. Ideal freelancer should have: - Extensive experience in customizing layouts in FileMaker Pro. - Strong knowledge on field management and relationship between databases. - Creativity in color scheme modifications for better visualization. - Understanding on reporting on summary fields. In your bid, please share examples o...

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    Quería algún programador de FILEMAKER que me ayudase a terminar una base de datos de recetas. Es un proyecto personal pero muy ilusionante. Me gustaría saber el precio por hora, nos conectaríamos en línea y estaríamos trabajando juntos en sesiones de dos horas durante el tiempo que dure el proyecto.

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can create a FileMaker Pro property and mortgage database for me. Specific Features and Functionalities: - The database should have the capability to track property, mortgage, and payment information. - It should be accessible online, allowing me to access and update the database from anywhere. - Custom reporting features are required, allowing me to generate reports based on my specific needs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in FileMaker Pro and database design. - Experience in creating databases that track property and mortgage information. - Knowledge of online database accessibility and custom reporting features. If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can deliver a user-friendly and efficient property and mortg...

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    Project Title: Filemaker User Interface Design Expert Needed I am a self-taught Filemaker developer facing challenges with user interface design. I am seeking an expert to help me solve this problem. Specific Problem: User interface design challenges Functionalities and Elements: I have detailed requirements for the user interface design that I would like to incorporate. Ongoing Support: I only need help with this specific problem and do not require ongoing support. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Filemaker development - Strong knowledge of user interface design principles - Experience in creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces - Ability to understand and implement detailed requirements for the user interface design If you have the neces...

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    CONSULTATION ONLY- I currently have a database I use for my work but it’s runs from FileMaker. I want an online database made for me using the same features I have in my current system. I have heard people are creating using programs like bubble etc which I am okay with as long as it does the job. The one I’m using is perfect but it’s on a FileMaker platform and it’s desktop based. It’s quite old but amazing database. I would like to take it online so I can access it anywhere and not have to reply on FileMaker to run it. I need to be able to put in new job information, do reports, email functions directly and pdf and print functions report templates and auto generated job files etc…

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with a custom publishing project for a simple FileMaker database. The purpose of the database is customer relationship management. Design: I am open to any layout and do not have a specific design in mind. Features: I do not need any special features or functionality, basic functionality is sufficient for my needs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in FileMaker database development - Experience with customer relationship management systems - Strong understanding of database design and layout - Attention to detail and ability to meet project deadlines

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    I have a filemaker database to convert in access. The database has 27 tables , around 60 lay-out and related scripts.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create or modify a starter solution for me. I am open to either option, depending on what works best for my needs. The main function of the solution I am seeking is data management. I need a solution that can effectively organize and manage large amounts of data. As for the preferred programming language, I am open to suggestions. I am looking for a skilled programmer who can recommend the best language for my specific requirements and provide expertise in that language. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge and experience in data management - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python and JavaScript - Ability to analyze requirements and recommend the most suitable programming language - Problem-solvin...

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    Contact database Udløbet left

    I create a contact database in filemaker

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    We are looking to hire a freelancer to help us continuing an integration system between WooCommerce and FileMaker, also customizing our wordpress website functionalities as well as the woocommerce store, whenever we need to fix things or upgrade functionalities. Our company works with an internal app/system developed in Filemaker, and we need to keep this part connected with the website, so that everything works together properly (customers, agents/commercials, orders, customised products, etc). We don't need anything specific for now, but we need a partner to work with us on the website and on this integration, every time we need help with it. Our current developer (freelancer) is retiring from the market and we need someone to continue this job, whenever it's need...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to create and develop a custom FM app that would create and read barcode for home inventory. The app should be developed for iOS, and the core feature that I am looking for is inventory management. FileMaker Pro Applications. I have FileMaker Pro Vision 19. They are IOS system. I need it to work with my iPad and iPhone. You can go to Apple App Store and load a free copy of the app (FileMaker Go 19), I have boxes and plastic containers that have a variety of collective and non-collective items. I want an app that I can list the items, and quantity in each container, I want to have the ability to create a barcode that will display the items in that container. I want to use the barcode reader in the app. Also, the ability t...

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    As a concert association, we are looking for a freelancer to create a robust members database for us. The database must be able to store basic contact information, membership level, and payment history for each member. We would prefer to use Libre Office Base as our preferred database platform. The database will need to store data from more than 500 members. Currently we are using an older FileMaker database that no longer runs on current MacOS. We have accessed that database by running the older MacOS using Parallels but that is no longer an option as we transition to machines using the M1, 2, 3 chips.

    €235 - €706
    €235 - €706
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    Busco programadores para desarrollo de programa de gestión de empresa que esta realizada en filemaker El programa de gestión cubre todas las áreas de una empresa de servicios.

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    He desarrollado una aplicación en FileMaker, y requiero crear un instalador ejecutable (Dmg) para MacOS

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to create a dashboard in FileMaker for me. It needs to include data visualization, customizable widgets, and user access control. I have some design ideas, but I'm open to suggestions. I'd like to have this project completed within 3-4 weeks. Please let me know if you are interested and able to complete this. We developed an inhouse program that has helped us run our business, but is not really well designed to run reportes so Summary fields take too long. We need also to make an assesment to review how to optimize performance. The system operates on multiple relationed databases (Mainly Customer Database & Product Database, which are then used in Quotation Database, Orders Database, Purchase Orders Databases) We need to increase vi...

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    Hello, Need a FileMaker Pro DBase for sorting orders placed to one FACTORY. Note: when we do an order to the factory, all we know after they send short and the QNTY does not match our original order placed. So we want an easy to follow system, to enter the data, which is ORDER PLACED ORIGINALLY, and then, we enter ORDER RECEIVED ACTUALLY, and we get a report of the SHORTAGES AND AMOUNT DUE BACK. Because we pay the FACTORY PRIOR TO SHIPPING, after shipping, and when we receive the goods, we always find there are shortages. Then, the factory asks to give them a report about the shortages in QNTY. Please check attached.

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    Шукаємо досвідченого розробника FileMaker, який має досвід роботи з усіма версіями FileMaker Pro. Проект вимагає проектування та розробки баз даних та CMS, написання сценаріїв та автоматизації, а також інтеграції з іншими системами. Ідеальний кандидат повинен добре розуміти розширені можливості FileMaker Pro та вміти пропонувати креативні рішення. Віддалена робота. Можлива як фудлл-тайм так і погодинна оплата. Вільна англійська мова. Тільки для кандидатів з України.

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    FileMaker Developer Udløbet left

    I am looking for an experienced FileMaker developer who has experience with all versions of FileMaker Pro including 20. The project requires database design and development, scripting and automation as well as integration with other systems. This is an ongoing support project to support customers for our vertical with troubleshooting and customization. The ideal candidate should have a great understanding of advanced features of FileMaker Pro and be able to provide creative solutions. Web development (Php + js) is a plus.

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    I am looking for someone who can help me arrange FileMaker Pro so that it is compatible with my iPad Pro. I do already have FileMaker Pro installed on my device, and what I really need help with is customizing the layout/design to work with the iPad Pro. I do not need any pluging all in french and I like to no how to do a backup Of m’y file

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    We are looking for an experienced freelancer to help us map our bespoke system developed in Filemaker. Our objective is to integrate the system with another system, and we need a detailed map with all functions and processes to accomplish this. We would need the mapping to be completed within 2-4 weeks. If you're the right person for the job and have the necessary skills and expertise, we look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

    €891 - €1782
    Fremhævet Haster Forseglet NDA
    €891 - €1782
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    Purchase Details into FileMaker Pro Budget $350. Develop a script to run on a local PC to retrieve our purchase details and place them in our FileMaker Pro Server DB. The PC and Server are both on our network – it is not a cloud hosted database. The volume of data will be very low - average of only 10 purchases daily. Access will be given by TeamViewer to a well specified PC on our network with access to the sites and the PC will have database installed on it so all straightforward. Project Scope: 1. Using Selenium/Puppeteer automatically navigate to the required pages and extract the following: Purchase History • Seller Name/Supplier • Order Number • Listing ID • Page URL • PO Date of Purchase • Item Title • Item Image/pictu...

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    I am looking for a skilled Filemaker programmer to assist me with a database creation project for my Optical store and healthcare using Filemaker Pro 19. Primary Goal: Database Creation Specific Requirements: No, I am open to suggestions. Skills and experience required for this project: - Proficiency in Filemaker Pro 19 and up and its features - Strong understanding of database design and development principles - Ability to create efficient and user-friendly databases - Experience in suggesting and implementing innovative features and functionalities - Excellent problem-solving and communication skills If you are a Filemaker programmer with a creative mindset and a strong background in database creation, I would love to discuss this project further with you.

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    ...looking for an experienced FileMaker Pro Solution Developer to create a custom FileMaker solution that will filter job data from an external data source and generate XML files following a specific XML format. This solution will help streamline our workflow by automating the process of creating XML files for our manufacturing system. **Key Responsibilities:** 1. **FileMaker Solution Development:** - Develop a custom FileMaker Pro solution that integrates with an external data source. - Design a user-friendly interface for data input and management. 2. **External Data Integration:** - Establish a connection to the external data source (e.g., a database, CSV file, or API) to retrieve job data. - Implement data retrieval and update processes to ens...

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    I want a notion or filemaker crm or erp. With possibility ti import data through api

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    TNSP Program Udløbet left

    Taking filemaker program and converting to online, preferably googlesheet like product

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