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    SOLO SVILUPPATORI ITALIANI - NON PARLO ALTRE LINGUE. Ho bisogno di una app per Filemaker per Windows desktop per gestire decine e decine di file excel legati al personale di una piccola azienda. Non deve solo archiviare i dati ma deve anche estrapolare dati e fare calcoli tipi excel.

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    access to filemaker conversion 4 dage left

    I have a Database Project in Microsoft Access and I would like it converted to Filemaker Pro 17. There's about 21 tables and numerous forms & reports and heap of relationships going on. You'd need to convert the data over to filemaker so that it all works the same way. Don't mind if the techniques used are different, as long as it works.

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    Freelencer Help 2 dage left

    Need to create a simple table to Filemaker that displays a list of users current projects.

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    I have a FileMaker Pro DDR report. I need it analyzed. I need to know, which layouts are not in use in any script. I need to know, which fields are not in use. and if possible, I need to know which scripts are not being utilized.

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    the user interface will allow input of each transaction: about 6 mandatory fields, 6 optional fields. optional fields can be entered later. also initial input can be edited later. There will be several other tables for addresses, customers, vendors, etc. Various printable reports must be available upon request after some data has been entered. Can be single user at first, with potential to i...

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    We would like to move our FileMaker system to the cloud. We are willing to take advice as to what cloud service to use. Currently using a local server as host and need to accommodate approx 5 simultaneous connections, but 15 different users. Advice welcome.

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    I have an old Filemaker database with build in user interface for Timesheets in a small company, i need to migrate it to SQL server with similar interface so the Timesheets report can be used

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    API help... and Filemaker Development assistance.

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    Looking for assistance in maintaining and improving FileMaker Pro server along with FileMaker GO on iPads. Also expertise on Mirrorsync which we use to sync the data from FileMaker GO to FileMaker Pro. We are currently interviewing candidates that are willing to work with us on a long term as needed basis.

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    We are a small community high school program and use file maker to manage our school. We cannot access parent emails from drop down menu nor can we update the academic year. Both functions recently stopped working.

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    I need an application creating in FileMaker, to record visitors to a business. Clock in and out. With a reporting System.

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    I have a CentOS 7.9 Linux server that hosts a Claris Filemaker server. I can access everything for the FileMaker side of things without issues eg Web Publishing, the Control panel, and Databases via the remote app. However, can't seem to get the webhook access to a PHP file. I get the "FORBIDDEN You don't have permission to access /[log ind for at se URL] on this server." Er...

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    I have just installed Claris Filemaker Server (Linux) on a CentOS7 server. However, am trying to get the PHP file as part of a database app to work. The file is basically a webhook that loads FMPro / FMGo and transfer data back into the database. It's part of the SquareUp interface to accept payments via Squares iOS App. Current Getting this issue when trying to load the link. "Forbidd...

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    I need FMP to auto generate skus, based on category, and sometimes variations. For example, 3 categories like Sports, Music, Religion - each would have a sku like this SP1000, MU1000, RE1000. If there was a variation, it would look like this: SP1000a, SP1000b, SP1000c, but be in the same record (in a portal?). The variations would be like size or color, etc. I have 27 categories. We also have...

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    Filemaker REST API Udløbet left

    I would like to connect a FM19 solution that has a layout with 194 fields with REST API. I have included the help files used to connect via REST API.

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    I have a Vultr server running Centos 7x64 and CentOS Web panel admin. Need 2 new user accounts created (Freelancer & egbadmin) with Admin access under the main domain of evergreenblades. need a new subdomain created "Claris" In Claris SubDomian, I need the Claris Filemaker server install on it and made operational (SSL certificates etc). I have attached the Claris Linux Deploymen...

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    Hello, I have SQL Express server running locally at my workplace. I also have filemaker server connecting to the SLQ Express server via ODBC There appears to be an issue with filemaker or the ODBC driver recognising one of the fields or perhaps it contains too many charatcters. The field in question is a Varbinary(max) field and it contains text for a .png image. JOB: is there a way to co...

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    FileMaker Pro to cloud host. Looking to move an existing and well functioning FileMaker Pro CRM to a cloud host. Azure or Claris etc. Willing to take advice on best solution.

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    Abbiamo la necessità di interfacciare il nostro gestionale sviluppato su Filemeker Pro 17 all'e-commerce realizzato con Prestashop 1.7

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    The main requirement is familiarity with FileMaker 5.5 and 6 A weird situation has just occurred for the first time with my corporate database (Server 5.5) workstation 6.0): My files are loading from my server but not opening on my workstation. The only thing that I did "different" the day before was to have saved the FM files on an external drive.

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    Hi There, I use Filemaker for my work and would love to find someone who can help me develop the most perfect ideal database

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    I have a Filemaker solution and I would like to connect it to Kareo via API. I can create the Filemaker table side, but I am unfamiliar with the API process.

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    Working on an existing FM18 CRM. Minor tweaks, incorporate new features, access to someone when in crisis mode etc.

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    I own a small business [without a server] I have tried to find a cloud based relational database/CRM that will work on all my iOS/OS devices - most of the new software is subscription based - I used Filemaker Pro 30 years ago when it was very intuitive however their present offering would appear to be a sledgehammer to crack a nut - I am a 1 person business and believe Marketcircle Daylite could ...

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    Project for Umar N. Udløbet left

    Hello this Is Oliver from the other account for the filemaker app with the API and the balance

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    Need a FileMaker app creating to record temperature of staff

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    I am interested in a small database for inventory in Filemaker Pro. This database has about 12 fields max and some fields need to work with other fields as we will have 4 categories and should be full searchable depending on category. The "Browse section is very simple and there will not need to be any fancy creations on that end. I do need someone experienced with filemaker. If you do not kn...

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    I have a Filemaker project that needs completion. I have already competed lot of the work, however, I need an expert to finish the job. Knowledge and experience with FileMaker API is a requirement. Thank You

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    VFX Database Udløbet left

    Hello, I am looking for someone with experience in Filemaker to help me make some changes to streamline my existing database to track VFX shots for TV and Film projects. I work in post production. If you have any experience with the filmmaking process especially in VFX, it would greatly help. Thank you for your time.

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    I am seeking an experience Filemaker Developer to build me a Filemaker solution. I have an excel workflow file to understand what I need. The developer must know Webdirect, Go and Filemaker 19. I am not looking to broker thru someone. I am looking for a developer who will create more modules in the future to integrate with this first level FM project. I will also need a few API's to work wi...

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    I am seeking a Filemaker Pro developer who will write me a FM database program. I have an excel sample to guide you. I need the developer to also know how to create an APl to talk to SHOPIFY. This developer will build a foundation program that I will be able to have other FM modules incorporated into in the future. This program will need to be accessed by PC, IPAD, IPHONE, and macBook Pro. This is...

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    We recently moved to a new office. Have Comcast internet. I need someone to set up a vpn so that 10 people can log onto our server that holds a Filemaker Pro database. They need to be able to get into this database, or get email or get internet access from either home or office. Can you install such a vpn? How much does it cost to install and monthly? How long does the job take? When could ...

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    we need a certificate ( eg:fitness certificate) template which can be stored like a database as well as editable format using file maker application. I am having 25 health certificate formats.

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    Filemaker Pro... 2 dage left

    i need the Filemaker Pro expert for my job. Details will be shared.

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    Filemaker Pro. 2 dage left

    i need the Filemaker Pro expert for my job. Details will be shared.

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    Hi i have a calendar file made in filemaker 16 but wanted to optimise/improve the speed/reaction and performance of the file. Are u able to do that ?

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    Would like to add EXPENSES DBase and report to my FILEMAKER PROPERTY DATABASE

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    I am looking for an experienced Filmmaker Pro developer to take over the development and maintenance of our existing Filemaker Pro based ERP system. The successful applicant must be Mac experienced as we run on Mac platform. Our previous developer has retired and can no longer do our work. We are looking for contractor to continue in an ongoing capacity.

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    We want to develop a module for our filemaker app running on ipad only, that will help the user to take photos of a person's body (front, back, side) with the help of a contour shape in the background, an initial photo without the body to calibrate verticality and distance from a cross mark.

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    We are looking for Filemaker CRM developer with previous experience. You will need to have knowledge in PHP, Software architecture, MySQL and Database programming. I am looking for someone that had developed many Filemaker based projects. There will be basic CRM requirement to be done within 4 weeks and then expansion and links to other databases via API. Basic flow is as follows: Lead Creatio...

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    I m looking someone that can help me to install the Zabbix on filemaker server 18 The server is a win10 pro where everything has to be installed Go check this url for more details [log ind for at se URL] It s not a big job but a few box quicky done

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    Hi , we are looking for filemaker professional to install Filemaker 19 (Claris) server on a AWS EC2 Linux Instance(CentOS 7.7) The AWS EC2 instance must include as well: mysql 14.14 — php myadmin - Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) - PHP 5.5.9 Please could you let us know your service quote for the full installation and setup , thank you in advance

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    We need to integrate our Filemaker back-end database with a Wordpress front end. Our solution basically will allow clients to login to the WP front end, and complete a set of questions which relate to components linked to environments, and then to businesses. We have the existing html layouts that could be utilised if possible, and also the database tables are ready to go.

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    Su misión principal será realizar el seguimiento online de la reputación online de una aseguradora de salud, poniendo especial foco en las quejas de sus clientes y posibles crisis que puedan generarse. También deberá ser capaz de elaborar informes reputacionales y análisis tanto cuantitativos como cualitativos de la marca. Para ello deberá revisar...

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    Hi Mohamed, I have an existing filemaker inventory system that I need assistance with. Another developer helped create it but unfortunately there is some issue and I haven’t been able to get a hold of him. He created a data uploader for us and at the end of each month the inventory ending count is suppose to be transferring automatically to the following month but it is not happening. I...

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    Work on Filemaker Udløbet left

    Need some changes on a filemaker database

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    Cambios y modificaciones en una aplicación de FileMaker. La aplicación ya está en funcionamiento, se requiere agregar nuevas funciones.

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    I need a Filemaker expert to connect Plaid (documentation [log ind for at se URL]) to Filemaker

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    Need a FileMaker database, To Manage / Track / Print & Export Reports / Receipts to Customers & to Managements ((the developer must be having a good experience in FileMaker Pro))

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