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    Tengo una lista con 850 estudiantes y otra lista con 270 profesores. Cada estudiante está relacionado con varios profesores/materias que cursaron en 2017. Quiero que a cada registro de la lista de profesores, se le asignen 5 estudiantes. Restricciones: 1) el estudiante que sea asignado al profesor debió haber cursado clase con él en 2017; y, 2) a cada estudiante pueden asign&a...

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    Hello, We looking for an expert on CSV file and php, for extract data and filter. You need know php / mysql and excel or open office too. We need you now, for hire soon as possible. Thanks you.

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    Imparting training for 1 whole day (8 hours) to a group 30 participants on advanced skills of MS Excel 2016.

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    ...parciales, fechas asociadas, análisis de ritmos. Que muestre por distintos grupos/conceptos, usando gráficos y filtros. Los datos base están en project, pero los puedo enviar en excel (son como 12000 filas). Adjunto un informe tipo (obvio que no me gusta para nada la presentación que tiene), la idea es que el personal de obra pueda seguir el avance de su

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    help with vlook up and pivot tables to complete a piece of work

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    Wealth365 News, a game changer for the finance industry, is seeking a versatile WordPress expert for immediate full-time hire to join our powerhouse team. Wealth365 News will give you the chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself and a part of a team that is composed of the most dynamic, professional, positive, good-hearted, and passionate

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    World's Greatest Shopify Better World Gear, a game changer for the retail industry, is seeking a versatile Design Assistant for immediate full-time hire to join our powerhouse team. Better World Gear will give you the chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself and a part of team that is composed of the most dynamic, professional, positive

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    I need to make an child support itemization worksheet with accrued interest. I have a spreadsheet to go on - but I need someone to make me a workable file.

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    If you have a need to analyze the information and present the essentials - you welcome

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I initially want to build a leads tracking workbook, then sends the leads to one of our six sa...set up so my receptionist doesn't have to enter along each column. This would be more visually appealing for them whilst doing data input. In time I may want to expand our excel databases to replace our current CRM system, that has far too many glitches.

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    I initially want to build a leads tracking workbook, then sends the leads to one of our six sa...set up so my receptionist doesn't have to enter along each column. This would be more visually appealing for them whilst doing data input. In time I may want to expand our excel databases to replace our current CRM system, that has far too many glitches.

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    For immediate hire: Our small capital management group is seeking an investments/trading management modeling expert to assist us in refining and completing of our Excel-based "Revenue Engine". This Excel-based model, once completed, tested, and populated with our market performance metrics, will then be trusted to output reasonable revenue metrics

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    we need data base quotation for travel agency , in which master data is created and user can simply select the no of option which are required to sell , it should take price and item depreciation from master data and generate quote. client master also is required as most of our client are repeat so every time no need to enter client data , once the quote is approved by client it should generate i...

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    We are looking to hire an excel expert to help us build a spreadsheet that will pull data from one spreadsheet and help calculate assets. We are an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) in Nashville, TN

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    An expert freelancer needed to optimize listings for all my products. [log ind for at se URL] Optimize my listing with proper keyword and increase the rankings. Share all the changes in a excel sheet. Based on your work quality, I shall hire you for other listing optimizations. Note : Please do not bid, if your quote is high

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    I need someone to recreate a Daily operating control report that I can download from my system into the report, I have one for another dealership but need it custom to my dealership, this will be putting in all new accounts and customizing it to fit my dealership.

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    I have few Microsoft Word document to format, also some Microsoft Excel data to clean. Please If you believe you are an expert in this then apply. Details instructions will be given upon hire.

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    ...automation data entry. My expert in VBA left the company 3 weeks ago and I need to move forward on my project. The project is simple and consist in : (From an excel sheet) 1) automate login into website 2) copy and paste data from an excel file into the website 3) copy and paste data generated from the website on the excel sheet. This is done

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    If You have ability in Typing and data entry jobs,then it is best opportunity for [log ind for at se URL] are providing work from home typing and data entry jobs assignment to our users. What is online typing jobs? In typing jobs you have to put the data(like text) by using keys on computer keyboard/tablet or [log ind for at se URL] you do this process online its called online typing. Now come ...

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    I sell an a magazine through around 240 outlets each week (this will increase to 2/3 products shortly). I want to create a new system of managing all of our data. Sales data (Magazine Sales & Advertising Sales), I want the system to produce Invoices automatically when the sales are keyed in and manage payments received and outstanding. All expenses to be put into the same system and all of th...

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    I have an excel with a list of stock symbols and i need a makro/vba that could scrap the following information from this website ->[log ind for at se URL] whereas "COST" in the url coresponds to the stock symbol that i have in excel IV Pct Rank: Prev. Close: Equity: Sector: Industry: i can have a macro/vba that could

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    The goal of this project is to create a VBA script (to use in the file "structure and filters", as described below) that will generate an excel file, called here "output file", with one sheet only, containing a product list with "tier prices". A product can have max 3 rows for each different tier level and related price. To generate the "output file"

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    Subtotal Formula to avoid time consuming manual subtotals. I have been trying to use a SUMIF function based on my research but have been unable to figure it out so far.

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    ...on average levels calculation. the data of tank names and numbers and max levels will be provided by me the only data I have to plug in manualy is the current levels. I want excel to generate bar graphs based on the above data. the tanks will be segregated by family of products and I need to have the option of browsing data and graphs ether by indivisual

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    Microsoft excel and outlook

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    sales dashboard and forecasting

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    We are looking to Hire an Excel expert for our Client. If you have good Excel Knowledge, Can work 3 Hours / Day Make Billings and Invoice, you can bid. This is a good paying job and thus the requirements are selective. We prefer to have male candidates, however, others are can bid. We select only after going through your profile. Thanks

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    I want built a workbook (VBA) whereby I am able to distinguish between various products and departments for a automotive retail dealership group for sales and gross profit downloaded from a transaction listing per month from 2014 onwards. Must be able to incorporate numerous account numbers per model (minimum 5) or sales category say Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Parts Retail, Parts Wholesale etc....

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    production management support system, need to create a vba code

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    We need assistance with using macros, are you available to come to our offices, so that we can show you what is required?

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    excel-map one excel sheet to another sheet using vlookup and path image in excel

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    Macro que identifica números e realiza classificações

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    i need a exel sheet made that mimmicks a program I'm already using. t

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    Class assessment of social research done on 50 samples. Need analysis and report to be written.

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    We need a excel expert. We are looking for people who are good at analyzing data. We want Europeans and personally I want to work with man.

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    Looking for some one to clean up a 13 tap excel program which we call our toolkit/app for helping youth to help in their critical thinking skills. The program coincide with our book called "What If Just A.S.K. How our Youth Can Change, Improve or Become and Influence in Those Things They Desire". The information is set but I am looking for someone

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    I have an Excel workbook I have built that is a mish-mash of macros. Need to refine and speedup by getting rid of and rewriting all the junk code. Current process takes about 2 minutes to run, I really need the macros optimized for speed. Need to improve dynamic chart scaling

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    Hi I need to autopopulate my sheets based on user input

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    Want someone to design a UI for an excel spreadsheet database, also to clean up some of the functionality which would include searching and sorting following specific criteria

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    I am starting a new UBER in my country, and i need dashboards/tools to measure, work and know what why and how much in everything possible, a few exampes: CRM - Drivers, Users, Fleets CRM - Loyalty CRM - Ranking Users CRM - Ranking Drivers CRM - Ranking Fleets Revenue Reports Analysis Projections Pace [log ind for at se URL]: Campaigns Analysis Reports Projections Influence...

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    Inventory management for office supplies and equipment. For supplies, workbook that records inventories from initial/beginning balance to recording of daily requisitions, an auto-update of balances, report generation (daily, monthly, quarterly, or as of dates), added inventories, etc., with an option to generate report for supplies requisitions or issued supplies per office/unit/bureau. For equ...

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    Excel data entry accounting

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    Excel based, Data source - a list of 80 tasks per project with different start times and end times and durations Dashboard - must link to different departments which then produces individual reports of the below Department worksheets - a breakdown of upcoming tasks, current week tasks and previous unfinished tasks fetched from multiple workbooks

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    Manpower calendar based on multiple projects multiple employees - calendar is per week - broken into 4 (10 hour) cells which have a colour fill based on the project they are working on for those hours. Which each employee could be working on up to four projects at10 hours per week.

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    I will be having a statistics assignment composed of 4-5 problems on Wednesday October 25th, approximately 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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    We are a small Berlin-based startup in need an Excel expert to help us with our data analysis and data strucuring on a few of our projects. You must be an absolute magician with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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    I am looking for someone to build me an contract using multiple Excel spreadsheets. I want to me able to use the master pricing sheet and have it appear on the contract with the correct price an description. I already have the master price sheet with pricing completed I just do not know who to make it appear on the contract -the contract (which

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