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    ***PLEASE REPLY - If you view this request and decide not to bid on it, please let me know why. This way, I can make future projects more productive. Need to create two introduction emails for [log ind for at se URL] . The first letter will introduce the site from a cold calling perspective. The second letter will introduce the site a referral from a friend or associate that has visited the s...

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    Hello everyone! Need simple 4 page website to sell my ebook. Will be selling ebook though click bank. Nothing fancy needed. Book has been written as well as converted to PDF format. Domain has been purchased. 1st page: Sales letter 2nd page: check list 3rd page: contact 4th page: where people are directed to after completeing purchase from click bank to download bo...

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    A client of mine is in need of a basic Windows-based application that displays a matrix of persons to calendar days and place a letter designating a shift in the matrix. Furthermore, this system will need the capability to print a primitive calendar displaying a full month view of the calendar with the person's name and the hours needing to be worked on such a day. Retrieval of previous calen...

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    Quickbooks Alert Utility I use QuickBooks 2004 for our accounting. Our business is subscription-based business. Basically our customers’ invoices are sent on the 25 of every month. The invoices are sent with QB to an email address. The customer has 15 days to pay the invoice or the service is disconnected on the 15th day of the month. I need an application written in the developers&rsqu...

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    I will pay 4 selected bidders $20 each to provide me with a detailed recommendation on the best way to implement this project. Based on those recommendations, I will later select one of the selected bidders to work on a second project which will be to build the actual software itself. I am interested in developing a high-quality, commercial product for strategic business planning (mission sta...

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    Hi ! I need you to write a sales letter for a site and write 5 software tutorials. You need to have excellent english writing skills. Each tutorial will be one page long. It's got to be clear and professional. The best way to do this would be to write the 5 software tutorials then write the sales letter. That way you'd be be able to write a better sales letter. The design will be done b...

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    Virtual Harddrive Udløbet left

    The goal of this project is to enable a computer to create one or more virtual harddrives. The virdual disk (VDISK) will then be mapped to a drive letter and available to all processes via the drive letter and the usual Windows API calls. The contents for the VDISK will be retrieved over the network via the FTP protocol. Network communication should only take place when an actual event occurs. If ...

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    Redesign Web Site Udløbet left

    I wish to have the web site [[log ind for at se URL]][1] redesigned using CSS and to have the posters title divided with one page for each initial letter of the alphabet. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on...

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    here is the brief Complete the provided calculator code by searching for 'ADD CODE HERE comments. Alter the code in InsertNextNumber() so that new digits are appended to the end of the number. Any digit added before the decimal point (indicated by the fbDot boolean flag) raises the original number by a power of 10, and any number after it forms a new decimal position using a fractional ...

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    I am in desperate need of engraving font examples for my website. I need one large jpeg file with examples of all the engraving styles similar to the following page: [log ind for at se URL] I will also need nice & clean single examples of each item to post on the web page. Please also see the following page as reference: [log ind for at se URL] Please note that I will need all the same...

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    Easy Encrypter Udløbet left

    If you have seen the movie "Con Air" when the inmates cell was searched the guards came across a paper that had all letters on it randomly. And then they find a picture that has all its eyes poked out and they line the picture on the random letters and read where the eyes were to find the message. Well what I want is you enter your message and it creates a one page document with random l...

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    Drag and Drop quote generator in flash as an example for a proposal.

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    I would like for you to come up with some sample letter heads, envelope and matching business cards. All the pertinent information and company logo is contained in the sample letter heads and business card. All the information contained in the sample letterheads and business cards should appear on the letterheads and cards that you design. Also, there were some questions as to how many letterheads...

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    **I only need you to do my portion below which is** to Use at least Three (3) user input forms that allow the user to add, edit, and data delete records in the database. Please let me know what your charges will be for the forms asap...i need this work to be completed asap. **Project#5****Deliverable Length:** .sln file Before starting the programming component of your group project, create...

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    Arch Layout Example Having trouble understanding some basics of ASP.NET and need to an example of a specific framework layout, so that I can get back to work asap. ## Deliverables I need to make an Intranet of different Modules/Apps -- very similar to iBuySpy example, but not exactly -- hence my questions: Base WebSite There is one Base Web application called IntranetPortal... ...

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    This project require develop of Mail Imaging for inbound mails received in Mailbox Store in Windows 2003 Server’s POP3 Service. Must only use SDKs of Microsoft Windows, DLL/OCX's or any components that are freely available for distribution with commercial software. ATTACHED IS A ROUGH DRAFT OF PART OF PROJECT SPECIFICATION, FINAL SPECIFICATIONS WILL ONLY PROVIDED TO SHORTLISTED CANDIDAT...

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    REVISED PROJECT: I will pay 4 bidders $20 each to provide me with a detailed proposal of the best way to implement this project listed in the deliverables section. I am interested in developing a high-quality, commercial product that will be used for strategic business planning (mission statement creation, goals, objectives, etc.). I would like to know specifics on what you feel would b...

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    I need a program to do searches on the website [log ind for at se URL] and extract all the domains that are up for sale. This program should be able to hold up to 200,000 domain names at a time and be able to load fast and efficently. I would like the list of domains to be seen inside the program itself witout having to save it to any outside program like MS excel. I need it to be able to search t...

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    This project is very simple for someone who knows what they are doing. Basically, I have form letters and I want to automate their creation by being able to choose one of the letters, fill in some info and then print or save the letter and print an envelope. So it'll need to store the form letters inside the software, allow me to select one from a pop up menu, and have a preview pane. Also m...

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    We nee a logo design for a company named "Net-Monster LTD" The company's business is the web (ecommerce). Need 3 sizes of logos: * for business card * for letter head * for envalopes Ill want to see a draft befor picking a designer. (im thinking of a cute looking monster near the words Net-Monster LTD, but im open minded, so show me what you have in mind). we will want also a ph...

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    I have a php FORM my customers fill out which includes there email adress and i have a news letter in php WHat i want to do is make it so when the fill out the form it adds them to thE news letter automaticlly. No need for you to install just the script modify ThaT ALLs

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    MyRemoteDrive Udløbet left

    Utility to permit Windows Explorer to access a FTP site as a drive letter. The utility should permit the user to perform all of the operations on the FTP site that are typically performed on a local hard drive. For example, the user could create or edit a Word document directly on the FTP site. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as co...

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    Write a small Java applet. The specifications for the applet are as follows. 1. Your applet should be located on your home page. [log ind for at se URL] applet should play a simple game as follow. The applest should display a simple maze in the shape of a hollow letter N. The user must drag a blue disk from the bottom left to the top right, inside the N. If the disk touches the sides of the N then...

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    Hello coders, I am in need of a webring. I would like it in php and very simple, but clean layout. I am hoping to just stuff it in to a template I have with a table cell area. Here are my needs: Main page will have a menu at the top (text links are fine) with signup, login, View all sites, View New Sites, View Top Sites. Random Site View all should show all the sites with descr...

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    very simple task 1. Design a logo ( spec will be given when selected ) 2. Create in *.doc,*dot,*.html company letter head with logo attached 3 Design name card with logo Job is to supply logo and a letter head and name card design. Do post you work in pmb... Again leave a pmb after you have bid as it seems that bids are not being mailed out to webmasters only the pmb's are......

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    Need a Reply Script written for a form that is sent to me and php More than the name and adress fields have to be inserted into the return letter BUT not all fields

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    We have an recruitment website for recruiters to advertise all their job vacancies on. At the moment to apply for a job the candidate has to send an email with an attachment, but we want to be able to open another small window, get the candidates to paste their cover letter online by filling out the form and attaching their CV and sending it to the recruiter this way, as in this link: [log ind for...

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    Need an interactive 18 question quiz on a Web page. Just requires simple "yes/no" answers and a box to enter the the score. Could have the code automatically tally the score. Depends on how much this extra feature would cost. And could have the code automatically explain what the score means. Again, cost is a factor here. Need this done ASAP. Max Bid: $100. ## Deliverables One functio...

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    Write an Ebook Udløbet left

    I am looking for someone that can write an ebook about a particular subject I have chosen. I can provide you with some resources and research I have found on the subject as long as there is no copy right imfringments. I will also provide you with a sales letter and questions that will need to be answered through out the book. I don't want to book to be too technical. It needs to wri...

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    This program is a word completion algorithm - the completion of words with only the first few letters typed. The algorithm needs to work in many different languages, so it cannot be letter-specific. And yes, I know that many word processors already have this functionality. I need a simple stand-alone version written in C/C++. If it is more convenient, it can be written to work within word or WordP...

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    Currently I''m looking at my Kazaa v2.6 and at the bottom of the screen it says there are over five million users online and over half a billion files available. My goal is to create a database of all of these Kazaa users by their IP address; the files available from each user and some sort of identification number of their computer. (Possibly the operating system serial number or the C:...

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    Thank you for taking the time to read the script request. I want a site recommendation script (refer a friend script) very similar to the free one at: [log ind for at se URL] This script is freeware and so you can modify this script itself instead of starting from scratch. Please read that script carefully. I just want a small add-on to such a script. Everything else should be sim...

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    I am looking for a piece of software (PC platform, Win32 OS) that could perform the following functions: 1. The Engine. The software shall be capable of transmuting/transforming of the shapes of alpha-numeric characters (letters of English alphabet in lower and upper case and 10 Arabic digits). Depending on a number of frames (instances) it should create intermediate states between any lett...

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    I am looking for someone with **"copy writing skills"** to improve a rough draft of a basic sales letter. The intention of the copy is to sell a $27.00 ebook. I will provide you with a format of how I want the letter to be written. I will also provide 2 examples of other sales letters that follow this format. (diffent subject) Please only bid on this project if you do have...

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    Enrollment System Udløbet left

    I am a programmer in our school and programming for over 4 years using visual basic 6.0 and ms access. Now i want to use visual basic .net in this project. I don't have any problem on how to normalize the system but my problem is on how can i use combobox and checkbox in datagrid control so i plan to request a bid for my project. i will only request for a few feature of this project incl...

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    C# example Udløbet left

    I need to provide a simple example of calling a dll in C#. I have a utility written in VB6 that reads and manipulates proprietary format files. Some C# coders using this utility don't know exactly how to use it. It's simple in VB6 (and I'm sure it's simple in C# as well). We just create the object, dim a new variable, then set the new variable as the object. There are numerous ...

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    Assignment Grader Udløbet left

    Design and develop of project to assign a letter grade (A >= 90, B = [80..89], C = 70..79], D = [60..69], and F = [0..59]) to a student's Assignment based on a test score and other criteria. * * Use a NumericUpDown control to allow the instructor's assistant to enter a test score between 0 and 100. * Use a group of RadioButton controls to determine the grade o...

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    I am developing a small Access 2000 DB for tracking insurance policies. My client has about 100 contractors who need to have 2 of 3 different types of policies depending on whether they are a company or not. The DB stores the expiry date of the policies and when it is within 30 days they show on a report that is used to generate a mail merge letter reminding the contractors that their policies are...

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    I need 2 word templates - 1. Letter template A word letter template with static logo + address info. There should be 5 to 10 fields that can be filled in. The first page will have a specific layout, the pages that might follow up should have 1 different standard layout as followup pages. 2. Fax template A document with approx 10 - 15 fields to be filled in. The layout for first page ...

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    This project require develop of Mail Imaging Software for inbound mails received in Mailbox Store in Windows 2003 Server’s POP3 Service. Must only use SDKs from Microsoft Windows, DLL/OCX's or any components that are freely available for distribution with commercial software. THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT OF PROJECT SPECIFICATION, FINAL SPECIFICATIONS WILL ONLY PROVIDED TO SHORTLISTED CANDIDATE...

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    Elemental Wizard Game Development. Playful Minds would like to receive bids on the development of our new game Elemental Wizard. The development requires MSVC++ 6.0 (not Borland or NET) on Windows and must use the Playful Minds Game Library (PMGL). PMGL currently supports Direct X 8.0 and requires 3D graphic cards. **Code, Art, Sound, Music:** We hope to find a development house that can provid...

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    I would like to hire a programmer for a chinese restaurant program. Hardware Amd or Pentium based system PCI Modem supports callerid (type and model to be determined after accepting a bid) Printer (type and model will be determined after accepting bid) Second display screen (not sure how this might be implemented) I want this program to be highly customizable. Documentation for cod...

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    Project 1 Udløbet left

    Array of a structure: Allow a user to look up state names or their 2-letter abbreviation. Use readio buttons with a shared event procedure and a select case to determine which text box (state or abbreviation) should have the focus and which should be disablled. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done...

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    We need a few new logos and a new company slogan for our new website. Please look at the page <[log ind for at se URL]> to see some of the colors the logos should fit for. We also hope to use some of the new logos in ads on other pages, for letter heads etc. ## Deliverables 1) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all graphics purchased 2) All source files for easy modification lat...

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    This is a very simple job for the right person. All I need is for you to take a look at 5 different images and change the letter on each one from "Secrets Exposed" to "Made Simple" Just make sure you fix the background so it looks the same as the originals do. I have zipped the original high quality graphics into a single zip. Easy. Right? That's it. Thanks, Joseph

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    We are a pre employment screening and HR consulting company and need to redesign our corporate web site. Apart from a professional corporate design, the site will need to include the following features: 1. Be trilingual in English, Japanese and Korean. We will provide all the necessary translations. 2. Include a news section with news stories which can easily be added and updated through an admin...

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    Extract web page data, extract email data, and update MS Access database per specification. Must be familiar with the following eBay pages: 1 - eBay login page 2 - myebay selling page 3 - bidder list page Details: * Ask for username and password and log in to eBay * Extract data from myebay selling page (current auctions, ended-sold auctions, ended-not-sold auctions). Data to e...

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    This program will demonstrate a simple word completion algorithm - the completion of words with only the first few letters typed. The algorithm needs to work in many different languages, so it cannot be letter-specific. And yes, I know that many word processors already have this functionality. I need a simple stand-alone version that works with WordPad, written in C/C++. **The Database** The dat...

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    Eisbrecher Mascot/Logo needed. Franz Kafka wrote 1904 a letter to his friend Oskar Pollak. In this letter he wrote: "Ein Buch muß die Axt sein für das gefrorene Meer in uns." - "A book must be the ax for the frozen sea in us." This gave the name and the slogan Edition Eisbrecher - Frostschutz für Hirn & Herz Edition Eisbrecher - ...

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    This project requires the completion and installation of an asp.net script left unfinished by a previous coder. The script provides added functionality to our telephone call center in three ways: 1. Polling our partner's website data and graphically plotting statistics that show each operator's logged time and status on the phones throughout each day. 2. Running the front-end of mult...

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