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    Hi! I have everything ready in my Ubuntu 22.04 server with PHP and Apache 2.4. I am looking for linux Hosting expert who can help me for make web socket working with my domain name. If you can do it via Remote Desktop and in $30, Please bid here with word called "Remote $30" so I can talk and hire you for the same. No access will be provided of server. Thanks!

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    Hi! I have everything ready in my Ubuntu 22.04 server with PHP and Apache 2.4. I am looking for linux Hosting expert who can help me for make web socket working with my domain name. If you can do it via Remote Desktop and in $30, Please bid here with word called "Remote $30" so I can talk and hire you for the same. No access will be provided of server. Thanks!

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    Cam Aggregator for CMS 6 dage left

    I have a CMS and need a Cam Agregator Frontend : NextJS, ReactJS, CSS, Ant Design Backend : NestJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, FFmpeg, Nginx with http_auth_module, WebSocket, , CCBill, Ant Media I have a script in nodejs and mongodb and I want a plug-in coded for aggregating cams from different cam sites. Or you write to some cam websites that I want to integrate your cams do you have a code that I can include in my script. List of sites: WPS Live Jasmine Chaturbate Bongacam Stripchat xLoveCams

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    Integrating two websocket api 3 dage left

    Integrate two websocket api and analysis the real time data and find the opportunity of arbitrage .

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    I need to constantly fetch and store data via websocket connections. The program should be developed in Python.

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    1. You must have Experience. 2. You must submit a DETAILED PROPOSAL with everything you going to do, Timeline, Cost. 3. You must have Outstanding communications skills, and Great ENGLISH. I have a Adult Cam to Cam SCRIPT Aggregator that is built on: Frontend: NextJS, ReactJS, CSS, Ant Design Backend: NestJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, FFmpeg, Nginx with http_auth_module, WebSocket, CCBill, Ant Media. Dashboards: User Dashboard, Model Dashboard, Studio Dashboard, Admin Dashboard What i would like to have an APP for Apple store and Android.

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    We have a node server running on a port. Need to connect the widget connection with this. Widget UI part is already there only need to connect with the server.

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    I need an Apache Cordova plugin which implement background mode in Android 12 or above. For example the "cordova-plugin-background-mode" plugin would be perfect, but only in Android version below 12. The goal is that the JavaScript tasks ...implement background mode in Android 12 or above. For example the "cordova-plugin-background-mode" plugin would be perfect, but only in Android version below 12. The goal is that the JavaScript tasks keep running continuously in the background in my app, even if the screen is locked or another app is on foreground. My app collects GPS position data and send the coordinates to my server and there is a websocket connection too which can recieve notifications. Unfortunatelly Android 12 kills thiese processes after some minutes if...

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    Need an expert on to replace 'ws' in my nodejs project, and to resolve a concurrent websocket connections issue. If you don't know how to do this please DO NOT bid. I only need an idea here not the actual project! Thanks.

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    Develop a single websocket for an audio stream. The websocket should receive the stream, then convert it into a wav file and save it in a directory. It should be implemented with spring boot

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    8+ years of experience of designing and developing back-end NodeJS applications Experience working with MySQL and NoSQL databases Excellent understanding of OOP (Object orientated programming) Experience using AWS services such as lambda Designing/implementing with RESTful APIs and Microservices Good knowledge of Express, WebSocket, OAuth, OpenID, and Node.JS best practices Experience in integration testing and unit testing with Code coverage of 90% Ability to write secure code with a clear understanding of performance impact Experience working in Agile Team Excellent communication and collaboration skills Good to have Should have knowledge of CI/CD Knowledge of agile estimation techniques a. Good experience on AWS service i.e Dynamodb, Lambda, API Gateway, S3, RDS etc b. Good exper...

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    Develop a single websocket for an audio stream. The websocket should receive the stream, then convert it into a wav file and save it in a directory. It should be implemented with spring boot

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    7 bud develop a NodeJS application server using Express and an SQLite database running on an embedded device to control and supervise a smart home system. The server will communicate with the devices using the specified protocols (KNX, modbus, HTTP,...). The list of devices and application configuration will be imported by the user in a CSV file (exact structure of the csv files to be defined). A Websocket API will be defined and developed to communicate with a native mobile application. The mobile application will connect to the server to display and control the devices. A real-time communication will be used to automatically refresh the values in real time on the application without the need to query the server. The development of the mobile application is out of scope and part of...

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    we requried simple chat application with Websocket server in and client must be in ReactJS

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    Pythontoexcel Udløbet left

    5 different Json data received from websocket in python is to be save in 5 different excel file and plot live chart

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    hello , i have few azure ml endpoints deploy using Realtime inference , i tested using postman and works fine , i have at WebSocket to feed real time data , i want to upload live data into the model to have real time inference and show the forecasting value into at graphic using regular python and also POWER BI , also i have few automl ml model deploy using my local Kubernetes but is not working , can you take care of both problems ?

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    Looking for an expert websocket developer whould create for us a listening websocket on port 80 for clients to establish a websocket connections to. Then, the developer must also create for us a web panel to show in real time who is connected. When we say who is connected we mean by means of IP address, and some terminal identification strings sent by the client during the connection attempt. For those connected terminals, the web panel must allow for selecting a terminal, and opening bi-directional dialogue with the terminal. So, the webpanel can push "hello" to a specific hilighted connected terminal, and the client may respond, and in that case we need to see the response of the client. Any communication coming from client in the hilighted connection ...

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    -gps trackin - webapp -websocket -nodejs/python -redis and database

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    -gps trackin - webapp -websocket -nodejs/python -redis and database

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    ...code • You know how to write unit tests • WebSocket on Node.js Task Details: We have a node.js project, it has 1 table and 3 APIs ( for CURD on the table ). Now we want to modify this project, to fix some issues and add new api. The issues list - Code format refactor, fix space, indent issues. - Add database migration code for 1 table - Add daily log, use middleware to save daily log of api input/output - Add .env, the previous code write some security info as plain text in code, such as db password, we want to use .env - Use middleware to check apikey on each api call. - Sql inject fix, modify the sql string code, use esacpe() to prevent sql injection. - Add unit tests for these 3 APIs - File type changes, discuss in chat. - Add one WebSocket api, discuss ...

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    ...sent Publisher 2 (can be done via MQTT Explorer, topic: /chip-id/cmd/....) 1. temperature set point e.g. 24.0°C 2. configuration parameter in piece e.g.: 1,0,-5,2,23,7 If the Publisher 2 sends changed data, these are to be taken over from Publisher 1. MCU: ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 IDE: PlatformIO VS code Framework: Arduino/RTOS The freelancer should be familiar with ESP32, WiFi, MQTT, SSL/TLS and WebSocket. Knowledge in Home Assitant for later projects is an advantage....

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    I want to make a Windows application like the image below. I have the Websocket code string of the news feed used in the image. The green and red buttons represent long and short. For example, when you click on the big green box, you will open a long trade with all your money. In other words, I am looking for a programmer who understands Websocket and Crypto currency settings and knows Python.

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    Having an existing nodejs project using ws for websocket connections , both on the server side and the client side. Now want to use uwebsockets to replace ws. Budget up to 30usd

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    I am looking for a excellent developer with lots of experience to develop discord bot. Must be familiar with Python and MongoDB. And Javscript, Typescript, Node.js and websocket is bonus for future projects. I will accept only candidates with the experience. Explain the bots you have developed in the past.

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    Hello developer, we need websocket and webrtc expert for our on going project we need websocket for chat application and webrtc for live and audio,video call in node js . refrence app you can considere instagram

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    I want to build a trading bot for Binance. the bot will Future trade on Binance. the post important is I want to run this bot with several binance api keys. If I use all the api keys on one ip, they block my ip. So I'm using proxy. the bot subscribs Binance websocket and receive the account and open orders updated data. But sometimes the websocket was closed. I have to know why and how to fix this. If you have enough experience in node-binance-api module, please contact me. If you have not experience, please don't waste my time. * If you read this description carefully, please start your bid with "node-binance-api". looking forward an excellent guy.

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    Hello. I need ai websocket message answer bot. I work as chat agent and would like to automate conversations with my clients. The point is that it should be a script that automatically replies to messages (use machine learning). It is important that the message is not sent using copy paste, but human typing).

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    We have recently updated our IOS app to include some visual improvements, and ePayment functionality via Stripe SDK. An android dev is required to migrate the new functionality from our IOS app, and port it over to our outdated Android version. This may become a recurring project, if all goes well. Knowledge and experience of Stripe SDK integration and websocket communication will be required for this particular job. Please be sure to ask all the question you need before submitting a quote. Price will be agreed for works as completed - no extensions will be negotiated. Please do not expect to demand extra funds, or you will be reported. Payment will be released upon agreed milestones, the final milestone being the publishing of the updated version into Google Play Store. All info...

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    ..."openTime":1641827920239,"closeTime":1641914320239,"firstId":5774583,"lastId":5780433,"count":5851} REaly only i use is ","lastPrice":"2.21600000","and volume":"503707.50000000"," I want a process the export this data for every altcoin to a csv file every 0.5 second throught websocket. and import the data to a sql server table but is better foe me if you import the altcoin data ","lastPrice":"2.21600000","and volume":"503707.50000000"," to sql server table ¡ikokkkkkkkkkkkkk This can do with "multiple websocket streams in parallel". i add a video : like in this video in the minute 4:44 seconds , he run m...

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    We have a project in django which uses celery and websocket And we need to deploy this for Production using newly Postgresdb

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    The webpage will open a websocket connection to the c++ server, and when a simple c++ function is called from my separate function (you must make the c++ code portable to be used in any project), the webpage will then draw lines in the corresponding places that were passed to the c++ function. Please only quote if you have a vague idea of what I am talking about, I will explain further in DMs NO “FREELANCER COMPANIES”

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    WebSocket to Python Udløbet left

    Python script which would pull data through WebSocket which contains all data to perform the necessary calculations, and then output the data into a Google Sheet.

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    I have full source code in React and Node to scrape data from WordPress site and show them in React website. But, I need to convert the Node backend code to using Websocket.

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    Hello there. I need to scrap video stream over WebSocket binary data. have a nice day!

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    I need a good code example how I can take the latest trades from UniswapV2/Pancakeswap OR Etherscan/Bscscan. I will need to pull data from multiple contract addresses in real time, I only want pull data what I request for from database. I want any data what can be pulled from trades. I prefer to receive data in json format so I can handle it in php. I hope you understand what I'm asking for.

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    I'm using FreePBX 14 and asterisk 18. I want config FreePBX to work with sipml5 or jssip. I'm trying to config webrtc, websocket to work with sipml5 but I'm not success. Please help me!

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    Hello I would like to access the websocket the address is: wss:// Are you able to assist me to creating a node js client to connect and subscribe to all the events. I would then need to create a web socket server to allow multiple client to socket to it via a API key. I would like to be able to charge people access to it, thank you

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    ...back-end engineers. - Write tests. - Optimize the application. - Undertake code reviews of other team members’ work. What we expect from you: - Excellent knowledge of and experience with the technologies listed above. - A clear understanding of the architecture of a web application and its separate components. - An understanding of how the HTTP request lifecycle works. - An understanding of REST, WebSocket, SOLID, and OOP principles. - Knowledge of web application testing (Unit / E2E tests). - Experience using DI containers in work (using basic patterns). - The ability to work in a team. - Excellent knowledge of English or Russian is a must. Other beneficial experiences: - Experience in creating your own tools and libraries for web applications. - Experience working at ...

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    It does not matter if you have a lot of experience in other types of work, we are looking for developers with experience specifically in this. MAX price offer for this job $250. More than this will be dropped. I need integrated Bitquery API (BSC, ETH and Polygon network) with TradingView TA using vanilla JavaScript and php for backend. Need live data, consult real-time updates via WebSocket.

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    ...WP) 1. Make WP website live. The file has been sent to be as a .rar file and this needs to be changed to be uploaded. 2. The chat box on the homepage should be minimalised until a user clicks on it. At the moment it is not minimalised. WEBSITE 2: (not WP) (Not WP. The backend: Language: Javascript (Node JS) Data storage: Mongo DB, Redis Queue: Redis Cache: Redis Websocket: Frontend: Architecture: Single page application: Language: Angular 10s CSS framework: Bootstrap 1. Calendar for tutors: At the moment the tutors need to put in each time for each day that they are available. I would like to add another feature: I would like tutors to be able to (1) put in their times for a particular day (the same as now) AND (2) be able to make that time the

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    I need a way to live post some information to my blog. I don't think my server can be configured with websocket but it may be possible. I don't want to long poll for this job. Please chat before bidding. This should be a quick installation and this is a micro job. I will need a way to view json and live post it back to my blog. I will provide the json.

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    I have a CSV file with a list of addresses, need a script that will add a column in that CSV with the ETH and Token balance value as you can see from Etherscan

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    The Web browser uses Client WebSocket for connecting to the WebSocket Server on the Blazer Application Server. The Blazor Application Server Service Tcp Port and the WebSocket Service Tcp Port must be the same. Client Application aims at JavaScript coding as simple as possible. However, it is acceptable if the Client Application can be implemented with blazor c# coding. The size of the upload/download file should be more than 4G bytes processable.

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    ...see a tx that sells 1 ETH for 1000$(this is not mined yet. Its pending) and i want to send a tx to buy some ETH with the same gas price. Being the same gas price it will be validated after. But in the meantime someone else can see this tx and send a buy order before me so my tx will fail. I want to be able to check this before so I don't send the tx if its going to fail. I'm listening to bsc websocket and when i receive a tx that interest me i will send a tx and i need to know if that tx will fail or not For that I need to fork the mainet at last block with all pending txes, send my tx on forked chain, mine the block in the fork chain and see if my tx is working or not. To verify you have read carefully this requirement, start your bid letters with "I am familiar w...

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    Looking for a late-night developer who can assist us enhance a .NET web application which is functional, but need to transform its landing page to a mini store with three items. Each tap on an item adds its hardcoded price to a total price field, then, a checkout button would trigger sending the total to a websocket destination. The page is currently functional in non-store format. We need to transform it into an acceptable, presentable format for a demo presentation. Bidder must be available immedistely as presentation is due in 10 hours.

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    Hi, We need a VPN application with Shadowsocks V2Ray protocol. It should support all the protocols like TCP, UDP, and WebSocket. The project can be developed in Swift or Objective-C. We don't need any UI design for the Application. Just basic UI to configure the client and connect with iPhone is OK. Thanks & Regards Hasan

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    Hola Alex, soy Manuel, de A Coruña. Actualmente estoy haciendo un notificador de partidos en directo de bet365 con un programador de la zona. Ahora mismo estamos un poco atascados en interpretar correctamente los datos obtenidos del websocket y quería saber si tú podrías ayudarnos en eso. De ser así, por favor, dime algo a la mayor brevedad posible y si te parece bien podemos organizar una reunión con el otro desarrollador para ver todos los detalles. Gracias.

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    I am finding a WebSocket and pusher developer with Laravel and Ubuntu nginx If experienced developer, please come to me Thanks

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    I need a siple working websocket sample code on C# for the crypto exchange BitMart - depth channel for BTC-USDT with reconnection : , and the same for orders progress:

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