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    ...sentiment analysis on incoming tweets using pre-trained models like VADER or TextBlob. Analyze individual tweets as they arrive in real-time to determine sentiment scores. Real-time Technical Data: Obtain real-time price data, trading volume, and technical indicators from financial data providers such as Yahoo Finance, CryptoCompare, or paid services like IEX Cloud or Leverage APIs or websocket connections to stream real-time data for analysis. Real-time Directional Prediction: Modify rule-based systems or machine learning models to operate in real-time. Update predictions based on the latest sentiment scores and technical data available at any given time. Real-time Data Storage and Processing: Implement a real-time database or message queue system (e.g., Redis, Apach...

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    I'm in need of a skilled front-end developer to assist in finalizing the User Interface (UI) of a mini-app game. The backend and APIs are all set up, and the Figma designs are ready. Key require...minor adjustments to ensure a perfect balance between design and functionality - Implementing simple animations on the UI to enhance user experience Ideal candidates for this role are expected to have: - Proficient experience in front-end development, particularly in game development - Ability to translate design into usable interfaces with excellent attention to detail - ability to work with websocket - A creative mindset for implementing animations and interactive elements Your role in this project is pivotal in ensuring a smooth user experience and overall functionality of the...

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    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a Python freelancer/developer who can complete my code. Topics to know crypto/api/websocket/solana. If anyone wants to offer their service please contact me for more informations

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    We are looking for a skilled ReactJS Frontend Dev...Developer to build a game site integrated with Smart Contracts, ExpressJS server, APIs, and a socket server. Responsibilities: Develop a responsive game site using ReactJS. Integrate frontend with Smart Contracts and ExpressJS server. Implement APIs and WebSocket for real-time communication. Ensure seamless interaction with blockchain technology. Requirements: Experience with ReactJS and frontend development. Familiarity with Smart Contracts and blockchain. Knowledge of ExpressJS and backend integration. Proficient in RESTful APIs and WebSocket. Strong problem-solving and communication skills. Preferred: Experience with game sites or interactive applications. Knowledge of Ethereum or similar platforms. Familiarity with R...

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    I'm in need of a skilled individual who is proficient in blockchain and wallet analysis, specifically on the Arbitrum blockchain. The project involves analyzing transaction patterns and wallet balances and activities. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in blockchain analysis, particularly on the Arbitrum blockchain - Ability to identify patterns and trends in transactions - Proficient in analyzing wallet balances and activities Deliverables: - A comprehensive report that includes methodology, analysis, and conclusion - The report should be presented in a combination of written format and visual presentation (charts and graphs) Please note that I will provide you with access to the necessary pages and data on Arbiscan. Your task will be to fetch data, analyze it, and present it in a d...

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    We are looking for a developer experienced in working with the Solana network and trading bots, with a mandatory requirement of being knowledgeable about the Pumpfun platform. Responsibilities: Create a bot/tool to manage trading from mult...owned in the project. Implement a comment bot to automatically write comments on each project. Qualifications: Proven experience in developing trading bots. Strong understanding and experience with the Solana network. Familiarity with the Pumpfun platform is mandatory. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, C++, or Java. Experience with trading APIs and platforms (e.g., REST, WebSocket, FIX protocol). Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Ability to work independently and as part of a team. Excellent communicati...

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    ...ideal candidate should also have a strong background in algo trading and low latency applications. Key Requirements: - Experience with C# and Visual Studio for .NET development. - Previous work on both web and desktop applications. - Proven experience with algo trading. - Prior experience working in low latency applications - React JS work experience is added advantage Skills: - Worked with Websocket, REST APIs - React JS - Ability to understand code written by others and refactor. - Write clean, robust and performant code. Your role will involve: - Building and maintaining robust, high performance applications. - Using your knowledge of algo trading to implement and optimize trading algorithms. I'm on a tight timeline and need this completed as soon as possible. If you ...

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    As an investor seeking to streamline my algorithmic trading operations, I am in need of an able Python Developer who specializes in automation tasks. This role requires an individual with: - Mastery of Python and experience with automation tasks, most especially within the investment and stock market scenario. - Skilled and knowledgeable in stock market terminology with experience in use of Websockets for API integration Suitable candidates are expected to have good communication skills to effectively understand and implement required changes in a timely fashion. Help me maximize my trading potential with your Python expertise!

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    ...traffic management, particularly incorporating WebSocket support. Key Project Requirements: - Traffic Management: The main focus of this project is on traffic management, with the aim to ensure that the proxy can handle a high volume of traffic effectively. - WebSocket Support: A crucial aspect of the project is the ability to handle WebSocket connections seamlessly. This will include both the initial handshake and the ongoing management of WebSocket connections. - Protocol Flexibility: The completed reverse proxy should be able to support multiple protocols. This is necessary for the project's success, as it will be used in a diverse network environment. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in reverse proxy development - Experience with WebSoc...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me automate personal communication using WhatsApp Cloud API. The main goal of this project is to streamline my personal communication processes and make it more efficient. Key Responsibilities: - Integrating WhatsApp Cloud API: The first phase of this project would involve setting up the WhatsApp Cloud API, including the integration of a websocket webhook for real-time communication. - Developing Automation Scripts: I will need you to create Python scripts that can automate various communication tasks on my behalf. This might involve sending messages, responding to specific triggers, or even managing contacts. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python: You should be an expert in Python programming, as this will be the pr...

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    ...Android and iOS to handle WebSocket connections and manage the receipt of notifications. We need a PhoneGap/Cordova plugin for both Android and iOS platforms that enables our mobile application to connect to a WebSocket server and handle notifications efficiently. The plugin must support the following functionalities: Key Features: 1. WebSocket Connection: - Establish a connection to a specified WebSocket server. - Maintain the connection and handle reconnections as necessary. 2. Receive Notifications: - Listen for incoming messages/notifications from the WebSocket server. - Process the incoming messages and trigger a push notification on the device. 3. Push Notifications: - Display push notifications on the device when a message i...

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    ...development, File transfer, Network communication would be an added bonus. Key objectives are as follows: - Establish Websocket connection to public domain - With Wiznet W5500 and STM32 microcontroller. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Wiznet development - Proficiency in STM32 development - Extensive experience with Ethernet connectivity - Understanding of data transfer speeds and protocols. - STM32 and W5500 modules at hand Your job will be to write an optimal code, preferably in STM32CUBEIDE or Keil MDK Arm. The Wiznet W5500 is connected to STM32 via SPI, it should connect to ethernet router with DHCP mode and afterwards establish and maintain a websocket connection to public domain, sending and receiving data. The code should be clear, well co...

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    ...ändern, im Voraus zu generieren (z.B. mit elevenlabs) und das Audio für die Daten, die gesprochen werden, aber nicht im Voraus generiert werden können, von einer API anzufordern (z.B. ebenfalls von elevenlabs). Der gesprochene Text wird ebenfalls auf dem Monitor angezeigt. Außerdem sollte das System in der Lage sein, die Daten, die vom Avatar angezeigt und gesprochen werden, über eine API (Websocket z.B. zu unserem Backend) abzurufen. Außerdem müssen wir in der Lage sein, es für Linux zu kompilieren, z.B. über X11. Ich habe gelesen, dass dies in Godot möglich ist. Wir brauchen einen Fachmann, der uns bei dieser Aufgabe und dem gesamten Projekt unterstützen kann, indem er die Anwendung mit den von uns bereitgestellte...

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    ...experienced Python developer to facilitate the integration of the WhatsApp Cloud API with a Websocket API. The primary goal of this integration is to enable real-time messaging within the application. Key Responsibilities: - Integrate the WhatsApp Cloud API with the Websocket API in a Python-based environment - Ensure real-time messaging functionalities are effectively implemented - Implement best practices in software architecture, ensuring scalability and reliability of the system Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience working with the WhatsApp Cloud API - Proficiency in Python, particularly in developing real-time applications and integrating with third-party APIs - Strong understanding of Websocket API - Experience with message encryption and push ...

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    ...ensure that the websocket connection is properly authenticated. Key Requirements: - Develop a presence channel: The primary function of this channel is to monitor the online/offline status of users. The status should be determined based on the user's online status. - Real-time messaging: The system should be able to send specified types of events to users in real-time. The events include refreshing a page, loading a specific URL, or logging out a user. - WebSocket authentication: The developed presence channel should be authenticated properly to ensure secure websocket connection. Ideal Freelancer: - Strong experience with Laravel: The ideal freelancer should have a solid understanding of Laravel and its capabilities to implement the desired presence channel....

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    ...usando WebSocket. O projeto envolve o desenvolvimento de um sistema automatizado para interagir com roletas online da provedora EVOLUTION, uma reconhecida plataforma em cassinos online. Objetivos Específicos: Requisitos: Entregáveis: Desenvolver um sistema capaz de conectar-se automaticamente às roletas da EVOLUTION via WebSocket. Implementar métodos de autenticação e segurança robustos para garantir conexões estáveis e seguras. Criar uma interface que permita monitorar e controlar a automação de forma eficiente. Programar o sistema para identificar automaticamente vitórias e derrotas nas roletas. Desenvolver uma funcionalidade de reconexão automática para lidar co...

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    As a Python backend developer, I'm looking for someone who can help me build a personal project. This project involves audio, specifically real-time audio processing and analysis. We need this backend for a web app that will send audio data over websocket connection to your backend. Your backend should accept the stream and transcribe it on the server and then store the text in postgresql database and then convert the transcribed text to audio using tts and send it back as a stream to the user over the same ws session/consumer that initiated it. This pipeline should have min latency and hence we prefer using local speech to text and text to speech instead of making external api calls. We could also use external services using apis if the quality of these services is not good...

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    ...mentor proficient in Websocket and SQL, who can help me with an automation project. Key requirements: - Profound knowledge in Python, including advanced topics and best practices. - Strong understanding of Websocket and SQL. - Experience in automation tasks would be highly beneficial. - Ability to adapt to different mentoring methods, such as video calls, live chat, or in-person sessions. Your tasks: - Mentor me through the automation project, providing guidance and support. - Help me understand and implement Python, Websocket, and SQL concepts effectively. - Adapt to my preferred session mode, whether it be video calls, live chat. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven expertise in Python, particularly in automation applications. - Experience working with Web...

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    I'm in need of a competent Python programmer with experience in working with real-time market data streaming to assist me in the development of a Zerodha Kite Live Websocket project. Key Features: - Real-time market data streaming: It should provide real-time updates on market data. - Order placement functionality: Enable easy and prompt order placement. - Trade execution notifications: Immediate notifications should be sent out once a trade is successfully executed. Design: The interface should be customizable and user-friendly, to simplify data analysis for end users. Ideally, the chosen freelancer should have prior experience working on similar financial projects and a solid understanding of market data streaming. Proficiency in Python is a non-negotiable as the entir...

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    I need a Go developer experienced with websockets to resolve some issues from a real-time chat and live data updates. - I'm currently using Goland, so knowledge of this is essential. I'm seeking a simple implementation without the need for advanced features like authentication and authorization. The focus is on the core functionality and performance of the websocket. Ideal applicant will: - Have strong experience with Go and websockets - Be proficient with real-time systems - Be able to work on a simple implementation without additional complexities - Understand the importance of performance and scalability in the context of websockets.

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    I Have An Nginx Server And I Have Hosted A Websocket On It. But I Need To Secure My Websocket. I Have Hosted My Domain On Cloudfare and AWS . when i connect my websocket wss:// the websocket is working in postman but not working in my javascript code. it shows CERT AUTHORITY INVALID I Need Only An Experienced Person To Solve This Issue

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    16 bud to help me integrate a WebSocket server for a real-time communication between server and client. Key requirements: - The main purpose of this WebSocket communication is to deliver live updates to users. The updates in question are related to stock prices. - I'm uncertain about whether SSL/TLS encryption is needed for this communication. I'm open to professional advice on whether it should be implemented for secure communication. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proficiency in Laravel 7, specifically with experience in setting up WebSocket servers - Prior experience developing real-time applications, especially chat systems or live data updates - Knowledge of security fundamentals, particularly around implementing SSL/TLS encryption...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer who can create a Shopify Chatbot capable of answering customer inquiries, recommending products, and assisting with the checkout process. This app will be published on shopify app store. Please send sample chatbot you've done previously. The chatbot must be able to connect to our AI backend. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Shopify Chat platform with websocket integration - Prior experience in developing chatbots for e-commerce - Ability to integrate with facebook messenger as well is a plus The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of customer engagement and e-commerce, and have the technical expertise to develop a chatbot that seamlessly integrates with the Shopify platform. The chatbot must be intuitive, user-frie...

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    As someone who's already attempted to debug a Twilio-Python project, I'm in need of an expert who can navigate the issues I've run into. Key responsibilities will include: - Debugging already available code - Addressing connection problems between websockets and Twilio It's crucial that you're proficient in Twilio and WebSocket protocols, as well as Python version 3.x. As the code is already written, your main task will be to figure out what's causing the integration issues and solve them. If this sounds like something you can confidently handle, I'd love to hear from you.

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    With I can connect to the websocket via the web browser. But I want to connect to this socket with nodejs, unfortunately I couldn't get a successful connection. I am ready to pay a fee to an experienced websocket and autobahn person just for a successful connection to websocket.

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    BACKEND DEVELOPER • Experience in backend technologies (Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JS, PostgreSQL, RESTful Web Services APIs, OOP, WebSocket) / Will be a plus to have in-depth knowledge in other areas other than the software languages mentioned above. • At least 3 years of experience in developing web applications, • Experience in the integration of microservices into consumer web applications, • Experience in Python/Django code-based production, extensive testing, and e-commerce development, • Technical problem solving ability • High motivation and eagerness to learn • Understanding user needs with analytical skills competency, • Time and stress management and teamwork compatibility

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    ...receive_json() File "/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/starlette/", line 133, in receive_json self._raise_on_disconnect(message) File "/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/starlette/", line 105, in _raise_on_disconnect raise WebSocketDisconnect(message["code"]) : CloseCode.ABNORMAL_CLOSURE """ Ja reescrevi o websocket do bot achando que poderia ser ele mas aparentemente e algum problema com fastAPI, ambos estão no mesmo servidor então erro de conexão ja foi descartado...

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    As an avid user of the Fyers trading platform, I'm seeking an experienced Python coder who can make my trading activities seamless and efficient. Your task will primarily focus on: 1. Real-Time Data Fetching: You will have to fetch live data from Fyers websocket and API, specifically: - Real-time stock prices - Order book data - Options chain - Indicators (RSI 20 & 50 MA VWAP) 2. Data Feed to Excel: After extraction, feed this real-time data to an Excel sheet. Proficiency in using APIs with Excel is paramount. 3. Trading Automation: Automate my trading executions. This will streamline my trading activities, minimizing time spent on manual tasks. In addition, a provision to manually place orders through Excel should also be catered for. Experience with automa...

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    I have developed a VR(Meta Quest, using Unity ) application and need to interact with it via a Smartphone App. I have developed a basic app containing WebSocket server to manage communication with Flutter but the following functionalities need to be implemented: - Casting using WebRTC: The VR side functionality has been implemented. The App side functionality needs to be created. - Autodiscovery and auto-connect via local network: The App and VR have to be able to connect to each other automatically without the user having to set manually the IP address. - Security: Implement security protocols for the VR- Smartphone app interaction. - UI and UX improvement: Basic UI is implemented but needs improvement There will be a follow-up opportunity to improve the application upon suc...

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    ...functionality. Key objectives are as follows: - Establish Websocket connection to public domain - With Wiznet W5500 and STM32 microcontroller. It's not necessary for this project, but any prior experience in File transfer, Network communication, and Remote device management would be an added bonus. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Wiznet development - Proficiency in STM32 development - Extensive experience with Ethernet connectivity - Understanding of data transfer speeds. Your job will be to write an optimal code, preferably in STM32CUBEIDE or Keil MDK Arm. The Wiznet W5500 is connected to STM32 via SPI, it should connect to ethernet router with DHCP mode and afterwards establish and maintain a websocket connection to public domain, sendin...

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    ...essential. Key Areas: - Backend Development: - The core task of the project will be to work on the backend, so prior experience in Golang is a must. - Performance Optimization: - The main objective is to enhance the overall system performance. Your expertise in identifying and rectifying bottlenecks in the system is crucial. The specific area of concern is WebSocket integration. You'll need to ensure seamless WebSocket integration to improve system performance. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Golang - Experience with backend development - Strong understanding of system architecture - Past experience in performance optimization - Familiarity with WebSockets and their integration Your ability to understand the system's current performance issues and appl...

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    I am looking for a developer who can create a Symphony XTS Python API - Websocket code to handle real-time market data streaming and order placement and execution. I have subscribed for NAVIA - RocketPlus Stock broker and they use XTS architecture as their underlying API. Key Requirements: - Develop a code that can stream real-time market data. In this case, I'm particularly interested in streaming BANKNIFTY Options prices. - Implement functionality for order placement and execution within the Symphony XTS platform. - Further Details will be discussed on Project allotment Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Python - Previous experience with Symphony XTS platform (Python API) - Strong understanding of Websocket technology - Knowledge of real-time market data streaming Please...

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    ...task at hand is the development of a WebSocket application that can effectively connect to my WebSocket server and provide real-time data updates. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in HTML and JavaScript is a must. - Familiarity with creating WebSocket applications. - Proven experience in real-time data handling using WebSockets. Project Requirements: - The application should be able to connect to my WebSocket server using HTML and JavaScript. - It should have functionality for real-time data updates. - The medium of data transmission will be textual. Your technical prowess in JavaScript, HTML and WebSockets will be crucial to completing this project to high standards. Your understanding of real-time data updates and experience in building WebSock...

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    Speech AI Optimization Expert Needed 3587 dage left

    Job Description: Seeking an experienced Consultant to enhance the responsiveness of our speech AI system. Must have expertise in WebSocket, Azure STT, Eleven Labs TTS, and OpenAI optimizations. Goal: Reduce current 3-4 seconds latency to under one second. Responsibilities: Diagnose latency issues and implement WebSocket and API optimizations. Optimize integration of Azure STT, Eleven Labs TTS, and OpenAI to achieve rapid response times. Collaborate with the development team on applying and testing enhancements. Requirements: Expert in Python, real-time systems, and AI-driven applications. Proven track record in latency reduction for WebSocket applications. Experience utilizing databases to minimize LLM calls in previous projects. Application Process: Submit a resume...

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    As a client, I'm in need of a Python 3 developer who can efficiently construct a websocket utilizing Streamlit. This is for the purpose of manipulating Google Presentation slides. Key requirements for the project: - Proficiency in Python 3 is crucial - Familiarity and ease with the Streamlit, though no additional framework stipulations apply - The application's exclusive focus will be Google Presentation Slides - The project does not demand the management of Google Docs or Google Sheets Please do contact if your experience aligns with these project needs. This has the potential to be a rewarding collaboration.

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    I'm in need of a front-end developer skilled in Vue.js 3, WebSocket and TypeScript for my project. Key Project Details: - The role will focus on integrating Vue.js 3 and Websockets. - The primary function of the WebSocket integration is for user login and registration. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Vue.js 3 - Strong understanding of Websockets - Skilled in TypeScript Your responsibilities will include: - Implementing the WebSocket for user authentication. - Ensuring seamless integration with our back-end system.

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    ...real-time chat application, which utilizes WebSocket technology deployed on an AWS EC2 instance. The application works perfectly in a local development environment but encounters problems when deployed in production on EC2. We are using Nginx as a reverse proxy and have configured it to handle WebSocket connections. Responsibilities: Analyze and diagnose existing WebSocket configurations on an AWS EC2 instance. Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to WebSocket connections ensuring real-time functionality in our chat application. Optimize Nginx configuration for better performance and stability of WebSocket connections. Document changes and configurations made for maintaining long-term stability. Provide guidance or best practices for managing W...

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    I need a skilled frontend engineer proficient in websocket, vue3, and TypeScript to oversee the development of a web-based game. Your main role is to ensure seamless integration of several critical features: • Real-Time Data Updates: Accuracy and instant results are vital in this project. You'll need to implement websocket to ensure real-time updates and provide a responsive and user-friendly platform. • Interactive User Interface: The game must be captivating and engaging. You will apply your Vue3 expertise to create an immersive UI that keeps users hooked one scene after another. • Single-Page Application Navigation: This game should operate as a single-page application. Leveraging TypeScript, develop efficient navigation systems that make transitions...

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    50 bud Node Js or any suitable scripting language is crucial. * Database integration - You will be tasked with integrating MongoDB into the project. Knowledge and experience in MongoDB use is required. Specific features to be added include: * Real-time multiplayer - This includes facilitating and managing multiple number of games simultaneously. Experience in creating real-time applications with WebSocket or similar technologies is desired. * AI opponent - Should have experience in creating a sophisticated AI system capable of playing chess at various difficulty levels. * Leaderboard tracking - Require experience in creating and managing a leaderboard system that tracks players’ progress and ranks. Only those with relevant skills and experience should submit proposals for th...

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    I'm looking for a ...Requirements: - Develop a multisend smart contract that supports ERC20 tokens. The contract should allow for the distribution of ERC20 tokens to multiple recipients in a single transaction. - Implement pause functionality as a security feature. This is crucial to protect the contract from any potential vulnerabilities or attacks. - We would like to be able to interact with the contract if possible (on etherscan) Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Solidity, the programming language used for Ethereum smart contracts. - Prior experience in developing multisend contracts and incorporating pause functionality. - Knowledge of best practices for smart contract security. - Ability to deliver a secure and efficient smart contract that meets the specifie...

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    I am looking for developer to create dating mobile app using capacitor js with javascript only no framework and Laravel API in backend . Features Register/Login using mobile - sms otp Enter profile details - city, gender, profession, interests Match Making to explore users Send/Accept chat request Messages/Chat/Conversation - using websocket/laravel reverb Audio call

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    ...renewal, I’m seeking a Php expert with a deep understanding of websocket for real-time dashboard creation. The scope of the project involves: 1. **Feature Addition and Design Update:** - A revitalised layout and performance boost to my existing website. - My vision includes intuitive navigation and optimised load times. 2. **User Profile Creation:** - The key feature to be added is the dynamic creation of user profiles. - A perfect candidate should have experience in delivering similar functionalities. 3. **Profile Functionality:** - Attributes include personalised content delivery and upload/share options. - The objective is to offer an interactive user experience. Your solid background in PHP and websocket can deliver these specifications ...

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    ...busy, invisible, etc. o Message Transfer: Implement message sending and receiving between users, including text, images, audio, video, and other formats. o Data Storage: Supports more intuitive viewing of accounts under groups. o Network Communication: Manage network connections between clients and servers, usually using TCP/IP protocol, sometimes combined with technologies such as HTTP/WebSocket. o Push Notifications: Notify users of new messages when the application is not running in the foreground. o Encryption & Security: Ensure the security of message transmission, common encryption technologies include TLS/SSL, end-to-end encryption, etc. o Synchronization: Synchronize messages and user data between multiple devices. o File Transfer: Allow users to ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can solve errors in our WebSocket functionality using JavaScript and the framework. The project requires the WebSocket to be implemented on both the client side and server side. We want it for multiple users. We already have it for one user. I am attaching the relevant screenshot too for your reference. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong knowledge of JavaScript programming language - Experience with framework - Familiarity with both client-side and server-side websocket implementation

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    I am seeking a skilled developer to help with websocket binary decoding for my data analysis tasks. - I do not have a specific preference for the programming language to be used. You are free to leverage Python, JavaScript or Java based on what you believe will yield the best results. Your experience and knowledge of these languages will guide the way. - The primary goal of this project is to enhance my data analysis capabilities. The websocket binary decoding solution you create should support this purpose. - I am open to both a standalone solution and integrating this into an existing project. If you think it's better to have this decoding as a self-sufficient tool, I'm okay with that. On the other hand, if you see potential in using this within a larger proj...

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    Description: We require a developer to create a program capable of joining video meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and BigBlueButton (BBB), capturing the audio from these m...Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and BigBlueButton. It should support joining meetings as a participant and capturing the audio stream from these meetings. Audio Capture: The program must capture audio from the meetings in real-time. Streaming to Transcription Engine: Once the audio is captured, the program should stream it to the transcription engine. Integration for audio streaming should be through a WebSocket connection. Concurrent Handling: The program should be capable of handling at least 15 concurrent audio streams from different meetings. AWS Deployment: The program should be deployed on the ...

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    Looking for someone who can build a crypto explorer on sei network just like bscscan, etherscan or okx scan

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    I'm seeking a developer with proficiency in MERN stack, machine learning, and WebSocket technology. - Your primary task will be to develop a web application using MERN stack, emphasizing ReactJS for the front-end. - You'll also need to implement predictive modeling using machine learning in the application. - The chat functionality will require the use of WebSocket technology for seamless real-time communication. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with ReactJS and MERN stack development. - Proven expertise in machine learning, particularly in predictive modeling. - Familiarity with WebSocket technology and its implementation in chat features. Please provide previous work samples or a detailed portfolio showcasing your skills in these a...

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