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    Hej solvquist. Har du en time eller to til lidt rådgivning ifht integrering af Stripe på mit website og lidt hjælp til noget webhook event i forbindelse med samme?Derudover har jeg spørgsmål til sikkerhed/GDPR/vulnerabilities. Hvad koster sådan noget?

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    Modify Wordpress plugin - Add Turn On/Off column to Graphina Advance Table - Store customer selection - Add stored values to a variable - Click Button that sends Webhook to specific URL.

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    Creat API with phyton and webhook, receiver and send msg.

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    I want to build a whatsapp gateway which is api integrated and can use webhooks I have attached the features for myself below : - Support for 4 Level User Account Features, Super admin, Reseller, Admin and User - User Permission Feature Level Settings - User Device Login Device Settings - Provision of Device Access Limits for Each Reseller, Admin and User - Device Login Settings - Every Login Device Supports Whatsapp API For Notification - Login Time Limit For Subscription - Super Admin Can Create Multiple Packages For Reseller and Admin and grant access to them - User Account Supports Webhooks - Provision of Live Chat Features That Can Be Granted Access Rights to Anyone and This Feature Is Regulated By Super Admin to allow or not allow - Live Chat User Accounts Can Assign Tags to Chat Ta...

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    We want a custom Webhook for integrating our Invoco telephone system with Zoho CRM. Process 1. Call completion fired by Invoco to Zapier. 2. Zapier call our webhook passing data from Invoco 3. Webhook find contact 3.1 Search for contact with phone/mobile number matching Invoco payload 3.2 If found, skip to 4. 3.3 Search for lead with phone/mobile number matching Invoco payload 3.4 if found, skip to 4. 3.5 Create lead with contact number as no-one found 4. Webhook Add call entry to lead/contact in Zoho CRM 5. Webhook send email to lead/contact owner with link to call to update with notes Webhook will be hosted on our own webserver. Programming language: PHP Zoho CRM API: Example payload from Invoco:

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    I want a webhook so that when someone registers for my webinar on WebinarKit, they are added to my mailing list on AcumbaMail. here is what you may need:

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    Just like a webhook, the Web API will receive the Sales Order details from a 3rd party system to create/update/cancel Sales Orders in Odoo, the steps will be roughly like 1) Receive Sales Order detail with the shipping information (customer details, delivery/pickup address) 2) Populate the Sale Order with the default shipping method, if the customer in Sales order doesn’t exist, create the user automatically. 3) Automate the rest of Sales Order process(validate, trigger all kind of onChange events) within Odoo, could be used as a reference, but it seems it only has Odoo 14 implementation. 4) Send the Sale Order to Sendcloud by using SendCloud Odoo Connector()

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    I will send you the price of the limits order , market order, close order from TradingView webhook and the bot will puts the trade on Bybit copytrading, I see that they have different API from perpetual, please check: I can run a VPS for this project

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    I am using the following script, For some reason when the webhook JSON payload comes through, the script does not return the correct api endpoint URL. It uses "" instead of the order URL. Aside from that, the API is on v2, and everything needs to be switched over to v3. I also need to have the copytrading API added: I need this done asap, and basically, I don't have time to mess with this myself, and I need this figured out and working. I need it also switched over to the v3 endpoint which has a different signature creation method, and I need the bot logic updated to function with this

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    i have developed the app but that isnt updating the records from db screenshot and zip is attachedz I would require a custom PHP scripts that uses the Shopify API library to connect and trim the spaces from the zipcodes. I imagine that we register a webhook to trigger the script after each order is created, but alternatively we can run it in a cronjob and always check/modify the last 10 orders or so.

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    Hi, We need help with Viva Wallet Smart checkout plugin for woocommerce, we're looking to set up the webhook as per this documentation. The website is local so we would need guidance on how to set up this webhook.

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    We are a WooCommerce fashion platform integrating our first Affiliate Program using "" We require a STAR to create WebHooks and Rest API to track Sales Orders (Completed) from our Affiliate platform, in order to Payout the Affiliates. You will be comfortably experienced to complete: -Create Webhook in our WooCommerce site (for Completed Customer Orders / Transactions) -Integrate our PayPal account correctly to Refersion -Ensure all integrations are functional -Provide a quick LIVE video (share your screen) how our Admin team can manage the Affiliate Program (and or WebHooks) in-house (such as possible: daily Actions, Tasks or Issuing Payouts to Affiliates etc) We require the Freelancer to commence ASAP and deliver the project (complete) within 48 hours. Please

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    Tenho um sistema com chat interno, onde algumas ações do sistema disparam mensagens desse chat para o WhatsApp usando uma API de uma fornecedor parceiro. A gente dispara mensagens para o WhatsApp apenas como uma notificação, mas ainda não recebemos as respostas do WhatsApp para meu chat interno (ou seja, sem interação entre os contatos). Preciso evoluir minha integração atual...WhatsApp apenas como uma notificação, mas ainda não recebemos as respostas do WhatsApp para meu chat interno (ou seja, sem interação entre os contatos). Preciso evoluir minha integração atual para receber as respostas do WhatsApp para dentro do meu chat, para as conversas acontecerem em tempo real/ simu...

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    Job Description We are looking for a "Technical Manager" or ho...that invite new customers into their backend, and send email and WhatsApp notification. In the beginning we don't expect you to build it all yourself, but we're happy if you develop yourself in that direction. Your Skills You will need to love technical things. Open to research and try new things Have a good understanding of tools and software Know what an API is and how to use it Know what a Webhook is and how to use it Know how to build automation in Zapier and Coding skills not required but helpful Payment You will either have a full time payment or part-time. Salaries should match similar salaries in your local market. Please click here to apply:

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    Hi Anthony Humberto M., This project is to pull the following from the existing webhook to ringcentral: Calls # Active # Callers (how many active callers waiting to be answered) Wait Time (Average wait time for calls to be answered) presence (show when the agent is on DND, when available and when on active call) if the required permissions are not in the current app then create another app with the right permissions.

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    I need to send data from a webhook to a domain. I currently am using to create the webhook but I am unable to like this to my domain

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    ...will have a new visibility option to display in the contact profile (added here ) only for "customer type" = contact company contact = LINK to other customers (list of "customer type" = company) external company = LINK to other customers (list of "customer type" = company) these fields have to be managed by APIwebhook interface () Module have to be developed using Laravel-Modules v2 package using the official "FreeScout Modules Development Guide" ############################# edit 2022.11.25: * added screens to be clear => how the customer detail form is now customer

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    Hi developers I am looking for help to conviert github webhook to jenkins.I will like to create a Github webhook to fire Jenkins jobs on push and Pull request will discuss more details in chat.

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    Busco un programador con experiencia desarrollando con la plataforma de Hotmart. Necesito recibir pagos con la plataforma de Hotmart y que los datos de los usuarios sean registrados en mi sitio a través de una API en Laravel Entre las acciones a considerar deben estar , Pagos de productos, Suscripciones, Renovaciones, Cancelaciones y otros que ayuden a la automatizacion de los servicios Al momento de recibir un pago de un nuevo usuario, se debe de crear el usuario, contraseña y enviar un email a este.

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    Our Shopify customers will add a shipping address to their order. The zipcode sometimes contains spaces. I need to get rid of the spaces, before the fulfilment is pushed to 3rd-party software. I would require a custom PHP scripts that uses the Shopify API library to connect and trim the spaces from the zipcodes. I imagine that we register a webhook to trigger the script after each order is created, but alternatively we can run it in a cronjob and always check/modify the last 10 orders or so.

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    Build A Customer 360 View: Centralizing customer data view Multi-Channel Data Collection. Data ingestion ERP, POS, Loyalty Program, Web Analytics, CRM, Channel Response data, Online behavior and purchase data, Customer Feedback/survey data Normalize data upstream from other sources Integrate customer data from multiple sources via API, WebHook A/B testing capacities to check campaign effectiveness (A vs B) Real time Customer Segmentation Behavioral Segmentation ( Clustering) Micro Segmentation based on rules/lists Propensity Models Lookalike Profiling Cross Sell/ Up Sell Models CLTV Modeling Churn Model Channel Propensity Arabic Support Integrated with Punch KPIs =========================== What Customers Do 1- Who are our Customers ( Customer Attribution )-DB & Number of ...

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    Looking for Facebook app developer who can create facebook app for facebook lead form api integration with webhook. We should able to connect multiple facebook account with facebook app for lead form integration

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    Hi, I'm looking to build a dashboard for my bybit exchange accounts I want the dashboard to let me: - send webhook alerts from Trading View to this app and the app turns them to trading order/signal on bybit through my wallet API to place an order - order signal includes: long or short, pair, qty (by $ or by % of wallet), TP (by price or by % increase), leverage settings (isolated/cross and amount), hedge mode - Dashboard will have 3 pages/layers: HOME - general stats on all TOTAL wallets connected, all basic data pulled from API - HOME page also allows to create "groups" of multiple wallets, the home page will show summary total data of each group of wallets - can add/delete groups of wallets from this page GROUP PAGE - shows total wallets data under this group, ...

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    Hi there, I started to develop a transcription app using assembly ai and gpt-3 using the tool "Retool" however i got stuck in the process - i need to create a simple webpage that has a "fileupload" component which connects to assembly ai, and the output of the api needs to go to gpt-3 model and than to output the text back on the webpage. the new text will have highlight wherever the gpt-3 found a classification - * every api is already set with a key * you can find a reference for the desired webpage interactions we can set a short meeting for a a depth

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    Sms Android app Udløbet left

    We are looking for a sms app in android, that automatically send and receive sms using the সিম, by fetching sms from third party and also forward received sms via api webhook

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    i) A trait needs to be created in the Woocommerce dashboard as same as other order details traits. ii) Trait should pass the data in webhooks. iii) You need to pass the trait value in the added trait. Please share the below example with the developer for easier understanding. The trait value should pass the value similarly to the other order detail traits. i.e; order_num...dashboard as same as other order details traits. ii) Trait should pass the data in webhooks. iii) You need to pass the trait value in the added trait. Please share the below example with the developer for easier understanding. The trait value should pass the value similarly to the other order detail traits. i.e; order_number We will ask for your Woocommerce keys and will create and activate the webhook from ...

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    Necesito crear un webservice y un webhook en php que hagan lo que dice los documentos adjuntos.

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    Hello I need to send a api request in zapier using webhook

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    PDO Chat Webhook Udløbet left

    We have a chatting application named grupo. Application is developed in PDO. We need a webhook integration example: when user 1 message to user 2 then we will get entry in our db via webhook. Likewise if someone messages in group then whoever in the group we will receive entry w.r.t users who received messages in the group.

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    hey all. I have a successful trading screener on Chartink. It sends signals using WEBHOOK. I am looking for ORDER MANAGEMENT console for myself. It should convert WEBOOK signals into orders and I should be able to MANAGE MY ORDERS. TradingView as well Brokers - Angel and AliceBlue preferably

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    We have a Chrome extension designed and ready to be built. It is 4 windows, with buttons, icons, etc. The app will have an input field for the user email, an action button to interact with our API, and when the interact button is hit and the API is triggered, we are also hoping to send a webhook to our database.

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    Shopify Webhook Udløbet left

    Hi Filippos D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I have CSV files that I need to upload to a webhook and need some help.

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    I have flow A that does various actions when I submit a microsoft form. I have flow B that does various actions when a customer triggers a contact form 7 webhook. one of the actions in flow B is to write contact name and phone number to my voip provider's contact list. I would like someone to duplicate the action from flow B so that it runs from flow A instead. Budget £20+£5 bonus = £25. To show you read the spec could you name a planet. I will have some more little jobs like that on an ongoing basis.

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    Tasks to do 1) Fix the issues in current forms 2) Add Some Enhancements in the current forms including UI enhancements 3) Booking Page with 30+ fields and 3+ validations using API integration 4) Consume Webhook and save data to DB 50+ fields and validations required while saving 5) Add Customers and Generate invoice based on the data received from Webhook with some custom validations 6) Send Invoices to customer via email and sms (Email and SMS sending functions already completed. Need to add some more validation and enhancements) 7) Integrate Payment gateway link that will allow the customers to pay against the Invoices. 8) Generate Customer Reports Developer have to work in my PC using remote access

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    Hi we've worked together in the past. are you around? I'm getting 503 errors on a node.js cloud run project, its a webhook.

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    Needed: Stand alone webhook to api connector that will duplicate Zapier webhook to GoTo Connect task to send sms messages. Basically I have a CRM (High Level) that has contact automations. Instead of sending the SMS through the crm via twilio, I want it to fire a webhook to send the SMS through my phone system GoTo contact. System must: - Be secure, including password protection to admin interface - duplicate every function of the Zapier task. - Add delete and edit unlimited webhook addresses to listen for webhook to send various messages through GoTo api - Create message templates with merge fields - include Settings interface, to edit system connection settings Open to programming language and hosting platform. Maybe host on Amazon? This ...

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    Create front end and back end of dashboard for tracking traders positions on binance, create webhook functions to send trade signals to other places The dashboard should show real time data and information about top traders and worse traders. Aggregate and singular. Alert systems should be created for when trades are opened or data is taken from binance api or from their website I want to replicate this website but in a better way.

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    Need a payment gateway/ webhook api to integrate our private blockchain(Quorum) token to an ecommerce website as payment method.

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    Webhook for Paypal Udløbet left

    Hi Dinh Long V., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    **Zoho Deluge Custom Functions + Workflow** Simple and straightforward deluge customization. The script is already 90% written and ...Deluge Custom Functions + Workflow** Simple and straightforward deluge customization. The script is already 90% written and needs to be implemented per instructions on the link for *1* Zoho Sign template document. 1) Configure Zoho CRM Deluge script + Zoho Flow to send Zoho Sign template document when Deal Record is added via the custom Zoho Flow function 2) Configure Zoho Flow with Zoho Sign webhook to check for signed Zoho Sign document. From my understanding the entire implementation should take under 3 hours including testing for someone familiar with deluge and Zoho CRM.

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    I need someone to combine three different indicators that are already written in Pinescript on Trading View to create a custom alert to send as a Webhook to This strategy needs to be set to run between certain timeframes and then close position in other timeframes when the alert is triggered. Thank you.

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    I need a good code example how I can take the latest trades from UniswapV2/Pancakeswap OR Etherscan/Bscscan. I will need to pull data from multiple contract addresses in real time, I only want pull data what I request for from database. I want any data what can be pulled from trades. I prefer to receive data in json format so I can handle it in php. I hope you understand what I'm asking for.

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    ...medical conditions. Description: The proposed work requires implementation within a pre-existing framework of services, which has been determined to have minimal disruption to the current process, while acknowledging that this can be integrated into a single stack at a later time. With regard to 3rd party platform integrations, developer is expected to know how to be effective with TypeForm webhook configuration, Google Sheets API, and the mechanics of how script deployment works on the Plotly platform. Current state: Consists of three main web services from separate vendors (TypeForm, Google Sheets, and Plotly). TypeForm is being used as a UI for input by users which sends responses to a Google Sheet in real time, Google Sheets being used as a persistent data store from whic...

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    I am looking for a simple tool that collects stocks inputs from a screener () and then automcatically buys stocks in a virtual trading application (). The screener gives inputs through a webhook alert or a downloadable CSV file every minute. The tool should read the list of stocks every minute and immediately place buy orders in milliseconds time. Then, after a set time (say 5 minutes) the tool should exit the trades that are placed before. For example, the tool should exit trades placed at 10.00 AM at 10.05 AM, trades placed at 10.01 AM exit at 10.06AM, and so on. The tool should also generate a report at the end of the day with the list of orders placed and exited and the profit and loss made for each trade. The report should also include profit and loss achieved

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    ...checkout we're going to implement: Add Bitpay payment method I imagine you need to deliver at least 3 documents: 1. Front page: randomly generated order number, currency type (BTC, USDT, USD), amount. 2. Backstage: Process the parameters from the frontend, contact the gateway for authentication, and jump to bitpay to complete the payment. 3. Background webhook: Receive payment result notification from , and parse out the order number generated in the first step. Require: The first html page does not need any beautification, and only has the necessary functions. You can randomly generate a test order number, and set the currency type and fill in the amount according to the requirements of the bitpay api. Second, the third background processing

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    Webhook and API Udløbet left

    We want to connect a website to another site through webhook and API. We hired someone on freelancer but he did not do the job. We want to make sure you know about web hook and deliver it 100%

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