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    Start with: Write Use Cases 6 dage left

    SMART CONTRACTS Looking to write these use cases, and then (maybe) develop them. Need to write use cases for the following: Smart Contract as Title: I imagine tradeable token(s), that are linked or? One token will show the state of all the fractional title holders within the whole of a titled object, and other tokens will represent fractional ownership of the whole (I’m open to ideas on how to do this). I have questions about how much data I can or should store on-chain. I imagine an excel-like spread sheet shows all relevant data- which may be on or off chain with a decryption key provided if off chain. Smart Contract to Create Crypto Currency: Create a Crypto Currency that admin sets quantity in circulation—Presumably an ERC-20 Token Smart Contract as Title and ...

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    I would like to create a video chat app for my new startup with the following feature. 1. User interest mapping 2. User Location mapping. 3. Registration 4. buying tokens for extra feature. we can say just like azar but we need to add more feature for on top of it.

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    simple data collection app -- 2 6 dage left

    ...up and 3: I can change form. Almost like a waiting list. 4: connect wallet for wallet address and it will automatically take their crypto address from the sign in. 5: and verification to make sure human 6: Play ads before counter starts 7: counter looks like its mining crypto 8: Invites referral program 9: program makes your tokens tick faster 10: keep track of everyone wallets in the backend there is no real block chain thats fake its counting fake tokens until the launch date then it will tell all wallets what they can withdraw you start pi the add comes on it gives you a pi counter slowly until it give you 50 percent of the add profit and then stops thats a 24 hour period they will determine the price of pi one day after that is done they will just val...

    €29 - €238
    €29 - €238
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    Hello. Thanks for reviewing my order, here is my needs; Snipe new listed tokens on Pancakeswap Honeypot contract check anti-sniper check Mempool check Waits for liquidity adding Buy token fast in the first block (if liquidity added) Sell token fast with small orders ( %10 %20 %30 ) Works my parameters ( contract address, gas fee, slippage, buy - sell amount / price ) Tool need to run smoothly Thank you.

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    Need three types of dapps 2 dage left

    Hello looking for dev to make three dapps for a low budget project on Avalanche. The most immediate is an NFT collection viewer/explorer. I have code for one we can modify if that would be easier and faster. I also need a dapp for upgrading tokens. And finally need an api to return json files at first, and later also layer png images. We have someone who can do a little FE but may need some support there as well, not sure yet. Viewer don't need but would be nice. Dapp need by end of week Sunday. API due before Dec 15th. API with layering of images due after Dec 15th. I have the code for this website which I started to modify to work with a different project but I would like to hand it over to be finished up

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    Hi. I need to add a new SDK to a couple of Apps I have for iOS and Android. I think it's probably a pretty simply SDK that generates a payment card - if I could get that token and pass it to a function in my API then I can handle the rest on the API side - and maybe return a success value like 1 to whatever you install, so we can show a success page. Ideally, I think I'd like to use their sample apps to just emulate what I need without even trying to put it in my apps yet. Basically their new SDK should mainly product payment tokens for each credit card submitted and I need those so I can pass them into my API functions that combine the payment token AND the Order ID to pay for specific orders.

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    Fixing Python code in ubuntu 1 dag left

    We recently implemented JWT token on the ubuntu server, to dockerize it, and when we run environment to add mysql, license, jwt token values, with correct HWID and License code it, not accept the license key and somehow having old/some license key, due to Activation fails and values returns fail. so we need to fix the following issues: 1. When we run the environment with JWT tokens and other variables as a docker pull, it should provide results in the JSON postman, currently, it gives 0 values due to license issues. Python developer should knows how to use Ubuntu commands in order to work on the Python codes.

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    ...1. block No. 1 up to 15 items (tokens are added to it manually) 2. block No. 2 up to 30 names are added automatically after creation , the higher the rating (number of votes) of the coin, the higher it should be in the list Tabs: 1. In the "Todays Hot" tab, only the names added today are 2. In the "New" tab, up to 30 tokens, sorted by date of addition 3. In the "All Time Best" tab, up to 30 tokens with the highest votes. This tab should display all tokens ever created, sorted by rating, there should be pages, each page has up to 30 tokens 4. In the "Presale" tab, tokens marked "Presale" when created, up to 30 tokens with the highest votes. This tab should display all tokens ever cr...

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    ETH Token Trending Chart 1 dag left

    I need to collect / calculate data for Trending Tokens see sample : * collect data from ETH private node - web3 / ethers * suggest API for consolidated data **needs to be 30s data * mongodb

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    We want a web page to perform these steps related to Metamask functions, in order to prepare Metamask to operate with specific networks and tokens 1) Check browser compatibility with Metamask Output: If not compatible ask to open the compatible browser 2) Connect metamask [BUTTON] Output: If not installed ask to install Output: Print Connected to metamask 3) (automatically after succesful step 2) Prepare metamask a) search if BSC and XLON Networks are configured if not prompt to configure in metamask by passing predefined network values Output: Print BSC and XLON Networks configured b) search if specific BEP20 Token and ERC20 Token are configured if not prompt to configure in metamask by passing predefined token values Output: Print XLO...

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    *This proposal is only open to those who have forked and customized Sushiswap in the past. As a condition for selecting a developer, we will ask you to submit your portfolio of a Dex/Defi project that you have developed in the past. And th...Sushiswap, Uniswap or Pancake, or developing from scratch. There is no specification regarding the UI, but the background color should be white base. If you can customize UI, please refer to the attached document (our request). Development List 1. Normal Swap(single chain) + Cross-chain Swap: both necessary 2. Multi-chain liquidity mining pool 3. Staking with own native tokens 4. NFT Marketplace 5. Issuance of ERC20 tokens 6. Custom UI Cost: $1,500~2,000 Duration: 2~3 weeks Requirements: Developers who have forked and customized Sushi...

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    Can you add React on Join and react on emoji bot to it . So I can advertise to people that just joined a server . Or people that c...messages them automatically. Also would like the bot to be able to bypass discord captcha. So I can get to more targeted audience. Also would like for you to as well create a token generator so I can create tokens by myself it will help me save cost and gives me easy aceess to tokens . Tokens that can withstand the pressure of discord and stand test of time . Strong tokens . Also don’t forget about the mass friends request on a server . As well as advanced joining where my tokens is able to bypass server captchas and verification process. Also don’t forget to add the feature to enable my tokens to leave th...

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    create flashbot metamask to recover locked tokens

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    I want you to develop a Nodejs script to detect newly deployed tokens on Ethereum and Binance and store the following properties on a MongoDB. ? ETHER: 0x39834c54d329567363D5D474fF8C97c21e2a351d ? Liquid: 37% in Uniswap. ? Holders: 64 3.0% | 2.8% | 2.4% | 2.0% | 2.0% | 1.9% | ? MCap: $ 8,775 (WETH: $1186.61) ? Liquidity: 2.72 WETH ? LP Lock: 99.00% locked for 27 days on Unicrypt ? Fee: Buy: 4.00% | Sell: 4.00% ? Max Buy: 176370.182711258(0.15 WETH) Above is an example.

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    We require updates to our systems in a timely manner by a highly skilled programmer. Preferably you graduated in a Masters and worked 5-10 years on systems. With high punctuality and planning. Able to map systems, find trouble po...Angular/Bootstrap/Metronic/CoreUI, ML, Swift, Datatables, AutoIT and many more. Currently we have someone working on all the above! So I am looking for a No 2 who can work in similar environment. We use exclusively Slack/BitBucket and Vultr. I look forward to hearing your perfect English response and having a test project for us. Current requirment is Mail server working Twilio Connect - Update API Tokens Produce Data for API in our App Add columnns in a UI with Algo to produce UI colors. Angular Admin Dashboard with Chat/Settings/App Users API et...

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    We need , website dwant to build an airdrop claim website for my crypto tokens In which users will register and will be able to claim free crypto coins And he will also be able to transfer crypto to his crypto wallet Time - 48 hours my project crypto token

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    I need a crypto mining app like pi Needs to mine my tokens and then redeem them from my site. Must play ads. Allow people to invite people Have push notifications track invites Have a 24 hour timer to have to mine again. Have back end so I can see database of subscribers.

    €29 - €238
    €29 - €238
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    ...the profitable amount. The expected output of the API includes the following: 1. The relative profit compared to the original transaction. 2. The absolute value of the profit in the token in which it's executed (if the cyclic transaction starts with BNB and ends in BNB, then display the net amount of BNB to gain from this transaction). 3. The profit displayed in USD terms 4. The input amount of tokens to start the transaction with (or at least the relative amount compared to the original transaction) 5. The gas fees and the flashloan interest Don't attempt to pressure to release the milestone before testing your API. If we identify flaws in your API we will ask you return the milestone amount. Afterwards, we expect the freelancer to deliver the above code and assist...

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    Crypto casino Udløbet left

    Looking for a crypto casino that someone has already built. Must be online and able to play against each other for tokens and have at least one slot machine.

    €238 - €715
    €238 - €715
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    Hello, I need to build a Flutter mobile app that will be integrated with a Skin Care Shopify Website. The app will mainly be a shopping app. All APIs will be from Shopify (You should use our tokens). The app's main feature is: When a user purchases a skin care product, he unlocks a video tutorial related to that product. The video tutorial can't be watched without buying a product. Some tutorial videos are free but limited to 30 seconds. The app should have a CMS for adding tutorial videos and changing the homepage slider and video section. We have the flow and the UX/UI design ready and documented. We are a digital agency, but we are outsourcing this project. Accepting only experienced developers, the developer should sign an NDA and scope of work ...

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    Hi there, need someone to create a presale event for my project´s token (ERC20). Want to open a presale event and put it in my project´s website made with WIX. The investors should be able to to buy the tokens with USDT, USDC or BUSD throgh connecting their Metamask, Wallet Connect and Trust Wallet account.

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    Mobile app Udløbet left

    Smartphone app for IPhone and Android, admin, monitoring, store search and purchase, upload images, multicolor options, character box, custom signature, send receipts/confirmation of use, create images, sync to phone contacts, logo design, upload availability, privacy and protection and language, accept various payment methods. Create tokens currency and transfer. New user/vendors option with admin verification, send requests, stranger radius detection, expiration timer and functionality, customer requests option.

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    I'm looking for someone to implement an SDK into my existing website. I'm a Swift developer who dabbles in full stack, and for some reason I'm having an issue implementing the SDK. Here is a link to the documentation for the SDK What I already have: -Account with 100ms -Tokens setup for Audio only Rooms -App Access Key -Is working in my IOS project What's needed: -100ms SDK setup into existing web project -Video Conferencing with interactive live stream setup (minor customization needed, but is another project) SDK Code Snippets: import { HMSReactiveStore } from "@100mslive/hms-video-store"; const hms = new HMSReactiveStore(); const hmsActions = (); await ({ userName: "streamer", authToken:

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    Hola ! La idea sería crea un página para realizar la venta de terrenos atraves de tokens erc20 y erc721. La página tendrá que contar con: Landingpage Marketplace Perfil de usuario Intercambio tokens Smarts contracts pertinentes Diseño ux ui Base de datos Etc. Se requiere : Programador web3 Full stack Diseñador gráfico Ux ui Enviar propuesta con remoneracin pretendida .

    €14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Estoy buscando un programador para que me haga un reproductor web player para mi pagina web con Protecion de Streaming cifrado DRM con Hotlink para proteger mi link de transmision en vivo HLS y .M3u8 con tokens que genere tokens de seguridad y proteccion para que nadie pueda descargar con extenciones ni usar mi HLS e .M3u8 en otras web o reproductores que no sean de los dominios que les de permiso para que se visualize el canal tv y que tenga protecion por dominio decir que tenga protecion para los dominios deseados que uno quiere que se visualize el canal tv que funcione solo en los dominios que uno les da el permiso para que cuando tomen mi lista .M3u8 sin mi permiso y la pongan en otro reproductor no les funcione o que cuando quiera usar mi iframe en sus web no les funcio...

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    ...ease. Admin Panel should have the following functions: - Admin Dashboard - User Management - Game Records - Payment Transaction - Payout Management - Notification Management - Role-Based Admin Panel - Manage Sub Admins - Reward Points - View Earnings - Revenue Management: - Fixed Percentage Model - Refer and Earn Model - Real Cash Wallet, Game Wallet - In App Purchase (game coins / tokens / gems) - In App Advertising 2. Game mode: 2.1. Play with Computer / Offline mode 2.2. Play with Friend 2.3. Play Random Real Time 2 player Mode 2.4. Play Random Real Time 4 Mode 2.4. Play with Real Money (By Invite) 2.5. Play with Real Money (Tournament) Job Required: - Both front end and back-end done. - Needs to be designed as well. - Experienced and Fast deliverers...

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    It will verify that a user has X amount of our tokens in order to enter our website

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    Crypto mining app Udløbet left

    I need a crypto mining app like pi Needs to mine my tokens and then redeem them from my site. Must play ads. Allow people to invite people Have push notifications track invites Have a 24 hour timer to have to mine again. Have back end so I can see database of subscribers.

    €29 - €238
    €29 - €238
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    This project is to build up a MPC wallet on Near protocol. It has following requirements: 1. Provide wallet apis for client to call, including create wallet, recover wallet, send, receive, execute transaction, sign transactions, show NFTs, show tokens in wallet, show recent transactions activities 2. Wallet creation and recovery should be based on email instead of seed phrase because MPC adoption 3. Wallet should use Threshold Signature Scheme approach 4. Wallet should be based on Near Protocol 5. You should use existing MPC service in the market. Fireblock is recommended, but feel free to suggest other service too. 6. No UI needed but every api should be testable and well tested

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    We need a "login with metamask to display this content" module so that only users that have a certain amount of tokens can access the content.

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    I need someone who has a high understanding of LP tokens and CAKE and similar projects. Do you understand LP and CAKE? If so tell me something about it. Kind Regard!

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    Dear freelancers! I am gonna build a ERC20 token tracking site. This sounds looks like DEX tool. YEAH, we will also contains DEXtool but we will add this as one of our component. Our target is let users track tokens correctly and so they can get the feel of the mooning token and buy it. The main features you need to do - Get launched ERC20 tokens - Simulate the token before create pool. At this stage, we will confirm the step to create the pool and trading point. We will provide the API. - The current status of the pool. - The current status of the token. (Is renounced, limit removed?) I hope to discuss more detail on chat. Thanks and kind regards.

    €965 (Avg Bid)
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    81 bud

    I need help with my LP token. I have two tokens in my project and one is the native token and the other is the LP token for the Dao/DEX. I need someone that can help me for 1/2 hr to clean up my white paper to make the correct tokenomics so my LP tokens and native tokens are paired and also have the right amount of each for this to work. Let me know by explaining to me Vs. just the auto response's that say the same old stuff.

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 bud

    I have a functioning bot written in nodejs. It automatically detects new tokens on ethereum blockchain and buys them. It can also sell them based on criteria. Your task is to; 1) "right now if the dev removes liquidity of any amount the bot will sell my tokens. add a variable Minimum_liquidity_remove_percentage. if bot detects that dev has removed x% of current liquidity in the token, then and sell, else no action (print on screen "tiny liquidity was removed").

    €224 (Avg Bid)
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    49 bud
    BNB chain dapp Udløbet left

    Staking dapp smart contract and dapp builder # staking dapp with 8 tokens with lock up period And rewarded with my token No bid over 300$ allowed

    €256 (Avg Bid)
    €256 Gns Bud
    28 bud

    This project will be for a board game that allows multiple human players to join and create a single game instance from their different devices (Android, IOS). The application is to manage their game tokens, timers, player team affiliations and team leadership, as well as the player in-game transactions of resources, quests and timed events. The application should be developed utilizing Flutterflow and firebase as backend. We are happy to do a one on one video call session to discuss the project scope and features.

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    Smart Contract Udløbet left

    Hi, I'm looking for a dev to create a smart contract for a specific situation. One of my wallet's private key was recently obtained by hackers. They were able to retrieve most of the funds except the 1-year locked $CAKE tokens on Pancakeswap on BSC. I need a smart contract that can instantly retrieve these tokens using high gas from Pancakeswap on my wallet's behalf at exactly the time of token unlock in order to frontrun the hacker. Then I'll need to be able to withdraw these funds from the smart contract using a new wallet. Let me know if this can be done, or if you have a more efficient method. Thank you.

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    This is a react project where a user will be able to mint NFTs using multiple ERC20 tokens. The issue is specifically related to an existing react project. This project is suitable for people who are knowledgeable in the following: 1) React, 2) Solidity 3) Blockchain 4) Javascript 5) Metamask

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    I'm involved with the Aavegotchi Crypto project that is introducing NFT art related to the Aavegotchi project. I hold 22 tokens each of which will allow up to 100 copies of approved art to be minted and sold. Submitting art burns my permission token, and the art is posted to a quene for a period during which it must not be flagged by more than 10 people to allow the mint. is the site for the quene and examples of art that has been submitted. Users can flag the art as being low effort, not related to Aavegotchi, NSFW, or unoriginal. Art can be animated, and even include audio. I'm looking for artists interested in creating pieces for me to produce. I could either pay for each piece which would give me the rights to all 100 copies and royalties, or pay the artist

    €368 (Avg Bid)
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    Website to mint NFT tokens with customised metadata on Arweave (AR) for game. User logs into website with metamask via Step0 - User pressing mint button to mint token from our contract ( only if user is whitelisted but this is already in contract) Once mint is successful user can fill in the form to construct their token data: Variables: NFTimage - option for image to be uploaded by user in png format or use default png - this option is user choice. (choice is required) About - max 200 txt characters.( required to fill in ) Content - max 100kb of text( required to fill in ) CustomContentupload - 1 file max 1mb ( optional for user ) (save button) At this stage we need to save above content on our server against user ERC20 address - whichever method is simplest ( probably json f...

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    Promotion of Crypto Tokens A prestigious team of engineers creates a real-world assets-backed crypto analysis platform with a native token. A Promoter/Campainger from a reputable firm/person with sales and promotion/campaign experience in various platforms is required. Contact me if you are a motivated, experienced achiever, If you are interested, we will talk about it.

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    Basic functionality: 1. Track contract addresses on blockchain, when liquidity is added to Pancake Swap V1 and V2 , ...and places a buy order (with set gwei/gas). 2. Ability to set limit buy/sell orders within range. For any given token paired with BNB, set parameters: if the price for token is bigger than x or smaller than x, then buy/sell T token for BNB at predetermined gwei/gas The interface should be easy to use and should come with existing strategies, or easy to implement strategies for new and existing tokens. Applications: We will build bot on the basis of this code text. Candidates must apply for this role with fully compilation of the code text. (Require to attach screenshot of output build without any errors) Melissa

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    27 bud

    Looking to scale a web3 application by building a distributor to handle 100s of user requests for quotes to swap tokens

    €4763 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking to scale a web3 application by building a distributor to handle 100s of user requests for quotes to swap tokens

    €4192 (Avg Bid)
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    5 bud

    We are looking to create a new crypto coin within either Ethereum or Cardano bl...Cost-Effective * Technical support * Fork a Coin * Quality Assessment * Time-Effective * ICO Development * Deliver projects on time * Support for the project even after the successful launch Wireframe - A rough graph of the token WhitePaper - It is a written format of the entire model of the token, which has every detail in it so it can aid in the business development. Token Development - Then, tokens are created as planned by the expertise. Token Launch - Finally, after the successful testing of the token development it can be launched in the global crypto market. ICO Token - If necessary, peoples can also develop ICO token alongside the creation of a token. Which can be a gr...

    €771 (Avg Bid)
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    82 bud

    A dapp that have four pages 1- lend tokens or lps as a collateral to borrow my token at a specific ratio 2- staking and farming page for my token with a lock up period option 3- staking bnb with a withdrawal period 4- ico page for future use in case i wanted it . .. accepting this project means you'll teach me how to manage it and all staked or lended tokens or LPs with be transferred to my wallet #No bid over 300$ accepted # milestone will be set as released once the project is done and delivered ONLY # deadline will whatever the developer choose and he should Stick to it or the project will be cancelled.

    €448 (Avg Bid)
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    8 bud
    Bsc chain dapp Udløbet left

    A dapp that have four pages 1- lend tokens or lps as a collateral to borrow my token at a specific ratio 2- staking and farming page for my token with a lock up period option 3- staking bnb with a withdrawal period 4- ico page for future use in case i wanted it . .. accepting this project means you'll teach me how to manage it and all staked or lended tokens or LPs with be transferred to my wallet #No bid over 400$ accepted # milestone will be set as released once the project is done and delivered ONLY # deadline will whatever the developer choose and he should Stick to it or the project will be cancelled.

    €679 (Avg Bid)
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    31 bud

    Build a dapp that can deposit tokens and a collateral to borrow my token and a page ro stake the token borrowed .. it's a very simple and small project so any bid higher than 300$ won't be accepted

    €176 (Avg Bid)
    €176 Gns Bud
    19 bud

    I need a turnkey casino with 3 game providers connected. Poker room with club functionality. The website that is fully connected for account management, balance payment, and withdrawal. Software in windows, mac, html5, android, and ios. Payment systems must support Euro fiat and our own Cryptocurrency and NFTs. The website includes an NFT store, a Reward store, and Rankings. Ether Tokens and NFTs (unique avatars) must be created. Must comply with Curacao iGaming Law and Regulation. ONLY BIDS WITH REFERENCES TO PREVIOUS WORK OR LIVE DEMO'S WILL BE ACCEPTED

    €38551 (Avg Bid)
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    yo coders, I have a fully functional nodejs bot that buys and sells newly launched crypto tokens on ethereum and bnb chain. I want you to add 1 criteria when BUYING. 1) compare the intended contract against a .json database (locally stored) 2) if found, look into that contract details 3) if the token in that .json database meets criteria A, B and C, then buy it. 3) else do nothing it's simple as a cake if you know what you are doing.

    €255 (Avg Bid)
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    16 bud