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    We have a couple of Android devices, which the bootloader access is factory-disabled(adb reboot bootloader command is not working.) We need to unlock the bootloader for SHARP AQUOS sense2, so I would appreciate it if you could send me a patched pre-rooted boot image for this model so that I can test them out and get the root access.

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    In this project we would like you to find a way to extract the original firmware from an Android phone and flash it to the different device but same model. Here's the phone info: - Model Name: SHARP AQUOS sense2 (originally sold in Japan) - Model Code: SHV43, SH-01L (both are the same device but sold from different carriers and they have different firmware.) We will provide you one sample un...

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    Need some help demonstrating some small tasks using Initial Vectors for encrypting and decrypting files.

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    Hello, I have two projects related to cyber security please see the details below. Project 1:Security Architecture It is essential as a security expert to be able to evaluate potential risks within the security infrastructure in order to position security controls/countermeasures. Create an overall security architecture structure diagram with descriptions of the architecture components making su...

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    We are seeking someone that can encrypt our web page code. This is our first foray into this line of work encryption. could lead to multiple gigs if this works out. . . . BUT . . .we may need to work more out on first go round . . .You will only be encrypting a small portion of the web page

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    Dear Freelancers, About app: A simple reporting app, which combines multiple chip selection from 4 scroll tabs and then save it in JSON format using firebase/firestore. Front end is made in Xd and coverted into .dart files inside flutter. number of screens: 20-30 (will be finalized according to discussion) App Flow: 1: logic using a different method bypassing traditional fb, google, twitter, ema...

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    I need help with completing work on a website portal providing matching services. What I have created to date is based on the following technologies: 1) OpenXava 6.x (back-end data model + CRUD) on Tomcat 2) Liferay CE on Tomcat 3) Elasticsearch 7.4.x + App Search 4) Angular 9.1.x (Front-End/UI augmentation for the OpenXava) w/ NPM & NodeJS 5) Apache Directory Studio (LDAP) 6) Stripe (paymen...

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    i have an electronic board with pic18f45K50 and usb. I need a bootloader to load the firmware via usb (and not via ICSP). For the bootloader I can choose between CCS, MPLAB with CCS and MPLAB with C18 (rev3.47). I also need a dummy firmware in ccs (blinking led) to be loaded via usb to test that everything works. Obviously I want the sources to compile and assistance if something goes wrong.

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    i'm looking for someone familiar with STM32F105 security and encryption and also familiar with disassembly so we can work on a secure bootloader together

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    Hi, i need a software to protect windows by adding a password to bootloader, which will allow me from accessing to the system once i type the correct password. thanks.

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    Develop pcb for atmega32u4 with USB A port And pins available to perform flashing of the bootloader Pcb should be in a format of usb pen drive Files should be ready to order via jlc pcb All source files should be provided

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    Looking for someone who is excellent at cryptography and cybersecurity to help with some projects.

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    In our online browser/web game project, there is a hacker group who are breaking the our obfuscated Javascript code and writing a bot program for the online game. We have to obfuscate our code with a tool so that it'll never be de-obfuscated. So, we have to change variable names dynamically. In the other hand we have to cipher our [log ind for at se URL] traffic. I have a good example of ciph...

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    Bootloader, device-tree, and linux customisation and compilation.

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    I'm working on a small assignment Requirements are as follows I have a SQL server 2016 table in which i have (ID, APP_ID, App_Name , P_Name, Date_Processed, and Encrypted_Data_Row) columns Table structure: USE [MasterInvDB] GO /****** Object: Table [dbo].[MasterInv] Script Date: 7/31/2020 4:31:15 PM ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Mast...

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    nRF52840 Expert Udløbet left

    Secure bootloader for performing OTA DFU, custom BSP, cleanup and performance optimizations in existing codebase. This is the first phase of this project and we can have a call to discuss more detail.

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    Need to develop bootloader code using stm32cubeIDE which shall support reprogramming the application area in the MCU over UART ports. STM32G070 can be invoked to BOOT mode by Master controller.

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    I already developed an android app that communicates with a USB device (bootloader). I'm not an android developer that's why, Now I need to have a very good looking green energy concept design & logo The app will have only one page one button for connection. 3 text fields for displaying information 1 radio button group with 2 radio buttons for selection 1 slider for setting anothe...

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    Hi Freelancers I need a Bootloader for Siliconlabs C8051F120. Please bid if you have done the same Thanks

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    Instalar botloader hackintosh catalina

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    a web application that allows the user to upload documents such as word, pdf or excel to the cloud after encrypting using a searchable encryption algorithm that enables searching on the uploaded encrypted files using the web application First of all, the development of the system will have essentials requirements, 1. The searchable algorithm of paper Practical Techniques for Searches on Encrypted...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has Good experience in freertos and PIC 16bit MCU. requirements as below 1. Port Freertos V10.x on PIC24FJ256GB206 2. Project should be compatible and working with USB host bootloader of microchip EZBL 3. A sleep function should be implemented to make the mcu sleep and can wake-up from defined external interrupts

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    Specific bootloader is needed for STM32F103 micro-controller (Bluepill board). The bootloader should make us able to program the chip via its USB pins (which is identified as Serial Port in the PC). But the keypoint is that the programming protocol should be exactly the same as the programming protocol for Arduino Uno board (ATMEGA328P micro-controller). In fact, assume that we already have a soft...

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    I need sb for encrypting a client

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    Hello, I need an Android app that can update an Arduino Zero using the SAM-BA bootloader through Bluetooth. The Arduino itself is ok to need to be placed in bootloader mode manually (not through the app). You can use any generic Bluetooth module like HC-05 or newer JDY-10 etc. I will be testing with JDY-10M, however, this should not be different from any other COM port over the Bluetooth modul...

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    I need an easy to use tool for video encryption. So can encrypt and convert video to exe. create a password to protect my video and audio files to be played only on windows computer. A sample of the software is here with full functions. [log ind for at se URL]

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    I have android tv boxes i have bought and are repurposing need to change bootloader and homescreen lancher so it has my branding (logos) etc.

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    would need code self encrypting memory in C++ for 64x MSVC

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    We want to develop a Software to protect our videos against un-authorized copying and distribution. This will be a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection software that encrypts our videos so that users cannot steal it and distribute among other users. Most suitable for coaching institutes and those into the video distribution business. This will be a low-cost software. It will be works by encr...

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    Porting FreeRTOS to the NXP LPC1766 MCU with a Microchip/Micrel KSZ8041NLI Ethernet PHY. The firmware should have support for upgrading in-application over TCP/IP, which means the flash must be partition into two halves with a bootloader to select between them. Here are links to the relevant chips: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    We need bootloader for NXP / SST IC.

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    Design Me A PCB. Udløbet left

    I would like you to design a PCB which can be used with the arduino IDE. It needs to be able to have a bootloader flashed and programmed. It needs specific parts will be discussed once you have submitted your bid.

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    Description - the app would be used for delivering course content like videos , notes & attachments which can be viewed on ios & android application the main concern will be on security of application design is second priority i will prefer material design by google Some Basic Features - 1- Screen Recording Should Be Prevented On Application 2- Screenshots Are Prevented On Application...

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    Hi Khandakar, I'm having some issues with my PCB design and wondered if you could help to find the issue. I'm using ESP32 PICO D4 and think my autorest circuit + circuit for USB to UART may be the issue of me not getting into bootloader.

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    OnePlus 7 Bricked Udløbet left

    Hi I am in Australia and bought from China a OnePlus 7 GM-1900. It's clear the flash done prior to purchase wasn't great quality. So I tried to install a new one. Well I've ended up not being able to get out of bootloader and now I can't get out of the Qualcomm CrashDump Mode. I'd like someone to fix this either remotely with detailed instructions, or if you're loca...

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    Youll need to help me install bootloader, twrp and lineage OS on my android phone, without any google play services. Have already checked and the phone is OEM unlocked and USB debugging enabled.

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    Interested in encrypting projects in php with the latest version of ioncube.

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    Hello,I need some assistance with encrypting and decrypting files. thank you

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    I need to unlock bootloader for Huawei P30

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    I'm trying to install an unlocked bootloader via Linux. I anticipate about 15 minute of work and 45 minutes prep

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    Hi Muhammad A., I noticed your profile and would like to discuss one project on my mind. I use Moxa RS232 to Ethernet adapter. It costs around $120 but there is discount for bulk purchases. If we build our won converter with Raspberry Pi or any other embedded microcomputer can we reduce this cost and interfere communication and especially run our own java routines on it. For encrypting or manipul...

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    Programming language - mikroc microprocessor - pic18f46k22. (40 pic DIP) communication using - bluetooth via uart (9600). operating voltage - 5 V DC. the microcontroller would be loaded a bootloader using pickit 3/4. once done, we should be able to load any firmware update via a bluetooth module. bluetooth module like HC05 or HC08 or HC10 can be used. we are open to suggestions. the basic idea...

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    Hi, I started a personal project designed with Altium years ago but never finished nor made it. I need component update, PCB review and layout redesign. Tasks description: - Replace ATAES132A with ATECC608A (SOIC package, I²C preferred over single pin) - Add switch mouser ref 688-SKQBAP on U1 (bootloader mode). Use U1 I/O internal pull-down (will be enable within firmware). CAD available o...

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    Atmega2560 FOTA => GSM SIM808 + SPI Flash I have an ATMega2560 with an SPI Flash memory (W25QF64) and I want to do an OTA bootloader. The ATMega2560 main program is written using Arduino. It is need downloading the new binary firmware from the web and saving it on the Flash Memory. and need to writing a custom bootloader to program the mega and then reboot it. I've exported the Intel ...

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    Need a window based software where I can chance the the alphabetic letters individual up to 16 different words chosen by the user. As example the letter a will show one of the 16 defined words. At the same time it should randomly choose one of the 16 words. The encrypted text should then be forwarded via email to the other user, where it will be de-crypted to the original text. Like if you use goo...

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    Bluestacks mod Udløbet left

    Looking to modify open-source software which custom bootloader & links

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    Hi Sadaf S., I noticed your profile . I am a student at a polytechnic college. a few days ago I received a topic about encrypting an image using Elliptical Curves. Searching the internet I found this site where I noticed the message left by you. I would be very happy and grateful if you could help me with a matlab code that encrypts the image using Elliptical Curves! Thank you very much and I h...

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    NOTE: Full-time position. No Agencies. Hi Human ✌(◕‿-)✌ We are a fast moving startup. Show us ◕|results|◕ and we will take care of you (Career & Life passions). You have an opportunity to grow into team lead. Goal #1: launch an MVP in 1-2 weeks to production. Fun CRUD App for doing good. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Please Share Your ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 1) portfolio/personal site 2) Fun or learnin...

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    Hello I am currently having problems encrypting and converting my software into an executable file I need some to make for me this task. ps: the software is written in python and I can't share it with you

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