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    we have received the following email from our ISP. We need someone to find the source of the problem and eliminate it. "Dear Sirs, We have received abuse reports for the IP x.x.x.x for being used in malicious activities. As a precaution, we have temporarily disabled this IP address. Please let us know once you have found the cause so that we can re-enable

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    I'm doing a movie trailer a contest entry. The movie trailer will be a spoof of a James Bond film. I need some simple changes to the traditional Bond logo and silhouette for this spoof. First, for the logo, rather than having 007 and a gun, it needs to be 8583 for the number and rather than it being a gun, I'm looking for the 3 to look more like it is the folded part of someone...

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    Hi, I want to simula...controller and controller mitigates those attacks using some machine learning (ML) techniques (or any other technique). There is also another aspect, the data could also be spoofed and controller needs to check that as well. This is purely an academic project that would most probably be extending for future research. Thanks!

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    I ...which sends emails to and from my email address. Postfix is giving a 550 error because the from address hasn't been verified and it is refusing to relay it. The only destination is my own E-mail address. I'd like to know what settings I need to change so that postfix installed via iredmail will allow these spoofed emails for local delivery only.

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    ...Spoof the graphics card. The project will be judged a success when it can display the correct dxdiag on windows and when visiting a website online, presents as using the spoofed graphics card (via Javascript WebGL). I'd like the project finished in three weeks, with a fourth week there for debugging. I'll want the project scoped out, detailing what

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    ...client with email on hostgator who are constantly getting hacked. Seemed like it stopped and then they started getting spoofed. So i setup hard stop spf records. now somehow they are getting hacked again and they are blacklisted for spamming but its not coming from them but some attacker. So what i would like someone to do is. Find a email provider similar

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    ...deliver the message in user inbox. If the IP address doesn't match, which in my case it doesnt they think its spoofed and therefore they are considering it as a spam. My messages are going in spam because I have not created a PTR record for my email server. We need to update PTR records or reverse DNS records on my VPS control I need someone who has

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    Referrer Spoofing Udløbet left

    Ich benötige ein Script wie. [log ind for at se URL] Nur die Redirect Funktion natürlich ungefähr so. [log ind for at se URL]://[log ind for at se URL]

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    Email Security Udløbet left

    Review of email security procedures. We are currently using Google G-Suite for our domain. Have an SPF, DKIM & DMARC record setup as per Google guidelines and are still experiencing outbreaks of spam with its address spoofed to be from ourselves. Not only is the spam annoying to our customers - It is extremely damaging for our brand. Looking for

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    ...someone to create a realistic looking email purporting to be the administrator of an organization. I am giving a presentation this week regarding cybercrime awareness. As part of this we are showing how credential harvesting works. We will provide the name of the organization and the website you should link to. The email needs to look like it is coming

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    I Want Person Who Has Implemented Face Recognition Based User Verification In Android And iOS,Note I Am Well Aware Of Face Recognitions Like Open CV etc ...Recognition Based User Verification In Android And iOS,Note I Am Well Aware Of Face Recognitions Like Open CV etc I Want Someone Who has Developed A System That Cannot Be Spoofed By Photo Or Video

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    Write some software Udløbet left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. Need a HWID spoofed that works please only contact me if you can do this experienced people only thanks

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    I am looking for a de...The goal is not to sniff the traffic but rather to temporarily disable a device from communicating. Please note, deauth attack is no sufficient. I need the chipset to send spoofed arp frames to an endpoint. Note the current library doesnt allow for forged packets. My understanding is, this may be capable with an older library.

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    I need someone to help me break down an IP address; figure out where it is being hosted and how it is being spoofed

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    Mobile development Udløbet left

    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and ...built. I'm interested in making an app where you can spoof your phone number and SMS number. I want it where they can register an account which gives them 5 free spoofed texts or 5 spoofed call minutes. They should also be able to buy minutes or complete surveys or install apps for free minutes.

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    This question has probably been asked for over a thousand times, but I've tried so many scripts, and googled so long while finding nothing, I thought, let's jus...user to keep seeing this URL, while the page given is actually [log ind for at se URL] Note: this should work with www , http , and without. User will see Subdomain spoofed as a folder

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    Update SPF records Udløbet left

    Our SPF records are not set properly and our mail servers are being spoofed. We have existing spf authentication for various services we would like maintained. For the right person this task should be straightforward. Please provide advice on how to correctly set our records to achieve both purposes.

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    ...possibly fall prey to hacking attacks. To tackle this, I need an android application which could work on TTL Value and PTT (Packet Transfer Time) of the payload and detect spoofed IP addresses, and also block them. Additional Information: TTL gives us indirectly number of hops from a source IP (if TTL =47 and default =64 for this kind of network,

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    Booter/Stresser Udløbet left

    i would like to build i private booter/ stresser to test on own projects, must be secure, and server ips be properly spoofed to not have servers banned. goal, 100-250gbps no funds will be paid until completed, as have already tried this and was scammed for 250usd

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    Hello, Two of our customers are having their email spoofed and their email address send out spam. We need someone to find the origin of the spoofing and prevent it from happening again. Thank you for your interest.

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    Write some Software Udløbet left

    Don't want to go into too much detail without you signin...- User clicks to sync up their MAC and IP, after it is completed they are given a code - The give the code to another user who then clicks "start" and their IP and MAC is spoofed as the first users We can use AWS to store the details of the user and then dump them after usage is completed.

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    I have the domain [log ind for at se URL], i want to create an app which people can call others using spoofed numbers,voice changer, also the call needs to be encrypted. We can discuss the specifics, let me know if you can do this. App is for android.

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    ...block thieves or spy tools from accessing my URL. I already have a solution that performs server-side checks based on user agent, IP address etc. but these can easily be spoofed by the thieves. I'm now looking for client-side javascript that will help to better protect my URLs. Solutions that work on both desktop and mobile devices would be great

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    1. firewall set up and sever security installation programs, 2. mailserver set up, email account to be friendly for gmail, not spoofed , valid SPF records,Domain Keys Identified Mail 3. ssl certificate installation, 4 check if the sites and email accounts operate correct after migration

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    1 bud this app you are allowed to spoof 1st IMEI Android ID Advertising ID Serial Bluetooth Mac Wifi Mac Wifi SSID I want additionally the following fields to be spoofed 2nd IMEI Android Version Model Name Manufacturer or Brand Name Other features like saving the original info, restoring the same, etc to remain as it is. Rooting the

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    My server was just added to multiple blacklist. I have a dedicated server (from 1and1) linux, plesk. I also have outgoing mail limited to 50 per domain per hour in plesk and didn't see any domains that have exceeded that. I then went to [log ind for at se URL] and noticed there are several domains not on my server sending emails. These domains are messing

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    I need someone/team to develop an online based software for me where people can register to send mass spoofed emails. For details about the software you will have to sign a mutual non disclosure agreement.

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    Having our domain used for email spoofing. Already added a SPF record but are still seeing our emails spoofed. Need to add additional layer(s) to prevent spoofing such as adding a DKIM Record.

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    Email Spoofing Udløbet left

    We are looking for people someone who can prevent my CEO email address from being spoofed?

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    Trophy icon Spoof a logo Udløbet left

    Attached is a logo I need spoofed. I need the spoofed version to say Fox 1 in the same font, size and design. The only change should be from 5 to 1. I need this asap. I will be selecting winner same day.

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    Write some Software Udløbet left

    Hello, I need help with creating an outlook add-in that will pull the IP address and the Sending email address from the headers of an already received email that has in the subject the word "Spoofed", the extracted data need to be stored in Excel or access .mdb as I will need to re-anlayse it later Many thanks Awaiting your response Best

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    ...instances. - Each instance will NEVER leak original IP information to the website its browsing. - Custom useragent configurable - Each browser has its own fingerprint. Spoofed if needed (fixed resolution, canvas, fonts, plugins, and more) - Each instance should look like its running on a different computer. - No data is ever leaked or shared between

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    ...a copy of that message to me by e-mail and spoof the sender to show on my system as <mobilenumber>@<domain>.[log ind for at se URL] and the message to be delivered to email@<domain>.[log ind for at se URL] There is a free app on the market called ReplayMe that does the SMS to email forwarding; I need it tweaked to include the spoofing. I had s...

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    We need to assume a network with multiple dhcp servers , a client, and a hacker. And we need to explain 10 kinds of different dhcp spoof messages.

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    Looking for an expert in MOBILE apps on Android smartphones, who knows about spoofed cell towers, and radio direction finding techniques. please feel free to contact me.

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    Mobile development Udløbet left

    ...possible as there no identical cell towers in their database, I then found a website run by ethical hackers who tested this app in order to see if it would show it connecting to spoofed cell towers and it did as well as show it's location accuratly they also said identical info would be a giveaway of someone spoofing cell towers. Hopefully I explained this

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    I require a genuine UK based, ( non spoofed IP) to place adverts in a variety of on line classified sites, possibly to included twitter and tumbler postings. Each posting will be simply edit paste, Post title, body and graphic will be available to you. You will be paid per posting, which is open to bid, but expect £100 + month for a few hours

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    4 bud to know if one of them can be done.rnrnIDEA #1 POSSIBLErnI want this app to spoof a email and I need to be able to get a reply. For the reply feature we can have it where I can choose my own domain so when they reply, it will be relayed to my email. rnrnIDEA #2 Don't know if it's possiblernNow I have a another idea but don't know if

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    3 bud know if one of them can be done.rnrnIDEA #1 POSSIBLErnI want this app to spoof a email and I need to be able to get a reply. For the reply feature we can have it where I can choose my own domain so when they reply, it rnrnwill be relayed to my email. rnrnIDEA #2 Don't know if it's possiblernNow I have a another idea but don't know

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    ...showing the path of each file. I would also like it to be certified as a forensic tool. Not a big project just to be used by any consumer to be able to counter these illegal spoofed cell towers and show accurate evidence of their locations. Any thoughts on how to improve this idea is welcomed. I would also prefer a freelancer in located in the United States

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    ...start with and I can replicate this for the other vehicles. Contact us page - would like a simple contact us form that sends us an email when a user needs to contact us. Something secure that cant be spammed or spoofed. Here is a competitor website [log ind for at se URL] to give you an idea of what I am looking for. However I am looking

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    We need to update an existing android application to detect if the geo location has been spoofed or if the time has been changed. The time will be validated by some of the default NTP servers. The current app currently reports only the location and it doesn't work in the background. The app will function as a background service and will ping the

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    Hello, I need a Redirect script with a rotating of 100 Spoofed Referrers. The script I have now only allows 1. Example below. *<?PHP $desired_referer = "[log ind for at se URL]"; $site_z = "[log ind for at se URL]"; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_REFERER, $desired_referer); curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $site_z);

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    ...location has been spoofed or if the time has been changed. The time will be validated by some of the default NTP servers. The app will function as a background service and will ping the details to the server at regular intervals, say 250 ms to 3000ms. The pings will contain, the device identifiers, server time, the device time, location, spoofed flag, alert

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    PHP CURL Scraper Udløbet left

    ...example of the Results page. ============= DESCRIPTION: ============= Using CURL, the script should send a request to a list of URLs. Each CURL request will be a spoofed IP (using the "X-Forwarded-For" function) from a list of inputted IP addresses. Also, a custom User Agent will be added to the CURL request. The script will scrape through

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    Hey I Need A Freelancer Who Can Make A ...have to implement it design it and upload it as soon as possible you have to make that website like user have to open website and put your number then calling number than spoofed caller id and user will recive a call which will connect the user to spoofing number Research Details Have Attached How to Make It

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    URGENT NEED PROJECT Udløbet left

    Hi, i need you to test the security of my email adress by spoofing an email to that address. Hi, I have a challenge for you. Can you send an email to my hotmail address that is from someone else.. so a spoofed email with an emailaddress that is not the senders emailaddress. If you succeed, and the email gets into the hotmail inbox, you wil be paid

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