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    I am a singer, songwriter and musical performer that plays about seven Chinese instruments and the piano. I have won multiple awards and received education at Berklee School of Music. I also have a large following on social media and my last original music video has had more than 150K views. My style is American pop with some Asian music elements. I am looking for a professional music producer to ...

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    Hi, I am looking for a music producer who knows how to master tracks in terms of audio engineering with effects etc... You should know programs like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc. You should also have experience in mastering other musicians songs. The way this would work: I would use my studio setup to record the vocals, then send the project files to you for mastering.

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    I am running a college pick'em league for a large group of friends. I wanted to build a private website where everyone can log into and then make a pick each week from a list of selected games on who will win. Each user can have up to 3 entries and each week they have to select one team per entry to win. If that entry is correct then they go forward to the next week. If the entry is wrong t...

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    We are a UK based company that designs and builds bespoke materials test machines for the R&D sector. We are looking for talented electronic design engineers to help design and integrate the electronics into hydraulic test machines.

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    Set up the dashboard and 3 data entry templates in Interleave. Please see diagram for fields. The software is loaded and functioning. I just needs the database developed for the data entry template. The drawing can be viewed at [log ind for at se URL]

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    Input: different kinds of formatted excel with informations stored in fixed columns throughout a sheet. Output: filtering and extract the data within in an excel fixed table template Annotation: the inputs have different but fixed layout. There is a set of 3-4 fixed templates I can provide to starts with. Need a separate quotation for pdf (not raster) as well. Requirements: pure Java, Eclipse pro...

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    Website development Udløbet left

    I need a developer to work from existing static designs. We are Quinta Images, a stock images platform where users can buy/sell authentic images to anyone willing to buy these licensed images. The project has basic features like Registration and login (we need API's for registering/ logging in with google, Facebook or Twitter). The other features are Buying an image and uploading an image as ...

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    I need a developer to work from existing static designs. We are Quinta Images, a stock images platform where users can buy/sell authentic images to anyone willing to buy these licensed images. The project has basic features like Registration and login (we need API's for registering/ logging in with google, Facebook or Twitter). The other features are Buying an image and uploading an image as ...

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    I need a developer to work from existing static designs. We are Quinta Images, a stock images platform where users can buy/sell authentic images to anyone willing to buy these licensed images. The project has basic features like Registration and login (we need API's for registering/ logging in with google, Facebook or Twitter). The other features are Buying an image and uploading an image as ...

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    Photo kiosk app Udløbet left

    Dear bidders. Please read this then message me I need an windows desktop app that allows a user to print photos from any phone or memory card or instagram and pay for it using a windows computer. Basically it's an automatic photo printing machine for public places (auto vending machine). Because it's automatic photo vending machine, it has to work with a software that controls the mo...

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    In our work as a consulting firm, we host data from our clients so that we can analyse it. We have built a new Azure solution for hosting and analysing data that provides improved security and oversight for the data owners. We have attached a brief summary diagram of the solution below. Now that our solution is nearly all built, we would like to work with you to refine our security approach. Th...

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    wordpress developer Udløbet left

    We're looking for an ongoing developer to assist with updates to our CMS and front-end. We have x2 custom publisher sites on Wordpress. Our sites host 5000+ articles. Updates include: - Working across Google Ads Manager / Campaign Monitor to improve the integrations - Improving SEO and site speed - Fixes to styling issues and design - Creating bespoke landing pages and pop-ups for certain c...

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    Hi there! I am a Death, Dying, and Bereavement Educator. I am purchasing a whole page ad for a community event. What I want is for the people who read to hire me to speak to their organizations to speak about end of life planning. The attached block diagram is what I envisioned the graphic part of the advertisement to look like.

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    I need info to be input to my existing Microsoft Project. Four items will need to be created and submitted as one PDF file: 1) Gnatt chart 2) Network Diagram 3) Resource Sheet 4) Task sheet Attached is the data needed for input (MSP p3) and example of what the outputs should look like. Attached is also the existing project that must be modified (MSP p1) and the old data if needing to be referenc...

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    I need this diagram: [log ind for at se URL] I already have a starting point for angular project. You can already use the existing starting point to make the final diagram. Requisites: 1. Basic chords with tooltip on hover (already exists on the existing code) 2. Basic first ring, colored and hoverable (already exists in the existing code) 3. Second ring with individual lines , hoverable which wil...

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    A song that I recorded at home on Logic Pro X. I am a artist I do not know how to mix and or master and would love some help from someone who loves and dreams of being a famous engineer.

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    need help in database project(relational model, EER diagram, normalization, tables, A paragraph or two explaining your choice of the collection(s) and your method of modeling them, Create collection Scripts, insert documents scripts

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    You will have to use some data to do some clustering and come up with the cohort based on the variables selected (I am uploading a doc which gives more information) In this case, young managers of brand Dove (you) have been given the task of creating a precision marketing campaign approach for campaigns in two categories- Dove hair care & Dove skin cleansing The proposal needs a one-slid...

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    This is an electrical device which includes GPS tracking, sensors and etc. We have got a patent filing on this [log ind for at se URL] need a developer for my ideas.I need a expert circuit and schematic diagram designer.

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    Hi, I'm looking for an expert in electro magnetism to help me design the best value for money electricity generator - a very small prototype. The idea is to use magnets, coil, maybe a motor (if we have to) and create electricity. The preferred design is with no moving part, unless we have to to increase current. I prefer someone with existing knowledge and experience, not someone who needs...

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    We need someone who can help program some calculations and a logic. Best of programming skills required. if we find the skills match correct, we will hand over a big project.

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    In need a script for ThinkOrSwim (TOS) What I look for in the script is the following: That it shows me the labels in the upper left part of the charts and that it changes color according to X condition. Can you help me? IMPORTANT: this script is not mine, therefore I do not have access to many details, more than what can be seen in the image and the .ppt file that contains a sequence of images ...

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    Executive Summary: Modify or create an existing simple FMV video game using either A. Unity or B. Adventure Game Studio. Use the existing videos or make more to fill out the deliverablies you give me. 1. Provide me with working version, locked or password protected is fine. 2. I pay for source code and then afterwards you deliver the source code to me electronically. You must be able to un...

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    Hello, I need help to drive the hydraulic motors of a gate There are 2 hydraulic motors, one for each side ("door") of the gate [log ind for at se URL] There was a control board which drove the gate but it is not functional anymore (because of ants) I want to be able to open / close the gate using arduino (maybe using a timer and a relay ?) the specifications of the hydraulic motor :...

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    3 D drawing diagram of a 10 x 10 tent with many features. Each feature will be numbered and the details will be on a separate sheet of paper. Some images of features are available on the internet.

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    Hi , I need help from someone very experienced in making and designing smps . I am myself electronics hardware engineer but now I need to design a very good industrial smps . Input 90vac to 250 vac Output 5v 4 amps. Output voltage ripple : +- 5% Type : flyback opto isolated . Pcb : 4 layers . Good emi input filter . Teach me how to design smps , how to design transformer , how to design the f...

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    For a given json data files ([log ind for at se URL]) that contains list of encoded json message. Write a simple scala spark program to convert the data frame with decoded and parsed dataframe. A starter project with budget of $10 Input (refer to the attached data files) scala> val data = [log ind for at se URL]("/data/[log ind for at se URL]") scala> [log ind for at se URL] +--...

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    Requirement of [log ind for at se URL] - Electronics & Electrical Engineer who works on Circuit Design and Prototype SMD and can make a SMPS (Power Supply) which can run with 120x3 LEDS & a Capacitive Touch Sensor. Dimension would be 1x1 inch or less with less than 6mm thickness. Note: Please find attachments of Led specification and sensor so that you will get the idea. (Removed by Free...

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    Electrical inspection of our new home, replacement of circuit breaker and new light fittings

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    I have an existing VS2017 project written by C#. It was developed for UWP. UI has been completed successfully. Now, I need to add functionality. e.g, login & signup UI has been implemented right now. You will add login & signup logic. You will do email validate, create user, forget password, and so on. I will provide existing source code and explain about functionalities. It's a simpl...

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    Need to help to write a report on the below finding, with the company details provided. Consider the property market in Singapore which are affected by e.g. Singaporeans in general believe that prices of properties will certainly increase in the future. Government imposes additional buyer stamp duties when consumers buy their second property onwards. Discuss how each of the incident individually a...

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    I'm looking for a developer that can develop an algorithm for multi agents path planning suck as a* , dijkstra algorithm, fuzzy logic or any algorithm that can be enhanced or hybrid with another algorithm. The algorithm must be simulated on any of the known simulator or mathlab. PLEASE check attached file ; the file contains the same method I am looking to work on but instead of a single age...

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    My son plays AAU basketball, so i need someone familiar with the EYBL circuit and exposure basketball to manage his social media accounts.

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    Hello, we have a validator that we are using for a language project and we need simple bug fixes and additional tweaks to the validation on an ongoing basis. The logic and programing are not especially complex, we just need to scan files and look for patterns then create a readable output. We have it running online so you should also be able to deal with our basic LAMP stack (though all of thi...

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    I need a Wordpress expert to develop us a website (you can refer [log ind for at se URL] to get an idea of kind of website I am looking for, this website is just for reference, you can pick contents from here but NOT exact replica or copy-paste of contents), we have different industries to cover which should be UK based one-stop multi brand distributor of industrial automation products and compo...

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    I've got the suction device, that the wirers came away from the circuit board. It's ment to have rechargeable batteries in which charges up on a charging base, which I'm not sure it working. I would like to get this all fixed & working properly.

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    I am looking for a developer who located in US and can code script to run bulk web ops on the front end. I am alming to use this script for marketing purposes. Specifically to follow the target audience on twitter. The final deliverable will be a working script that wil be able to click all the follow buttons on a twitter page. This will be the primary function of the script. This requirement is b...

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    FUNDAMENTALS OF WEB DEVELOPMENT - HTML5 AND CSS. CA-DRWVR: ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CA-PLDES: PROGRAMMING LOGIC AND DESIGN CA-PRFND: PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS - C# I have some basic assignments and projects in topics mentioned above, looking for someone who can create solutions, answers and explanation documents step by step. I attached one of the document for web so get an idea, kind of work. Looking for...

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    READ BEFORE CLICK! Budget - around 500 USD. If you are not graphical - please go away. If you don't like webflow - please go away. Site exists, this is improvements only. If you understand that, you may continue to read. I am ready to start now, after you read and say. It will save your time believe me. You need to be graphics enthusiast with experience. It's 99% graphics focused. It&#...

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    Design of SMPS for 5.3v 5 amp output. Along with schematic and complete bom

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    hi people, We are looking for a PHP Developer responsible for managing back-end services and the interchange of data between the server and the users. Your primary focus will be the development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the fron...

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    Job Title:- Want Full Stack Developer For Variety of Projects (Laravel/wordpress/angularjs/Node.JS/) Job Details:- We are looking for a developer to take on the extra workload during peak times, depending on the initial project we have the ability to extend for unknown hours per month. The person who should apply for this role should be happy to sign a non-disclosure (To includes not posting ...

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    I need two scripts that show me labels that change color with certain conditions (Red, gray or green, as the case may be), please see the attach images. I have access to images of the trader that uses the script, but I don't have access to the variables. I am sure that you as programmer, seeing the images of the script in operation understands its logic and operation. The first image has &q...

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    shopify developer Udløbet left

    Hi, I would like to create a customization form for the purpose of "buy for me" in shopify platform. I need to create a "shop for me" or "buy for me" form, the 5 requirement as following 1.  Allow customer to upload their item list with name , url, file upload feature.  2.  Have conditional logic function that allow customer to add "new items"...

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    Access data from standard RESTful API and ingest to GCP Metered data from 3x electricity meters measuring three-phase circuit Each meter/device with ID Set-up GCP account Map metered data into GCP Make data available for user friendly download in .csv file format with data mapped to specific columns. I will provide .csv file template. Each device separate tab in .csv file.

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    New Magento website Udløbet left

    I require a needs a new website that stocks their products in an elegant way and is easy for their customers to customise and make the correct decisions in deciding what they need/want. Website must be mobile friendly. Search bar should exist and should provide live results. [log ind for at se URL] Valves online is a competitor and has a website very similar to what we would like to build for P...

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    We need to have the figures done by no later than August 15th, end of business anywhere in the world. I included some diagrams at the end as samples of diagrams we like. They do not need to be drawn as part of this project. This project is only about Fig.1-5. The task: Cleanly and professionally design the included diagrams Fig. 1 - 5 to look good and estetic Use Arial type fonts for labels Th...

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    Access data from standard RESTful API and save to Splunk for download. Will provide .csv file for mapping data to columns. Notes: - Data values (Joules) in API - .csv file for each electrical circuit being measured (4x .csv files total) - .csv file for each electrical circuit containing metered data at 30 min intervals for each calendar month - link to template (data mapping to columns) [log i...

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    Hi Freelancers, It is required to design the following slides on Android Studio, using XML and Java. as well as using RecyclerViews or ListAdapters for displaying the data inside the tables in each slide. the below are the Project Requirements: 1. java only, XML, made with android studio 2. supports all tablets sizes only, the layouts should support Landscape 3. preferred code logic ( activit...

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    This project is to either adapt or build anew a serial port monitor for Linux. Use existing software as a guide. In particular 'moserial' and 'cutecom'. See a mock-up diagram attached. The software you build will install from a .deb file and will be written with a GTK GUI human interface. It will install and be able to be used on a Linux Mint version at least a year old....

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