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    I need a skilled professional to assist me in installing Ubuntu 20.04 as a dual boot system on my Linux Mint laptop. This job will require: • Thorough understanding of Linux operating systems and dual boot set ups • Proficiency in partitioning hard drives and configuring boot loaders • Experience with Ubuntu 20.04 and Linux Mint Additionally, I require programming tools to be installed alongside Ubuntu. The right candidate should therefore be familiar with popular and necessary tools used for programming in a Linux environment.

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    AWS Server Setup with EC2 and S3 5 dage left

    We requi...AWS servers predominantly leveraging EC2 and S3 services. Here are some key details: - intend to use EC2 for setting up Ubuntu based instances. Experience with Linux on AWS and EC2 is a must. - need a Load Balancer to be configured for these instances. - In addition, S3 will be used for storage purposes. Familiarity with S3 and its implementation on AWS is crucial. The job will involve setting up and configuring the EC2 instances, linking them with S3 for storage, and implementing a Load Balancer for efficient distribution of traffic. Ideal skills for this project include experience with Amazon Web Services, particularly EC2 and S3, a comprehensive understanding of Ubuntu, and good knowledge of Load Balancers. Prior experience with similar AWS setups would be h...

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    Recently, my Ubuntu 20.04 system has started crashing after the boot sequence completes. This issue arose without any identifiable trigger, as I was not involved in any software installations or system updates immediately prior. I'm looking for an expert to diagnose and resolve this problem. Key Tasks: - Diagnose the cause of the crash - Implement a solution to prevent future crashes - Provide any necessary documentation/troubleshooting steps for future reference Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Ubuntu 20.04 system administration - Experience in diagnosing and resolving system crashes - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills - Excellent communication to provide clear documentation and explanations The ultimate outcome from this project is for t...

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    I need a specialist in server maintenance and troubleshooting, particularly for my Dedicated Linux Server Level 2 Strato. The key tasks required are: - Recovery: I need help with server recovery, the ability to troubleshoot and restore the server in cas...this job include: - Strong expertise in Linux server administration and management. - Proven experience with server recovery procedures. - Proficiency in updating server software without causing disruptions. - Strato dedicated server recovery - Operating system Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit + Plesk Onyx (unsupported) - Ubuntu is outdated therefore weI cant login to the server - Execute : no hard reboot , no result - Executed : Recovery system: Rescue 64bit 4.x-Kernel , no result - Need data recovery and backup - installation new...

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    I need help in setting up an Ubuntu virtual machine using VirtualBox. This involves: - Configuring proper network settings within the virtual machine - Assigning IP addresses The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Proficiency in setting up Ubuntu virtual machines using VirtualBox - Experience in configuring network settings and assigning IP addresses - Strong communication skills to explain the setup process. This is a relatively straightforward task for an

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    Project Description: We seek a highly skilled software developer to compile the ARM64 code from GitHub, based on Golang 'go'. Your role is crucial in ensuring the Velociraptor server operates flawlessly on the Odroid N2+ platform (4GB RAM) by creating an installer or Debian package (.deb) that functions flawlessly on Debian Ubuntu 20.04 (MATE Desktop). The ARM64 code is available online, and we wish to have it as a package so the user can run it and go through the setup of the velociraptor server seamlessly on the N2+, use the local webserver to create agents (sensors as MSI or exes) and analyse/collect remote endpoints using the open source tool on the box. This project involves adapting the Velociraptor software, an open-source security tool , to work seamlessly

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    My system crashed and it is failing after the boot. I tried boot menu (safe mode) but no luck. It keeps failing. Ran standard dkpg check, memory check etc but nothing is helping.

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    I'm in need of an expert who can set up Webmin on my Ubuntu server. The primary reason for this is to facilitate server management. Here's a bit more detail on the tasks: - Setup Webmin: The primary task here is installing and configuring Webmin. It should be set up properly and securely to ensure that the server can be effectively managed through the panel. - Additional Server Tasks: Other tasks might include firewall configuration and VPS setup. These tasks are important to ensure the server is secure and running properly. Ideal candidates for this role should have: - Proficiency in Ubuntu server setup - Experience with server panel software, specifically Webmin - Strong understanding of server security - Capability to manage additional server tasks like firewal...

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    I am on the lookout for a tech whizz who can streamlin...configuration to more efficiently handle a large quantity of proxies, potentially using a /48 ipv6 for each, amounting to a massive number (~65k for a /32 and 512k for a /29). Currently, we are facing: - Proxy connection issues - Resource utilization problems We are working with an enormous number of proxies, way more than 50,000. Our current server is running on Ubuntu 20. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record with Linux (Ubuntu) server management - Thorough understanding of Squid protocols - Expertise in managing high-volume proxy servers - Solid capability to optimize system resources We need someone who can provide a smooth and superfast experience to our users by resolving these issues. Are you...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can set up a docker-compose YAML file to effectively deploy and run my FastChat service. This project includes the following requirements: - **Understanding of Docker and docker-compose**: You should have a solid understanding of Docker and docker-compose and how to use them effectively to deploy services. - **Experience with FastChat**: Ideally, y...user authentication features. - **Knowledge of Docker Compose YAML**: The YAML file should be expertly crafted to ensure the efficient deployment and running of the FastChat service. If you can meet these requirements and you're confident in your ability to deploy and run the FastChat service using docker-compose, I'd love to hear from you. on Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22, 24.04

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    I have a Ubuntu 22.04 server, currently with spark running perfectly. I want, however, integrate spark with Hive warehouse. In this project, you're required to perform the installing of Hadoop and hive and, after that, update settings in spark so it can connect with hive warehouse properly. You'll be provided with remote access via TeamViewer or anydesk.

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me deploy my script on an Ubuntu webserver. Key Requirements: - Deployment: I need the freelancer to take over the deployment process as I'm not familiar with it. - Updates: I'm unsure about how to manage updates to the application. I'm open to suggestions and would like the freelancer to provide recommendations on this. - Server Configurations: I need assistance with setting up the Ubuntu 22.04 server for hosting the script. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in and server-side technologies. - Extensive experience in web server administration, especially Ubuntu. - A proactive approach in suggesting and implementing best practices for application deployment and server configuration. - Good communica...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can help me with setting up Genie ACS on Ubuntu for managing routers and modems remotely. My ultimate goal is to have a seamless and efficient remote device management system. Key responsibilities: - configure Genie ACS on Ubuntu - Set up the system to manage routers and modems remotely - Ensure the system is fully functional and secure Ideal candidate: - Proficient in Ubuntu and network management - Extensive experience with Genie ACS for remote device management - A strong understanding of TR-069 protocol - Excellent troubleshooting skills - Strong security background to ensure the system is robust I'm looking for someone who can work efficiently and independently to deliver a reliable remote device management system. Your ...

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    Our project aims to enhance the Django website running on Ubuntu by addressing several key issues. We will streamline Google registration, fix email registration to avoid redundant data requests, and update the logo. We'll verify email confirmation, resolve logout errors, and ensure the machine names display fully. We'll adjust font sizes, reorganize dashboard boxes, correct console errors, and fix icon colors. Additionally, we'll refine machine information display, adjust button states, and update dropdown menu functionality. Finally, we'll correct API settings visibility and fix data display issues on the profile page and other sections.

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    AWX Server Setup on Ubuntu AWS 2 dage left

    I am Building AWX Server on AWS EC2 Here is the method I am using: So far, I have: I have already Created an EC2 instance for this server. Cloned the AWX Repo, I have completed all installations required (installed Docker, Docker-Compose, I have used pipx to install the Ansible package) I need help with the r...Created an EC2 instance for this server. Cloned the AWX Repo, I have completed all installations required (installed Docker, Docker-Compose, I have used pipx to install the Ansible package) I need help with the rest of the instructions from that link. I am building this server in VS Code Ideal skills for the job include strong understanding of AWS, proficiency in AWX tasks and familiarity with Ubuntu server.

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    We are in the middle of migrating Django to a new server. - Both servers run Ubuntu 20.04, postgres 12, python2.7 - The Django Project is already transferred over - Nginx has been configured - Postgresql has been setup Our struggle is to get the actual application up and running again. Your job will be to: - help to perform a clean export of the postgres database on old server - help to import the postgres database on the new server - ensure the Django application is coming back up smoothly The work will be done using shared tmate ssh sessions.

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    I came across a minor issue on my website on Digital ocean cloud server. Refer the below error information. I need someone who can fix me immediately in an hour. Error 500 PleskExceptionDatabase DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused

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    Preciso de alguém para instalar um Whaticket com Flowise e Mercado Pago já com minha logotipo e configurações que deixei no ponto de usar, se tiver transcrição de áudio melhor ainda só adicionar a API, já tenho um Whaticket o mais atual porém não tem Flowise nem Mercado Pago.

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    I'm in need of a specialist with Linux/Ubuntu server expertise. I'm running a VPS, hosting a Laravel website. I've just migrate my site from rental server to VPS. I believe VPS spec is high than rental server (RAM : 32G) Site is working fine in functionality. The problem is that site loading speed is slow than rental server after migration. I think server is not optimized and adjusted for best speed. (I got such a reply from VPS support as well.) I am looking for someone who can fix issue quickly. Thank you for your bid.

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    I'm in need of an expert who can help me with setting up Genie ACS on Ubuntu for managing routers and modems remotely. My ultimate goal is to have a seamless and efficient remote device management system. Key responsibilities: - configure Genie ACS on Ubuntu - Set up the system to manage routers and modems remotely - Ensure the system is fully functional and secure Ideal candidate: - Proficient in Ubuntu and network management - Extensive experience with Genie ACS for remote device management - A strong understanding of TR-069 protocol - Excellent troubleshooting skills - Strong security background to ensure the system is robust I'm looking for someone who can work efficiently and independently to deliver a reliable remote device management system. Your ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced web developer with strong shell scripting skills. While the main purpose of the website application is not specified, it's targeted at the general public. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in web application development - Experience in creating websites geared towards the general public - Robust skills in shell scripting - Ability to independently make decisions to enhance website functionalities Note: As the tasks for shell scripting are undefined, a flexible way of working is preferred for meeting emergent needs in the project.

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    I am in need of a skilled professional who can help me install OpenStack on an Ubuntu server. Specifically, I am looking for support in setting up a multi-node (1-5 nodes) OpenStack environment. The primary purpose of this cloud will be for development and testing. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in working with OpenStack - Proficiency in setting up and configuring multi-node environments - Strong understanding of Ubuntu server systems - Ability to optimize the setup for development and testing purposes. - Ability to create Windows and Linux images to build VMs - Fault-tolerant control plane

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    I need a professional to customize the invoice and sales quotation layouts on my Odoo 12 instance hosted in Google Cloud. The project involves: - Customizing...required to incorporate a company logo as well as a company stamp in the footer. - The 'Order Summary' section may involve rearranging columns, adding additional columns, customizing subtotals as well as adding a background image to the bottom of the layout. Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in Odoo 12 and experience in customizing its modules. - Strong background in Linux VM, specifically Ubuntu 18, and Google Cloud hosting. - A keen eye for design aesthetics and the ability to translate my requirements into a visually appealing layout. - Effective communication skills to ensure the final deliverables m...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Full Stack Web Developer with fluency in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Go Lang, and Node.js. The ideal candidate would be well-versed with these languages and have a keen understanding of integrating various applications, managing Webhooks, and maintaini...Experience: - Proficiency with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Go Lang, and Node.js. - Extensive experience with Webhooks and RESTful APIs. - Understanding of application integration. Your primary role will be to develop a web platform that enables smooth application integration, and effortlessly manages Webhooks and RESTful APIs. This project involves working on existing hardware devices running Linux (Ubuntu) with limited scope for adding additional dependencies, etc. Access to these devices will be provided via remo...

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    ...the new password and repeat it. 3. To start the SSH service and enable external access, enter the following command: root@grml ~ # /etc/init.d/ssh start Display information on existing data carriers and determine root partition 1. To display information on all disks, enter the following command: root@grml ~ # fdisk -l 2. Determine the root partition. The name of the root partition for a VPS with Ubuntu 22.04 is /dev/vda1, for example. Using Fsck for file system errors If you have been shown file system errors, you should check the file system for consistency with a file system check. Caution A file system check must not be performed with mounted and/or encrypted partitions, as this can result in data loss. Therefore, make sure that the partition is not mounted or encrypted befo...

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    I require a skilled Linux administrator to assist setting up a server on my local machine. I currently have a domain, cloudflare, WSL, ubuntu, ollama and ollama webui. I'm getting stuck on connecting my domain through cloudflare tunnel to my linux server so that I can access ollama's webui remotely. Key Responsibilities: - Install and configure Linux server for accessing the Cloudflare tunnel website - Ensure the server is optimally configured for devices outside the network Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Linux server setup and administration - Experience with Cloudflare tunnel configurations - Knowledgeable about server configuration for network accessibility - Background in IT security to ensure secure network access. -Experience with Ollama and Ollama webui preferred.

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    Project Duration: 1 Hour Project Type: PHP & MySQL Server Type: Linux Ubuntu PHP Type: 8.2 & Above Number of Improvements: 4 Project Overview: We would like some modification made to two existing PHP files that: 1) Fixes a bug stopping one of the files from inserting new records into our database 2) Inserts additional data into a new db field 5* FEEDBACK WILL BE LEFT FOR YOU

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    Stop DDOS Attack Udløbet left

    There appears to be a ddos attack on one of my servers, I have cloudflare active on all sites, and even with under attack mode on some sites, the ddos attack continues Ubuntu/Nginx server, no web panel

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    I'm looking for an experienced system administrator who can help with setting up an SSL certificate on my Ubuntu Apache web server. This task will require a good understanding of web server security, Apache, and Ubuntu operating systems. Key tasks will involve: - Validating the pre-existing SSL certificate - Configuring Apache to work with SSL - Testing the certificate to ensure it's working perfectly Users should have: - Extensive experience with Linux, specifically Ubuntu - Experience in web server security - Proficiency with Apache server setup - Familiarity with SSL installation and configuration

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    I am looking for an experienced Web Developer to assist in reorganizing my website. The task involves: ...looking for an experienced Web Developer to assist in reorganizing my website. The task involves: -Main domain -wp install - Creating two subdomains for my site 1- Hosting the app 2- Supplier portal - Migrating Odoo v16 to these subdomains The two subdomains will be used specifically for hosting the application and a supplier portal. The successful candidate should have expertise in using a VPS Ubuntu host server. Knowledge and experience with Odoo are advantageous. An eye for creating navigational menus, reformatting homepage layouts, and re-categorizing products will also be beneficial in accomplishing this project. Please, reach out if you believe you can meet these req...

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    I'm seeking a talented individual or team with profound expertise in installing Discourse software on a Linux-based VPS, particularly Ubuntu. Your duty will be to properly ensure the latest stable version of Discourse is running smoothly on my VPS without any hitches. Key Job requirements: - Sound knowledge of Linux OS, specializing in Ubuntu. - Extensive experience with discourse software installation and set-up. - Ability to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot possible installation issues. - Excellent communication skills for progress reporting and troubleshooting guidance. This task demands a high level of proficiency and I'm eager to work with professionals who can deliver efficiently and effectively.

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    I'm looking for an expert AWS/Ubuntu server administrator to troubleshoot and optimize my server's performance. I have a NodeJs app hosted on EC2 / Ubuntu server, it is working fine but sometime I see the sudden increase in Network in (bytes), Network out (bytes), CPU utilization (%), And memory. So my CPU goes from 2% to more then >60% Memory goes from 10% to more then >70% which triggered my server hang and then I will have to reboot my server to fix that issue. Since I am just alunching my web app, hence I dont have any traffic yet, hence I want to identify how my server resources utilization got increased. I need a person who can check and fix it, I am not really sure what is triggering this, and this Network in (bytes) increases for less then a minute. ...

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    Hi Hoang D., fix all broken images for your once created module Last imagemagick 7 x PHP 8.1 Plesk ubuntu 22.04 server running as nginx Last d10

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    I'm seeking an expert in website migration, preferably proficient with Wordpress and Ubuntu server installations, creation of V-host, installation of LET's encrypt certificate and Test. The project in focus involves the migration of 3 Wordpress websites currently hosted on a VPS. Advance knowledge of eCommerce plugins, which are in use on these websites, is essential as these need to be properly migrated without loss of data or functionality. Specific Requirements include: 1. Migration Expertise: Proven experience in migrating Wordpress websites from VPS hosting to an Ubuntu server. 2. Plugin Knowledge: Must be well-acquainted with handling eCommerce plugins during the migration process. 3. Backup & Recovery: Unfortunately, there are no existing backups o...

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    Hi SERVEROK SOFTWARE, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2024-03-21 setup INR 200/- 2024-03-23 setup INR 200/- 2024-04-02 create zip and INR 200/- 2024-04-04 git pull error INR 100/- 2024-04-05 Ubuntu desktop setup INR 800/- INR 1500/- 2024-04-08 momachine install video INR 3000/- INR 4500/- 2024-05-03 git pull INR 100/- INR 4600/-

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    1 bud Exim expert to help in fine-tuning my email system on an Ubuntu OS. As I currently use an internal email client, I need a hands-on professional that can ensure we can efficiently send and receive emails via Exim implemented by HestiaCP. Key Requirements: - Demonstrable experience with Exim on Ubuntu OS. - Proficiency in Email Authentication Methods such as SPF, DKIM, and, DMARC. - Experience with handling internal email client systems. Desired Freelancer Profile: - Comfortable with HestiaCP - Well-versed in troubleshooting and resolving email deliverability issues. - Deep understanding of email server configuration. Your primary task will be to help us initiate and maintain a smooth email workflow using Exim on our Ubuntu system. If you’re the righ...

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    I am in need of an expert who can create a Virtual Machine (VM) in Azure utilizing Ubuntu Preferred Skills: - Experience setting up VMs in Azure - Comfortability with varying versions of Ubuntu - Ability to work with minimal direction by making recommendations where details have not been specified.

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    I'm seeking expertise in deploying a web application built on both PHP and Node.js into an Ubuntu server. The web application utilises a MySQL database. Key requirements for this project include: - Proficiency in PHP and Node.js - Experience in deploying web applications on Ubuntu servers - Familiarity with the MySQL database management system - Ability to work without specific server configurations While there's no specific server requirements in this project, a strong understanding of default configurations and potential issues in Ubuntu servers is highly beneficial. This project does not require custom firewall rules or specific software versions, offering more flexibility to the chosen freelancer.

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    I'm looking for a standalone speech-to-intent system that can interact with a Linux system running Ubuntu 16.04. This system should not be dependent on the internet, and I have a c++ application already running within the Linux system. This application would need to be made to run within the arduino or other. Would like to eventually move to a chipset if able. Key Requirements: - Voice Recognition: The system should have high accuracy voice recognition capabilities. - Intent Extraction: It should be able to extract specific intents from the recognized speech. - Standalone Operation: The system should function independently without requiring an internet connection. Specific Intents: - The system should be able to recognize and act upon commands related to controlling ...

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    Trophy icon NFT Social Media Content Creation Udløbet left

    ...(3:2) social media share image - Designing a square (1:1) giveaway share image - Designing image of airdrop - Designing A4 page size branding infomercial where we can summarize our project - Showcase image of handful NFT -... Primary focus should be on unifying the designs with our website style. Specifically, our color scheme and typography must flow coherently throughout the templates. We use UBUNTU Mainly with Readex Pro As primary and secondary fonts. Experience with NFT or crypto projects and a strong grasp on how to visually captivate the Twitter audience will be highly advantageous in this role. A deep understanding of the principles of design, especially as regards to digital media, and a keen eye for micro-details is also a must. Looking forward to see your creati...

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    I have an Ubuntu server on which i need to be able to make snapshots of the server then to restore when i need - task is to install the correct libraries so i can make/restore snapshot - commands to make the conf should be written in a quick txt file so i can then reproduce if needed

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    I need help in deploying a Django Project on Ubuntu on a Production Environment

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    I'm in need of a tech-savvy individual who can help me with installing Certbot on my Ubuntu server. I've tried it myself but keep getting the following error: Hint: The Certificate Authority failed to verify the temporary nginx configuration changes made by Certbot. Ensure the listed domains point to this nginx server and that it is accessible from the internet. I'm running a Node.js site, and have already installed Node.js 14+.x on the server. Key Requirements: - Experienced in working with Ubuntu and Node.js - Proficient in installing and troubleshooting Certbot This task shouldn't be too complex for a professional in the field. It's mainly about ensuring Certbot is correctly installed and configured on the server.

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    I'm currently experiencing a significant issue with my Linux permissions. Specifically, when it comes to executing certain commands, I'm greeted with a 'Permission denied' error. This is particularly impacting my ability to make set the download folder for sabnzbd. This folder is a remote SMB share mounted to a ubuntu VM. sabnzbd is running inside a docker container. Key Requirements: - Resolve the 'Permission denied' issue for commands execution - Enable editing and modifying of sabnzbd - Ensure the affected permissions are tailored for a single user Your experience and skills in Linux systems and permissions are crucial for this project. An understanding of both installed software application permissions and how to adjust them for a single user wil...

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    I need a skilled Ruby on Rails expert for a project I'm working on. I need someone who understands the Ruby on Rails framework inside out and can work on our project efficiently. The specific tasks may include: Please check the document before applying the jobs Thank you

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    ...development including implemention of designs already made via Figma, maintance and continue enhance the platform, optimization of performance and scalability. - SMS and WhatsApp API integration. - integrate Payment Methods like PayPal and gateways. The ideal developer needed to be with a strong proficiency in GITHUB, AWS, experienced PHP developer, experience with Laravel, MySQL (RDS), Vue.js, EC2 (Ubuntu). IMPORTANT: Thee current version needed some improvments by UX/UI and fufunctionality. Prior expercience in user interface design needed as well. ~ - Please mention recent projects you did. - Fluent English needed so we can communicate smoothly. - Responsibility for development and maintance (the goal is to continue working together over a long period of time). If you...

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    I need a freelancer with experience in installing Dspace 7.6 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - Experience in Dspace 7.6 installation - Ability to Installing the Backend (Server API) - Ability to Installing the Frontend (User Interface) - Ability to Search Engine Optimization - Ability to Scheduled Tasks via Cron For more information read below the link

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    I'm in immediate need of an experienced professional with a strong background in Webmin / Virtualmin on LAMP server, Postfix 3.3 and Ubuntu 18.04 for a swift and effective system update. Major Requirements: - install and place letsencrypt certs at right places - make sure sudo can upgrade again - Updating Postfix 3.3 on my Ubuntu 18.04 system to the latest, most secure version available. - Enhancing the performance and resolving any bugs or issues in the current system. - Customizing mail server settings for an improved mail delivery. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Postfix 3.3 and Ubuntu 18.04. - Track record of doing similar system updates and enhancements. - Understanding of custom mail server configuration. Please note that this is an urgen...

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    Hello, I get this kind of error when I install Ubuntu, and the issue is that the features I enable get disabled after a restart. I've set the settings in BIOS, but once on windows features the hypervisor platform is enabled, it gets disabled after a restart on the virtual machine. I need to deploy Opendevin and perplexitca

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