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    We have a Proof of Concept project that involves using an Alexa devic...that have worked on this before. We are time pressed and need this operational and deployed in our environment by 26-Apr. We will provide the credentials to our Azure and Echo Plus equipment See attachment for more details on the requirement and expectations to support delivery

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    Just need a PHP function or snippet written that will work ...need a PHP function or snippet written that will work for the SendMMS method in the below SOAP service and take the 6 variablesfrom PHP variables including a base64Binary, then echo the response element (SendMMSResponse). [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...var_dump($result); while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()){ $data[] = $row; } //$data[0]['timestamp']="".Date('m-d-Y H:i:s') .""; trackAPI(json_encode($data),$user_id); echo json_encode($data); });...

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    ...for video 10-13 min length ( ~8000 symbols text). Recording must be done on a good external microphone (not that inside laptop or pad), and in a good place, so there won't be echo-sound. Reading must be with a good diction. After finishing of recording you will need to delete all noise and give us a .wav file with your audio that we can put over the

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    ...ready to cooperate for a long time (2-5 years) Native English speaker (USA), without accent Voice on a good microphone Sound without excessive noise in the background, without echo Execution of the order during the day Written waiver of copyright in voice acting Sentence: We are leading a YouTube channel. For each video you need your voice acting. The

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    ...bits, of the checksum. The sample run command near the end of this document contains an example of how the parameters will be entered. 4. The program should open the two files, echo the processed input to the screen, make the necessary calculations, and then output the ciphertext to the console (terminal) screen in the format described below. Checksum

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    I have a voice 3 min. I want to filter it to have a high quality and remove room echo. please show me a sample file is attached

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    Change logo Udløbet left

    I have a company called Yabby Brewing and I need a logo. I just want a hand drawn yabby with a beer in its hand. He has to look happy. Similar to the one that I've posted.

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    ...inside mine controller is: $toewijzen = function ($categories, $prefix = '') use (&$toewijzen, $poolnaam) { foreach ($categories as $category) { echo PHP_EOL."<option value=".$category->id.">".$prefix.' '.$category->title."</option>"; $toewijzen($category->children, $pr...

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    ...folder? Currently getting “line 15: ${1}: ambiguous redirect” any ideas? #!/bin/bash echo "starting" while read folder || [[ $folder ]]; do echo "folder: $folder" changeConfig $folder done < ${1} changeConfig () { echo "one 1 value: $1" cd $1 echo "$PWD" } General Details Please only BID if y...

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    ...also below is the text: Hi there, I, the CloudwaysBot, am here to inform you about an important event regarding your Cloudways server. The available disk space on your server Echo is low. 95% or more of your disk has been occupied. This means (among other things) that no additional files and folders can be created and this will seriously hamper your application(s)

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    ...LOCK_EX); echo "<br>No t'has d'esperar !!!<br>"; } else { if ($temps2=="1") { $archivo="public/[log ind for at se URL]"; $tancat="Tancat"; file_put_contents($archivo, $tancat, LOCK_EX); echo "<br>Tancat !!!<br>"; } else { $temps2 .=" Minuts"; $archivo="p...

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    Looking for someone to write 5 blog post. Those post will be about smart home products, comparing 2 products or an overview of a specific product, i.e Amazon Echo, Ring, home hubs, etc... I will be able to provide the exact products to be researched when write is chosen. Thank you,

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    Hi! I am the proud owner of a small argentinian brewing company called Quigley's. I want to get a brand new logo for the beer. It will be displayed on the 500ml bottles.

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    100 bud of audio. Implementation of waveform editing space for easy visualization 3) Apply effects : Apply fade in/fade out, Normalize, Mute, Limiter, Invert , Auto Correct, Echo, Chorus, Flanger , Phaser, Reverb , Tempo change, Vibrato, Pitch shift, Phase Change, Reverse, Equalizer and Noise Gate. 4) Save in common format Additions/subtractions

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    ...someone who has previous experience with crowdfunding campaigns, namely on Kickstarter. Our campaign concerns the coffee industry and more specifically relates to a gadget for brewing coffee. This is not an urgent task, so we are looking for a person who is willing to take his/her time to understand our project rather than someone who promises a fast but

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    Hiring a writer who can help create original content based on existing web content. This is more re-writing than creating new content. The market is for a craft beer & brewing blog so you will be taking existing pieces of content and rewriting and combining for originality. This is NOT article spinning. This is for human eyes, not just SEO eyes

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    Promotional corporate video production, drone services, real estate promotion company in the Kansas/Kansas City area. Hook Echos are synonymous in the Kansas/Kansas City area. Hook Echos are synonymous with our Kansas Storms. Wanting a logo that incorporates The bright colored radar images of a Classic Hook Echo before a tornado forms.

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    Trophy icon Logo and Keynote template Udløbet left

    ...our website is [log ind for at se URL] Our main focus is to help our clients (usually banks and financial institutions) to provide conversational communication channels (via Amazon Echo aka Alexa) or communication channels for Google Home or Siri. We are young, we use Artificial Intelligence and we make applications for mobile devices. The number 42 comes from

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    Hi, I need a script in PHP which will work out every combination from a list of invoices, which will be queried from a MySQL Database. B...{ //For each combination check if each bit is set for ($j = 0; $j < $num; $j++) { //Is bit $j set in $i? if (pow(2, $j) & $i) echo $words[$j] . ' '; } echo '<br />'; } ?&...

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    1 bud to one and group chat (End-to-end encryption for messaging) 7. Pictures and files sharing 8. Address Book 9. Call History 10. Display of advanced call statistics 11. Echo Cancellation 12. Quality of Service 13. Send and receive of SMS text message through ASTPP PBX server 14. Secure communications: zRTP, TLS, SRTP 15. Bluetooth headset support

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    imap via ssh script Udløbet left

    I need a very simple script. For professional it may need few minutes. The following code: $stream = fsockopen('ssl://[log ind for at se URL]', 993); echo stream_get_contents($stream); Output: * OK Gimap ready for requests from [log ind for at se URL] j184mb299857199lfg I need to make the following code to output the same: $ssh_conn = ssh2_connect($sshIp

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    Enhance video sound Udløbet left

    I want to enhance the sound of a webinar we recorded online. The voices need to be much louder and clearer and without the dull echo quality from the room it was filmed in. See sample of file. Total length of final file is 46min. [log ind for at se URL] I will have more webinars to follow this year (about

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    ...$ttl = 300; $userIp = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]; $vidurl = buildSecureLink($baseUrl, $path, $secret, $ttl, $userIp); <video width="100%" height="500" controls> <source src="<?php echo buildSecureLink ($baseUrl, $path, $secret, $ttl, $userIp ); ?>" type="video/mp4"> Oops... Su navegador no soporta Vídeos HTML5. </...

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    ...$ttl = 300; $userIp = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]; $vidurl = buildSecureLink($baseUrl, $path, $secret, $ttl, $userIp); <video width="100%" height="500" controls> <source src="<?php echo buildSecureLink ($baseUrl, $path, $secret, $ttl, $userIp ); ?>" type="video/mp4"> Oops... Browser not Support HTML5 Video Tag </video>...

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    We are a business currently using SendBlaster to send out our email bla...New Multiple Product Template with Regular Logo New Single Product Template with 40th Anniversary logo New Single Product Template with Regular Logo Bill Moore William's Brewing 2088 Burroughs Avenue San Leandro CA 94577 USA 510-895-2739 extension 101 bmoore@[log ind for at se URL]

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    I want to build a Webpag...features in each page. You need to specialized in Web, Mobile and Windows application development because my project contains all of them. I have a big idea for my “Archers Echo” and I’m looking for full-stack developer. I will share more details in our [log ind for at se URL] bid if you’re Senior full-stack developer.Thanks.

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    Are you good with API into MySQL integration? And wo...the properties similar to this [log ind for at se URL] Basically, echo data from that database and display it like that. You just be adding it to this site [log ind for at se URL] And have it echo each property to it’s on page Similar to a profile stem.

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    ...need this to be dynamic and get the username from the php session variable... var parameters = { var sesstest = "<?php echo $_SESSION['username']; ?>"; // This is a Session variable -- I can see username and echo it in php. serveraddress: '[log ind for at se URL]', username: sesstest, ...

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    ...from the php session variable... var parameters = { var sesstest = "<?php echo $_SESSION['username']; ?>"; // This is a Session variable -- I can see username and echo it in php. serveraddress: '[log ind for at se URL]'...

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    9 bud take my talents into my own brewery in the next five years. With that being said, I would like to go ahead and start establishing a brand. I have chosen the name Dogwood Brewing. I went with this name because I am proud of my Virginia heritage and plan to open my brewery here in Virginia. I made my own logo using my very limited power point skills

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    I need to grab specific pieces of data from an sql database and display them concerning multiple tables and fields in a wowonder install. All peice...specific users in scripts, meaning we will have to get the user id, and other peices of data to display to all users. This needs to be done within the hour, so sql queries that echo a result can be used.

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    Business is a microbrewery called "future brewing". I want this name design and associated logo to be simple & minimalist...monochrome, basic text style (e.g. Calibri) but also new and appealing. Then I also need a basic yet relevant logo which symbolizes the brewery being cool, hipster, innovative, futuristic, experimental etc. The logo needs to be

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    ...of the manufacturing process. This incorporates concocting the beverage from the raw material ingredients all the way through final boxing of canned products. For example: brewing containers, canning equipment, water supply, etc. Food industry and supply chain experience is preferred. Contacts with potential equipment suppliers is valued. Individual

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    Hello, I have 3 different html tags that I want to insert on the push of a button in the classic wordpress editor. So you will create 3 shortcode, which basically echo or return this html code (short like span class) You will then create 3 visual buttons in the wordpress classic editor that can insert those shortcodes. !!!!IMPORTANT: START your

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    Trophy icon Design a logo Udløbet left with a minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels.) The title of the podcast is Crazy Overseas Asians. I would like the "C" in Crazy to echo The Great Wave in Hokusai's famous woodcut, but NOT plagiarize it. The lettering should be in blue (like the wave), but the background should be Pantone 13-0630 Safety Yellow

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    ...value in the metabox. The code inside the TD for each day of the week should check the Meeting Day checkbox in CPT2, if the checkbox is checked for that day, then I want to echo the Meeting Time and output a concatenated string of the values that are checked in the Meeting type checkbox. If a particular day is not checked, then the TD tag should be

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    We had a website built by a company for our brewing company. They also built us an app where people could type in their zip code and a map would pop up showing them what stores carried our beer closest to them. On the backend we would upload a CSV of all the locations and types of beer they carried. However the app has never worked that great and

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    Trophy icon Build me a company logo Udløbet left

    Logo needed for mountain town brewery. The business name is ‘Copper Dog Brewing’. I would like it to look clean and cheerful as well as middle of the road between feminine and masculine.

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    Project for Echo B. Udløbet left

    I am looking for an hourly worker to look at pages of Craigslist ads (resume section) and send individual emails to people to invite them join a new website where they can get gig jobs. I would need you to use the Freelancer Desktop App to track your work progress and hours. Ready to start immediately. Are you interested in the job?

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    Hello, I'm searching for someone who has experience with building an api chat using socket io server. Basically I'm using Laravel as my backend api. And on frontend...using react-native. Just need someone who could help me to finish the chat. Backend is almost done. You need to be a master in laravel broadcasting, and socket io, laravel-echo-server.

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    ...Network IP data from txt1 every 24hour if you want you can use cronjob top right side 2 button for run 2 command every time user add or edit you need to run this command echo -e "Dear Customer Your this $ip allowed now on mapping-routing-network nnnnSystem Time: $date" | mailx -s "Notice" -S smtp=smtp://$smtpurl -S smtp-auth=login -S smtp-auth-user=$smtpuser

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    ...#menu#pricing#..... ) template will be provided cccam Generate Free users with 24 H subscription ( get user password email , echo free cline that expire on 1 day ) Iptv Generate Free users with 24 H subscription ( get user password email , echo free iptv file that expire on 1 day ) Free user goes through 2 shortcut services payment methods required for premium

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    ...php if (is_user_logged_in()){ global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); query_posts('author_name = $current_user->user_login'); } else { echo "Please register!"; }; ?> Above retrieves all posts, not only current user’s posts....

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    Hello i have cod...$nonworking_return = 0; }else{ $nonworking_return = 10;} $total_non_working = $nonworking_return + $nonworking_pick; ; ?> <?php echo alg_convert_price( array( 'price' => $total_non_working ) ); ?> and need to moficate this code that if nothing is selected it should show 0

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    ...default' 'post_edit <a/>' 'tags' 'custom-field-name' XNot-needed 'custom-field-name-values' 'ajax edit radio buttons without needing to 'save'' ?$20extra } } else { echo "Please register!"; }; ?> 2. list posts by current post field (metadata) 'Retrieves and Lists posts based...

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    ...<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> var timeout = setInterval(reloadChat, 1000); function reloadChat () { $('#newchats').load("[log ind for at se URL]<?php echo $max_msg; ?> #container"); } function success() { if([log ind for at se URL]("textsend").value==="") { [log i...

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    Need a local Developer located in Wisconsin. Merging Order and Product Data from our Web Site into vibrant spreadsheets that allo...spreadsheets that allow logistics scheduling, auto completes various forms, incorporates individual state pricing, ability to manipulate orders vs available inventory and brewing schedules. Beer Industry knowledge a plus.

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    I have a lot of hobbies and craft brewing is one of them. I was hoping to make a logo with the name of the "brewery" being "Dark Lightning Brewing Co." and some kind of logo that goes with the name. Not super picky just not artistic enough to do it myself.

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