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    I need a developer that is able to unite two videos into one with a soundtrack and fade out effect. This includes a small database with a list of employees. each employee in that database will have a static video on their profile. the webapp must add a new video to each employee's video, creating a unique video with sound track. The aim is to create marketing campaigns where each new campaign has the identification of each employee at the end.

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    Trophy icon Artwork for tshirt design 1 dag left

    The back of the shirt design for this will represent power,peace,perservance. PPP it will be represented twice as a fade off type design i will include a image showing how. I want chains going through as my sketching wont show it but if you can do the best to draw it around the design with the lock in the middle where the circle is represented. The chain will be around the first layering and it shows a dove as pictured flying with a key in its mouth. I want the dove to fly from the side of the shirt kind of like it was on my side when i left my arm. I will show representations of how all should look but in total just want to see the best work

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    photo editor 3 dage left

    I have a Vacation Bible School individual pictures I would like to add Text and banner showing the church and the year and the name of the VBS program Name of VBS Program Big Surf Name of Church Shelbyville Nazarene Church June 2022 You can use the same background just fade it a bit or find a beach background Be as creative as you want to be. This is one of 15 individual pictures I will need done, just would like to see it before I send the rest of the pictures.

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    Need a subtle light transparent background please view our website for our color scheme to get an idea - will let the creativity be up to you - definitely a beachy theme. I'm thinking maybe waves that are like 6% transparency that fade from the color blue to green to orange as the form goes down - very subtle. Open to other ideas possibly all the same color - some shade of blue/green? Would also like the line at the bottom removed and a blue wave (just a simple line) here instead Would like the background of our form to not be gray also white please! Attached is what it currently looks like - will be making a few more changes but would like to start here - follow us for more contests after this one is through :)!!

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    We have an Adobe Illustrator file that has 12 artboards. We're looking to m...with Illustrator in case there's any small things that need to be edited in the AI file. The final video would need to be uploaded to Instagram (and potentially Facebook or Twitter), so it'll need to be in the correct format for that platform. Timing for the first and last slide should be longer than the middle ones. Would be nice to have the first slide animate in in a way that wasn't just a fade in... maybe the different parts come in with their own animations? Total video time should probably be around 60-80 seconds... Whatever feels right. We do quite a few of these in carousel/multi-image posts, and are starting to experiment with video. For the right animator, this could turn ...

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    Hi everyone I am looking for a DJ who can produce backing tracks without vocals. The requirements of the songs are as follows: - Duration between 2 and 3 minutes maximum for each song. - The songs must be produced entirely by you and must not infringe any copyright. - If you use a sample package, make sure it is regularly purchased and does not infringe any copyright - Fade begins and ends for each song - Required quantity: 15 songs I have attached two example songs. For any doubts do not hesitate to contact

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    ...send the image to the server, the type of transition (like fade-in or fade-out or both), and its position (in front of the image or after the image or on both sides). The server will handle the image processing and transform it into a short video with the extension .mp4 which is sent as a response back to the client. The application will support : -execution thread for the administration client interface (UNIX socket) -execution thread for simple client interface, users(INET socket) -execution thread for WS simple client interface(WS, REST example) -the main thread of execution, coordinating secondary threads The final result must be like this (is a short mp4 video at the bottom) https:// ffmpeg fade in fade out_transitions_eff ects I need the code to

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    Removing background from two photos. And make fade at the bottom transparent.

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    I'm looking for someone to simple make a logo with only...clean and modern font like these examples, uploaded. It should say: sentinel furnishings group. This is the color I want the font: Please, provide a few different versions of the completed logo in the azure blue color in a clean and modern font like those given here. 1. Azure font on white background 2. White font on a blue background that fades to white (ombre fade out style) 3. Azure font on light gray background that fades to white 4. Azure font vertical top to bottom on white background. More work to follow for the Freelancer that can do this simple logo as soon as possible correctly. Looking forward to seeing your work and getting to know you! We are a commercial furniture company and rebranding.

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    ...for the beginning or to the end of the video. App contains google advertisement while program creates the video. UnPayed version contains our Logo in the video, and a Closing Videoclip and User cant Download it. User can share / upload the video on youtube face etc. There is an option for Convert instagram in that case the program will make a shorter 60 video for the user, and music will fade out at 55 sec to 60 sec. Users cant edit video within our app, no editing, no effects, the app only puts oneclip after other (3 - 5 sec lenghts random clips) Server Structure: Directory Called MAIN two type of files 1) Contains Lines: Romantic Hard Techno Sad Scary etc theese styles are listend in the program. 2) wichcontains the paths of the videoclips

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    Chomp Chomp Films Udløbet left

    I need my film logo animated. I want the dinosaur to open his mouth and go across the screen eating the word films. Then go off screen so all it says is Chomp Chomp. Then fade out into the black. I want it to remain black and gold. Thanks!

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    I need these cuts made on this video: 1= Self Awareness and Empathy Start 5.00 end 8.52 2 = The 3 Nos Start 8.53 end 11.31 3 = Leadership POV Start 16.00 end 18.30 4 = Stresses of Leading Start 19.52 end 26.00 5 = Book on Amazon Start 27.10 end 29.10 6 = Culture and Brand Start 29.13 end 31...end 11.31 3 = Leadership POV Start 16.00 end 18.30 4 = Stresses of Leading Start 19.52 end 26.00 5 = Book on Amazon Start 27.10 end 29.10 6 = Culture and Brand Start 29.13 end 31.50 7 = Building a Vision Start 32.05 end 31.46 8 = Change in mindset Start 31.45 to end Need to provide a clean and professional title slide with logo (provided) and matching closing screen. Should fade and needs to be professional

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    Adobe Premier - dip filter not working Trying to fade in and fade out an image. Only getting the fist. Will attach to timeline

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    Animation Udløbet left

    I need short animated video clips and a digital downloadable card to be able to print where both are explaining how to it certain shots in golf, for example: ""How to hit a Fade off the Tee": Step 1: tee the ball lower than you normally do Step 2: open your stance slightly Step 3: ball slightly forward in your stance Step 4: weaken your grip slightly Step 5: aim left of your intended target Each step would zoom into the animation to show each step. see the attachment for examples. I would like to start off with this example, and if it goes well will hire you for at least another 20 videos and digital download cards.

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    ...meta and variant meta data. We want to be able to upload svg for icon. Some product will have 1,2 3 upto a max of 6 blocks 6. Reposition SKU 7. Accordion description taken from shopify product description for single products. Products with variations should have a new meta field for the individual description and change when a variation option is selected. 8. Line 4/ of the product description will fade out, there is a See more link, when clicked the full description will show 9. Accordion specification taken from a new metafield for single products. Products with variations should have a new meta field for the individual specification and change when a variation option is selected. 10. This section has 2 features which will be visible when there is data to populate each section....

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    I need a solution to drive up to 16 LEDs with PWM LED Driver (must be able to fade/blink/etc...) that communicates by I2C. I also need to read 8 ADC values, but it can be either through a multiplexer (I2C or standard) or some multi-channel ADC chip communicating by I2C. I need parts that are available right now and there should exist some development board with that chip that I can buy. The project goal is to find the parts and provide a circuit diagram of the solution (block diagram or full schematics). I am also open to alternate solutions which achieve the same purpose (driving LEDs and reading ADC using as few MCU pins as possible).

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    ...promoting! As for music.. please add any appropriate music that think suites.. Look at the vibe of music we used for the part.1 example video. You can also add some natural sound tracks of footsteps, grunting, general movement's and background noice ect.. into the edit to make it seem more real! We also want you to include our logo ( that is attached ) at the end of the edited video. We want you to fade the logo in and out like the example. We also want you to include some typing text ( as per the example video ) We want the type text at the start say " WINTER DRIP.1 IS LIVE" and at the end of the video we want the tying text to say "NO RESTOCKS KINGS" Also the entire video should FLOW nicely and should tell the story well like the part.1 example...

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    I need someone who is good at designing wrap graphics for a polaris ranger 900 single cap side by side. I want it to be black in the front and fade into a silver or light grey. I want red pin stripes or high lights in it as well. I can discuss more when I get the right person hired. I am attaching some photos of the ranger and a mock up of what I am thinking but want the red graphics more creative somehow.

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    I'm current...done some tutorials and tried on my own but am currently stuck. I don't have much I need done but I have a few things. I will send the code to you for this project. I pretty much have 4 things I would like done and each would need to be explained in the code with comments so I can understand it a little bit - Increase icon size in Navbar. -When hovering over icon in Navbar, have an animation to fade icon away and replace with one word(text). The text is from left to right: Home, About, Projects, Contact Me -When screen size changes so the collapsible Navbar comes up, change icons to text only, no animation. -Set up icons so I can link to "Home"(starting page), "Profile", "Projects", "Contact" pages. Pretty much mak...

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    Trophy icon 33647 Tent Design Udløbet left

    Black background for tent Logo at top on all 4 sides Add phone number - (will provide later) IG loveabuzz (Instagram icon) TikTok loveabuzz (TikTok icon) Sides Logo on both sides Add 3 gold strips under logo & add the ...& add the following slogan Directly under logo - “Non-alcoholic, Tipsy, Buzzin, or Wasted we can make it” - add quotations to slogan 2nd gold strip - home of the exotic cocktails (bottles available) 3rd gold strip - private events Add bullet by each event Birthday parties Baby showers Weddings Corporate events Back with large logo in the middle, step and repeat smaller logo around large logo (fade smaller logos) (Tent template attached as we transfer file) I have attached another template file link for the tent

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    I need a silk screen image with this layout. The only difference is I want it to be clear that the two people are holding AR-15's. I want the hunting rifles they have now to be changed to AR-15's. I Also would like to see the orange silk color as their beanies. I dark black shade for the two AR-1...to be changed to AR-15's. I Also would like to see the orange silk color as their beanies. I dark black shade for the two AR-15's. I would also like to see a green and brown camo jacket with the same shade brown as their pants. I want the grass to be there too as they look off into the sunset, but I don't want this to be a big box image because it is going on a T-shirt. I'd like to see the image fade out to the left, right, and up and down. I want the two peo...

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    Need I need a Node.js dev to add a few items, e.g. add width and height for the text blocks. Description I have a working Node.js server that renders a video with FFmpeg with the following: Puppeteer - create text images from HTML text blocks FFmpeg - overlay multiple images in a video (x, y, start/end time, fade-in/out time) - append an end video - create the final video Submit to Vimeo via API and get back a ID and update status The data are stored in a DB and the server picks it up and processes it. Attached is a screenshot of a test page that saves test data to the DB. I need a NodeJS developer who is experienced with FFmpeg and Puppeteer to add a few items. You should have done some overlay with FFmepg at the minimum. The project is set up with docker, nginx.conf. Plea...

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    Hel...Should show side by side (all 3 packages side by side in 1 row). 2) the title of each package should be a larger text. In the backend it shows larger, but this doesn't translate to the front end. ***A correct example of each of the above can be found at 1) on this /program page the text is not fading in. Please remove fade-in, so it all shows immediately 2) Under the section - Lorraine Huber - the text link 'Lorraine Huber click here' goes green on hover. Please can you make it go white on hover 3) The bottom left footer: the text overlaps the icons. This is a symbol and problematic on all pages. So please change the symbol itself. Please show like footer on Thanks for your time, Cameron

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    Trophy icon Previous design edit Udløbet left

    Please take the attached two images and edit them to contain only the following colors. Black and lime green for the front design. Black, white and lime green for the back design. Front design: Wording remains the same. The curves above and below working to be solid lime green. Back image: Lettering in the word "Latitude 20" needs to be changed to fade from lime green to black as it appears on the front logo. All remaining words, numbers and the boat logo remain white. The letter "N" at the top of the compass rose is to remain lime green. All existing green in curve above and below needs to be changed to solid lime green. Both front and back logos are to be sent as transparent and ready for printing. Must be sent in all of the following file types: .jpg, .png...

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    Quiero poner el render de una torre dentro de un video tomado con dron. El render debe de aparecer dentro de dicho video y animado (fade de abajo hacia arriba)

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    Mexico sounds Udløbet left

    I have a 60 minute sound file of the street announcer in Mexico. In between the announcements I want to add some additional sound files. I also want the original recording to have fade in and fade out of all announcements. As soon as I accept you to work on the project I will specify what times the other sound effects are to come into play.

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    Trophy icon I need an animator Udløbet left

    I need an animation of a butterfly crossing the screen. I have attached an image showing the flight path and approximate size of the butterfly. It enters frame from the left side of the screen ...several loop-the-loops then disappears into the distance. Total flight time should be 8 to 10 seconds. Color of butterfly is not critical, just something colorful and showy. Also, it would be nice if we could have some fluffy clouds in the sky to make it look like a bright spring day. None of the videos submitted so far look like a real butterfly. Butterfly wings flap very fast. The butterfly doesn't fade out at the end. It diminishes in size as it flies into the distance. Come on guys, put a little work into it! I suggest you google a video if a real butterfly in flight. And make it ...

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    Website Template is ready, There's a section called "Hall of Fame" which contains YouTube Videos. I'm looking for someone who can write a code for me in which the area should feature a Thumbnail Image in JPEG and Once someone clicks on that then the YouTube Embed comes as an animation or fade in.

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    Trophy icon 2 Minutes animations with Powtoon Udløbet left

    ...cameras are ideal for cutting together different shot sizes and thus avoiding image jumps. To be really sure that we can start on time and that all signal paths are correct, we go online 15 to 30 minutes earlier. Don't worry, you don't need to be ready at this time. We bridge the waiting time with stop boards or a countdown. A quick sound check and we're good to go. While the show is running, we fade in the so-called cornerbug and lower thirds. Of course, video clips, presentations or images are also possible. At the end there is another board with thanks. Of course, you will then receive a recording of your show. We look forward to you....

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    ...button in the website page When the user click on the button , a javascript function PlayVideo('') will be called by <A onclick= the video will be displayed in the screen ( 80% of the width of the screen ) the HTML page in the background will be blurred a little with a transition of 2 seconds , the video can be displayed with a fade-in of 2 seconds then the video will start and play at end of video the screen will come back normal (video will fade-out and the page will not be blur , effect could be done with a transition of 2 seconds) everything could be done in the javascript function : PlayVideo('') Also it is possible to indicate in the parameter up to 5 videos to play successively PlayVideo('' , '') It should be done and ...

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    ...available) 2) Let the text being visible to all the clients only if they are within a circular range in the world space 3) If the text is visible on some client, it should rotate on player camera direction (if you think it should be rendered in the world space instead of screen space) 4) Run a corouting to fade out and destroy the object after x seconds 5) If another text has been submitted and spawned in the same position, the previous (could be more than one) should slightly move on Y axis and fade out until is destroyed so that we don't have more than 3 spawned texts over the same character. #### This is exactly what happens in Ultima Online when a player types some text to spawn speech, emote or spells. #### But this is 3D, so there's a litte more to manage....

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    I need to re-design the user interface of an online photo/video converter. There's lots to do, ...angle is from -180 to 180; vertical is from -90 to 90 and the field of view angle is from 10 to 170 degrees; - for each point to specify how many seconds it should take to move from one point to another and how many seconds to stay on each point; - if there are multiple images user should be able to set the transition type and speed between the image (how one image turns into another, for example, fade-in for 3 seconds); - move forward and backward through the future animation timeline (think iMovie kind of timeline but I am open to whatever); - set the background music audio (upload or choose from library); I understand this can sound a bit too broad, so ask questions and I will...

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    Trophy icon Need a logo Udløbet left

    ...like to have the name including a reference to the smoky mountains and use primarily the colors green and blue with purple highlights. As far as what to use for the mountain referencing, there are a variety of things you could use. Mount LeConte is pretty iconic in our area, having three peaks that are very well known. Also, Clingman's Dome. She likes the idea of having layered mountains that fade away with the logo as well. For reference, I am uploading an image of Mount LeConte and Clingman's Dome but please do not restrict yourself to those. Also, please do not use those photos as we do not own them - they are just for reference, We would love to see other ideas that tie the name together as well. We had those two images in mind as something that would be nice...

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    Interested in a logo and animation as a streamer. I am interested in having a seagull like the one in the image provided, wearing a pirates hat and waddling across the screen, stopping in the right hand corner. I would like the background to be transparent so that I can place it over a live stream. I am also interested in a st...a seagull like the one in the image provided, wearing a pirates hat and waddling across the screen, stopping in the right hand corner. I would like the background to be transparent so that I can place it over a live stream. I am also interested in a still picture file of the same walking seagull that I can use as part of my logo. If at all possible it would be mice for the word “MoistPirate” to fade in behind the seagull as it walks by such as in...

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    We have a few videos of a lady showcase some cars. We ar...30 seconds good looking video, cut from the materials and some enhancements. files supplied 1. company logo 2. a zip file containing material (20mins total) 3. a music file named job description 1. create a video close to 30 sec (do not exceed 30) 2. replace the sound with the first 30 sec of background music 3. in the last a few seconds of the music slowly reduce the volume to fade away 4. the last file in zip (ending with 019) need to be the last scene (3seconds) 5. you can add any effect, and cut any pieces from material to make the resulting video look nice 6. you can add your own introducing theme to start the video 7. hopefully the ending video has cinematic trail look and feel 8. add company logo to the video

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    I would like only someone who specializes in silk screen art to provide me the graphic of a lion and a lamb cuddling with each other. I would like them to be laying on grass, with maybe a couple small flowers around them. I don't want it to be a square image, I want transparency behind the animals and grass under them. If the grass under them turns into a big rectangle, I want the grass to fade out as it reaches towards the ends of the animals body's.

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    We are looking for a smart graphics designer, who will be able to create a glow sign board display graphic 8 foot (width) by 4 foot (height). For better understanding, here I am describing what exactly we are looking for. This graphics we will print and make a glow sign board, which we will place in our showroom wall. And it will represent our brand and products a...represent the tailoring section like cutting, stitching, making of garments. Mostly the Indian Blouses, Kurtis & Dress. Also need to place our Logo, website link, social icons, address and contact number. We can also share our product images if it's helps you to make the graphic. Note: We will use this graphics as a digital display board. Make sure when LED backlight will glow the color may fade so use t...

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    Photoshop Edit -- 2 Udløbet left

    I need #2 in all photos photoshopped so it is just him and the with the bottom of his shoes faded to transparent with a transparent background. The photo () is the only photo where the entire player needs to be photoshopped with no fade on the shoes. Would like the entire player to be visible. Would also need the #2 player photoshopped out of the team photo. Also need the logo cropped out with a transparent background.

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    HTML Video Slider Udløbet left

    I have three 10s video asset and looking for someone who is good writing Pure Javascript, HTML and CSS to create lightweight autoplay video carousel that automates play one video when slide is active. After video finish pause, fade out and show the next slide. Automate add slide pagination is a must. I will check work if the slide script is ripped from other work such as Owl Carousel, Slick etc. Code size need to be small as possible.

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    We need a tool / software / macro / application created to do the below: 1...created to do the below: 1. A Screen Recording of a URL Animation 2. Place a Title banner over the video with text "Title" 3. Place a smaller banner over the bottom of the video with "Description" 4. Finally add an opening and closing logo at the end of the video. - Video format to be MP4 and ready for upload to youtube - Video Banners need to look nice and presentable with smooth transitions (Fade in/out) - URLs / Titles / Descriptions are in excel/csv format and tool needs to accept import of this file. - Videos to be saved with correct filename as per CSV file. - Output to be on a local computer / HDD Please chat with me and send me some ideas or previous similar work that you ha...

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    I would like an animation invitation that is a world map zooming into Africa continent with a butterfly flying and landing in the Africa continent and then morphing into a person (attached as Gabrielleunion_self1). Then it should fade into the logo (gab-50logo-05) also with AFRICA | OCTOBER 27 to NOVEMBER 2. Maybe something like these samples as an idea:

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    ...change, this time we can also zoom in and see the other parts of space in greater detail from (02:22-02:51) we have the 2nd singer that comes into play, the rapper who needs to be drawn in high-quality and hyperrealisticly is "THE GAME" and we need him to be fully drawn and recognizable, he has 3 main outfits the first one being him with a bandana on, the second with a cap on, and finally with a fade haircut ( look in the files) here is what his part looks like, he is rapping so we can see him talk and also do gestures with his hands, we can see him on his planet, and we can see him switching scenes, once he is looking at the stars from his planet the other he is entering his memory room where he can relive his favorite moments and even one where he sees a lot of sta...

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    Esp32 arduinio code Udløbet left

    In this lab, we will investigate pulse-width modulation and interrupts. Our design intent, is to push a button on the MCU which triggers an interrupt. Once triggered, the specified color LED on the development board must fade-in linearly (min to max intensity) during an interval of x seconds, stay at maximum brightness for y seconds, and then fade-out linearly (max brightness to off) with a duration of z seconds. Your personalized values for x, y, z, and color are given in the attached PDF. In this lab, you cannot make use of "delay" or equivalent routines (millis) to implement the intervals but must make use of the timers incorporated into MCU. Furthermore, you must implement LED intensity variations through the use of pulse-width modulation. You should ...

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    Trophy icon Refresh beer label design Udløbet left

    I would like to have my beer series "Mariagerfjord" refreshed. I like the idear of the large logo in the background - but I think the background should be changed - and maby the logo too? Background idear: I like light colored in the middel and gradient/fade out to black. 8 different color variants. (2-3 "dark"-, 5-6 "light"-colored). 2022 - mfk-redesign - bramslev is a exampel of how it looks on one of my other beer-series. You can use the right part-text, barcode on your sample-labels. The redesigns should stay close to the existing colors see here: But I think the background and front logo could looke better - therefore I seek a redesign :) "2021 - mariagerfjord - øster " is my existing design logo and so on. Dark

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    Need someone that knows how to prepare and retouch pictures for laser engraving on black tombstone - remove background - fade borders - improve contrast and detail of the pictures Most of the times it will be portrait of people

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    ...Entertainment logo flying in from the left (ref: first 3 seconds of this video - ) Animation style should be similar to this video. Background graphics, moving designs and excitement should be similar to the above video. Below the Entertainment logo, smaller text should read “Putting the FUN in Fundraising” Screen #1: Text/image should be central with an exciting fade/transition onto the screen Image: Image 1 Main text: "Discover the FRESH new way to fundraise” Sub text (smaller font): “Give your supporters valuable offers, rewards and savings with Entertainment” Screen #2: Image: Image 2 Main text: " Entertainment has helped fundraising for 27 years” Sub text (smaller font): “Your donors save money on their favourite dini...

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    The father of love of our two very young children passed recently. I’m looking for someone to create a video of his life before and after them so they feel like they “know” him, even if time might make the memories fade. I have pictures video clips and music. I’m think about framing it first as a timeline of his life and the second half highlighting personality traits and accomplishments

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    Trophy icon Logo Lettering. Ombré colored Udløbet left

    Color the font for Logo This is for my friend…she wants the “Southern” to start out deep red and gently fade into white at the bottom. And on the “YANK” she wants it to start out white at the top and gently turn Bright Sapphire Blue at the bottom (kinda deepRoyal) It’s a Cafe .

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    The code must be writed in C/UNIX! The application will be client-server(UNIX) type. The client establishes a connection with the server. After the connection has been established, the client can send the image to the server, type of transition (like fade-in or fade-out or both) and its position (in front of the image or after the image or in both sides). The server will handle the image processing and transforming it into a short video with the extension .mp4 which is sent as response back to the client. The application will support : -execution thread for the administration client interface (UNIX socket) -execution thread for simple client interface, users(INET socket) -execution thread for WS simple client interface(WS, REST example) -main thread of execution, coordinatin...

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