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    Since Yahoo Groups is not archiving messages any longer we would like to have a script that will backup and archive messages that are being sent from Yahoo Groups to our own web server. The script should be able to retrieve messages from a POP account automatically and then archive and display the messages. The messages should be able to be searched

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    ...the capabilities to be self replicated. There will be an administrative section where information can be viewed. The administrative section would have the capabilities of archiving and deleting orders that were placed through the site for all associates. There will also be pages in the site that will have the associates name, pin number, phone and

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    Email extractor Udløbet left

    ...attachment (if present) and file it in a folder structure based upon year & month Attachment can be a MS Word, Pdf, RTF, TXT file Delete the email from the server once extracted archiving all as .msg? comments please. Also provide a MS Outlook search facility of the index held on the SQL server returning the results and giving the ability to call up the archived

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    ...contain the index page and uploaded images. See the demo pages for examples and view the code for file strucure. The "Edit/Delete" option allows for editing,deleting or archiving photos and the corresponding blurbs. This function may look different than the example if you have a better idea. The link for the archive page example is seen at the bottom

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    ...included a minor archiving script that id like adapted as well to work with PERL, windows 98, and apache (same specs as listed above) You will be paid upon completion of the task. Completion of the task being that the scripts are fully functional and found to work with the above specifications. That means script must work on my system (PERL, windows

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    ...the data and print it out onto a pre-printed document or form using a DeskJet /LaserJet or non-PostScript needle printer (to have a carbon copy). Key data is easily accessible for the user's convenience and to reduce the input effort.** The data will be stored in a MS Access DB and allows extensive archiving, retrieving possibilities as well as STP enabling

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    Need a developer to implement a system for use by a mental heath partial care program. A staff of 5 ??" 10 people would use this system to record all required data. This system includes approximately 20 ??" 30 screens and 10 ??" 15 reports that are generated periodically. The system was in its initial phase of development when the project was dropped

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    ...overdue accounts, promotion trackers, attendance and enrollment status. Record keeping: managers will track each student’s progress and should be able to pull up that progress. Archiving and compacting utility (optional) Ideally I would like an offline application that I can sync online at the end of the night. Each manager of the 4 schools would upload the

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    ...should be able configure the app to set up the default number of posts to be shown for each feed with the entry's description as the tooltip ... The app should have automatic archiving when the default number of shortcuts has been reached. A possible extra would be a "Most Recent" submenu Any other features to be discussed with the coder ... ## Deliverables

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    ...I've botched uploading everything cut&paste script I ever tried to use for this project!!!) Must be relatively easy for me to maintain... eg; removing offensive postings; archiving; etc Should design for low-mid level browsers. We don't need lightning speed, but I'm for keeping things simple and relatively quick. That's about it. FYI, site is for a pub

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    We need some document imaging solution like FileNET, Laserfiche, Alchemy, PCDocs, etc... Application needs to allow user to access it using windows client and/or web client (IE) and must allows multiple users to works with applications at same time. Must be built like n-tier application using .NET framework on Win 2000/Win .NET server and to allow database

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    ...need Document Imaging Software similar to some of the software packages on market: FileNET, Laserfiche, Alchemy, HummingBird,or PCDocs. Application need to have windows and web client user interface. Must allow multi users (no limit), built using n-tier architecture, and for database storage MS SQL2000 (or maybe MySQL???). Must have basic document management

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    ...users to upload documents to the server using ASPUpload from Persits Software. I want to give the users the option to select a folder or sub-folder on the server to upload the document to using ActivexX component. 1. I need the ActiveX component with the source code. 2. I need the necessary files and information so the Component can be registered successfully

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    1) I need to implement around 20 built in tracking features such as archiving all transactions and financial history and also average payout per click thrus 2) I need two banners designed, and two new search boxes designed 3) I need to reprogram my members manage listings functions to make it easier for members to adjust keyword bid amounts and enter

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    Event Log tool Udløbet left

    ...have them … event logs … and we all hate them What I am looking for is a small program that will use this “[log ind for at se URL]? (attached). It does a rather impressive job of archiving event logs. But would like your program to do the following additional jobs: a) the ability to sift through event logs to look for user defined error codes; b) using “blat

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    Copy FDD to a HD Udløbet left

    Archiving discs from discdrive to harddisc Function will be used to archive discs (created from a digitala camera) to a destination-folder, using the date of a specific file on the disc, by creating a map with that date, where the disk will be copied to. Function looks like: bResult = LookAtDisk(PathDisc, FileOnDisc, CopyTo) bResult = LookAtDisk ("a:"

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    I am seeking for a document imaging software similar to Alchemy, HummingBird, PCDocs, Filnet with the following specifications and features: 1.Multi-Users applications. [log ind for at se URL] Server architecture. [log ind for at se URL] all types of Windows clients include XP and Internet Explorers. 4. Reliable and bugs free. [log ind for at se URL] to install and remove from ...

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    We need an administration system to manage web-based forms that send data to a database and then distribute the survey and lead generated data to numerous clients. Each client needs to be able to login to said system to retrieve their leads or surveys and we need to be able to distribute that data as we see fit. Some leads are exclusive and some can

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    Document Imaging/Archiving/Retrieval Software: We are seeking Document Imaging Software similar to Laserfiche, IMRGold's Alchemy, HummingBird, PCDocs, Filnet. Must be: 1.Multi-Users applications. [log ind for at se URL] Server architecture. [log ind for at se URL] all types of Windows clients include XP and Internet Explorers. [log ind for at se URL] app...

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    ...that one could easily View / Restrict the viewing of the emails from or to any individual email address/person. The main aspect or purpose of this program besides simply Archiving your entire email to more easily have the email saved in an organized fashion (based on the From or To fields). This is a "work-For-Hire" project as I intend to

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    Enrollment List Udløbet left

    ...child is enrolled or is waiting to be enrolled with the caveat that there are instances where child is still waiting to be enrolled even if, in fact, child is enrolled. Auto archiving of certain records upon happening of certain events. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    I'm looking for ...these features: Double opt-in from a form or email address. Bounce of undeliverables after x times or a menu where I can decide. A simple send feature with both text/html. Archiving for viewing online of sent messages. all other features of a great mlm... ## Deliverables See above ## Platform linux - red hat maybe [log ind for at se URL]

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    - Diary Database - Udløbet left

    ...Providing a sample VB shell to demonstrate remote calls to the stored procedures. Setting up security. Setting up transaction handling (roll back, commit etc) Setting up archiving Notes:- Each Diary entry comprises of a Date/Time and Person plus further elements of data entered through one of a number of structures, each of which may be from one of

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    ...of history including previous winners previous results, team details address book venue details league history over various seasons. Newsletter production (through word) Archiving facility Extensive Report printing facility and tailored collated newsletter packs All information to be live & real time with multiple access from different terminals. Full

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    62 bud bowling score sheet. It must be able to handle multiple bowlers and have remote data entry. This will be used on a high traffic web site so fast updating is critical. Archiving of scores is also desirable. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete

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    We need to devlop a video conferencing system. Below are the details, please review it and make sure you understand everything there. I would only like to work with developers that have experience in video conferencing, Windows media streaming and encoding. First of all, to develop the video conferencing end of the project, you can use the netmeeting

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    Chat Room Udløbet left

    Chat room for an adult web site need administrative options, adding moderators and assigning privileges based on username, archiving rooms, ability to kick out users unique reserved nicknames personal profile sizeable personalized avatars for use in chat private rooms ability to customize private rooms based on membership level individual provate messaging

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    Cold Fusion ap needed to allow a user to upload a lrg & small image plus a text caption through a browser. Must include an administrative area for managing/archiving files. ## Deliverables Must use std CF tags (i.e. CFFILE), no customs/CFX's without prior approval. Admin section should allow users to edit caption text, view images, delete, select

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    web publishing Udløbet left

    ...front end with style sheets ASP to SQL Server User log-in Forms to Database to automated e-mail responses to front end viewing of data entries. Full site Databasing Automated archiving Internal search Cross Browser compatibility Front end maintenance area for database entry of site content Front end maintenance area for daily journalist updates. Skills

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    Fax Server Udløbet left

    ...already purchased from. [log ind for at se URL] Pop3/smtp client source code can be also be Provided but still need imap for that client. Archiving source code is available (zip/unzip, Back up ) this should be a stand alone Client/server product. For win NT/2000. You can get all need info on both components from the URLs

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