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    Development of a VB6 active x control (usercontrol) based on the VB6 intrinsic textbox control with unicode support and IME input (Unicode Enabled Edit control). This control shall be used to input text for use by other usercontrols which utilize DrawText API calls to draw text/captions. For example, this control would be included on a property page for a custom Label control which has...

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    73955 Dating script Udløbet left

    Need a ready made dating script for my site. I require rights and support for the script after purchase. If you have a demo, please show it to me. Thanks

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    Configure a SBS2003 server to accomplish the following: Install ISA server on Windows 2003 box - Configure to allow 25, 53, 80, 110, 443, 3389, 20095, 20096 - Configure SSL bridging (using SSL) Recommend Exchange Alternatives Recommend Website Monitoring services Configure IIS on Windows 2003 box - Support 3 websites - Two of these sites will be SSL-enabled Configure DNS on Windows 2003 box Setup ...

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    We have the software Kayako eSupport v2.1.8 and we need some one to add our site desgin to the support areas. PLEASE NOTE the software is on the site and is WORKING 100% all we need is some one to take oue site desgin and fit it in and make the support home page of Kayako eSupport v2.1.8 look a wee better. you MUST know this software and have worked with it in the past.

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    I need readymade source code that is a complete billing system for voice over IP application. This software should be the Client Side front end to a a radius server and back ended with a SQL DB ( Either a MySQL or Oracle or SQL Server, should support all of them). That software should support the following: Prepaid and post paid calling Prepaid and post paid calling cards (almost as ab...

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    I have a cleint and a server which allwows chatting, in private and in broadcast. That is a browser contains the login page which allows you to choose from applet or browser. when you choose iether of them you are supposed to register after that you login, using either one then if you choose webbrowser you can then broadcast the message and do private message. if you choose the other ...

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    I need a exact clone of I'd prefer to base the project on an existing project or at least the developer(s) should bring in experience with similar projects. If you have a similar product ready, plz show me (post logins and passwords to all accounts into pmb). Additional I need it multilanguage. Requirements * Scripts should be bug free. * Scripts should contain easy insta...

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    This is a fairly simple script to be used with SecureCRT. If you like more information on SecureCRT and the scripts please follow the link. [log ind for at se URL] Here is what I am looking to accomplish. 1. Scan specified IP range. When I say "specified" this value is to be provided by the user 2. Connect (telnet session) to each switch (all the host on the network are go...

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    I'm currently using a cart system that via html supplies the cart cgi with the info to add with price and options. so far i have tried it via html but realized that the code below will allow people to create their own scripts that could order shirts for nothing: <form name="frm" method=POST action="cgi-bin/[log ind for at se URL]"> <div align="left&quo...

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    I have a community program that is using mysql database and I am having problem loging on to my database. I need someone who can fix or sync my database so that everything can work perfectly. Because I have a chat program that I will like to link the mysql database users name and password. If you think you can do this please reply.. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional wor...

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    This project consist of an MLM Powerline enrollment script. The following features are required: If you have a working demo that could be accessed on the net let me know so that I can check it out. I will prefer a script based on another (clone) or that is working. From scratch script that had never been tested should be throughly tested by me before acceptance for performance, features and accur...

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    **Details **I need a webmaster and server administrator ??" you can use this bid request to bid for one or the other of both. Two things - you need to be good and you need to be cheap! **Web master/editor** I have several websites and applications which are hosted on my remote dedicated server (Apache Linux). Whilst I can edit some webpage information myself, I am not very good at design...

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    I am interested in bids for a photo journal project. I am looking for the dairy functionality and gallery functionality found out In brief the main requirements: It shall have a photo gallery section, where photos can be uploaded and comments added. The photos shall be dated. Photos can be uploaded with or without change to their present size. It shall have a journal ...

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    Dear Scriptlance Programmers and Partner Companies, Please do not bid if you doesn't know anything about third party billing business solution because it takes too much time on explain what is all about. I need a complete the Clone of [log ind for at se URL] or Most of feature must be available. Additional bank gateway must be functional such as Authorizenet, Linkpoint, As...

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    I would like developed an antivirus application software. Ideally it will be used with a very regularly updated virus definitions engine, the definitions will be updated every time by small incremental data files whenever there are new virus or any threat outbreaks. This software should scan virus on the following : Memory, hard disk, Email [Incoming/Outgoing [pop3 , imap, smtp] ]. And if possib...

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    I have 3 seperate Frontpage files (sites) that are all hosted on one domain. 2 of the sites are 1 page 1 of the sites is about 8 pages I need the files/sites all consolidated into a single frontpage file so that I can simply edit and publsish directly from a consolidated Frontpage file. This will require renaming of the files and that sort of thing. No actual design work required. ...

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    **If you are not familiar with what a Point-of-Sale system is for a restaurant, please do not bid. **This project is for a client/server restaurant Point of Sale system that can handle a variety of menus (unlimited) but will generally handle 4. It must be able to handle unlimited modifiers (or must be several levels deep). Must handle typical POS functionalities such as discounts, differ...

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    Project Description for Tech Support Expert with Writing skills needed We are putting together a DVD for a few schools. We need someone that has extreme experience in technical support to write up a complete program that explains basic computer use. We need a solid script to use for the production of the DVD. The movie will show people how to operate a computer to its max. Meaning they will le...

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    I am looking to extract the webpage source code (HTML) from a given web page. This within its self is easy to do, however I want to do it the following way "The parsing and rendering of HTML documents in the **WebBrowser** control is handled by the MSHTML component of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 and later. The MSHTML component is an Active Document (also known as a **DocObject**) tha...

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    This project involves developing a Windows application utilizing the Windows Messenger API to customize the voice chat feature of Microsoft Windows Messenger. The application includes features like programmatically accept voice request, initiate a voice request, terminate the voice session, detect the termination of a voice session, etc… The application also includes UI which allow the use...

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    DSP algorithms for power line carrier communications for a Motorola DSP56F805 DSP processor. DSP algorithms shall use techniques so that communications is not seceptable to noise commonly found on Power lines, such as noisy ballasts, baby monitors, etc. Power line communication in America, Europe, and Asia differ greatly. A common standard does not exist. In Europe, for example, several ...

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    **NOTE BEFORE BIDDING:** This is a rebid of a previous project because the selected coder dropped-out approximately 26 days into the 30 day project. This project is NOT HARD, but it does require knowledge of Miva Merchant!! No other e-commerce systems are acceptable! Project is to create an updated version of the website located at <A href="[log ind for at se URL]">[log ind fo...

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    Hi, I'm looking for a live support programm like this: [log ind for at se URL] Following features are needed: - text chat in a dialog window - personal answear > when a client joins the chat, the admin can add a standart message. i.e. Welcome at x, our support will soon help you - Visualized availability display > a user can see at the website, if a support coworker...

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    The page: [log ind for at se URL] I need: *navigation at the left (mouseover and the boxes style with shadow, but different colors may be used - mouseover) *top left pic, with the bar included as a seperate layer in psd, so i can change the pic inside *login field at the right * inner free field for different text contents, this should be framed (a bit asymetric would be fine)and with a smal...

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    21G Chatterbot Udløbet left

    This Artificial Inteligence project involves adding new features to an open sorce program and also supporting its deployment. The open source program is Archbot (<[log ind for at se URL]>=). The feature I need is the definition by the user of words that are understanded as commnads and then the system should call a function/API. Example: Word «NEWS» in sentence «What a...

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    J2ME Tetris* Udløbet left

    This project will implement a J2ME MIDP 1.0 Tetris game mainly targeting hand phones. This game must support multiple levels of game play, and it must look and feel the same as conventional Tetris game. It must provide options such as next piece preview, rotate etc that are similar to the conventional Tetris game play. Must also provide optional support for key binding to the numeric key pad. This...

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    To you great programmers, I have done my search here and find to know that this script source already created so if you have a live chat support system - remotely hosted type script already done please bid but not above my price, that's all I can give right now. The faster I see demo the quicker I pay. I WILL ONLY PAY USING PAYPAL I want teh script tested on my server for bugs and error. Pl...

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    Dynamic application development group is at the end of a very long 2 year project. The project revolves around the creation and implementation of an automated infrastructure to support and manage eCommerce operations both within the auction venues as well as "traditional" retail site support. It is written in VB Script, Java and .ASP hosted in a 2003 server environment. We are at the tai...

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    Our company provides merchant services to merchants. In order to access information on merchants such as batch reports, current address, DBA, etc. it is currently necessary for us to log in through a VPN connection and then telnet to a given IP to access the bank VPN system. This system, while very secure, has the drawback that we can not allow direct access to this system to outside sup...

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    Generalize modem support (including winmodem support) for the TOEJAM Project, including some espcific functional modem support. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Source code must comply with the actual style of coding. Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-r...

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    This will be the last time I am going to put this project on RAC, I have had no success in finding a reputable coder to finish this project. I would like a clone of "[log ind for at se URL]" with a few additions. Please, please only bid on this project if you have taken on similar to exact work, portfolio of this would be very helpful in my decision. I want a coder that can finish ...

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    **ONLY .NET EXPERIENCED DEVELOPERS ARE WELCOME TO BID.** I need to develop my website, and most important part is the customer support part. Customers will login to the website and fill up their forms, accept agreements, open trouble ticket, etc..... everything will be logged. This will also have some accounting features. There are some requirements for MS Word, MS Excel, MS InfoPath, VBA. I w...

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    Summary: Customers can have unlimited keywords added to their account and pay click rate that is controlled in a "Executive Admin" area of the system. If the client puts our search engine logo on their home page, their cost per click is lowered. Our search engine requires the following features: Data importation: Must be able to import xml, text, etc. of farmed data. Each record must con...

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    Develop site specification Background information We are a travel agent company located in New York. We need three separate web sites that would attract viewers for a) Golf holidays b) Spa vacations c) Group travel We ought to have about 1000 genuine and interested viewers per day to each of the sites with in three months of hosting them. The purpose of the sites is to engage the viewer to scan av...

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    Banner ad rotator Udløbet left

    I demand a Banner ad rotator. I demand a Banner ad rotator. The program should be an administration tool to easy handle commercial banner on our homepage. The administration should have some following option. - Just one link to integrate on the homepage - Online administration for webmaster (password protected) - Online access for our commercial partners to view clicks an...

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    KingsConcreteIron Udløbet left

    I need a Web page designed and do not have the time or patience to deal with anything that I've found. We have a Domain Name and hosting already set up and need a good SIMPLE web site made that we can manage. Here are the details. We would like to set up a Concrete Pump Equipment Auction web site that has One main page. On this page we would need to be able to update and manage the ongoing au...

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    I need a small PHP page which gets CC transaction information needed to successfully make a transaction and passes it to MCVE engine (Monetra). This is pretty simple task, no need to do a design of the PHP form, nothing else needed too - just a simple Web-PHP to MCVE pass routine. PHP has MCVE support included, MCVE PHP API is pretty documented and the [log ind for at se URL], so it's not a b...

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    Hi, I need - freetype-2.1.5 [log ind for at se URL] installed asap on my server for PHP thanks

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    Need a clone of friendster that will be able to handle large amount of member I also need rights and support for the software.

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    Hi, I have problems with network settings of my Windows XP Notebook. We have a workgroup and connect over a Proxy (KEN DSL) to the internet. All pc's are win2000 prof, my notebook has winXP Home edition. Our internet provider offers an exchange account. We succesfully installed it on our win2000 Prof PC, but on my XP Home Notebook it cannot connect to the exchange server with outlook 2002. We...

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    The project will be to create a program that will be used to track technical support calls from our customers. The program will allow the user to lookup the customer and their previous history of calls. I have attached a fair amount of details regarding this project. I can answer additional questions for those that have them. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional worki...

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    I have a screen scraper service that loads US futures of a screen into an access DB. I need to enhance the functionality of the loader to switch automatically to next near month upon the current near month expires (this would either be a monthly task or done every 3 month depending on the contract at hand. The service should take no symbol name but the symbol i.e. short name of the contract i.e. c...

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    A small business needs implementation of MS Exchange 2003. Here are the things required: 1. Setup firewall with DMZ support 2. Install Windows 2003 3. Install / deploy exchange 2003 using front-end / back end condiguration and also configure outlook web access. 4. setup VPN to two remote offices. 5. Enable road warriors to connect to main office network, and also be able to use outloo...

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    Want a team that can work as technical support team for our Windows driver product. This include responding to email support requests during European and US business hours. Support should be given with short response time (preferably within 10 min). Deep technical knowledge is required to be able to support our product and also a team is required so that there is sort of backup. The...

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    Hello coders. I wish to hire someone to build me a java chat program for cusromer support. **The functions of the program should be: 1) The server runs on the customer support representative's machine.** 2) It queues requests for help that come from a web page. For instance, an ISP or a telephone company has a link on a web page for "LIVE SUPPORT". The cusotmer clicks on it with a j...

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    Need a survey/form type of script coded in cgi (we aren’t php compatible yet) with a mysql database backend on a windows 2000 server. All the user information (Name, Email, Department, Location) is already stored in a mysql database. No FTP access can be allowed so you have to test this on your own server and send setup instructions to me (sorry). We only want to deal with companies that h...

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    Hello, and thanks for looking. My company is requiring a proprietary trouble ticket system for technical/software support type calls, as well as customer service. Would like this system done in PHP and MySQL (does not HAVE to be) and we need it to integrate into MS Exchange, so our support reps can enter new tickets, update them, etc, and it update the PHP system. A Knowledge base type module...

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    Hi, I need a professional Delphi-coder for adding -dualmonitor support -programming mousebuttons (3-buttons logitech etc.) to my Delphi software. Please bid only if you have experience with the above stuff, thanks. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install...

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    I'm looking for a CMS in PHP/MySQL that _does not control the way the content is presented in the target website_, but only provides a very user friendly interface to the database records. *Easy to work* with for end users, and webbuilders aren *not limited* by it. It requires a webbased script that reads database/table-metadata (fieldtypes etc.) from MySQL to form the foundation for the CM...

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    I need someone to install PHP with Java support on a new FreeBSD box. Java is installed and running fine, PHP has been uploaded to the server and is unpacked ready to be installed. This should not be a long job for someone with experience. You will be provided with root access to the server and clear instructions in what is required and where everything is on the server. Once finished you are to...

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