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    I am trying to build a COM+ DLL which calls upon [log ind for at se URL], it works fine from the debug environment and when compiled as a DLL on the development machine. Once it is complied and placed on the server it does not work. - Please see attached ZIP for more info. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as

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    Drive Mapper DLL Udløbet left

    I need a VB6 DLL that will manage network drives. One function should create a drive letter mapping when passed the desired Drive Letter (E-Z) and the UNC path of the location to be referenced. Must provide option for the location to be mapped as the "root" of the drive letter. Must provide option to set the reconnect at startup flag. A second function

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    Web Browser URL DLL Udløbet left

    Create a dll/ocx component that will be a Browser clicks monitor for Netscape, Netcaptor, and Opera web browsers. This ActiveX shall be able to catch any link that has been processsed through the web browser and interface it like a BHO (Browser Helper Object). This code will be needed for a download manager. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    IIS 5.0 comes with a bandwidth throttling option which allows you to throttle static .htm pages and .gif/.jpgs on an entire website. I need an ISAPI .dll that will do a little better than this: 1) Throttles bandwidth and allows me to specify the throttle amount by directory and file type example: /webdir1 57kbps .zip, .txt, .gif, .jpg /webdir2/other

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    A standard compression ActiveX controll that includes zip,arc,tar,gzip,rar,jar,cab,and sit compression and any other popular standards. Including self extracting, password, single file or total extraction, variable compression levels, span disks,progress indication, We are going to use it with MS Visual Basic 6.0. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working control

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    DLL Or Code Udløbet left

    Looking for some code or a dll for my software i want to make it run on all windows aplications from 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP, i need some one to help me get it running on all this applications. What i am looking for is my visual basic application when it been package up and sent to other users it will run on any of the above applications in exe format

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    I have a 32-bit C DLL that I need to use with VB. I cannot figure out the correct calling convention for a couple of the most important functions. I need someone to provide me with the VB Declare statements and also the calling convention. For instance: Private Declare Function MyCall lib "[log ind for at se URL]" (param1, param2, etc) as whatever AND ALSO: status =

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    We have a simple 16-bit DLL that contains 4 macros and 5-6 short routines and is written in Assembler. It was written for Win3.x, and we need the same DLL in 32-bit form to run under Win9x and be called from our VB 5 (SP3) program. This too must be in Assembler. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as

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    ...would like someone to fix this .dll so that it runs about twice as fast as it currently does. Attached is the source for the .dll. Currently, this .dll writes to a file with every event and it writes in allot of other useless data as well. If you can see any other problems with the code, feel free to fix them. I want this DLL function to be exactly the same

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    ...Will start a program on the console. Wish to send keystrokes to the program. Have tried using writeconsoleinput without success. That is my prefered approach. Would accept C++ DLL. Need to be able to send all possible keystrokes (alt,cntrl, etc). ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    VB automation server to convert unusual format dates to standard date/datetime format. (To be used as a exposed user defined function in Crystal Reports). Date format is CYYMMD (stored as a Packed number length 7, 0 precision) eg 1011231 for 2001-12-31 991231 for 1999-12-31 Small Specification including Crystal Reports developer pdf file giving VB or C++ coding outlines and an example provided. eg...

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    wrap *one* C function into a DLL. Sample application provided. ftp://[log ind for at se URL] ftp://[log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] ## Deliverables DLL with mtRequestIntradayDataTime Pascal calling conventions preferred, but C conventions should work ## Deadline information ASAP

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    I simply need a c++ .dll file that can retrive the nic card name, video card name and sound card name of these devices. just like device manager does... (example: nic_card_name = 3com Etherlink 905c 10/100, or Video_Card_Nmae = Riva TNT 2) This .dll file needs to be easyably callable from visual basic... ## Deliverables Complete source code of all

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    Hooking Dll Udløbet left

    ...gdi32.dll function DrawText is called a different DrawText function is called instead. All other gdi32 functions work as normal. This must be system wide. ## Deliverables DLL containing the new DrawText function. Doesn't even have to have any functionality. Code to install any hooks needed or setup however you plan to do this. A proxy dll is fine

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    Would like to be tutored in how to build a Windows type GUI for an existing ANSI C Win32 console app. Would like to learn how to build a GUI and webpage that would allow password-protected access to online software, and also how to build a GUI for access via CD or other non-web media. This probably will be about linking MS Visual C++ DLLs to Visual Basic, using VB Script to create webpages, etc. ...

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    We need an OCX or DLL written in C++ (whichever is the fastest operating) that has the ability to do the following : 1. Connect to a http address (passed in) 2. Parse elements of HTML 3. Write data to a database (standard sql) 4. Send an event that its finished processing. We have complete source and a working model in VB but its way too slow. OCX MUST

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    I just code in Win32 C, C++ scares me :) However, I need to use an ActiveX OCX.. Is there some way I can use it like I would a DLL ? I'm assuming LoadLibrary() doesn't work for OCX's. Thanks! ## Deliverables Sample code?

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    A dll Udløbet left

    I need a dll keylooger.. ## Deliverables the code.

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    I will pay someone to help me figure out how to use a function in a specific DLL. ## Deliverables A

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    I would like to re-write or modify a dll that is used as an add-on to a stock market charting program. ## Deliverables Add a thermograph to the time&sales screen that graphically shows the trades relative to size (See the attached files). ## Deadline information ASAP

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