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    DEKOM AG er en international aktør på medieteknologi- og videokonferencescenen. Med kontorer i 11 lande og mere end 20 års erfaring, er vi et firma med en enorm rækkevidde, ekspertise og erfaring fra branchen. I samarbejde med vores nationale og internationale kunder skaber vi løsninger, der forbedrer deres kommunikation og samarbejde vha. de nyeste og bedste løsninger indenfor medieteknologi. I den forbindelse søger vi: Erfaren AV-tekniker med fast tilknytning til DEKOM Denmark. Dine arbejdsopgaver vil bestå af følgende: - Montering, installation samt slutkonfiguration af medieteknologisystemer og videokonferencerum/udstyr. - Kabling, opstilling, testning samt kontrol af de installerede systemer og produkter. - Dokumentation a...

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    Team Agent is a teamfinding and team management website for eSport games (League of Legends and Counter-Strike Global Offensive) Demo site: Assignment: The site is almost done, but the last element need to be developed - which are: - Facebook sign up/sign in integration + API info (steam link & In game name) - Build a system that read the grabs from the game publicers API, the user profile of the gamer. - responsive design (mobile friendly) - Application requirements, which is where the teams can tell what kind of members they seek. Based on some dropdown criteria and text. The assignment will have to be done ASAP. We would be pleased to see you have experience with: Python 3+ Django 1.8+ HTML5 Javascript CSS Bash JQuery GNU/Linux Mercurial

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    Lav en hjemmeside Udløbet left

    Hejsa Jeg har behov for en classifieds hjemmeside, det som det skal være er et B2B hjemmeside. Hjemmesiden skal indeholde annoncer som henvender sig kun til erh...en række oplysninger som kan benyttes til at validere at der ligger et firma bag. Det skal styres af administrator. Brugerne skal både kunne oprette annoncer eller skrive til andre på allerede oprettede annoncer. Der skal kunne integreres betaling som udgangspunkt Paypal men der findes et dansk plugin som understøtter DIBS som er en dansk betalingesformidler. jeg har kigget og der findes div plugins men af dem jeg har set skal der rettelser til for at det får rigtige look etc. Der er helt sikkert behov for yderligere detaljering men dette er i overskrifter hvad jeg ha...

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    Scraping pages with unchanged url 6 dage left

    For pagination, javascript is used and the url does not change. site URL I want to get the URL of the apartment. xpath //div[@class='result_block_title_body']/h3/a/@href I'm using python and selenium. What I want to do is get the apartment url from page 1 to the last page. I will attach the current script. thank you.

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    ...Crafting (e.g. Elemental Stones which can increase elemental attack (weapon) or elemental defence (armour) - Cards, each monster can drop with a very low chance (e.g. 1%) a card which has special effects and can be used in slotted armour or weapons - Chests with low chance in getting items / potions etc. That's it. If I missed something, don't blame me. Of course, I'll make up my mind about what element is superior to the other or what stats the equipment should have or if we include a random variable etc. Milestones could be every finished area and nope, I won't tell the budget. The budget I wrote down here is just a placeholder. Come forth and give me an estimate! Unrealistic offers, or placeholders, will not be taken into account. Payment NOT over Wester...

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    We are evaluating candidates for a larger project and would like to have a very simple demonstration of tracking camera position changes using OpenCV in real time. We are looking for a clean and easily understandable python script with comments. We would like to have a script that displays a real-time feed with overlaid positional changes in camera location. This will be used for a drone positioning project. Monocular or binocular solutions are acceptable.

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    Edit Created Logo 5 dage left

    This is a quick hour job. I have laid out the logo elements and put it together as desired. I need them edited, cleaned up and ready on file. The logo will be used on digital and physical platforms. • Please keep the tiger the exact same. I just need a better quality graphic. It is a traditional Thai tattoo and an important element. • Letter type was also chosen as a “street” style Thai font. Am open to improved versions but happy with it currently. • I will need the logo in 3 layouts; round, vertical & horizontal. I am available for any questions or further clarifications.

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    Xsanguinate 5 dage left

    Would like to input every MLB boxscore for last 4 years into a database, and extract out of that a starting pitcher to umpire correlation. I believe I have found an avenue to create the database. Just not sure how to extract the starting pitcher to home plate umpire correlation. Looking to create a comprehensive statistical analysis of how a pitcher performs relative to specific home plate umpires.

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    you are a SikuliX expert and you know how to automate exceptionally well with sikulix? - typing filenames by date+time patterns - conditional programming (if UI element selected, use different path) - experiences in bigger projects to automate lots of business processes you will either develop yourself or via over the shoulder in a team Both paths are mandatory

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    NFT logo industry -- 2 5 dage left

    I am looking for a logo that has a 'lower case '. I am involved in the blockchain and NFT industry helping to people make and generate their own NFTs. The logo we're looking for will have an independent element and the name of the platform, Ajim Pips. Please submit original designs only

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    NFT logo industry 5 dage left

    I am looking for a logo that has a 'lower case '. I am involved in the blockchain and NFT industry helping to people make and generate their own NFTs. The logo we're looking for will have an independent element and the name of the platform, Ajim Pips. Please submit original designs only

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    The project involves the creation and automatic download of a pdf file created using the data present on a transmitted json file. The json file includes the elements which can be texts, images (with image link - svg code - data: image / png - data: image / jpg) Each element contains width, height, x / y position and css (font, style, etc.) Font Family can be: Abel Archivo Black Arial Narrow" Arial Bowlby One Bubbler One Cambria Cinzel Black Cinzel Courier New Dancing Script Franklin Gothic Medium Fredericka the Great Georgia Impact Indie Flower Lato Lobster Lucida Sans Montserrat Black Montserrat Open Sans Condensed Light Open Sans Condensed Open Sans Oswald Raleway Black Raleway Roboto Condensed Rye Segoe UI Tahoma Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Verdana I am attaching in sampl...

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    Thai Recording Project 5 dage left

    1. Find a local partner/friend/relative(age:18~60)to join you to make a phone call(As long as the northern and central Thai accents, the southern accents do not) 2. The phone call topic can be: Travel/ Politics/ Religion /Economics/Healthcare(You can only talk about one topic in a call) 3. Provide a 2 to 3minutes demo before the official recording. If the demo passes, you will be notified immediately for an official recording.(The formal recording duration is 90 minutes) . Notice person can only participate once. environment you can choose indoor or outdoor. Please try to find a quiet place. (the background noise cannot cover the speaker's voice, andambient noise coverage is not accepted for the speaker). 3. Be careful to keep a certain distance from the microphone. 't ...

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    I need a philippinan women to write me announce relative to Manila and may help to find a good person.

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    small coding 5 dage left

    ...This function returns the item at the specified index, if available. However, if the list is shorter than n, you need to return None > tryNth 0 [11] Some 11 > tryNth 2 [11; 12] None > tryNth 0 [] None Part A.2: tryFindIdx This function takes in a predicate and a list. It searches through the list, and finds the index (wrapped inside an option) of the first element that satisfies the predicate (returns true). If there is no such element, return None. > tryFindIdx (fun x -> x > 0) [-3; 0; 7] Some 2 > tryFindIdx (fun x -> x > 0) [-3; 0; -7] None Part B: Practice with trees Part B.1 toList This function takes in a tree t, and converts it into a list. The elements are added to the list in in-order traversal (meaning the left subtree is added first, ...

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    I have installed a fresh wordpress instance and need old content to be filled in. If you're not new to Wordpress this will be easy. I need some attention to detail. 1- open new post 2 - open the .md ...Sachs presents "Space Program" alongside other works to Google's New York office. videos: - people: - Tom Sachs --- Transcript here. 3. Enter the title in the Title bar 4. Choose Avada Builder 5. Embed the Video. Do this by using the YouTube or Vimeo container 6. Embed the transcript if there is one using +Element and then "Text Block" 7. Embed the content of the .md file using the code block element 8. on the right side, in the tags form, fill in the contents of the fields 'type' and 'people' (here, this would be '...

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    Hi there I have a function that adds values when i click the add button it will automatically add the values and display the result in a alert box , i dont want it to be displayed in an alert box but instead in a html element like <p></p> or <div><div/>

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    Unsere WIX-Webseite braucht - div. neuen Funktionen - neues Menu - schnellere Seiten - bessere Suitability - usw.

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    i want look premium and classy design with gold element company name shera lee.

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    I need help in strip payment gateway it's give error in when transaction form india it's give nor inr transaction errror Thanks

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    I would like to create a one page brochure for our companies new product. I have a few photos that need to be incorporated and the words that should be included along with company PNG logo that will be shared.  REDUCED LABOR COSTS  REMOVING PERSONEL FROM THE LINE OF FIRE - ALARM SETPOINTS - TEXT ALERTS  CUSTOMIZABLE  Self Contained - 110v backup  CLASS I DIV. II  SCADA COMPATIBLE  REMOTE MONITORING INCLUDED  CUSTOMIZABLE & REMOTE INTERFVAL SELECTION  3 PRESSURE MONITOR LOCATIONS  DUAL CYCLONIC VALVES - ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN - LONGER LIFE - BETTER RELIABILITY

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    It is hoped that they have worked on designs for car signage, and are able to show examples of the work they have done. This work consists of two parts: 1. designing company icons and logos 2. designing a car signage 1. Designing Logo a. The icon is expected to be like the "sample icon" image, but needs to be redesigned so that it gives a CP shape. colors are retained the "back side" and "right side" images 3. Additional design is required to display the following information: Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) 0800 427 337 *** beside design logo, this job also designing car signage, The car signage design should meet with car dimensions since we have to send the design to cutting sticker services

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    Salesforce App Builder Integration 4 dage left

    TO design and Create an Salesforce integration application using Salesforce App Builder UI/UX framework. This app will perform the following following actions : 1. Get lead generation report and other lead management report available with the integrated app. 2. Ability to modify all or some of the information before displaying by extracting text of the element to send to a server (Post Call) and replacing the text with the response text. 3. Ability to add a custom style and font on all the generated report by hitting the server

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    We have a list of results in HTML that is inside a PHP foreach loop. We use jQuery. We want to allow mouse hover over each unique DIV that changes a element inside, which becomes a youtube AJAX value, and mouseout of element becomes original image (img => iframe, iframe => img). Sources are read from AJAX GET request.

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    ...label where the primary image element is a sophisticated, beautiful woman. It should be flattering, not sexual. It should be a celebration of her elegance and free spirit. Feel free to get your inspiration from anywhere – I’m interested in seeing how you interpret this. Brand Name: Mon Cheri Tag Line: Blush Ale Company: LaFemme Company Logo: Attached Keep in mind this is an exercise, not a real brand, so there are no constraints on how you implement this. THE COLOURS Feel free to base the design around any colour that you feel best conveys the emotion of the image. Keep the colour palette very simple, as per the examples provided. THE STYLE Adopt the illustration style used in the attached images, as closely as possible. Both the primary image element...

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    Python code 3 dage left

    PART A: Write code for a python function called load_data that accepts a string that holds the name of a file on disk, a dictionaryi, and a key (string). This function will read all characters of the file into a 2-Dimensional list (array). All characters of the same row will form a list and each row will be an element of the 2D list For example, if the file contains abcd efgh then list_2d = [['a','b','c','d'], ['e','f','g','h']] The function then stores this list in the dictionary using the supplied string as key. The file must be closed after a successful read. This function returns the entire dictionary (8 marks). PART B: Write the code for a python function called replace_data that accep...

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    Build an image swapper for Elementor, where the image changes depending on which number is clicked, and also shows/hides other elements by ID. The element is described in detail in the attached PDF, and the 5 images are attached. Image element should resize according to responsive sizing. The Elementor page is ready and all elements uploaded and have IDs. Please provide relevant documentation, as this project will be moved to another website.

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    Hi DIV SYSTEMS (DIVINE INFO), I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Data entry 3 dage left

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> ...justify-content : center; font-family : ; margin : 0; min-height: 100vh; } .heart { position: fixed; top: -1vh; font-size : 2rem; transform: translateY(0); animation: fall 2s linear forwards; } @keyframes fall { to { transform: translateY(105vh); } } </style> </head> <body> <script> function createHeart() { const heart = ("div"); ("heart"); = () * 90 + "vw"; = " ?"; //heart.innerText="?"; = () * 2+3+"s"; (heart); setTimeout(() => { (); }, 5000); } setInterval(createHeart, 130); </script> </body> </html>

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    Build an image swapper for Elementor that shows a default image (white wall). The image changes according the where mouse is hovering (or finger is touching on phone/tablet). When mouse is not hovering the element anymore, the image should change back to default (white) The element is described in detail in the attached PDF, and the 5 images are attached. Element should resize according to responsive sizing.

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    Data Entry -- 2 3 dage left

    I would need a person to enter information regarding various sites into an excel file following some specific instructions. Only natives or people with a high level of the Italian language. ---------- Avrei bisogno di una persona che inserisca le informazioni relative a vari siti in un file excel seguendo alcune istruzioni specifiche. Solo nativi o persone con un alto livello di conoscenza della lingua italiana.

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    Needing a modification to the content editor. Currently, the content editor loads the page into itself in an iFrame (this isn't very practical and creates funky overheard), to reduce this overhead we are looking to remove the iFrame load and instead load the page content into a div. The source is dynamic, what we are asking is to modify the JAVASCRIPT and JQUERY so that "IFRAME" is no longer used, and instead we can replace it with a "DIV" element.

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    There are 5 different websites that have a form in them. There are a few dialog boxes that pop up that need ok to be pressed before the data can be entered. The same data has to be entered in different input boxes in the websites. You need to find the element id and add the data into it. The webpage should be opened in chrome in different tabs. This can be achieved using python + selenium.

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    Trophy icon Logo design for project 2 dage left

    Need a simple logo designed for a projected tilted 'Designing in Defibrillators'. Must include this title wording, and some design element that references defibrillators/heartbeat etc. Style preferred arty/comic/street art style. Vector, JPG and PDF files needed.

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    I want a leg sleeve in the traditional Japanese style to sleeve my calf. I’d like it to have bright colour but have also a black contrast for the colour, a good mix of both black and colour. I’d like it to picture a snake or a dragon with flowers and maybe have an element of water.

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    My website code as following {"@type":"BreadcrumbList","@id":"","itemListElement":[{"@type":"ListItem","position":1,"name":"Home","item":""},{"@type":"ListItem","position":2,"name":"Portfolio","item":""},{"@type":"ListItem","position":3,"name":"Snack Packaging Machine"}]}]}</script> but i wanna change position 2 as following {"@type":"ListItem","position":2,"name":"Product","item":""}, does someone can do this work ?

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    Preciso de um coder para criar uma api em Node, com PROXY, a api ira da seguinte forma = Ler a lista de USUARIO|SENHA Executar dentro do dominio "X" Executar o USUARIO Executar a SENHA E recolher os dados de retorno dentro de uma DIV Resumo = o programa ira abrir, ler a lista de USUARIO|SENHA, utilizar proxy para fazer as requisições de USUARIO|SENHA em um site especifico, e retornar quais USUARIO|SENHA estão BONS/LIVES/FUNCIONANDO/ENTRANDO/LOGANDO e os que estão RUINS/DIE/ERRO Verificar se determinados dados estão cadastrados no site e me dar um retorno.

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    Trophy icon Social Sports App Logo 8 dage left

    Logo for peer-to-peer Pickleball App This project is a logo for an up and coming application for iOS and Android called 'Paddle'; an app for people to find Pickleball games in their area. Logo will be used primarily for our app icon, as well as branding throughout the app, but will also be featured on merchandise. In terms of the logo — we would like a glyph version (just the primary element of the logo), as well as a version that contains the glyph and the company name 'Paddle'. Font for Paddle should be a Sans Serif type, something simple. As for the glyph, go crazy! We would love to see your creativity. Relatively simple is preferred We are wanting the colors to be minimal, as the design is meant to be primarily black(labels) and white(background)...

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    Need a expert Squarespace developer for sitewide custom code: (1) Expert Squarespace Developer - Add this one piece of colour to website header top right corner, like example site that is dynamic and scales with the site like example Example: We need a colour element like that yellow element on that site, same sizing on banner that scales with the site like example, and works the same as mobile (look at both desktop and mobile site)

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    Mind science: Abnormalities in cerebrum substance levels might prompt wretchedness. Hereditary qualities: If you have a relative with sadness, you might be bound to become discouraged. Life altering situations: Stress, the demise of a friend or family member, disturbing occasions (injury), seclusion and absence of help can cause wretchedness. Ailments: Ongoing actual agony and sicknesses can cause wretchedness. Individuals frequently have gloom alongside conditions like diabetes, malignant growth and Parkinson's sickness. Drug: Some meds have melancholy as an incidental effect. Sporting medications and liquor can likewise cause sorrow or exacerbate it. Character: People who are handily wrecked or experience difficulty adapting might be inclined to despondency.

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    I need 11 different graphic elements provided in givedifferent colours per element. 7 are attached here but I will send through the rest. I will give you each colour they need to be (already have a colour guide as per attached) e.g. 1) HEARTS - to be provided in: blues, pinks, orange and yellow, green and red 2) MUSIC NOTE 1 - to be provided in pink, orange, light green, red, blue etc. etc. Would need to be provided in EPS and PNG file format if possible.

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    Shopify App Extension 1 dag left

    Looking for a Shopify application extension to perform the following actions 1. Add a paragraph and div and span containing a special class name (Blocks) 2. Ability to modify all the posts before display by finding any element with special class name and extracting text of the element to send to a server (Post Call) and replacing the text with the response text. 3. Ability to add a custom style and font on all the post / pages by hitting the server

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    Hello, world! I'm searching for an expert in CSS/HTML to help optimize the overly complicated attached website. They have many things wrong with this site, the most important is to reduce the complexity of the source code, remove as many external dependencies and use the latest HTML tags (this site mostly uses div/span) Code Structure - Remove the use of bootstrap Optimize HTML - Appropriate use of semantic tags - Rich and appropriate selection of HTML elements (and HTML is valid) - Rich commenting on HTML - Accessible code, particularly in the use of media and colors - Tidy directory structure and file naming Optimize CSS - Use of external stylesheets - Thoughtful and appropriate styling of text - Thoughtful and appropriate use of color - Use and styling of media elements ...

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    aws lambda with java 21 timer left

    hi I need an expert in java aws lambda to help me do this: I got an api response with a list of elements now what i need is to make a call to each of the elements on the array, to check for availability, then if element available add to new array if not available ignore charge by the hour because 1. this is only for remote desktop job (teamviewer or similar) 2. yes is working on my computer remotely charge by the hour a good price and lets make this happen thanks

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    update ios app 3 dage left

    1) fixing push notifcication certificate, small bug from last work causing app to crash when viewijng coupon, 2) add the new product availability element <a> and simple text banner in product panel on delivery and shopping list panels (simple colour and text) 3) change search and display criteria on shopping list using status field from 'L'' and 'S' to 'L' and 'L'.

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    Complete Live online home healthcare information sytem. Which includes both web portal and app. 1) staff management of nurses on site (patient home). 2) integrated electronic patient record. With different interface for home nurse, patient/relative, doctor and admin. 3) Live monitoring option and updates for raltives of all medications and nursing services like minor dressings, positioning, invasive medications and physiotherapy. 3) Live video monitoring option for patient relatices only. 4) GPS tracker of nursing location. More details will be provided.

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    Complete Live online home healthcare information sytem. Which includes both web portal and app. 1) staff management of nurses on site (patient home). 2) integrated electronic patient record. With different interface for home nurse, patient/relative, doctor and admin. 3) Live monitoring option and updates for raltives of all medications and nursing services like minor dressings, positioning, invasive medications and physiotherapy. 3) Live video monitoring option for patient relatices only. 4) GPS tracker of nursing location. More details will be provided.

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    Company Profile Udløbet left

    I need help in creating a Company Profile. Note: Relative details will be shared once selected - thank you

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    Game Launcer Udløbet left

    I have a 95% made launcher for our game. The launcher is coded in C++ on the Electron platform (). I just need someone to help me finish it, make the launcher reactive (So if we change any element, like the logo, it will automatically reflect on the launcher of all our users, and some other changes that need to be made, and help setting it up. Please be fluent in English, and know what you're doing.

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