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    ...frames, - subtitles stylings, - thumbnails, - background images, - circular character frames. These elements should be eye-catching, diverse, and tailored to each franchise's unique visual identity. - We are 2 people in this project, and we each need a thematic personal profile picture as well (current, non-thematic images attached as sample). These should be suitable for Facebook, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, Twitch and TikTok We are actively avoiding AI-made content, so please avoid its use - or keep it to a minimum. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in graphic design and animation, with a strong portfolio showcasing previous work in a similar context. - A deep understanding of the visual aesthetics and thematic elements of WH40k, LOTR, Cy...

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    I need a skilled Discord developer to help me setup my server and create custom bots with specific functionalities. Requirements: - Server Setup: You will be responsible for the initial setup of the Discord server. - Custom Bots: I need custom bots to be created with the following functionalities: - Moderation: The bots should be equipped to perform actions like kick, ban, and mute. - Auto-moderation: The bots should prevent spam. - Custom Commands: Implement custom commands as per my requirements. Additional: - Integration: The custom bots need to integrate with Twitter and TikTok. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Discord API and server setup procedures. - Experience in creating custom bots with moderation and auto-moderation capabilities. - Fam...

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    ...developer to create a Discord bot that interfaces with our subscription-based website. This project entails: - Assigning roles to our subscribers in our Discord server - Prompt verification of each member's subscription status - Instant removal (kicking out) of non-subscribers from the server Our website is already equipped with a subscription system. Ideally, the freelancer should possess experience in discord development and have a strong understanding of both Discord bot development and subscription-based systems. Your role will include creating a mechanism for real-time verification of subscription status to effectively manage our Discord community. Tight integration and flawless functionality are paramount to this project. Candidates with...

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    I'm looking for a skilled marketing expert to increase the member count of an established Discord server. With more than 500 members, the server is to buy or sell your ingame items or accounts. Key Tasks: - Brining Organic members who will buy or sell accounts . - Engaging these targeted individuals with compelling and persuasive techniques. - Successfully growing the member count of the server. Ideal Candidate: - Previous experience with Discord and its functionalities. - Strong understanding of mobile gaming communities. - Proven record in successful marketing and member growth strategies. - Ability to effectively engage a targeted audience.

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    I'm in need of a Python script that can monitor specific events or conditions that I choose and send notifications to a Discord channel. I would like this to be done on a regular basis, for example, every hour. Key Points: - You need to create a Python script. - It should monitor for specific events or conditions (to be specified). - It must send notifications to a Discord channel. - The monitoring interval should be every hour.

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    I'm seeking a talented hip hop artist to create a potent diss track that embodies my sentiment towards certain individuals. Key details: - I envision the track having 3-4 ripping verses. - I have specific individuals in mind that I'd like to reference in the diss track. Requirements: - A strong background in hip hop songwriting and performance. -...reference in the diss track. Requirements: - A strong background in hip hop songwriting and performance. - Ability to translate my thoughts into biting lyrical content. - Somebody with experience or understanding of the art of diss tracks will have an advantage. - Appreciation for confidentiality is needed. It's not just a song, it's a message- let's deliver it with the right punch. Contact me on discord ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a custom plugin for my PC-based Minecraft server. This plugin should integrate with a pre-existing Discord server, designed to notify me whenever a player executes a specific command in the game. Requirements: - Develop a custom plugin for my PC-based Minecraft server. - The plugin should have a feature to send notifications to a pre-existing Discord server. - Notifications should be triggered whenever a specific command is used in the game. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Minecraft plugin development. - Familiarity with integrating plugins with Discord servers. - Ability to design a notification system.

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    I need messages I receive in a specific server channel to be forwarded to my own servers channel, I do not have admin role for the server channel I will need messages forwarded from, so I need a script or anything you can come up with, I am allowed to invite accounts to the server channel

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    ...with Telegram/Discord: Enable the bot to deliver real-time updates and reports through Telegram or Discord, showcasing coins that meet the pre-approved investor threshold. Additional Details: - The bot should continuously scan and update its database of cryptocurrency projects, highlighting those that have significant pre-approved investor interest. - I require the bot to provide detailed information about each identified coin, including the number of pre-approved investors and relevant project details. **Technical Requirements:** - Utilize cryptocurrency APIs and blockchain data sources for real-time tracking and analysis. - Implement an efficient scanning algorithm to identify coins meeting the investor threshold. - Integrate with Telegram Bot API ...

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    I need someone who can be a team member in the vibrant, crypto-oriented Discord community: Your main task is to obtain Discord roles in different communities. - Facilitate useful dialogs and maintain a positive atmosphere among the crypto community. - Create engaging memes several times a week, worthy of spreading, to entertain users. - Create interesting Twitter threads that draw attention to the project, with fresh threads appearing several times a week. Mandatory understanding of cryptocurrencies, at least at a basic level, to effectively follow our users' discussions. Experience using Discord. Strong communication skills and a sense of humor are a must for this task. Please note: We are looking for an employee for a permanent job with a floating work sche...

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    ...and security of stored data. Additional Features Implementation in Discord: Setup of a Discord bot that allows partners to perform top-up operations and retrieve price information via Discord commands. Implementation of access control and permissions management for partners in Discord. Technical Requirements: Use of modern technologies and frameworks for backend development (e.g., Node.js, Python, Ruby). Development with a focus on API and data security. Experience with API integrations and payment systems, especially Binance. Expected Outcomes: A fully functional server and API for automating top-up processes and interacting with partners. A user-friendly interface for partners to interact with the system via API and Discord. Documentation on API us...

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    I need a neural network that has the ability to write scripts for a movie or/and series, the final feature of the neural network, help in post-production. Also, a separate neural network should write lyrics, music bits with minuses, write voice and all this to edit into finished tracks. All this should be integrated into a Telegrem bot, with an intuitive interface for user c...Experience with Telegram: As the project involves integrating the neural network with a Telegram bot, experience with this platform is crucial for a successful execution. Please provide your previous work experiences and provide a detailed proposal on how you plan on tackling this integration. Any questions about the technical task of the project are discussed in real time on a call (Zoom, Discord, Telegra...

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    I'm seeking a proficient developer to produce a sophisticated AI ChatBot that can easily interact with students in my Discord server. Majorly, it should aid students with inquiries, supply study resources, and present quizzes across various GCSE subjects. It needs to have the capability to explain and summarize topics well. The ideal specialist for this task should possess the following key skills: - Good understanding of AI and chatbot development - Familiarity with Discord APIs - Proficiency in natural language processing - Strong skill on basic text-based responses Our AI ChatBot doesn't need to interact via voice responses, but it should have a natural language processing ability for text-based responses. The overall goal is to enhance our student's lear...

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    ...debugging and troubleshooting Laravel applications. Ability to work with modified third-party extensions. Collaboration Tools: Screen Sharing: Due to a private GitHub repository containing sensitive information, we prefer to work through screen sharing for code review and collaboration. We are open to using Teamviewer, Discord screen share, or similar tools where you can take control of the screen. Communication: Regular updates and communication via Freelancer messaging, email, or Discord. How to Apply: Please share your experience with similar Laravel and Laravel Nova projects. Include a brief overview of how you would approach diagnosing and solving the problem. If available, provide links to past projects or code samples demonstrating relevant work. Additional Notes...

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    As the site owner, I'm looking for a freelancer to develop my Forex website which requires specialized functionalities. These include: - Real-time Forex quotes: This is crucial for keeping the site users up-to-date with the latest market fluctuations. -Results section that can be updated regularly. - Forex signals provider: Unlike other sites, we're f...ideal candidate will have experience in the forex industry and knowledge of web development for financial platforms. I need this project to be completed within a month. Prior knowledge of Forex signals software would be an added advantage. i would like the web page to include a monthly payment subscription for forex signals. once payment has been approved the user will then be redirected to a discord group where the sign...

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    73 bud me with automating mass DMs on Discord. Here's a detailed overview of what I need: - Personalized Mass DMs: I require the ability to send personalized messages to a large group of users. This could be achieved through custom name insertion, dynamic content insertion, or personalized message templates. - Scheduled Mass DMs: I need a mechanism that enables the scheduling of these mass DMs. This will help in ensuring that messages are sent at the most appropriate times and in a way that avoids spamming. - Content: The content I want to send in these mass DMs is related to my Discord server. You'll be responsible for including a server description and its features, as well as the server invite link. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Prior experience in D...

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    We're seeking a social media expert to help us build an engaged and active community for our New Crypto Token on Twitter and Discord. Our aim is to increase our brand awareness. Your responsibilities: - Manage and grow our online presence on Twitter and Discord. - Regularly post product updates, stimulating engagement. Skills and Experience: - Experience in social media management, particularly Twitter and Discord. - Understanding of tech enthusiast community culture. - Ability to create interesting and engaging content around product updates.

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    ...the purchase process, and any potential concerns investors might have. Clear Answers: Provide clear, concise answers to each question to help educate visitors and build trust. 6. Contact Information Form: Include a contact form for visitors to reach out with questions or for support. Social Links: Add links to the meme coin’s social media profiles and communities (e.g., Telegram, Discord, Twitter) to foster community engagement. 7. Footer Legal Information: Ensure the footer contains links to legal information, such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any disclaimers regarding cryptocurrency investments. Social Icons: Include social media icons for quick access to the coin's profiles. 8. Design Elements Theme: The website’s desi...

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    I'll do the system as required on previous chat

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    I'm on the hunt for an experienced Discord Bot developer to build an integration between Discord, on the Linux platform, and Sonarr/Radarr. The primary function of the bot will be to take a user's request and automatically download the required content from Sonarr/Radarr. The content types encompass both movies and television series, etc. Once the download finishes it should move the "content" into the correct folder, so our video player can pick up on it automatically. (Plex/Jellyfin etc) Ideal Experience/Skills: • Expertise in bot development, specifically for Linux Desktop • Familiarity with Sonarr/Radarr or similar platforms • Experience in creating automated download features • Knowledge of user request handling in Discord...

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    I'm seeking an expert to perform in-depth daily analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Key metrics to focus on include: - Price fluctuations - Trading volume - Technical indicators In this role, you'll set up regular oversight of these key markers and report important changes or trends. Those with experience in cryptocurrency market analysis and a keen understanding of these speci...and a keen understanding of these specific currencies would be a good fit; particularly if they have a strong background in reading and interpreting these specific metrics. Timeliness and accuracy are essential for this daily data analysis task. If you are a detail-oriented individual with excellent analytical skills, then this job is for you. You will be required to answer user queries on a ...

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    43 bud profit in the dashboard, I also want to include current ending balance. - Include Profit Factor in the dashboard if possible. - Have the ability to have preset setting options dropdown already in the script. Sensitivity 1 and the fixed tp/sl's are in there .However I want to add the Sensitivity 2 and the ATR TP/SL's in this as well. - Include option in the script where I can send an alert to discord that includes the asset, timeframe, entry price, price of all the take profits, and stop loss price. -Include the value of the sensitivity 2 and the atr tp/sl's in the strategy panel on the bottom right. - I also want a strategy version of this indicator created. - Comprehensive understanding of and ability to use TradingView's Pinescript - Ability to design a...

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    ...How to Buy?: Step-by-step guide for purchasing the coin, including any wallets and exchanges where it can be bought. DEX Integration: Integration with a decentralized exchange platform to allow direct trading from the website. White Paper: Space for putting whitepaper write-up Contact with Socials: Contact form for inquiries, linked with the project's social media profiles (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.). Skills and Experience Required: Strong UI/UX skills, with the ability to create a visually appealing and intuitive website front-end. Excellent communication skills to ensure clarity and alignment throughout the project. Timeline Please provide an estimated timeline for the completion of each phase of the project. Budget Open for negotiation. Please submit your propos...

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    ...มีความสามารถในการออกแบบระบบ Parkour และ Movement เน้นการเขียน Script ที่มีประสิทธิภาพและลื่นไหลได้ สามารถสื่อสารภาษาไทยได้ วิธีการสมัคร: ส่งผลงาน Script เกี่ยวกับเกม Roblox หรือเกมต่างๆที่ผลงานคล้ายๆประมาณนี้ (ถ้ามี) อธิบายประสบการณ์และทักษะการเขียน Script เกี่ยวกับเกม Roblox แจ้งค่าจ้างที่ต้องการ ระบุเวลาที่สามารถทำงานเสร็จได้ ** ช่องทางการสมัคร ** อีเมล: [กรุณาระบุอีเมล] Discord: [กรุณาระบุชื่อผู้ใช้ Discord] ขอสงวนสิทธิ์ในการคัดเลือกผู้รับจ้าง งานจะต้องส่งมอบตามกำหนดเวลาและตรงตามสเปคที่กำหนด หวังว่าจะได้ร่วมงานกับผู้ที่มีความสามารถและประสบการณ์!

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    ...platforms. —————— To allow visitors to follow & share your social media accounts directly from your website without leaving the page, you can utilize social media APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to obtain authorization to interact with the social media platforms ——————- Key Requirements: - Development of a website page that showcases my brand's activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord. - The ability to integrate social media login, sharing buttons, and live feeds on the website page. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development and design - Experience with integrating social media APIs - Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Ability to create engaging, user-friendl...

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    I am looking for someone to work with long term if this gets delivered well **Please dont send a generic pitch. I would appreciate it if you show me similar work you have done in building a wallet tracke...rather than starting from scratch. Key Features: 1. Real-time monitoring of wallet transactions. (10 secs refresh) 2. Customizable alerts based on user-defined criteria. 3. Simplified transaction descriptions in plain language. 4. wallet labelling Access will be provided on Discord, so experience developing applications or bots within this platform is highly desirable. Your understanding of the platform's API will be key to the success of this project. Skills Required: - Blockchain - Solana and Base - Discord Bot Development - Real-Time Data Processing - Cry...

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    Ik zoek mensen die ervoor kunnen zorgen dat er meer mensen een discord server joinen. Je word beloond voor mensen die gratis de server joinen, en krijgt bonussen voor mensen die de premium server joinen. Promoten van een Discord server dus, zoveel mogelijk mensen laten joinen.

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    1. Use NodeJS, discord-interactions library and the official Glitch template for development. 2. We have already created an application command "verify" with an string option "username". (You can skip this part) 3. When APPLICATION_COMMAND "verify" is received, fetch the "username" string option, then, make a form-data POST request to , the POST data should contain: discord user id (discordid) and the "username" value entered with /verify command (username). If the server returns "OK", add the current user to "VIP" role, then display a success message. If the server returns anything other than "OK", send the server response to the user. For example, if server returns "Cannot find such user...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Python developer to integrate multiple APIs into my project. Specifically, these include Interactive Broker, , Binance, and Discord APIs. The ideal candidate should have concrete experience with these APIs, and be fluent in Python. Key Tasks: - Implement real-time data streaming - Enable trading functionality - Manage account operations The main goal is to achieve seamless integration of all these APIs to enhance the functionality and efficiency of my project. Any prior experience with trading platforms and financial technology would be highly regarded. Be prepared to provide samples of your previous work involving similar API integrations.

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    Estoy buscando un socio y developer con conocimiento tecnico en unreal engine para juego blockchain play to earn. De que se trata el juego: Es un juego simple, sera en un pueblo pequeño. Prefiero contar mas detalles al privado luego de encontrar a un socio. Que haremos: Nos conectaremos por discord y le dedicaremos al projecto unas 4hs semanales de lunes a viernes de 11 a 14hs, compartiremos opiniones y mejoraremos el juego en todos los aspectos. Ganancias: Compartiremos las ganancias del juego y igualaremos nuestro porcentaje, por lo que no habra pago inicial en la etapa de desarrollo. Como daremos a conocer el juego: Daremos a conocer el juego mediante plataformas como TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Porque busco un socio: Busco un socio para abordar este primer projecto c...

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    Buscamos setters dinámicos y motivados para unirse a nuestro equipo remoto. El candidato ideal será responsable de contactar a clientes potenciales, calificar leads y programar citas para nuestros distintos clientes. • REQUISITOS - Contar con Discord - Ser de Latinoamérica - Experiencia previa en ventas, atención al cliente o funciones similares. - Excelentes habilidades de comunicación verbal y escrita en español. - Orientado/a a resultados y capaz de trabajar bajo presión para cumplir con los objetivos de citas. - Conocimiento básico de herramientas de productividad como Google Suite o Microsoft Office. - Conexión a internet estable y capacidad para trabajar de forma remota. • BENEFICIOS - Oportunidad de...

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    ...a customer-centric approach. **Responsibilities:** - Provide prompt and professional responses to customer inquiries via various channels, including Discord, and social media apps. - Demonstrate a deep understanding of our products/services to address customer concerns and provide accurate information. - Utilize effective problem-solving skills to resolve customer issues and escalate complex matters when necessary. - Maintain a positive and empathetic attitude while interacting with customers, fostering a customer-centric culture. **Requirements:** - Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. - Proficient in using Discord and various social media platforms. - Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to adapt communication style to diverse audiences...

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    ...Implement a referral system with incentives (e.g., tokens, in-app currency). Basic Roulette/spin game: ◦ A simple roulette game with a 50/50 chance of winning. ◦ Users can place bets using in-app currency (chips). In-App Currency System (Chips): ◦ Develop an internal currency system (chips) for betting, rewards, and purchases. ◦ Ensure secure handling of transactions. Discord API Integration (Membership Verification): ◦ Verify Discord membership for specific privileges (e.g., exclusive events). ◦ Integrate with Discord’s API for seamless user experience. User Engagement Metrics: I want the app to measure user engagement using the following metrics; - Number of likes - Number of retweets - Number of replies The gathered data will then be used to give rewards to...

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    We need an expert who can integrate API with our PHP Website and Discord. We are looking to achieve meaningful data synchronization, which would allow the Discord app to pull the top 10 rankings data for each category. The following requirements should be met: - Seamless integration of our PHP Website with Discord using API - Enable data synchronization between the two platforms Ideal Experience and Skills: - Proven expertise in API integration specific to PHP Websites and Discord - Knowledge in data synchronization processes - Professional understanding of Discord's operational structure - Experience working with ranking data extraction and representation.

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    ...goal is to contain a diverse range of parents and teens willing to partake in our research. ▪️Your Role: To effectively use your networking skills to reach potential participants through an array of online platforms. Utilize your ability to communicate the objectives of our study compellingly and empathetically. ▪️Platforms: You will primarily leverage online parenting forums, Subreddits, and Discord Channels. An understanding of these platforms and experience using them is beneficial to this role. ▪️Ideal Skills: If you have experience with online networking or recruiting participants for a study, you'll likely be a perfect fit. Superb communication skills are a must, as well as an understanding of the platforms we'll be utilizing. Respectfulness in approaching p...

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    ...especially with OpenAI, and solid experience with Google services (Docs, Sheets, Drive), we would love to meet you. Missions: Integrate the OpenAI API to develop advanced interaction and content analysis functionalities. Utilize Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive APIs for creating, editing, and managing dynamic content. Collaborate with our team to develop and deploy a real-time moderation bot on Discord. Participate in the full development cycle: design, development, testing, and deployment. Profile Sought: Deep expertise in API integration, notably OpenAI and Google Services (Python & JavaScript/Node.js) Significant experience in developing solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Good knowledge of instant messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Messenger, KakaoT...

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    I am in need of a sharp in need of a sharp and experienced web developer who can build me an online services-based e-commerce website. Your responsibilities will be: - Constructing a website that incorporates user registration and login features. - Integrating payment processing for a smooth transaction experience for customers. - Lastly, the website should be aimed towards selling services. It would be akin to a Discord model that allows users to charge money to allow people to join high society servers and group chats. Ideal candidates should have solid experience in e-commerce website design, user interface and experience design as well as payment processing integration. Experience with online services is a plus. Your attention to details will be highly appreciated. Let&...

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    I am looking for a capable programmer for a larger, modular project. I need an automatic, text-based web-shop script that allows customers to place orders without human interaction on messenger apps. I want this bot to be able to process requests from Desktop sessions of multiple messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, Threema, Telegram and Discord. So there needs to be some kind of bridge between the script and each messenger app that allows the bot to process message requests from each app. I also want the bot to be capable of fully autonomously registering and confirming crypto payments at the minimum in Bitcoin BTC, Monero XMR. Ideally it can also detect tokens from ERC20, TRC20 and BEP20 blockchains for stable coin support. I want this pay gate to run LOCALLY on the server, I...

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    ...subscriptions. - Course Creation & Posting: A feature allowing users to add courses and subscribe to watch them. - Subscription Management: A system to handle user subscriptions to various added services or course offerings. - Discord Integration: A link allowing users to connect to Discord, enhancing communication and interaction. - Admin Backend Dashboard: A comprehensive control panel for administrative use. The ideal candidate for this job will possess extensive experience with cross-platform mobile app development, a deep understanding of in-app purchase systems, Discord integrations, user authentication, subscription management and back-end administration systems. They should also appreciate the importance of educational tools and be enthusiastic about cr...

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    Looking for logo expert. I need 2 designs re done. One is round avatar for my discord/telegram and similar and one for rectangle discord banner. Discord banner should be under 10 mb jpg and high-quality picture. Please see pictures below and make identical. Just please make of very high quality picture.

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    101 bud when we want to add a photo to have a gallery with all uploaded picture, then he can choose the right one. We would like to add maximum 3 pics on each trade - We want to create an export format of this one ( we will supply figma model), but we want customer can choose the data he want to display. The goal is to get in different format : pdf, png and also a button to share on telegram and discord - On icon “ajouter manuellement un trade with CSV » which means “add trade manually with csv”, let customer set which column of his csv is matching with our variable See all variable maximum we need to fill all section of a trade And let them check all trade he wants to import ( all, or manually check) Verify import is correct on good variable and calculatio...

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    I am in need of an experienced professional who can assist me with ensuring my Pipedrive account is set up effectively and Discord automation functionalities are implemented properly. Having a good knowledge of CRM and automation software is crucial for this role. We are a B2B startup seeking an experienced Pipedrive expert to set up and optimize our CRM to support our unique sales processes and product lifecycle. Our products have a lifespan of 6 months to 1 year, requiring renewal upon expiry. We need a comprehensive Pipedrive setup that includes customized pipelines for tracking various types of leads, sales patterns, product categories, and subtypes, as well as integration with external tools for enhanced workflow automation through either or n8n. Project Objectives: Pipeli...

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    sunucu yapımı çok karışık olabiliyor ama imkansız değil daha önce 3 sunucu açtım şu anda aktif 300 kullanıcılı bir sunucum var

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    ...we are not looking for product images or background images but specifically need digital minimalistic tech-themed illustrations. Your portfolio featuring similar work will be highly appreciated during the selection process. Illustrations Illustration 1/7: Welcome Section / Simplify Your Community Illustration 2/7: Benefits of Our Service Illustration 3/7: Professional payment Illustration 4/7: Discord Integration Illustration 5/7: Content Monetization Illustration 6/7: Technical Backend Illustration 7/7: Dual Referral Program Bonus: Symbols Symbol 1/5: What Bora Bora offers Symbol 2/5: Quick Integrations Symbol 3/5: Fair Pricing Symbol 4/5: About us Symbol 5/5: FAQ Attached you'll find our company logo. Please use similar colors. Also attached is our Onepager Website dra...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned developer to create a Discord Bot that operates on Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken for cryptocurrency exchange. This bot must specifically have: - Price Tracking: To give regular updates on the trends and changes of cryptocurrency prices. - Swap Function: In particular, Market Order Swap is a necessary function for this bot. Ideal candidates for this project need to be very experienced in both cryptocurrency exchanges and bot creation. Familiarity with Discord and its API would be a huge plus. The perfect fit would be a developer that has worked with these exchanges and is skilled in creating a bot with these specific features.

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    I want a developer to come up with a script that is capable of pulling out the data from the new pairs latest tokens from the dex screener website and giving me an update in my discord channel when ever it finds a relevent coin , the filters of the coin should be age of the coin < 5 mins , liquitity > 5k$ .the bot will be running on an ubuntu server so i want it to be updated and the bot should also ping the discord channel with the relevent token details.

    €312 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of an experienced social media expert who can devise highly effective campaign strategies for Twitter and Discord. You will be primarily responsible for researching trending hashtags to boost follower count. The campaign will target experts and GenAI developers. Hence, knowledge and familiarity with this demographic is critical. Ideal candidates should: - Have proven experience in social media strategy development, particularly on Twitter and Discord - Understand how to effectively engage with experts and GenAI developers - Show a verifiable track record of growing social media followers through strategic hashtag utilization If you have the skills and the experience, I encourage you to apply and help us reach this particular tech-savvy audience.

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    Hello there. I require a highly intelligent mob with more than 15 features to be put into action. Including models, animations, and sounds as well, but these are already available. It's a Wendigo mob. I use a program which will accurately showcase all the inf...players control of movement and screen for 30 seconds, while also coloring the environment red for a short duration. These are just some functionalities off the top of my head, the entire project will be shared privately. This is a horror mod and as such the work has to be flawless. If you're capable of doing something like this feel free to contact me. I'm also available for any questions on Discord (idksomeguy) or otherwise. If the work is good there's is a high chance of long-term project interest. ...

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