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    Vi har et stort, eksisterende ERP-system, som er udviklet i Delphi for Windows med en underliggende Firebird database. Dette vil vi gerne have konverteret til en Delphi Firemonkey applikation, så den kan køre under OS X. Applikationen indeholder næsten ingen logik, kun brugeflade. Applikationen indeholder: - ca. 45 forms - ca. 90 dialogbokse - ca. 15 QuickReport reports Vi har ingen ide om omfanget af et sådant projekt, så vi har brug for rådgivning.

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    Jeg har 25-30 års erfaring med software udvikling i pascal - bruger pt. Delphi XE4 - og skal nu igang med et projekt hvor jeg skal lave et demonstrationsprogram hvor jeg skal bruge en Kinect, og dermed Kinect SDK. Kinect SDK kræver C#, C++ eller VB og jeg har ikke nogen særlig erfaring med programmering i nogen af disse programmeringssprog. Jeg vil gerne have hjælp fra en person som har erfaring med Visual Studio Express til at sætte mit udviklingsmiljø op til at anvende Kinect SDK. Jeg tænker at man i først omgang kunne bruge ca 8 timer sammen for at prøve at få lavet et stykke demo software som bygger på nogle af de demoer som følger med Kinect SDK - evt. op til 3 dage a 8 timer.

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    I'm in need of a skilled Delphi developer, well-versed with Delphi 5, to work on an existing software project. The goal is to both fix bugs and enhance the software with new features, ultimately improving its performance. Key Responsibilities: - Identify and address issues causing certain features not to work - Implement necessary bug fixes - Integrate new features in a seamless manner - Optimize the code for improved performance familiar with firebird database and report builder. Ideal skills and Experience: - Strong background in Delphi development, specifically with Delphi 5 - Proven track record of fixing bugs and enhancing existing software - Understanding of software optimization techniques - Ability to work effectively both independently and as...

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    I'm looking for a talented designer to help me modernize my current bo...logo. The main goal of this project is to refresh and modernize the logo while retaining the original color scheme and symbol/icon. Key Requirements: - Modernize the existing logo to better reflect the brand's values and image. - Retain most of the original color scheme and symbol/icon. - Use a better font and text design for the brand - Keep the sun and use palm trees, Tampa florida skyline shadow (partial okay) , and the sun in the background or foreground Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in logo design, specifically with modernizing existing logos. - Strong understanding of color psychology and brand values. - Creative and innovative approach to logo design, while respecting th...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Delphi developer who can quickly generate a program that can dive into the registry of a Windows machine and extract the names of all programs listed in the "Add/Remove Programs" section. Key Requirements: - The code should be written in Delphi. - It should effectively scan the registry. - Extracted program names should be displayed in a listbox. This is a simple task, but it's important that the code is efficient and free from bugs.

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    I am in need of a professional photoshop artist to remove specific elements from the background of my photos. These elements include: - Parking lot - Outhouse - Sign Once removed, these elements need to be seamlessly replaced to match the rest of the nature in the photo. The ultimate goal is to make the edited...ultimate goal is to make the edited areas indistinguishable from the rest of the background. The desired resolution for the edited photos should simply match the existing resolution of the original photos. Ideal candidates would have a strong proficiency in photoshop, with particular experience in photo manipulation and retouching. A keen eye for detail and an understanding of natural light and shadow are also advantageous. There are 30 photos total and they are all ver...

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    Futuristic CGI Banner un reveal 3 dage left

    I'm looking for a talented CGI or VFX specialist to enhance the visual appeal of a banner. The purpose of this enhancement is to create a captivating effect that evokes a futuristic and technological atmosphere. Key Elements: - Realistic Textures: I envision the final product to have a tactile quality that's close to real life. - Dynamic Lighting Effects: A play of light and shadow is essential in achieving the futuristic vibe. Your role will be to merge these elements seamlessly into the banner to create a cutting-edge, visually striking piece. This project will not only require technical skills, but also a keen aesthetic eye for detail and coherence. Experience in similar projects or a strong portfolio in CGI and VFX will be a strong advantage.

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    I'm looking for a professional who can help me in adding text to an AI-generated logo. The text should be seamlessly integrated within the logo while maintaining a modern style. Key ...Requirements: - Add text to an existing AI-generated logo - Integrate the text within the logo design - Ensure the design maintains a modern style Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in graphic design and logo creation - Experience with AI-generated design modification - Able to seamlessly integrate text into visuals What I want is the red B in the backgroud to read BBK., The second B can be a shadow copy and the K perhaps also to the back so that not all is visible but it should clearly read BBK. Please provide a quote for this modification along with samples of similar work you'...

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    Web Assembly Prototype from Delphi 2 dage left

    I'm looking for a skilled professional to create a Web Assembly prototype, , using a small Delphi application that primarily showcases an interactive user interface. The aim is to target the prototype for web browsers. Key Requirements: - Creation of a Web Assembly prototype utilizing a Delphi application. - Focus on showcasing a simple interactive user interface The Prototype: - The user interface for the prototype is envisioned to be simple, consisting of basic elements. - The primary focus should be on the seamless integration of the Delphi application's functionality into a web browser environment.

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    Three.js coder 1 dag left

    I'm currently seeking a skilled coder with experience in adjusting files to get me the result I am looking for. 1. Environment and reflections: - changing code to get sharper reflections in transparent objects. (currently hdr reflects bloggy...adjusting files to get me the result I am looking for. 1. Environment and reflections: - changing code to get sharper reflections in transparent objects. (currently hdr reflects bloggy). In you can use boxed or hdr I need to change code for proper result. 2. adding an existing code snippet as a test for blurry refelctions on ground floor. 3. Adding environment shadow from example. Ideally you send me adjusted files back so I can check the results in my environment. Thank you very much.

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    I have a photograph that needs a specialist touch. The primary task will include: - Removing the shadow from my face to achieve a more natural look. The project doesn't specify any particular area of focus so a balanced approach to the entire face would be appreciated. Ideal candidates will have a robust understanding of photo editing, specifically shadow reduction, and are mindful of preserving the photo's natural appearance. Proficiency in various photo editing software and an eye for detail are essential.

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    Compile a delphi project 1 dag left

    I have a delphi project that i need compile. The project need some complements that I have but i dont know how to install them. I need that you make me a video in your pc installing the complements and compiling the project for I can do the same in my pc. Thanks you !

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a bot for automated trading on the Coinbase platform. Key Requirements: - Fluency in Python and JavaScript: These are the essential l...Key Requirements: - Fluency in Python and JavaScript: These are the essential languages for this project. - Experience with trading platforms is a plus, but not a must. - Understanding of automated trading: The bot should be able to perform automated trading on Coinbase. - Knowledge of Portfolio Management: The bot will also need to effectively manage a portfolio. - Familiarity with the candle shadow method: This is a specific trading strategy and your proficiency in it will be highly valued. Feel free to include any relevant previous work in your bid, and let me know how you plan to approac...

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    I require a photo editor to undertake a color change on a dress in a photo: changing it entirely to a dark navy blue shade. Similar color referencing experience would be beneficial. Key requirements include: - Ability to perfectly change a dress color, maintaining the texture and seams' shadow details. - Precise knowledge of color alterations, specifically focusing on dark navy blue. - Attention to detail is paramount as the entire dress should be edited without affecting other elements in the photo. - Proficiency in using the latest photo editing software. - Express delivery as this project is time-sensitive.

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    For immediate work I need a Delphi programmer who can develop a simple Delphi program that executes an HTTP CALL command according to an existing javascript/HTML program. The solution needs to be in Delphi 10 and without the use of ready-made libraries (unless the programmer can install something free)

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    ...--------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope you can take the time to read our brand story carefully, which will play a very important role in shaping the brand image: The story of MJ Premier begins with Michael, the husband of our founder, Mrs. Jennifer. Jennifer's childhood memories are seared with darkness and fear. When night fell, fear followed her like a shadow until she met Michael. At first glance, Michael is a quiet but thoughtful young man whose world seems to consist only of his studio and his handmade lamps. Whenever he was immersed in his creations, there was always a sparkle in his eyes, as if he saw something more beautiful than the world. Their meeting was full of serendipity, Jennifer accidentally broke into Michael's...

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    ...familiarity but with our own twist. We aim to launch by 1st August 2024. You can download X-Poker here to get an idea. The reskinning work will include but not be limited to: - Menu design and navigation (Player balance display, cashier, game selection menus/filters, settings) - Card graphics and animations (dealing, folding, community cards, winning/losing hand highlight/shadow) - Chip graphics and animations (betting, calling, chips collecting in the pot, main pot and side pot(s) positioning) - Gameplay sounds & animations - Table design (Player bubbles, nameplates, chip count, buy-in/top-up menus) - Tournament info panels - Table switching interface - Games included in this release will be No Limit Hold'em (2 cards), Pot Limit Omaha (4 cards), and Blackjack. The id...

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    49 bud what they do, their way. I want to use the photos for my social media and online portfolio to showcase my completed interior design projects. I would love to establish a consistent style and go with the same photographer for all of my currently finished projects, ongoing and future project. I am not really in love with real estate photography and over exposure style. I love natural light and shadow, I am not afraid of the dark. I also would like a single genuine photo of my clients to use on my review page as part of the package. I have a small budget by projects so this could mean only a few photos, which I totally understand and will work with what you feel is a good amount for you. This post if for one project-only but to also start the conversation about the next ones to...

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    I have After effects file of 3D phones. See file here: Task -- Not the whole video just 15 seconds --- add new background add shadow that moves with the phones add content that plays on front of phones See the effect I need in this reference: See the shadows following the credit cards? I need shadows like that to follow phones Please let me know. thanks!

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    Eu preciso de um modulo feito em golang que onde depois que eu criei um form com que ficara na frente de toda tela do usuario, eu consiga capturar com Directx todo o restante do windwos ignorando na captura o form criado pelo teu hWnd. abaixo esta o exemplo de como estou criando o form que ficara na frente do usuario e que devera ser ignorado na captura // ShowForm cria e exibe o formulário com a imagem de fundo func ShowForm(img *, width int, height int) (, error) { // Criar janela hInstance := (nil) if hInstance == 0 { return 0, ("Failed to get module handle") } className, err := ("MyWin32Class") if err != nil { return 0, ("Failed to create window class name") } var

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    Trophy icon Superhero-Inspired Logo Creation Udløbet left

    ...smoother, more streamlined finish akin to The Flash's suit. 6. **Side Detail**: On the sides, where The Flash typically has wings, adapt these into more aerodynamic, stylized shapes that could double as representations of both speed (The Flash) and tactical precision (Captain America). Make them sharp and modern but not overly large, maintaining a balanced aesthetic. **Additional Touches:** - **Shadow and Light Effects**: Use shadows and light effects to give the mask a three-dimensional look, enhancing the features and making the logo pop, especially useful for digital platforms like Twitch and YouTube. This logo concept should be versatile enough to work well on various backgrounds and adaptable for different uses, such as profile pictures, banners, and merchandise, mak...

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    Our company develops both desktop and web applications tailored for analysing insurance premiums. These have been developed in Delphi over the past 25 years. We are seeking to establish a long term relationship with an experienced Delphi programmer with exposure to Microsoft SQL databases. application experience is also desirable. Our software packages require continued upgrading and enhancement and given the specialist nature of our software we are seeking to establish a long term relationship. The primary requirements include understanding our business process and system design, determining and articulating technical solutions, and implementing the design into build and install stages. Australian based is preferred, our principal office is based in Sydney NSW. ...

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    I have a C# project that I need translate to Delphi. The code is not too extensive but use SQLite. I will send the project source code if you send me a good proposal with you experience in c# and delphi. Please not send automatic proposals. thanks you!

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    I'm in need of an experienced digital image editor with a keen eye for detail. The task entails adjusting the background color and shadow intensity in some dog studio photography shots. Key aspects to work on are: - Background color: I'm looking for the background hue to be edited to a medium tone. Your expertise in visual balance would be invaluable for this job. Mastery in Photoshop, or similar editing software, is required. - Shadow intensity: The shadows also require adjustment to a medium intensity. Experience in shadow manipulation in digital images, specifically studio photography, is a must. Individuals or agencies with prior experience in pet photography editing will be given preference. Your job would be to make the final outputs look profession...

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    I'm looking to hire someone to create two custom Rad Studio / Delphi VCL (or FMX) flow panel components for use with-in Rad Studio IDE. At a glance the custom panel will offer the following requirements and behaviours • Compatibility for Rad Studio/Delphi XE 10.4 and later • Can be based on any standard VCL (or FMX) component that might suit • Must be visually appealing, happy to offer some freedom in this regard (however, simple is best) • Support for Rad Studio Styles would be preferred but not required. • Sourcecode will be provided with delivery Please find the high-level requirements along with some example screenshots finally, I’m open to alternative ideas and changes to this requirements if it can meet my imp...

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    I'm in need of developing a Windows driver to use indirect display driver to store extend virtual screen picture to bitmap file. Ideal Skills and Experience for the Job: - Expertise in Windows driver development - Proven knowledge and experience in DirectX. Requirements: - Development of a Windows driver based on Indirect Display Driver. - A test application with a button, click "Capture" that capture frame from the virtual screen. - Ensuring the compatibility of the driver with the hardware is crucial in this project

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    I've taken a selfie using my smartphone and I would like to get the shadow removed. This photo is for personal use. I would also appreciate if the freelancer can retouch my face and make it look better. Key Points: - The main task is to remove the shadow from the selfie taken with my smartphone - The photo is intended for personal use - Additionally, I would like some minor retouching on my face Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in photo editing software - Experience in shadow removal and facial retouching - Understanding of personal photo editing needs

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    I'm in need of an experienced DevOps professional to join my team on a shadow basis and provide assistance across various projects. These projects will primarily involve the use of Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, and CI/CD. Key Responsibilities: - Infrastructure Setup and Management: Ensuring that our systems are designed, implemented, and maintained correctly. This includes load balancers, servers, databases, and more. - CI/CD Pipelines Setup: Developing and automating the CI/CD pipelines for the projects. This involves integrating code changes, running tests, and deploying to production. - Monitoring and Scaling Solutions: Implementing the necessary tools and practices to monitor the performance and health of our systems and automatically scale them when needed. You should hav...

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    I'm in need of an intermediate level -senior incident response/digital forensics specialist /Linux sysadmin familiar with triage, mitigation/containment , remediation and report writing. To do a on the job walk through of challenging tasks. So I can shadow watch ad take notes, for my thesis and upcoming internship. • Skills and Experience: - Incident response - Linux sysadmin - SOC Analysis with Sentinel, Splunk, Crowdstrike etc - Digital forensics - Report writing We are looking to record step by step actions taken on any job of your choice, preferably something you are already working on , company names will be changed . This project is to support my thesis and also to help improve skills and speed with incidents Looking for an affordable cost a...

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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to create a detailed ink drawing of a building. The piece should be done in an eye level view, with a focus on capturing the detailed features of the structure along with appropriate use of shadows. Key Requirements:...depth and dimensionality of the drawing. - Ink Medium: The drawing should be done using an ink medium. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Drawing/Illustration: Strong background in detailed and realistic illustration is important. - Ink Medium: Experience with ink drawings, understanding of light and shadow techniques. - Architectural Drawing: Experience with architectural drawing will be a plus, but not a requirement. If you have a good eye for detail, experience working in ink, and a knack for shadow work, I'd ...

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    There are three objects in png format that should be animated. - first object is running, its legs + body + shadow should be animated to give the running effect - second object is flying. flying movement + shadow + cloth should wave - third object is static has three parts that are opening and closing + shadows of the moving parts the results should be provided in Adobe Animate Uncompressed xfl; gif; and H.265

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    I would like the shadows removed from these photos.

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    I'm looking for a skilled craftsperson to create a custom shadow box that pays tribute to military, NYPD, and Brewster PD service. The project involves using a RAM 1500 door as the base of the shadow box. Key Requirements: 1. **Dimensions:** The shadow box should be as big as a wagon. 2. **Inclusions:** This shadow box should incorporate military insignia, NYPD badges, and Brewster PD patches. 3. **Design Preference:** A collage style layout is preferred. Skills and Experience: The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - A background in crafting and working with shadow boxes - The ability to create a visually appealing collage - Experience in incorporating a variety of items into a cohesive design - An understanding of the significance ...

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    I need a skilled Photoshop expert to remove a person from a moderately complex background image. The purpose is to erase the woman from the scene, so it’s only the guy and the kids left. Let's focus on these key points: - Preserving the context: The background is not complex, but needs to remain intact. - Repositioning: Not only the woman, but also her shadow. Th right arm of the man have to be re-created based on the left arm (could it be place as if the right hand is positioned on the right shoulder of the kid?), hence, skilled re-positioning abilities are required. Ideal candidates should have adroit skills in Photoshop, a keen eye for detail, and experience with manipulating complex elements in photos while keeping the setting as authentic as possible.

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    I'm seeking a skilled 3D artist to create realistic renderings of product i...and appealing as they would in a physical store. The visuals should evoke trust and excitement in potential customers. To be successful in this job, you should have: - Extensive experience in 3D rendering and digital art. - Portfolio showcasing your 3D product rendering skills, especially those with a realistic aesthetic. - Proficiency in 3D rendering software and tools, and knowledge in light, shadow, texture, and color. - High attention to detail and a keen artistic eye to ensure all rendered images meet a high standard of realism. Your ability to deliver high-quality work on time will facilitate a smooth project completion and potentially result in long-term collaboration. Can't wait to see...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Delphi developer to create a Windows Explorer context menu application. Here are the specifics: - Main Functionality: The program should enable users to select and manipulate files easily from the context menu, primarily focusing on file selection and type filtering. Desired files should be filtered by their type, such as "*.pas", without a dialog box. - File Manipulation: Once files are selected, users should be able to copy them to their preferred destination. - Delphi Version: The entire application should be developed in Delphi 10 or newer versions. Please make sure that the application programming is compatible with these Delphi versions. I will also need the source code in Delphi provided along with ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer with experience in creating minimalist logo designs; particularly with human figures or silhouettes. Your task is to develop a logo, using only black and white. The logo should encapsulate the essence of my personality, which I believe is best portrayed through the shadow or silhouette of my curly hair. The design should be simple and minimalistic, yet striking and recognizable. Ideal Skills & Experience : - Proficient in Adobe Suite or similar design software - Previous experience in minimalistic logo design - Familiarity with creating human silhouette designs The logo will be used across both print and digital platforms so it should be versatile, scalable and maintain its impact across a variety of formats and backdrops. Simplicit...

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    I'm currently in need of an expert Autodesk Maya 3D artist. As an Autodesk Maya user myself, I believe dealing with it can create a smoother workflow and consistent q...Autodesk Maya user myself, I believe dealing with it can create a smoother workflow and consistent quality for the project. The project itself is focused on realistic 3D Product Modelling. Hence the ideal candidate should be: * Well-versed with Autodesk Maya * Highly proficient in realistic 3D product modelling The project demands a great sense of detail and understanding of textures, light, and shadow to achieve a high level of realism. Therefore, expecting your portfolio to exhibit these skills. Looking forward to reviewing your polished projects that demonstrate your proficiency in creating realistic 3D ...

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    1. Install this app. 2. select one logo. (Edit logo screen) need all functions / you can say a replica of that screen and function now I need this screen. where you can add new graphics, text, and bg. after that, when you add graphics, you see some functions like shadow, colour, curve, and more. I need the same option and function. check the details in detail. no fully functional app is needed. We just need a screen which offers logo modification functions. take your time and share me the list of which things(functions) are included and your best price for this project with the timeline. Thank you

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    ...develop a unique Fish-Eye Warp shader program using C++ DirectX that is compatible with windows. This Shader/Lens effect should provide a moderatel intensity Fish-Eye Warp without affecting the FPS. It will just be a lens/layer on top of the screen. Whatever is behind it will be warped, just like a fish-eye lens would. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in C++ and DirectX - Prior experience in creating innovative and efficient shaders/lens effects - A strong understanding of distortion, transformation and warping effects - A track record of delivering projects with no loss to frame rate performance is highly desirable. Please ensure your bid includes your relevant shader coding experience in C++ DirectX and any similar projects y...

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    I'm facing shadow-banning challenges on Twitter and need a comprehensive, preventative strategy. Key Requirements: - Identify potential shadow-banned accounts - Understand reasons behind shadow-banning - Develop measures to prevent shadow-banning Ideal Experience: - Extensive knowledge of Twitter policies and algorithms - Successful track record in creating and implementing social media preventative strategies - Excellent analytical skills to identify shadow-banned accounts - Proven experience in developing strategies to prevent shadow-banning The strategy should be easy to understand and implement by my team.

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    I'm looking to transform a word form a picture into a digital image for personal use. The final product will just be one word, in the color white with a blue shadow. I have a picture, but I only need to word BUBBLE' with the apostrophe on the end, made into a digitalimage. Ideal Skills: - Graphic Design: Proficient in creating realistic digital images Please also let me know what file formats you can provide the image in. I'm looking for a high-quality image that I can use on products

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    ...talented scriptwriter to create a fascinating action-packed movie based on my brief idea. This time, instead of the usual Peter Parker, Jay Jonah Jameson takes on the role of Spiderman in a modern city. Specifically, I require the following: - A captivating narrative where our protagonist deals with the new reality of being Spiderman but he doesnt know it, he is secretly being controlled by a shadow organization within the Daily Bugle secretly known as "the board" -Jay jonah Jameson has dementia and doesnt know he is spiderman but hes constantly trying to capture spiderman. A jekyll and hyde kinda situation. - Intense scenes of action and drama that fit into the modern cityscape. - Innovative character development of Jay Jonah Jameson as Spiderman, bringing a fresh ...

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    Trophy icon SIGN – HOTEL IVANKO Udløbet left

    ...combination of purple, gold, light blue, green, pink (combining one or more of these colour tones) – however, these specific colours are not mandatory. Please do not use black/beige/dull colours in this design. * ENTRY SUBMISSION: Entries must be submitted front-forward (facing front-on, not side-on), on plain white background. DEFINITELY: NO embossing, NO 3D designs, NO lighting, NO lighting/shadow over text, NO coloured/black background, NO borders external to the design, NO colour palettes, NO AI-generated images, NO multiple designs in any one submission, etc – just plain white background please. VARIOUS SIZE REQUIREMENTS: This Sign design must be of high-quality resolution, and may be used for other purposes (letterhead, advertising, etc), therefore must be pro...

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    Trophy icon Stoned Skull with Joint Illustration Udløbet left

    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to create a powerful yet simple drawing - a black and white illustration of a skull that looks stoned, with a joint. The final piece should be 3000x3000 px with 300DPI. Key Requirements: - Black and white: The piece should be done solely in black and white, with a focus on the play of light and shadow. - Mood: The skull should clearly convey a sense of being stoned, and the joint should be prominent but subtle. - Agressive or cool looking - Joint needs to be a Part of it. May in Mouth or 2 Joints crossing like a Pirate below. Attached you will find a Example of a drawing Style we really like.

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    I'm looking for a skilled photo editor to enhance my product images. The primary tasks include: - Removing the existing backgrounds fro...primary tasks include: - Removing the existing backgrounds from the product photos, and replacing it with a white solid color background. The outcome should be a clean and professional look, bringing a consistency across all images. - Adding a custom shadow effect to the images. This should be done in a subtle and realistic manner, enhancing the product's presentation without overshadowing its features. Ideal candidates for this task should have: - Proficiency in photo editing software like Photoshop or GIMP. - Experience in background removal and shadow effect addition. - Strong attention to details to maintain the quality and...

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    Trophy icon Hero Banner Design Udløbet left

    ...of any of these: Apricot tree, Tangerine tree, Lemon tree, Sandalwood tree, Almond tree, Boswellia tree, Cannabis plant, Jojoba plant, Peppermint plant, Lavender plant, Rosemary plant, or Basil plant. - Container needs a border/edges to set it apart from the background photo - Uses colors from the brand, off-white is probably fine, see for colors - Container edges have shadow effect so it looks like it's sitting above the background photo - Container is a display for 3 roll-on product images with the words "For Targeted Relief" in Raleway font either below it or above the product images. - This is the most important factor in determining the winning entry. - Deliverables: raw files with background photo, visual container, product photos, and...

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    I am in need of a skilled Delphi FireMonkey developer to create a multi-platform business application for me. We have a mature (30 years serving 3 countries) Delphi B2B app in VCL. Key Project Requirements: - Development of a user-friendly data entry form - Design and implementation of data visualization components - Creation of a robust report generation system - Compatibility across Windows, macOS, and iOS platforms Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Delphi FireMonkey development - Previous experience in developing business applications - Strong understanding of user interface design and data visualization - Ability to create cross-platform applications - Familiarity with report generation systems - Good communication skills for potential future collab...

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    ...wall that I need edited. The goal is to replace the current background with engaging real-life scenery footage of cars driving down the Las Vegas Strip. - The freelancer will need to have skills in background replacement techniques. - Ideally the freelancers should have experience with editing and enhancing footage to make the background change look realistic. - An understanding of lighting and shadow effects will also be beneficial for this project. - The final output should seamlessly integrate the original video and the chosen Las Vegas Strip footage. - Creative input on how to make the scenes blend together naturally is also welcomed and expected from the freelancer. Ideally, the freelancer should have proven expertise in Video Editing, Post-Production, and Visual Effects...

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    one image edit Udløbet left

    one image edit adjust curve area, fixed shadow light etc

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