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    Photography website Udløbet left

    ...professional Photography website. The design for the website is 90% complete and a base HTML site can be provided. please see full requirements in zip file attached. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition

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    PLEASE DO NOT BID if you are NOT able to contact daily basis. Job Description: We need to modify an entry form page on our shopping cart website backend and the product detail page in the store front. This project is to add about 10 fields to the product table which need to be displayed on the detail product page. This one day job will be

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    I need to redesign my website. This project should be simple for web designer/ Java programmer. The requirements are: 1. The language options (English and Spanish “**default**??)- should support multiple languages. Adding an extra language should be as simple as adding a new language text file. I will translate any information to Spanish during

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    Hi, I am looking for a Website Design where people can login upload images and order for prints and manage their online photo library I want good and uniq template design and web application in java 1.3 jsp and servlet only with mssql as db. it should be like or with better feature of [[log ind for at se URL]][1] type of site. We are more willing

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    ...Blind / Maximum Bet / Maximum Users / Enable / Disable 2’s Wild Once game is created the game will show on the website for others to join. You can have up to 12 players in any 1 game. Once all players accept to start the game any users not in the game cannot join. If a user disconnects player accounts must be reset to the status they were before the

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    SUBJECT: Request Development of Beverage Machine and Corporate Customers Communication Website My job consists of delivering soft drinks and snacks to designate corporate vendor machines on a daily basis. It’s my goal to ensure the machines are replenished with top-selling products since I work on sales commission. Many of my customers become frustrated

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    Website Development Udløbet left

    Need programming assistance for the development of a real-estate website for a real-estate agent. The project team will consist of: 1. Me (project manager / business analyst); I'll design the site map, define the functional requriements, manage client expectations and work with the client to nsure that the requirements are met 2. Graphical

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    Need development assistance in creating a small-business website. The website is for a residential real-estate agent with functionality such as: 1. Ability to upload property photographs 2. Ability for the user to change or modify tezt or content on the site 3. Ability to take site visitor's demographic information The detailed requirements

    €438 - €4379
    €438 - €4379
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    Hi, I am looking for a Website Design where people can login upload images and order for prints and manage their online photo library I want good and uniq template design and web application in java 1.3 jsp and servlet only with mssql as db. it should be like or with better feature of <[log ind for at se URL]> type of site. We are more willing

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    Hi All, This is a web based application which is already designed and developed for 50% of the requirements. It is Java/JSP based application using MySql 4.x, Tomcat 4.x, Structs1.1. We already have a development environment setup using Eclipse, CVS Server and Ant etc., The existing customer facing web site is available at: <http://air314

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    Hi, I need a website fixed. Coding is jsp/java/js/html/Apache and is NOT lightweight or beginner stuff. Coder must know this technology very well. Attached is a document with screenshots and a description of what needs to be done. Basically, there is some work already done that allows a user to save their work and come back to it later (save for

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    Development of the webiste(Name has already been registered). The main requirement in the web site is that it will contain many pictures(i.e., Pictures of products) and when someone clicks on the picture a box will appear. In the box on the background there will be a woman (Which will be changing every few seconds) and in the front end there

    €88 - €438
    €88 - €438
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    This project requires the design of a small, professionally looking website for a consulting company offering software development in Java and Microsoft .NET, including JSP and [log ind for at se URL] are only two page - the home page, and - a second page which serves as a template from which I can derive the other pages that I need. The home page I consider

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    11 bud company specializing in Java and .NET development, including JSP and ASP.NET. The coder should come up with logos and any other creatives needed. The site should have several sections, e.g. About Us, Contact Us, etc. These will be defined later, and it is not necessary to provide actual website content. The coder should provide

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    ...communications aid for the disabled person's market. This project is the first in a series of programs that we need to have developed to support the hardware that we are designing. For this project, we are looking for a programmer to create a web site where our clients can log in to design their own custom graphics "talking cards". After the cards are designed

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    ...has just rolled out a new Domino website that was developed by myself and an external programmer. We now have many new feature requests, problems etc to fix and I do not have time and the external programmer's rates are too high to fit within our budget, so we're looking for someone else to take over the development of the site. We would like to

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    JSP Coder Needed Udløbet left

    ...are looking for a JSP coder that can create the back end of a website. Graphics have been designed. System is on a solaris server. All work to be done on our development server where progrss can be tracked by all parties. Possible need for full time coder. Only those with expertise with Java and Jsp please respond. More information regarding the project

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    We are an online computer security training company that is looking for a web development group to create a highly interactive MySQL/PHP website for us. We have attached a .zip file, which includes information about our business concept, web site application descriptions, site statistics reporting document, and the proposed web site layout. The web

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    Web server and applet software for a website where one player, "receiver", tries to guess who (of 2-4 "senders") will next send them a voicemail. All senders record voicemails (or opt to use previous unsent one) and one or all are then instructed to "send" their voicemails. Receiver gets a signal that a voicemail is available, speaks a guessed name

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    Looking for a coder with advanced java game programming experience to develop two seperate java applets. The following will be provided: - Java Game Development Class Library and Demo Game - Complete Graphics for the requested games - Screenshot mockups for the UI (Playfield) The two applets/games I would like created are solitaire

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    Coders, This is a simple project for qualified Java and C# (.NET) programmers. I have a screen scraper application the scrapes a website called I would like two things doing with this application: 1. Convert the attached Java code into a C# .NET project - it's needs to be tested code to make sure it works! 2. Write a version

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    **YOu are bidding to complete the first of several modules for a website - see the attached word document for specifications. We wil select multiple firms for this module - the best firm will recieve the contract to complete the remaining modules. this contract also includes additional work on OTHER websites. Please see attached -**

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    Sports Chat Room Udløbet left

    Need development of a Java or Java script chat room for a SPORTS website. 1) Chat will be capable of handling up to 200 chatters with minimal band width consumption. 2) Chat software will be compatable with Netscape, IE, and AOL browsers and operate on a FreeBSD operating system, version 4.8-STABLE, Apache web server. 3) Chatters should have the

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    Java HW (3) Udløbet left

    ...evening. Complete assignment in attached file K> Task K> Scenario: K> Websites-R-Us is an Internet development company that wants to introduce K> a system to control access to documents about all the websites that it K> is developing. The company has developed several different websites K> (projects) for customers in different countries arou...

    €13 - €18
    €13 - €18
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    ...own lessons with the WebGoat server from [log ind for at se URL] as the base. Basically the "WebGoat" Server is actually a java-based app running on the server acting in the same ways that a vulnerable web application would act. Quote from [log ind for at se URL]: WebGoat is based on the concept of teaching a user

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    ...script written in PHP. This script needs to have the following: 1. Tie into our exisiting contact sql database 2. Customizable look 3. Needs changable and updatable news catagories 4. Password protected Client Side: 1. Simple form with these text fields a. Press release title b. Press release body c. URL to thier website and email

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    ...users sign up for "battles" on a website. The development of the software itself is a ways out, however I need some expert advice to point me in the right direction. This is an opportunity to be the programmer for this software. If my expectations on this are exceeded, I will NOT forget you. I need an experienced Java / C++ programmer to simply assess

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    ...improvements at all. It is just a straight conversion. The code for the site is attached. You will have access to a web server account that supports JSP for development. The most work will be in converting the chat, then setup, messaging, and language support - each requires filesystem input/output - there is no database involved. Please review both

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    3 bud

    ...Tomcat. The groups may choose to use a development frameworks such as Tapestry (<[log ind for at se URL]>), to facilitate the development of the project. **Project: Bug Tracking System **Bug tracking is a common problem in software development. There are several good bug tracking systems in the marketplace that are web enabled

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    Expert Programmer required for development of Java Based Mobile Phone booking application. Exact details have not been specified yet, but we would like to talk to ppl to source out the right person to work with. Examples of previous mobile application work is imperative. Please attach as file or lead to a website where it can be downloaded. Proof

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    ...messenging system for both my website and as a brandable product. If you will take a look at <[log ind for at se URL]> you can download their demo version and see what I am looking for. I would like to integrate the chat system into my customer support ticketing system and add site chat services to my website. RealChat offers all of the

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    Hi All I am looking forward to make a website like Objects Development (the URL is given below). It should basically have features like project hosting, submitting code snippets and selling softwares etc. Check out the features of this site that members and non members have. I guess the services offered by this site are free. But I'm looking to

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    GUI Transfer System Udløbet left

    Design and Implement Data Transfer System · This system involves development of a GUI based structure to transfer data from one List to another. · Data will be first stored in the “Available?? List · User can transfer data from this list to the “Selected?? List by using the buttons o > o < o >> o << · The user has the option o...

    €11 (Avg Bid)
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    24 bud

    Hi, I would like an asp/java script based equipment-lease calculator that allows the user to input certain conditions including: 1. lease amount 2. lease term (24/36/48/60/72 months) 3. lease type (2 choices) 4. downpayment (1st month or 1st and last) 5. approval process (choice of 2) A monthly payment is returned to the user depending on combinations

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    46 bud

    Project is for the design and development of a new web site including a new logo, web pages and a web-based content management application. The web site will be no more than 15 to 20 pages, and have a main and one sub-main graphic template. Web pages should use server side includes with php and css. The content management system should have the ability

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    17 bud

    I would like to create a website [log ind for at se URL] it should have: - member signup; site visitor will provide requested info, choose an username/password and register to site; recover password, etc. this is free - member upload: members can upload 1-3 photos, delete uploaded photo, edit/delete published info (name, age, etc

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    helpdesk Udløbet left

    help@[log ind for at se URL] Assists in completion of SQL database development and web pages, participates as a team member remotely maintaining database and web pages and liaison to ISP and out-placed ASP services and solutions; is first-contact for help to staff, registered users, and others ad hoc with technical and network issues. All such work

    €4379 - €8759
    €4379 - €8759
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    ...Software, Co. is in the need of advanced software products for businesses and the sciences. Multiple CPS projects are currently under development, but in the meantime, CPS executives would like to obtain COMPLETE rights to software products in the following categories: * Encryption * Software Development * Web Development * Data Analysis

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    ...Brigade Combat Team (BCT) web site ([log ind for at se URL] ). This effort will involve the design and development of a complete web site, with the intent being to replace all, or portions, of the existing web site (the “PORTAL?? section is not included in this request). Please Note: This past weekend the current BCT site was moved to a secure server on

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    test Udløbet left

    ...effort will involve the design and development of a complete web site, with the intent being to replace all, or portions, of the existing web site. Please read the attached Ms Word document for the specifics on this work. It is important that you read and understand all content in this document before bidding! In order to be considered for this work

    €438 - €4379
    €438 - €4379
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    website design Udløbet left

    ...used this type of outsourcing. Project summary: We have decided to open another website to sell a product similar to our primary item. We have previously built a sub domain that has samples of the product and some basic features of the product. It is not a complete website and we have decided to test the outsourcing world by having the new site built

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    Need to get price estimates on a complete website for the retail industry. PLEASE NOTE that this covers ONLY HTML development - back end ASP development is already being handled by third party. - Creative design of branding on site and "look and feel" of interface - Product listings, with categories and subcategories. Main pages list several products

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    WEBPAK is a basic 5 page website package sold to small businesses. The sale is done by a team of field sales persons, who work on a two part commission: First they get a percentage of the sale value; Second they get a residual income which is a percentage of the hosting charges (collected annually) as long as they service the clients. The Sales Persons

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    ...AirZip is library for compressing images. Go to their website for more information [log ind for at se URL] Get an evaluation copy of AirZip for 30 days to do the development. The AirZip API is very simple. Use SWIG etc. to create efficient native C/Python bindings for AirZip modelled along the Java bindings object model. The only basic deliverable is

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    Dreamweaver MX designed website: Univercity project very simple, but lots of documentation needed!! (25 pages) Project: Design a website for an fictional online encyclopedia , the website only has to contain the entry for 'poster' (the history of the poster) with pictures text & info and a picture gallery relating to the posters history usefull facts

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    4 bud to have a website with the functionality that you find available on the sites: - [log ind for at se URL] - [log ind for at se URL] , or - [log ind for at se URL] I am not expecting to have a complete system that has all the functionality available on these systems from the intitial development, but I know that

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    Registration System Udløbet left and code a package, called DBManage, that implements a simple in-memory database manager, and design and code application, a Student Registration System that uses this package. This application is to be developed in Java. Exact specification is available on the following website which requests for a design which is available http://bsd7

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    Requirement: Java based timer to display in a text field on an existing web page to track how long the form has been open (like a stop watch). When the form is submitted the time the form was open will be submitted to a database with an existing SQL string that pulls other information from the form. [log ind for at se URL] ("insert into Workorders (Date, Priority

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    The main software development will be a remote website management tool / software. This allows authors to edit pages and update files via the Web itself rather than by direct access to the file store. There are many features to be included and a full requirements document is enclosed in the zipfile attached to the bid request. ## Deliverables Complete

    €891 (Avg Bid)
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    11 bud
    Website design Udløbet left

    ...THE FRONT END TEMPLATE DESIGN AND APPLYING THAT TEMPLATE TO THE SITE. THERE IS NOT DEVELOPMENT WORK INVOLVED. ALL THE FEATURES I HAVE MENTIONED HAVE ALREADY BEEN DEVELOPED I JUST NEED TO CHANGE THE FRONT END. I am looking to for total overhaul of my job posting website. The site caters to mainly three types of audiences ie Jobseekers, Empolyers and third

    €89 (Avg Bid)
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