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    algo detector Udløbet left

    I need an algorythem detector. This project will allow user input for two-three sets of numbers, as well as a number range.. ie. 1 through 400. It will then detect the cpu/os algorythem and make an accurate prediction according to the range and algo processed by the machine. I need the sorce, commented for a larger project I'm working on. ## Deliverables 1) Complete sorce made available to...

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    The job is to create a software in Visual Basic that makes the same job than PcAnywhere or Laplink file transfer utility. Those programs use a tecnology called smartsync or something like that and makes possible to transfer only the portion of the file that have changed. For instance, if you have a file: 10 20 30 The first time you send the file, all 3 lines will be transfered, but if you change t...

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    Hello, I need to improve client. Don’t put your bid here before sending me a msg, then I’ll send to you more details about the project needs, so you can study the project very well before placing your bid. socks4 ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will i...

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    Control Center Udløbet left

    I have already put a lot of thought into this project. Attached are specifications. Please review those also before bidding. Control Center What I am looking for is a program that can control many other programs that are released by me. The control center will be very limited in functionality seeing that most of the programs I release have their own configuration and functions themselves. Below is...

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    SMTP Relay Server Udløbet left

    I need a SMTP Relay Server. This is similar to an SMTP mail server except that it does not store any messages. It accepts emails on a specifiied port (base on a command line arguement) and then forwards the email message to the appropriate desitnation. The relay server needs to be compliant with all email standards. This means that it will recieve an email using the stanard protocols and then find...

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    Internal website that uses a frameset needs javascript print function. Function to be triggered from menu frame to print contents of main frame. Their is a catch! The main frame may contain an embedded (using the embed tag) pdf file or an embedded (using iframe) excel file as well as regular htm(l) files. Script must be able to detect and print these files. ## Deliverables 1) All script must ha...

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    debugging clue Udløbet left

    I need some help debugging clue. I had someone create a function to find the shortest distance to another room. However, there are a few problems with it. I do not want the function redone. I just want it debugged. The problems are these. 1. When a room is blocked, it locks up. In this situation, I would want it to move anywhere possible during the turn. This also happens sometimes when the closes...

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    I have an internet application. This issue is that it does not handle firewalls very well, especially the one built into windows xp. I need a series of things. 1.) a bat script that turns off the windows xp firewall 2.) if possible the registry setting to turn off the xp firewall 3.) a bat script that opens specific ports on windows xp firewall 4.) a bat script that opens a range of ports on xp fi...

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    Firewall Udløbet left

    This will be a firewall software for security and privacy. Features: Basically a clone of Black Ice but with additional privacy features. Internet privacy is becoming a bigger issue each and every day. There are many people with sensitive material on their personal/business PC's that can be easily aquired by unwanted hackers and spyware. This software will: Security: * Monitor all port activi...

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    Excel Charts Udløbet left

    I'm looking for someone great with creating excel charts using vb macros and creating charts with asp and excel for the internet. The chart is going to be used as part of a project management tool that will display the tasks on the category axis and task duration completed, on the value axis. There are very specific things that I need and it would be too hard to explain in this message so I w...

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    Hello Coders I need a method that can detect if a Cable Modem / DSL / Satellite connection is active and working. If not make it active. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform All Windows Not dependent on a bro...

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    Unix bbs. Udløbet left

    I am looking for somthing simular to the old bbs. It would be running on a configurable port. A person telnets to that port and they get an "intro" scren and are asked to login or sign up as new. A new user would get a small questionaire (10 questions) and then be shown a news page and snet to a menu. Returning members would see the news screen and be thrown to a menu as well. Menu would...

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    I am new to Active Directory and need a way to modify AD key fields (i.e./ DN) programmatically via ADSI or VB Script. Here is the exact scenario: I am attempting to synchronize the population in a new Active Directory deployment to the active individuals identified within our various database systems of record. To accomplish that, I generate the following ldap string describing the DN for every i...

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    In a nutshell, I plan to emulate a bulk email software package like [log ind for at se URL], add data merge and database connectivity capability; and run the package as server based rather than client side. I need a consultant to help me select that programmers that will do this and then transfer knowledge to the programmers. The consultant must show experience in: 1) Writing software that communi...

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    I have a need for a security script that will block multiple attempts by fraudulent credit cards by adding their IP address to a banned list. Should be able to detect based on X number of attempts in Y number of minutes/seconds. We have been getting hammered by one particular hacker who has attempted as many as 2,000 credit card transactions in one day using approximately 50 different IP address...

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    I run a small Data Center / Website Hosting... i currently do not monitor bandwidth usage or anything like that... this is a private datacenter but i want to expand this so i can sell CoLocation space.. anyone know how to monitor bandwidth usage per server and per ip address? besides using SNMP and the program Whats Up Gold. i am running a seperate network segment on a 24 port Hub. hope someone ca...

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    SSL proxy tunnel Udløbet left

    I'm developing an e-mail reader/sender that logs into various e-mail services. It downloads emails as if your e-mail account has pop3 access. I'm making this program because many free e-mail providers that once provided free pop3 access now make you pay. So instead of paying for pop3 access, I'm developing an HTTP email retriever. Everything has been going along fine until now. Many...

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    Protect PC Udløbet left

    PC Protector. 1. Create a program that can block access to anything in a pc using password. ( individual and selected icons in control panels , individual and selected icons on desktop , files , folders , etc. ) 2. The blocked / protected icons , files , folders , etc cannot be delete , move , copy , rename or access without a valid password. 3. Password must be at least 6 digits : ( must include ...

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    We posted this a while back however we have had to modify it a little so feel free to re-bid. We need an application that will run on a Windows 2000 Server as a service that will read an Access 2000 database and port the values every (Selectable from 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min , 5 min, 10 min intervals) to a SQL 2000 Server database. ## Deliverables The Access database is continuously adding values ...

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    Your task is to write client and server programs in C and in Java using UDP and TCP. You are required to do them on a UNIX based system. ## Deliverables The server will receive a text string of up to 80 characters length. The server is expected to run on one machine and wait for requests. Your client code will contact the server using its host address (IP host or address and port number) and pa...

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    This is a class which converts and calculate timecode for video aplications. I need it converted over to VB.NET The file is a ziped binhex Realbasic project for the macintosh. This shouldnt be too hard for someone who knows and has Realbasic. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights ...

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    VB or VC++ and TAPI Udløbet left

    Hello, We are currently accepting bids on behalf of our client. The project will be awarded as soon as we have a confirmation from our Client. Whenever the program is executed the following will be the Work Flow: Open File Dialog Box: "Allows user to selects an excel file and the wav file to play." Another Dialog Box: "Allows user to select the column containing the phone no.s in th...

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    SCROLLING DISPLAY Udløbet left


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    Require someone familar with LaGarde's Storefront e-commerce system to do some trouble shooting and repairs. The store has been highly modified which may be part of the issues I am having - BUT.. some of the things that are 'broken' were working.. and aren't now and I can't explain why because I don't know. Major issue is with the reports and shipping cost. Other issu...

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    Data Logger Udløbet left

    We need an application that runs on a Windows 2000 server as a service that will continuously pull data from a serial port and automatically store the data on another MS SQL database server. We would like some amenities that could be negotiated now or later such as email if the service or serial port stops receiving data or if errors occur such as can not connect to the SQL server and such and be ...

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    VB Firewall Udløbet left

    This posting is similar to a previous posting on this site. I am looking for a very basic firewall type application. The program must be able to block communication before a connection occurs. Example.. the program "[log ind for at se URL]" wants to connect to "[log ind for at se URL]" on port 21. The program must be able to pause (NOT CANCEL!) the connection, and wait until th...

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    InstallShield Installation for our product We need an installation built that will run on InstallShield 7.04, if you do not have the product please download the evaluation version Most of this project is complete but there are a few things that need to happen in the installation that are not done. 1) Progress Bar on Installation Dialogs 2) A couple of our components are having issues with depe...

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    This system is in two phases Phase 1 I have a program that searches the web for sites. I need it modified to search the pages it returns for email addresses and to store them. The program should detect links to other pages and check these as well provided they are on the same site. There should be the option to restrict the levels searched and the number of pages searched. The program should be in...

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    I have numerous projects that run on PHP/mySQL that I need to port to VB6/mySQL. I have specific deadlines, so I need people who are capable, fast, and have done this before. If you are one of these people please let me know and I can discuss what I need done. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Ex...

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    We have an old application that monitors a telephone extension on our PBX phone system. When the extension rings, it displays specific information about the call that we need to extract. We would like a VB6 application that would monitor the field location on the screen that holds the call information. When a call comes in, the app would detect the change in the sceen location and read the 40 char...

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    I am looking for an API hook (Win95/98 or compatible) that will allow am event to be fired within a VB application when a given file is modified or closed. If you are familar with WinZIP: When you open a file in a WinZIP archive, a temp file is created and this file is opened using the associated application. (easy). However, WinZIP can detect when you have made changes to the file, and will promp...

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    Parallel Port on B6 Udløbet left

    Parallel Port access. I placed a request recently for assistance in using the PC parallel port. Thanks to all who responded but as most responses did not address the issue, I will re-submit with more detail. I have an existing program that runs on Borland 3.1. It uses the ANSI functione inport() and outport() to enable me to access the configuration, status, control and data registers of the paral...

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    This is a repost since the last coder did not complete his required job, so please bid only if you are sure you can complete it. Hi, What I have right now is an application that makes outgoing calls using TAPI and a voice modem. Now what I need is upon connection of the call, a user specified WAV file should be played. Now, as the WAV file is being played, I need the application to also ...

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    Help With Fonts Udløbet left

    I have some fonts with missing characters (e.g &). I need these either editing to include these characters from other fonts, or coding to detect and overwrite the missing characters (VB print programs) ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform...

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    This application will serve several functions. It will block all popups using popup killer code we already have developed and will function as a form/field filler much in the same way as Gator does (to fill in logins, passwords, addresses, etc.), but leaning more towards the features and power of There will be no adware or spyware in this application. Complete details are listed belo...

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    Hi, What I have right now is an application that makes outgoing calls using TAPI and a voice modem. Now what I need is upon connection of the call, a user specified WAV file should be played. Now, as the WAV file is being played, I need the application to also detect a 'BEEP' (answering machine BEPP). If the 'BEEP' is heard, then I would like the application to stop the pl...

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    A module in VB that will detect all video card information like speed, memory, bus type etc. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Must work in VB 4.0 and work on all versions of Windows including 3.11

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    We need a system information module which will detect all of the following information: CPU Mfg, Speed, Stepping, BIOS Dump with BIOS data partitioning. This must work regardless of whether DMI is on the MB. Hard Disk Mfg, Speed. Video Card Chip Speed. Must be written in MS C++ ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of...

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    This is a repost of the earlier bid request i dont need any NDA from the programmers. I need the following features in the application:-- #It must block all the unwanted pop ups #It must allow us to add a white list (pop ups allowed) it must be easy to add/remove new enteries in the white list. (by double clicking on the popups blocked/white list and by enternig the url through text box) #IT must ...

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    Hi Everyone... I have a 3rd party application that under certain circumstances, makes a small "bing" noise to alert the user (me) of a pending task. The audio data is compiled into the .EXE and can not be changed in, I was hoping... I could intercept the system message that triggers the "bing" and with my own software (what you write)... to set off a louder alarm (...

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    Floppy spy copier Udløbet left

    I need a program which should copy all those files which are being copied to and from the floppy disk, to a certain folder (windows system folder) of the hard-disk... The program should be made in Visual C++ 6.0 and should not be using MFC. More precisely win32 application without MFC is required. The program should be running invisibly (not to be shown in taskbar, no window should be created). Th...

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    Wireless Sniffer Udløbet left

    Need a wireless AP detector component/program in the vein of NetStumbler, dstumbler, and the like for the Windows platform. Should work with Prism chipset because we need promiscuous mode. Here is a quick outline: Detect APs Watch for beacons Watch for traffic from APs with no beacons (permiscuous mode) Identify Manufacturer of AP Read BSSID & determine Vendor Measure Strength of Signal Abilit...

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    I need an application for reading counter variables from a Cisco Catalyst 3550 switch via SNMP/RMON. The application MUST be written in Visual Basic and must not include any third party libraries or controls. The flow of the program will be as follows: 1. Retrieve basic information (uptime, etc.) from switch. 2. Retrieve interface/port counter values for switch ports. 3. Option to reset counter va...

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    Pop Up Killer Udløbet left

    We are looking for someone to develop a popup blocking application. There are a number of these on the market currently, ranging from very effective to not-so effective, and from very basic interfaces/features to full-blown custom designed interfaces and multiple features. The developed product should be very effective at blocking all sorts of popups, but have features allowing view of pops when d...

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    Java Script Help Udløbet left

    I am a mere novice to Java Script programming. I play a horse related on-line game called HorseLand [[log ind for at se URL]]. Now, the whole aim of the game is to 'train' the horses by enetering 'shows', which then gain points. The higher the points, the better the horse. The way the game lets you enter them takes ages, and as 80% of the players are of school age like me, we c...

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    Serial port query Udløbet left

    At 2hr intervals, Send a command to the serial port (ascii). Retrieve the reply (ascii)add it to a file. Do again 15 times. Then save the file. Do again next interval. Rename old file. Create new one. Kill files 90 days old. The command to send is Q01L...Q02L...Q03L up to Q16L The replies are 5 to 15 lines: 230,123456 232,123457 234,231456 up to 15 lines returned. Each line is formatted by remote ...

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    I am trying to develop a windows version of a DOS program. I am almost complete buy am running into some low level issue with the serial port. Attached is a zip file with some C source code. If you can understand this source and understand the how to program a serial port then I need your help. Or if you have experiance writting serial soft that required a start bit I may als need your help. ## ...

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    Hi guys, I need 2 simple procedures written in Visual Basic 6. Now, I have quite a few other projects to work on, and don't have time for this, so I need someone who can just finish it up for me. For people who know how to do this (or have done it before), it's a quick and simple way to make some cash. What I have right now is an application that just dials a number specified by the...

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    Pattern Recognition Udløbet left

    Please see new attachment showing sample of patterns with examples of matching and non-matching. Pattern Recognition module. Given 2 sets of data points (x,y) A and B, write a function to detect whether set A has any subset of points which has similar shape as the entire points in set B. Shape is defined by drawing the start point to end point in B set. This could be a line, circle, polygon or any...

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    Block Popups Udløbet left

    Block Popups Software application that automatically blocks pop-ups and pop-unders and timed released popups from displaying in browser. Key features Block unsolicited pop-ups. Block pop-under ads. Block timed released popups. Stop pop-ups launched by Kazaa , Morpheous, Block mouseover popups. Block popup windows when leaving a site. Stop animated flash ads. Stop java in-page ads. Allow "Site...

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